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It is one of the most famous buildings in the world. It has stood on the banks of the river Seine for more than 800 years. Tonight Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is completely engulfed by fire.
Huge crowds gathered in the streets around it - many were in tears. Notre Dame took 200 years to build - it's one of the greatest treasures of medieval architecture. Tonight it lies in ruins.
BBC News at Ten’s breaking coverage of the decimation of one of the world’s most iconic buildings, with Sophie Raworth, Lucy Williamson and Fergal Keane.
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Apr 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Marco Tassinari
Marco Tassinari 3 hours ago
FINE next stop tour eiffel, ridateci la Gioconda porcamadonna
2 1
2 1 8 days ago
This is trailer 2020
Daniel Hayes
Daniel Hayes 12 days ago
The fire was set
Andrew M Wells
Andrew M Wells 15 days ago
So sad!! 😢
💕Marilyn Monroe💕
Hellfire, hellfire..
Paolo Cappelletto
Paolo Cappelletto 29 days ago
Does anyone remember the sacrilegious of the Femen on Notre Dame in 2013? This is the answer.......
P C Month ago
It survived thank god.
Nemanja Curcic
Nemanja Curcic 2 months ago
Pagan adn satanist church, full of demons and gargoyles on it adn there are people that fel bad bcs it burned, well i hope pope (the greatest evevil) and vatikan bless you :D
isobel equestrian
isobel equestrian 2 months ago
ur telling me this was 11 months ago? did i like sleep for 10 months?
Nerdomatic248 2 months ago
To this day, I "love" how certain muslims giggled at this. Respect to France, still.
King PlayZZ
King PlayZZ 2 months ago
Dalbenna 7
Dalbenna 7 2 months ago
It’s time to corona pizza😁
Y. Kazayaki
Y. Kazayaki 3 months ago
yo daus
yo daus 3 months ago
Somewhere in Norway, varg vikerness is laughing
British LA
British LA 3 months ago
you can clearly see those black guys firing flares onto the roof. this was arson.
Mr. No Name
Mr. No Name 3 months ago
Damion Marchan
Damion Marchan 3 months ago
Was it Eastern Time zone?
Damion Marchan
Damion Marchan 3 months ago
Who started the 🔥 and why ?
Gustav Kusnitzoff
Gustav Kusnitzoff 4 months ago
There are moments where all parisians look at the same thing. This was one of those moments.
Shape Reinhardt
Shape Reinhardt 4 months ago
THEY thought they could stop the plan...
zigme Tamang
zigme Tamang 4 months ago
ujqw 4 months ago
This is why u don’t vape indoors people
ujqw 4 months ago
Plague: nah Everything since 1200 Ww1: nah Ww2: nah Fire: I’m about to end this mans whole career
Chris K
Chris K 5 months ago
Were adequate safeguards in place to address and anticipate such possible damaging issues or was this the case of having a "blind eye" or lack of urgency to make sure every avenue was rigorously protected from natural, technical and political actions. After all, nothing has really threatened it's existence over the last 850yrs. So "what's to worry"? I contend this could have been rigorously analysed and planned for, to minimize any problems should they appear. Shame on the French government AND the general public for not demanding fail-safe precautions be in place to ensure it's long term existence.
im sorry
im sorry 5 months ago
hellfire! dark fire!
Liam Connor
Liam Connor 5 months ago
my cousin was on vacation in Paris when this happend...
Timothy H
Timothy H 6 months ago
Smoke alarms!!! and bring ladders that can reach the roof.
Another Timeline
Another Timeline 6 months ago
Mean Chey
Mean Chey 7 months ago
France this is your sin ! you have to give all khmer heritage item back or your country will be no more in the world.
The Adrien
The Adrien 6 days ago
oh shut up
Aimee Thomson
Aimee Thomson 7 months ago
..brown bricks too
666MikeRochip 8 months ago
Very sad from NZ 😔
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas 8 months ago
why no chopper and water bucket when it started
Nature Love
Nature Love 8 months ago
im not french but im in tears for french people , godbless perhaps somehow it can be resovled in best of ways i hope . some beautiful architecture work.
Catalin Amdt
Catalin Amdt 8 months ago
B r u h
B r u h 9 months ago
*Amazon Forest Pulled A Notre Dame*
Mdtareq Rahman
Mdtareq Rahman 9 months ago
See the (I,Pet goat) animation short film. What is happening in all over world.
Ripon hossain
Ripon hossain 9 months ago
Varg vikernes where are you?
Michael Jack
Michael Jack 9 months ago
End Time prophecy🤔 Solar calendar ? Mayan calendar 2012 suppose world End 🤔 Kalyug calendar : 5121 years including 33AD Jesus crucifixion by ancient king
PHANTOM DELUXE 9 months ago
i Watch this in 2012 in cartoon animated film ( i pet goat 2)
Tom mei
Tom mei 9 months ago
Please make some news about Amazon Rainforest 😢
Ö Ö 6 months ago
Notre dame is more important
Targeted Individual
Targeted Individual 9 months ago
Was it worth it, Paris?
Linzy Palmer
Linzy Palmer 9 months ago
Where the bells saved? That’s what I want to k.
Savanna the banana
Savanna the banana 3 months ago
The bell towers were not harmed I believe. So yes.
Tadek Wieczorek
Tadek Wieczorek 10 months ago
I was in Cologne Germany when this happened and I was so shocked
Sosa 10 months ago
Frollo looking for Esmeralda
Aimee Thomson
Aimee Thomson 11 months ago
Terrible, looked like a crib
Aimee Thomson
Aimee Thomson 11 months ago
Mindless people, if that's what caused it!
Tman OutDoors
Tman OutDoors 11 months ago
I’ll still remember this day as the titanic anniversary
Zad palmer
Zad palmer 11 months ago
Such a shame. It was a big part in lots of things.. It even got starred in a Disney film.. Such a shame. It was a beautiful building.
SHENYONG YE 11 months ago
It's a great fire!!!!!Western countries should be punished!100 years ago, you invaded China and burned the Chinese park "Yuanmingyuan" . Now it's retribution!!!! F*ck Christian
HyperThorpe Playz
It's a sign that religion is dying
donations for the restoration of the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral BTC 19ovNXJoNwrexJ86kqWThfZ597PoM3d4up
Rep0007 Year ago
The collapsing spire symbolizes the collapse of the Catholic Church as it implodes from the shock and disgrace of the revelation that most Catholic priests have always been child abusers -- for TWO THOUSAND YEARS!! This Church is DONE -- shut it down, and sell Notre Dame for conversion into a shopping mall.
Velcro Crab
Velcro Crab Year ago
It's a real tragedy that the building that more or less watched over a country for decades has suffered such damage. On the bright side, the structure itself was mostly intact, thanks to the collective efforts of all those who put out the fires. I hope the reconstruction goes well, and that I may someday visit Paris to see Notre Dame in it's restored glory.
Marian Tarcea
Marian Tarcea Year ago
It was probably the work of Muslim vandals.
Myrna Leon
Myrna Leon Year ago
Please don’t let the secularists led by Macron near this priceless , holy house of God! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Tlot Pwist
Tlot Pwist 5 months ago
Macron isn't a secularist. He's a religious man. From the Church of Money
jackrussell Year ago
They could of put the fire out in about 5 mins...no matter how big the flames...with SOUND..!! Think it's a lot of hot air I tell you...some might say B/S... go check it out...2 young uni guys have found the frequency at which fire burns...go watch it...I kid you not...!...this was the work of the Illuminate..April is their month of "sacrifice by fire"...look it up...DO your research...you owe it to yourselves... May God be with us all...
Randy Donut
Randy Donut Year ago
Guess frollo did actually burn notre dame
Kane TechTips
Kane TechTips Year ago
Quantamios Howler
Shhhhh... Let us have a moment of silent for this piece of art. Or just press f.
Timothy H
Timothy H Year ago
Any word on the Hunchback? Did he get out? I have a hunch he perished,. No longer a member of the Parish.. Yet will always be ours...our Humpback of Paris.
richard sciuk
richard sciuk Year ago
Suzanna maria Emmanuel explains all...read sovereign lord Emmanuel’s book...the truth will set us free.
Beerus God of Destruction
I ve heard a wise man said that this is all Macron plan and hes a mason, to ruin the Christianity.. hows that such iconic building have no cameras or midnight active firemans, and was forbiden to spill water from the air ( "could damage the wood and make more damage") even Trump said not to do it like that. Who the fuck you kidding??
anduyin wuruien
The priest caught performing sexual rituals on small boys before fire breakout!!!! ruvid.net/video/video-pim0IpTgQ_s.html
B caprin
B caprin Year ago
Strange never I read information s manifest yellow west The France is dictature the manisfestation are prohibited The people are arrested for nothing The French ask ric frexit but Macron doesn t like Few people haven t hand or eyes for the policies violence À day the French people ask thrue at all journaliste than said nothing Free for the France Yellow west here for ever for have a life with dignités The people are arrested before the manifestation Don t forget a day the thrue arrive
tirigou samir
tirigou samir Year ago
Burning a French church with a weapon that was used in California, watching the iron in 20 seconds and strange in that weapon burning solid wood out of the middle and imagining what a man does to me to make money burning the peoples of the world
Colours I
Colours I Year ago
I think muslims must be banned from using English language because its Christians language.
John Laurens
John Laurens Year ago
@Colours I You need to grow the fuck up and accept that there are other people on this planet, that you may not like. In no way, shape or form does it mean I support terrorism if I am defending peoples rights to live and enjoy their culture. Muslim, Jewish, Christianity etc. it all comes from a main concept and idea. I'm sure you wouldn't like people saying things like this about you if you were Muslim. I personally have no issues with them. If they're not hurting anyone (which they have, but so has Christianity, more so), they deserve a right to be on this planet. You are immature and immoral, your mind is slim, and you need to be able to see the social side of this.
Colours I
Colours I Year ago
@John Laurens hence you support terrorism.well.. Imagine "a world without Muslims".how cool would it be yeaa!!!.. This planet is not for Muslims if I am to be straight.and there are millions and billions who holds the same thought. what in world are you doing kid?!!
John Laurens
John Laurens Year ago
Azi Sangtam because in a world where one of the primary languages is English, it would be a great asset to be able to speak it, like Chinese or French. Stop being immature
Colours I
Colours I Year ago
@John Laurens offcourse.. Anybody can speak English,be it satanist,atheist, Buddhist,hindu, or whatever...restriction is imposed exclusively on bloody Muslims, for instance nobody speak Muslim.. So why the hell do they speak English!!!
John Laurens
John Laurens Year ago
Azi Sangtam so if I’m an Atheist or Satanist or something I’m not allowed to speak English?
Richard Wagner
I want it gone forever
Frida Standup
Frida Standup Year ago
There's a complete media blackout in the Uk at the moment about the real situation of France and the Yellow Vest movement . Censorship is very fierce, even some journalists have been sent to jail . Please have a look at "Gilets Jaunes Paris acte 23" footages , and please share some vids around . Many thanks , god bless !! Greetings from France
Sonia Boury
Sonia Boury Year ago
What a Beautiful sight!!!
Alexandra the wolf
Rick Darby
Rick Darby Year ago
The Muslims are coming the Muslims are coming.
Calypso Mariana M.
I blame Frollo.
diezeled Year ago
Anyone that does not think Muslims were not behind this has their head in the sand!
Robert Hill
Robert Hill Year ago
Quickest fire investigation in history. BBC discovered the cause while it was still burning. Amazing work.
Rick Darby
Rick Darby Year ago
@Shehabeldin Ahmad Muslim is not a race you dumbass it's a religion so there is nothing racist about it. Keep pulling the race card pussy
Shehabeldin Ahmad
@Rick Darby this whole commentary is just racist and you are one of them
Rick Darby
Rick Darby Year ago
Exactly they want to cover up the fa t that Muslims did it.
Zoe Pleijte
Zoe Pleijte Year ago
Dit i waarom 😭
Zoe Pleijte
Zoe Pleijte Year ago
Sorry 800jaar hhmm
KingMoank Year ago
who else re-watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame after the news of the Cathedral burning down.
Truth Filter For YouTube
Mourn the loss of an old building. This however was NEVER a monument to Christ, Rather to a man made power structure known as Catholicism which masquerades as a route to Jesus, and Heaven.
dazjdza Year ago
eric lovelace
eric lovelace Year ago
This shit was built to last - sorry bbc. lol
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