Nothing But Thieves - Sorry (Official Video)

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Nothing But Thieves - 'Sorry' (Official Video)
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Nothing But Thieves - Sorry - Lyrics
You might kill me with desire
Wind me tighter than a wire
It's something that you do to me
I run away like mercury
And I know you think it's rough
When you're try'na patch us up
And I say honey what is love?
You just say I drink too much

Maybe I'm defective
Or maybe I'm dumb
I'm sorry, so sorry for what I've done
Maybe I'm bad natured
Or maybe I'm young
I'm sorry, so sorry for what I've done

And I'm the t-shirt that I wear
Pick the thorns out of my hair
I broke your heart so carelessly
But made the pieces part of me
And now it hurts what we've become
'Cause you taught me how to love
It's me who taught you how to stop
And you just say I drink too much

Maybe I'm defective
Or maybe I'm dumb
I'm sorry, so sorry for what I've done
Maybe I'm bad natured
Or maybe I'm young
I'm sorry, so sorry for what I've done

I've waited for this
I'm ready for it
I've waited for this
I'm ready for it
Been waiting so long

I've waited for this
I'm ready for it
I've waited for this
I'm ready for it
Been waiting so long

Maybe I'm defective
Or maybe I'm dumb
I'm sorry, so sorry for what I've done
Maybe I'm bad natured
Or maybe I'm young
I'm sorry, so sorry for what I've done


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Jul 19, 2017




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Comments 100
Mystique Offer
Mystique Offer 2 days ago
Got to say, this song hits a nerve personally. It keeps me in check!
tongda847 3 days ago
Думаю, неужели у нас в прекрасной России будущего такая помойка, а комментаторы ниже сказали, что "це Київ. Район Троєщина". Фуух, я спокоен.
Jan Douwe
Jan Douwe 3 days ago
I thought it was impossible. But this song is just as good.
Danny Jr
Danny Jr 11 days ago
Can't help but to cry......
Mat Ey
Mat Ey 11 days ago
0:31 Marco Reus, bist du es :D
Alexander Gershvin
Alexander Gershvin 16 days ago
With love from Russia !!!
Moritz Kooistra
Moritz Kooistra 17 days ago
One of the best songs ever. Thank you for this gift to all of us.
Hans Grooten
Hans Grooten 18 days ago
honey bear
honey bear 20 days ago
i think i'm in love-
Tom Hubbard
Tom Hubbard 21 day ago
Stumbled across this band 2 weeks after their first studio album was released. Still my favourite band. Also got my dad interested, now he's a massive fan as well!
welshyyyyy 25 days ago
Only just discovered this band after flicking channels and seeing the Amsterdam video (I'm in my 50's so excuse my lateness to the NBT party). Impressed. Decided to listen to their first album. Even more impressed. Seem to be an absolutely brilliant band to these old ears 😊
Deepti Sharma
Deepti Sharma 26 days ago
My ears going through a cathartic eargasm. This is awesome.
iar m
iar m 26 days ago
1:10 рыбаки, осторожней с проводкой силикона, там коряга на дне.
Лёха Month ago
ну тут без вариантов, РУССКИЕ ВПЕРЕД!!!!!!
Ray Trusty
Ray Trusty Month ago
The new radiohead......thank god these guys surfaced....
alicem1985 Month ago
Damn, I’ve thinking about this song for a while but I couldn’t think of any clue to find it. And now I just discovered it’s in my ‘Like’ list on my account. :D
Анатолий Карпов
Очень странно родные просторы видеть в клипе)
Wandim Korobicyn
Однажды наступит день Прощения и Скорьби. День Радости и Ночь Милостивленья. Ударит меч Возмездия и разом, Узнаем, что нет Нежности и Боли, Но лишь тупое протрезвленье : Ты мог быть Нашим,.но стал Уныньем. Теперь я знаю ,что никто не может , Ударить так жестоко . И так больно, Как самый близкий,и родной по духу! И пусть он будет : сын или соседка , Но просветление будет в Звёздах Неба. Жестокости судьбы я не ищу границы. Она во мне, И тому вина есть, Зачем же ищешь ты спасенья с ними. Они твоя свобода и неволя! Ты это знаешь ,что же? Ты это понял среди звёзд безЗвездья. Они с тобою быть готов если, Горишь ты лишь для них , А если нет , то ...пшел ты!
Maksim Dychansky
Сказать что я был удивлён русскому вначале - ничего не сказать
Wandim Korobicyn
Теперь я знаю! Черный и Белый - это такой соседний мир, Он гадский,и красивый. Ты видишь его так ,как Хочет твоё сердце...
Ik Hoi
Ik Hoi Month ago
Theyre so good but not that famous for like no reason?!
Mary Month ago
That's true!
Wandim Korobicyn
Прости,меня Ежка. Прости меня. Не знаю о чем оно поет,но ты ,Ежка,прости меня...
Chris Donks
Chris Donks Month ago
Damn, never saw the clip and I always thought to this day that this was a woman with a rough voice that was singing the song.. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 such a shame tho 😂
Tommaso Quintavalli
This i s like Madness by Muse. But, better.
tikki volta
tikki volta Month ago
03:43 i swear i heard that song like 100x but i just realized that little "ooh-ooooh" hidden in there. time to get better headphones.
Sofia Navone Cuello
sound like killers hahahaha
My favourite song of 2017 - but not my favourite video.
sophspalding Month ago
damn if this music video aint a premonition of 2020.
Fernanda Dávila
I'm sorry, so sorry for what I've done...
Mary 27 days ago
....so sorry for the last written words...💔💔
StreetPilot_M140ix 2 months ago
Found this song by humming in the google app.
Fla31085 2 months ago
looks a lot like the killers
Daiana-Nicola Petruș
This song made me love you guys. Now I'm crazy about all those songs
markers silent dreamer
Happiness finds us all looking down at the world, not for ourselves, but by what's been, it's there we all find those things in our lives where we cannot turn back or move forward. I'll not be found stuck but driving away, still searching for that sunset that shows me beauty again. Only hearts gives that a chance, maybe a second chance. Sorry is a start, but truly meaning helps. But sunsets happen once a day. That's when healing begins.
Damar Castillo
Damar Castillo 2 months ago
Hace unas semanas conocí la música de esta banda, me encanta mucho se ha convertido en una de mis bandas favoritas, y cada vez que escuchaba esta canción me hacia sentir mal, trsute y más cuando decía esa parte de "I've waited for this I'm ready for it I've waited for this I'm ready for it I've been waiting so long" Sentía como una espina en el corazón, pero ayer mi novio y yo tuvimos un mal entendido en el que ambos estuvimos mal y nos ignoramos por completo, hoy ya arreglamos las cosas y me dedicó esta canción, y gracias a eso ya deje de sentir "esa espina" en el corazón, ahora la escucho de manera diferente, es una de mis favoritas :"3
KimAckerman 21
KimAckerman 21 2 months ago
Sadly this video is the world right now. Nothing But Thieves are amazing and seriously they've been helping me in these times.
I Like Trains
I Like Trains 2 months ago
2:26 sounds like Smile Like You Mean It by The Killers
KimAckerman 21
KimAckerman 21 2 months ago
I've been listening to this song non-stop and it hits hard. How come NBT aren't more popular?! I haven't listened much of their songs but whoa the vocals and instruments are beyond amazing.
Jamie Dylan de Jong
Jamie Dylan de Jong 2 months ago
Sam Castle
Sam Castle 2 months ago
Someday this man gonna be a legend
Jamie Dylan de Jong
Jamie Dylan de Jong 2 months ago
4mm dint
Jamie Dylan de Jong
Jamie Dylan de Jong 2 months ago
qq x99 +3
Saullo Cruz
Saullo Cruz 2 months ago
Que perfeita...
Zavala 2 months ago
They release nothing but bangersssssss, damn.
Librah Estudio
Librah Estudio 2 months ago
Que grande Paquito Amoroso
kofesmolokomful 2 months ago
плохо конечно что не ясно что поют, ведь звучит так число и искренне )) сразу не вините хули "савецкийе люди"
Joi Lee
Joi Lee 2 months ago
I love this band ♥️⚘😍😍😍😍
Mary 27 days ago
I love them too 💗
PressKribed 2 months ago
Why this song is so beautiful?
Susanna Larini
Susanna Larini 3 months ago
Susanna Larini
Susanna Larini 3 months ago
Mary 27 days ago
Leon Pankau
Leon Pankau 3 months ago
Stephen Nash
Stephen Nash 3 months ago
Volbeat, sunshine Avenue, some great bands out there
FoxWolf666 3 months ago
Ken Tabor
Ken Tabor 3 months ago
Frank Rogers
Frank Rogers 3 months ago
i hate it when people comment and say "i tried to commit suicide" no tries to commit suicide,either you commit suicide or you don't. there is no try. those who say i tried didn't want to die at all,and are looking for attention. suicide is bad dont get me wrong,but, dont do it for attention.
Meliza Arroyo
Meliza Arroyo 3 months ago
"Han encapsulado la vida en un video"
Alder 3 months ago
que acaso soy la unica hispano hablante que adora a este grupo
Sandra Sands
Sandra Sands 3 months ago
He reminds me, a little bit, of Pink
Nuatė Mal.
Nuatė Mal. 3 months ago
This is what I listened to in my dads car when I was 6. He still plays it every time we are driving somewhere, one of my favourite rock bands. You won’t be forgotten.
Mini lover 2000
Mini lover 2000 3 months ago
Always loved these guys was hooked on Amsterdama vocals are the key unique and amazing
emilyy_. 3 months ago
I remember listening to this all day :(
Mary 27 days ago
Me too....
Reba Roberts
Reba Roberts 4 months ago
simply nailogical
DEEP-DADDY!!! 4 months ago
I don't know why but this guy give's me ryan tedder vibes
Ifeel sleepy
Ifeel sleepy 4 months ago
T-shirt that he wore: Aww Conor 😘😘😍😍🥰🥰 thanks for featuring me in this ❤️❤️❤️
checktheskies 4 months ago
Best new band of last four years! Easy..
Валерий К.
Валерий К. 4 months ago
Летом на даче напился от тоски, встал под утро, набрал с собой пива, залез в машину и убился NBT. Вылез часа через три трезвым и просветленным. Long live, NBT!
pаvel you
pаvel you 4 months ago
So... Maybe it's cool, maybe it's don't... ))
Dream Big
Dream Big 4 months ago
One of my favourite songs
pinkisvinki hryu
pinkisvinki hryu 4 months ago
омг потрясный бэнд
Atlas Mak
Atlas Mak 4 months ago
Im so fucked up about my life. Thank you for making the music you make, this shit gives me peace for a moment
N 4 months ago
ahhh I love this songg❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Марина Гармаш
Cuka N
Cuka N 4 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks about the umbrella academy with this video?
Leire Sampaio
Leire Sampaio 5 months ago
Simplesmente não dá para parar de escutar essa musica.
Jackson Jotaeme
Jackson Jotaeme 5 months ago
Nice uk video with strange people on it as usual
marion fitness
marion fitness 5 months ago
His voice is amazing. I didn't expect him to be so young!!!
Foxy Foxy
Foxy Foxy 5 months ago
Just another ordinary day in Russia.
Mirana piso Ravalo
Mirana piso Ravalo 5 months ago
"excuse me", "sorry" but "is everybody is going crazy"? 😂. Love this band so much... One of the best band either... Amazing, talented... And conor's voice 😱😱😍😍👍
Phượng Bích
Phượng Bích 5 months ago
This song deserves more attention... loving it
Safa 5 months ago
Love it 🖤
Anastasia Molchanova
Love it!!!!!! You're so talented guys 😍😍😍 cannot stop watching this
Pia magpie
Pia magpie 5 months ago
Simply awesome 😊
TheTexturedKitten 5 months ago
That part with the vibrato synth and Connors vocals is something I may never forget. How chillingly beautiful.
Patt _295
Patt _295 5 months ago
I got to know NBT few days ago and that's ridiculous how I can't get enough their music. Definitely one of the most underrated bands ever.
madeleine p.
madeleine p. 6 months ago
The “I’ve been waiting so long” part really makes me wish I could sing.
Max Local
Max Local 6 months ago
Discovering this song has been the highlight of my lockdown, my god it's amazing :)
MindGamer1978 6 months ago
The singer have the sexiest female voice ive ever heard ... im just kidding... the first time i hear this group i thought there is singing a woman... but this voice fits perfectly for this sound
VCNTWLLM 6 months ago
This tune sounds like final fantasy shadow bringer trailer
Nick Lazarenko
Nick Lazarenko 6 months ago
Ukraine 💪🇺🇦
seeyouspacecowboy 6 months ago
Это слишком Россия, черт возьми
Lizzie Blissett Music
It was so cool to be in your Solitude Sessions version of this!!!! Thank you
Kamal Asghar Hashmi
Kamal Asghar Hashmi 7 months ago
Beautiful song..
Saunterblugget Hampterfuppinshire
3:15 bioshock flashbacks
noot noot
noot noot 7 months ago
In my opinion, this song and its music video is a political statement instead of a love song. Humans who have been enjoying earthly things are getting punished by "God" in this music video. I might be wrong. We didn't do a good job of keeping each other afloat. We fight against each other, even nature itself. We can't control our greed and we want more. By the end of the day, we as humans won't survive because of the rule of nature (global warming, or any other apocalypse scenario). Asking for forgiveness would probably be too late.
Atlas Mak
Atlas Mak 7 months ago
Jeez this song hits me so hard..
Mary 27 days ago
Me too...
Lizzie Blissett Music
ikr!! ;(
Полина Непонова
kenisinoregon 7 months ago
Love the song! Just made a quick cover on my channel
Antonella Sturatti
Antonella Sturatti 7 months ago
Calogero GIGANTE
Calogero GIGANTE 7 months ago
I heard this song at the radio... I loved it immediatly !
Lizzie Blissett Music
Calogero GIGANTE ahh thanks
Calogero GIGANTE
Calogero GIGANTE 7 months ago
Classic 21, a Belgian rock station...
Lizzie Blissett Music
What station?
JayBird 7 months ago
I am strongly relating to this song right now!
Mary 27 days ago
@Lizzie Blissett Music I am too... One of the mist tough periods ever....💔
Lizzie Blissett Music
Hope youre okay!
Melissa Bramley
Melissa Bramley 7 months ago
Maybe I am defective.
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