Nothing But Thieves - Is Everybody Going Crazy? (Official Video)

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Nothing But Thieves - Is Everybody Going Crazy (Official Video)
From our new album Moral Panic out now: nbthiev.es/ytmoralpanic
:: This album is about the tension in the air. It's about people. It's about you. Moral Panic Is setting in Terror fever It's too late to begin. ::
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I saw you down
the Neighbourhood
And I understood
Spiritual hangover that I can't shake
It's getting more than I can take
And in this restless
Disfigured place
We've only got each other
I just wanna go
Blur the line
Leave our afflictions behind
The sky is coming down
I know it's strange
But heaven's a mindset away
Yeah everybody's going crazy
Cant get through to you lately
We're so hopelessly faded
Is anyone else feeling lonely?
It just can't be me only
Losing our cool so slowly
It would feel so good to steal some time
It would feel so good to make you mine
You ever thought
We're not ourselves?
I know it well
I'm ready now to have a change of skin
The day doesn't set, the world just spins
And in this wounded
Sinister place
We've only got each other
The sky is crashing down
I know it's strange
When heaven's a mindset away
Yeah everybody's going crazy
Cant get through to you lately
We're so hopelessly faded
Is anyone else feeling lonely?
It just can't be me only
Losing our cool so slowly
It would feel so good to steal some time
It would feel so good to make you mine
Director: Remi Laudat
Production Company: PRETTYBIRD UK
Exec Producer: Juliette Larthe
Producer: Chris Murdoch
Production Runner: Yssis McKen
1st AD: Bryony James
2nd AD: Oliver Waters
Runner: Alex Tawney
Runner: Callum Murdoch
DOP: Tony Miller
Focus Puller: Jeff Vine
2nd AC: Will Crafts
DIT: Keir Garnett-Lawson
Gaffer: Danny Hayward
Desk Op: Oli Couch
Electrician: Jovan Lawrence
Electrician: Shaun Clarke
Key Grip: Jem Morton
Audio Playback: Roger Cutting
Video Playback: Von Adams
Production Designer: Emma Winter
Art Director: Dan MacLagan
Carpenter: Patrick Krizovensky
Carpenter: Joseph Gibson
Labour: Brenden Ewan
Editor: Greg Hayes
Post Producer: Antonia Porter at Whitehouse Post
Colourist: George K
Colour Producer: Amy Richardson at Black Kite
VFX: Jordan Chappell
Commissioner: Michael Lewin at Sony
Dancers: Greta O’Brien, Shamar Mokgatle-Phillips, Saskia Davis, Becky Tunpe, Stephen King, Kymani Singh
Stylist: Sam Thompson
Hair & Makeup: Faye Lyons
Stylist’s Assistant: Ruby Elkins
Stylist’s Assistant: Wisam Masri
Camera supplied by Panavision
Lighting supplied by Panalux
#NothingButThieves #IsEverybodyGoingCrazy #NothingButThievesIsEverybodyGoingCrazyVideo


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Mar 25, 2020




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Comments 100
Susanna Larini
Susanna Larini 4 hours ago
Закиров 2 days ago
То чувство, когда сначала слышишь, потом видишь. Ребята талантища!
itz milkychu
itz milkychu 2 days ago
Yes, I listen to this song at 3:AM while blaring more of they’re songs through the house speakers :,D
sidharta 7 days ago
absolutely good
Bonjour là-bas
Bonjour là-bas 8 days ago
No bad 🤔
Zed's Dead
Zed's Dead 9 days ago
Like this one. reminds me of muse a bit
Paul Fisher
Paul Fisher 15 days ago
Cool, I love Stanley Parable!
70er Jahre Junge
70er Jahre Junge 17 days ago
Verse-Riff is pretty close to Beautiful People imo
itz milkychu
itz milkychu 26 days ago
This is one of my favourite songs. P E R I O D T
black heart
black heart Month ago
The music, the lyrics, the video... Perfection. Pozdravi iz Srbije.
Neo2906 Month ago
What a perfect titel for this time....i have to live with crazy people in this hoax pandemic shit.
Ricardo C.
Ricardo C. Month ago
I will write a letter to UN and ask them if this song could be the officially 2020 anthem...
Emma Carena
Emma Carena Month ago
my friends introduced me to this band the singer's voice is so beautiful
a4d7b4b57fs6 Month ago
Covid only started going viral, at the same time as Scott Maxwells retarded question on here.
lacuna ciara777
lacuna ciara777 Month ago
Same vibes as Pvris' Gimme a minute
TheFear Month ago
cadê os BR?
elkie rose
elkie rose Month ago
Liz Katherine Aliendre Del Barco
La mejor banda de la vidaaaa!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Keith Baruzzini
Keith Baruzzini Month ago
Incredible 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻❤️
Alyne Grimaldi
Alyne Grimaldi Month ago
A song about quarantine...
Hamza Ajayb
Hamza Ajayb Month ago
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Ross Davison
Ross Davison Month ago
I am 41 and I love this band. Is that allowed?
Ross Davison
Ross Davison 26 days ago
@connyThat is good to know!! Yes I firmly believe their songs are perfectly crafted.
conny Month ago
I am 51 and love them too 😊🤗
Victor Valdemar Juhl
I hate listening to this in class cuz i cant sit still
Diana Sobolevskaya
i f,^ love you so much
PacoLC Month ago
This song reminds me: I kiss a girl by Katy Perry. Am I the only one?
medueleaca Month ago
Yes, you're the only one. Bye.
Creating_Bow Month ago
Well guess im into rock now, first jet, royal blood, now these guys. And i still have to check out radiohead
Giyani Ngoveni
Giyani Ngoveni Month ago
I never thought i'll be here listening to rock...but hey don't mind me...this guys are so good
NickSharpx Month ago
Mm Dm
Mm Dm Month ago
Сool installation
Fabrice Laporte
Fabrice Laporte Month ago
This song is great!! I discovered your music for the first time during the Muse Drones tour when it came to Paris Bercy, in 2016, with the stage at the middle of the arena (I was just in front of the stage :D). Liked it and since then I listen to your music!
carl crompton
carl crompton 2 months ago
these are good, best thing ive hearrd in a long time
Nastya Zaharyuk
Nastya Zaharyuk 2 months ago
I saw this video for the first time and I’m was too high but I never thought I would know how a ball feels... Amazing bad trip. Delightful
Vicky P
Vicky P 2 months ago
This album is a masterpiece! I love u guys!
Lilyth POETRY 2 months ago
Finally some proper decent music and lyrics 💥
Dominika p
Dominika p 2 months ago
Just can not believe this guy’s voice! Amazing !
Mariana Cristina
Mariana Cristina 2 months ago
Conor's high notes just... OMG JUST KILLED ME
That One Penguin
That One Penguin 2 months ago
Original video and music? Sign me tf up!
Gamerex Radiation111
Me try to sings the whole thing.*voice cracks 16 times.
Erica Alberini
Erica Alberini 2 months ago
this song perfectly explains 2020 to me
Rob Perrins
Rob Perrins 2 months ago
Only just found this band.They are very good.
ErickCBass 2 months ago
I appreciate that this was shot in the backrooms.
zinhle nhlapo
zinhle nhlapo 2 months ago
The love I have your music. It changes my daily outcome(s). Always happy :) .....This album is definitely the biggest mess of craze, fun and bursts of happiness !!
Anni 2 months ago
I'm kinda new here, I heard Impossible and I fell in love with their songs. I accutually want to listen to all of their songs but that is kinda difficult😅. Somebody tips?
D. Eddy
D. Eddy 2 months ago
Don Clark
Don Clark 2 months ago
Bit of a Muse stomp going on here? Return to form with this album.
AgentWho? 2 months ago
I think seeing the reflection of the cameraman was a mistake but awsome vid
Anton Aguilar
Anton Aguilar 2 months ago
Esta canción es lo máximo
strawberry caw
strawberry caw 2 months ago
Love it 🤩.well done on 3rd album you beaut"s 😋
Orlando Moreno
Orlando Moreno 2 months ago
Que pinche obra de arte.
Aron Brown
Aron Brown 2 months ago
They can't make a bad song.
Georgette Cámara
Georgette Cámara 2 months ago
Microfono of Twenty One Pilots, omg
Andria Lovedeep
Andria Lovedeep 2 months ago
Kiera Reeves
Kiera Reeves 2 months ago
Anyone here for the listening party?
Mattheus 95
Mattheus 95 2 months ago
Best song of album “moral panic”
Susanna Larini
Susanna Larini 3 months ago
Cómica Vez
Cómica Vez 3 months ago
Viviane Miranda
Viviane Miranda 3 months ago
Como eu amo essa musica!!!
Susanna Larini
Susanna Larini 3 months ago
Rocío Marelli
Rocío Marelli 3 months ago
TheCircuitWizard 3 months ago
Conor: In this restless, disfigured place, we only got eachother. Fine by me dude :)
Misu Ya
Misu Ya 3 months ago
amon ra
amon ra 3 months ago
Love all of their songs!! Thank you guys
sofia 3 months ago
Los amo
Everton Silva
Everton Silva 3 months ago
Repeat song last month 🤟🏿 nothing but thieves 💥
Yamile García
Yamile García 3 months ago
why so perfect??
Valentina B
Valentina B 3 months ago
Moral Panic is going to be 🔥🔥🔥
Nikki Warren
Nikki Warren 3 months ago
I can’t stop listening this is so my feel good song 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️
Susanna Larini
Susanna Larini 3 months ago
Ardyn Lloyd
Ardyn Lloyd 3 months ago
This song is such a jam and makes me want to dance!
Twiglet 3 months ago
Heard this on Radio 1 earlier and been obsessed ever since
Ryan 3 months ago
Sick! Loving it
Roman Bryndin
Roman Bryndin 3 months ago
WTF sooooooCoooooool💙
Angelo 3 months ago
Nothing But Silent Hills - Is Everybody Going P.T?
Meliza Arroyo
Meliza Arroyo 3 months ago
WHAT THA HELL¿?? Why is this sooooo... HAHAHAHAHA... This is making me sickkkk!!!! OMG. I fucking love you NOTHING BUT THIEVES!
instaTiara 3 months ago
incredible song ! this is love from the first chords and the discovery for me of a unique musical group I love you guys
Максим Гук
Максим Гук 3 months ago
the Connor`s dance is - huh.... IT IS THE BEST DANCE I HAVE EVER SEEN
Ingrid Moon
Ingrid Moon 3 months ago
Essex boys showing they are top of their game !!!!!
Lucy Gregg
Lucy Gregg 4 months ago
New favorite song. The tune is so upbeat, and vibrant with a pinch of realness. I love it.
Ninoska Bejarano
Ninoska Bejarano 4 months ago
Just amazing 🔥 🔥 🔥
Mark Walch
Mark Walch 4 months ago
Literally only just got their second album few days ago then learn they have a new one out very soon. Oh what a wonderful wonderful day.🙂
henri peltola
henri peltola 4 months ago
Good riffs..sounds like them crooced vultures in a good way :)
daffa syafiq
daffa syafiq 4 months ago
I'm here 2 minutes before my TOEFL test, this song calm me down in a weird way, wish me luck
daffa syafiq
daffa syafiq 4 months ago
calms me down, ugh maybe I shouldn't take the test today
Steve Empire Videos
Steve Empire Videos 4 months ago
Fire as always
Mark McArdle
Mark McArdle 4 months ago
This song is a complete work of art
Carl Acourt
Carl Acourt 4 months ago
Hats off to you guys. A cracking rock song
meagan miller
meagan miller 4 months ago
The most underrated band of our time!!
Louise Booth
Louise Booth 4 months ago
Goosebumps. LOVE you boys. xxx
Kirk Ferguson
Kirk Ferguson 4 months ago
Teacher pension potts have been sticky fingered they were hoping on pharma money to hide that fact. Teachers demand a separate governing education system.
Ratanang Mafatshe
Ratanang Mafatshe 4 months ago
Extremely proud of these guys man!!! I absolutely love their music ❤️
Debbielouise McCormick
Fave 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤟🏻
Ed Brunov
Ed Brunov 4 months ago
Someone had a real fun time with PT
Elise Heylen
Elise Heylen 4 months ago
This song is 🔥🔥🔥 obsessed with it
Trenton Moonias
Trenton Moonias 4 months ago
Imagine nbt supporting QOTSA in 2021
Camon Ball
Camon Ball 4 months ago
Not sure what is wrong with RUvid, but i have liked this song at least 3 separate times. RUvid IS DELETING MY LIKE. WTF
Rich Cunningham
Rich Cunningham 4 months ago
They’ve replaced Muse as my favourite band. Rather, they’re a worthy successor. Just love them ❤️❤️❤️
Erica Alberini
Erica Alberini 2 months ago
i discovered them when they opened a muse concert i went to, since then i can’t stop listening to these guys
museic 2 months ago
Hurts to realize that... but yes
pinkisvinki hryu
pinkisvinki hryu 4 months ago
застримлю на споти песни этой группы до дыр
Isabella Lopez
Isabella Lopez 4 months ago
I'm like REALLY obsessed with this song
siegann genavieve
siegann genavieve 4 months ago
Fire 🔥
slothy 5 months ago
Who’s here because their British friend name Taylor who lives in Wales told them to listen to it? Cause I am
Nick 5 months ago
You’re new to me until tonight, I need more in life, you guys rock
jack happy
jack happy 5 months ago
Influenced by zeppelin ruvid.net/video/video-1JYtwlQTUbM.html
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