Nothing But Thieves - Amsterdam (Official Video)

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Nothing But Thieves - Amsterdam (Official Video)
Our new album 'Broken Machine' is out now:
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Our single 'Amsterdam', taken from Broken Machine is available now:
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Lyrics - Amsterdam
People don't know much
Need a whiskey crutch
To think of something new
Hey you watching me
Lookin' through a screen
I'm here in front of you
Sometimes the days, they feel so long
We all live under the same sun
So I hit my head up against the wall
Over and over and over and over again and again
'Cause I don't wanna be like them
I hit my head up against the wall
Over and over and over and over again
And again and again
People piss you off
Some you say you love
Those you call a friend
Walking through a crowd
Then you look around
See there's no one left
We live and then we die as one
We all live under the same sun
So I hit my head up against the wall
Over and over and over and over again and again
'Cause I don't wanna be like them
I hit my head up against the wall
Over and over and over and over again
And again and again and again
I left my heart in Amsterdam
Where I could dream and nights were long
I left my heart in Amsterdam
I hit my head against the wall
Over, over, over
Again and again and then over
So I hit my head up against the wall
Over and over and over and over again and again
'Cause I don't wanna be like them
I hit my head up against the wall
Over and over and over and over again
And again and again and again
I left my heart in Amsterdam
I left my heart in Amsterdam
I left my heart in Amsterdam
I really need that feeling back


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May 18, 2017




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Comments 100
Lucía Castillo
Lucía Castillo 2 days ago
Por dios como los amo
Shotokhan 2 days ago
best rock band at the moment
Debra Tanner
Debra Tanner 4 days ago
Omg I love I love love it it it
Stephany Salazar
Stephany Salazar 4 days ago
Can we all appreciate how awesome is the minute 2:17
Anna Lua
Anna Lua 6 days ago
Bom demais papai
Towwanda R.
Towwanda R. 6 days ago
Amo esta banda la conocí hace unos meses y estoy encantada, fanática!
Anna M.
Anna M. 7 days ago
Dimitris Ziogas
Dimitris Ziogas 8 days ago
Fucking awesome song! The clip reminds of "The last of us" videogame, I got anxious from the dudes dancing around ahahahah!
Arthur Hendriks
Arthur Hendriks 9 days ago
Epic song! Greetings from Amsterdam :)
Radar 9 days ago
The Zombies be doing the boogie
devil Mr T
devil Mr T 9 days ago
Legendary song 💥
Simping for Ayato
Simping for Ayato 11 days ago
It’s even better when you live in Amsterdam
WSGtr 14 days ago
Chris Liepe brought me here.
S.O.W.A. 15 days ago
Alright we all talk about Conor all the time but the other bandmates are fucking talented as well. I just hope they stick together and his voice won't overshadow the band ever! This band is just unbelievably amazing ♥️
S.O.W.A. 15 days ago
He can scream too??? What a fucking talent!
tingstrap 16 days ago
I've watched 3:30 over and over again
Analow 16 days ago
Why i am look it and me funny ☀ ХD
macandches 17 days ago
still get ASMRs
Claus Stahl
Claus Stahl 20 days ago
What a voice
anthony 20 days ago
If this isn’t a song that defines us in 2020-2021 then idk what will.. :/
Kaylee Hollamon
Kaylee Hollamon 20 days ago
No one can compete with their voices, especially right at 3:25
Dee Nolan
Dee Nolan 22 days ago
Love it
Frank Rogers
Frank Rogers 23 days ago
holly Victoria
holly Victoria 23 days ago
C Weaver
C Weaver 23 days ago
Great song, great band, meh video.
D H 23 days ago
Great band, beautiful voice - could do a solo career
breezeswift 88
breezeswift 88 24 days ago
Ебать этот черт стелит🤘
N͎a͎n͎a͎ 26 days ago
Ahh!! Me encantaaaa!!!💖
Nath G.
Nath G. 26 days ago
For some reason RUvid didn't save this in my watch history, and I've been trying to find this song for like two weeks, remembering neither the name of the band nor the song. I asked my boyfriend to help because he was the one who shared the video with me, and all it took him to find the video was "the singer is white-haired I think" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Moral of the story, white hair ftw.
Debra Tanner
Debra Tanner 27 days ago
Super totally super
Nuraz Shima
Nuraz Shima 28 days ago
Not me listening to this after Crankthatfrank reacts to this song 👁👁
Taylor Steffen
Taylor Steffen 28 days ago
Where have a heard this... in a dream?
Reinier Burgemeester
Welcome in the 21st century the time of popmusic mess. What a bullshit.
Weronika Balana
Weronika Balana Month ago
nobody: Nothing But Thieves : Let's put dancing zombies in our video
Jamie Dylan de Jong
nice approval i approve :))) twinkleshinehigh
honey bear
honey bear Month ago
guys help me i think i've fallen in love with conor
Leyla v
Leyla v Month ago
Laura León
Laura León 2 days ago
Main stage would be great!
ああ Month ago
Felix W
Felix W Month ago
For more music like this feel free to listen to my station :) laut.fm/dailyvibes Or follow on instagram: dailyvibes_laut.fm :)
orhan çetin
orhan çetin Month ago
Brandon Clarke
Brandon Clarke Month ago
Im late to the party but oh man I'm glad I finally arrived. Wicked tune 💯
Cooper Dight
Cooper Dight Month ago
I’m a huge rap fan, but bro this shit is good
Vema Ray
Vema Ray Month ago
Anyone else find this Dom moment mega satisfying? 3:02
sam bruh
sam bruh Month ago
My favourite song to drum along to
randi ensign
randi ensign Month ago
I run to this one...hes electrifying!
henri peltola
henri peltola Month ago
same kind riff or tempo....whatever ...MERRY CHRISTMAS ,you?re awsome :) ruvid.net/video/video-v4RRecLKMKY.html
Aimée Cuny
Aimée Cuny Month ago
what's happening?
Jim Thomson
Jim Thomson Month ago
Love the 80s dancing haha
Jim Thomson
Jim Thomson Month ago
Video is top class, boy can sing 👏 love it
Henry Glynn
Henry Glynn Month ago
Almost certain that's where "eat sleep wake" Bombay bicycle club was filmed?
Alex Tejada
Alex Tejada Month ago
Very gay
Anonymous Anonymous
Retrominimalist Month ago
Conor's voice is therapy.
Shannan walsh
Shannan walsh Month ago
Never get bored of that song 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Brittni Akom
Brittni Akom Month ago
Fucking yes
Brittni Akom
Brittni Akom Month ago
Kostas Ale
Kostas Ale Month ago
Cristian Alexa
Cristian Alexa Month ago
#NIUROFEN old lamb
Миха Пупырыха
when I first heard this song, I thought it was guano apes. The voice sounds like Sandra : )
Kirby Month ago
i have an exam in 10 minutes so I sang this song at the top of my lungs (very badly) and let's just say I'm ready now
1 1
1 1 Month ago
I too left my heart in amsterdam
fedosk Month ago
0:18 Tommy Cash?
Chloe MacKay
Chloe MacKay Month ago
That poor child is still stuck in the wardrobe to this day...
ISAAC Month ago
ngl the dancing is whack
Alessia Cullhaj
Alessia Cullhaj Month ago
lollipop luxury
lollipop luxury Month ago
he ugly
Keith Baruzzini
Keith Baruzzini Month ago
Wow that’s fucking incredible!!!🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️
Wandim Korobicyn
Я знал. Что Она это она. Супер! Люблю. Обожаю. Восхищаюсь.
jangiordano1 Month ago
Lol looking for a different song and remember this from nhl . Can’t remember what year
Mattéo Sherlock
Fuxin crazy aint
Guttural Month ago
Школьная техничка поет легкий рок)))))
Ardicer Gaming
Ardicer Gaming Month ago
NBT introduced social distancing before it was a thing
Милая Мэл
This sound is so close to Brandon Flowers and it`s awesome! Great job guys!
Queen Dragon
Queen Dragon Month ago
Queen Dragon
Queen Dragon Month ago
@Y Kem thanks I will
Y Kem
Y Kem Month ago
Check out Inside Your World by Viral Affair, similar song to this
Renata Bakker
Renata Bakker Month ago
Chris Vleesenbeek
Wat een troep
barry edwards
barry edwards Month ago
not gonna lie but they all kinda handsome and cute
OST Banda Perú
OST Banda Perú Month ago
Me encanta esta canción, demasiado diría yo, tanto que no puedo dejar se pensar en que pudo tener un videoclip mejor sincronizado. Creo que desperdiciaron un gran tema con un videoclip que se queda corto ante tanta fuerza, y no me refiero a que la música sea estridente, si no a que esta canción transmite una energia que... uff demoraría horas explicándolo. En fin, creo que pudo tener un mejor resultado, como el videoclip que le hizo Alesana a Ambrosia. Solo es una opinión personal. ¡Larga vida a NBT!
Amy Cara Scott
Amy Cara Scott Month ago
I don't have the breath to sing along, but fucking hell I loves yous x
aesthetic cookie
Idk if it’s just me, but listening to them makes me feel sort of special.
Kristof Busch
Kristof Busch 2 days ago
@Miko Czako Sierpem i Młotem w Czerwoną Chołotę!
White Butterfly_46n2
Special an so Happy to be Alive and thriving. 😊
Pratik Routray
Pratik Routray 7 days ago
you are special, you just dont know it yet 😉
snatchman100675 10 days ago
My mum said I was "special" so I have to wear a helmet now
Jshoro 16 days ago
everyone is special!
Wandim Korobicyn
Wandim Korobicyn 2 months ago
Ежка,я так люблю тебя - крышу снесло!!! В этот мир внесло Тебя и Меня, И что ?! Что?! Да то ,сука,что Ты и Я - это Мир!!! А что такое мир без тебя и меня ....
C Os
C Os 2 months ago
Damn What a voice!!
Gangotri Chattopadhyay
Conor Mason. How does it feel to be God's favourite? He really took a lot of time with your voice.
aesthetic cookie
aesthetic cookie 2 months ago
Damn... God definitely took his time with Conor’s lungs
EvertonLeo007 2 months ago
This should be in fifa 22
Matty Kay
Matty Kay 2 months ago
Boyos the lot of em...
Arvenia4 2 months ago
I never was that lucky with a RUvid recommondation. :)
Suse es
Suse es 2 months ago
Sooo Megaaa gut das Lied sowie die Band auch 😍
nova_eclipse17 2 months ago
ok so i love this song
AnMo 2 months ago
It´s so magistral
barry edwards
barry edwards 2 months ago
VOOrdmen 2 months ago
бля ну хоть один русский
Harald Lenz
Harald Lenz 2 months ago
Great singer
Pedro Palhua
Pedro Palhua 2 months ago
Norbert Hegedűs
Norbert Hegedűs 2 months ago
I have been listening this song for over a month, truly sees inside of me
Toge 1love
Toge 1love 2 months ago
Normal people: Vibing to the song~ Me:Hits head over and OVER AGAIN
Alexander Pac
Alexander Pac 2 months ago
You know how it goes. Listen to it every single day till boredom kicks in. But even then still listen it. Peace ✌️
barry edwards
barry edwards 2 months ago
Most weirdist song i have even seen
Protosuss Colossus
Protosuss Colossus 2 months ago
Так вот кем SHORTPARIS вдохновлялись
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