Note 10 Plus Vs Sony Xperia 1 | Camera Comparison Shootout 📸

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This one is especially for the #WhatGear subscribers! It's the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Vs Sony Xperia 1 camera test. You requested it so I made it 😎enjoy.
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Aug 30, 2019




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Comments 80
Peter Hewitt
Peter Hewitt 11 days ago
I love Sony. As a brand it's unbeatable in my eyes. However, Samsung is the obvious outright winner on your subjective test. I want to find and kiss my Walkman now and say everything is going to be ok.
Alexander Yakovlev
Alexander Yakovlev 20 days ago
I have note10+, and I realized that the newest xperia camera is trash!
jonathan taylor garcia 95
Just bought a Xperia 1 from offer up for 200$ usa . Houston deal of a life time.
saif afzal
saif afzal Month ago
Totally wrong information
Влад стрелков
Samsung 👎
Rao Danish
Rao Danish Month ago
Bro 10 mark 2 vs iphone2020 make full comparison video
Note 10 plus is better!
SUGADEV S 3 months ago
Sony fan boy.
Joseph Namud
Joseph Namud 3 months ago
All camera tests on RUvid are 100% not reliable but if you want real color in your phone display I suggest SONY. As Sony can produce exact colors on BRAVIA so it is on XPERIA phones
Peter Hewitt
Peter Hewitt 3 months ago
My we deserved treat is being delivered on Tuesday (Note+) Cheers for confirming I've made a no-brainer choice! I've subscribed and sharing. Cheers man.
SkyRotionDan 4 months ago
Let meee knoow ean de komain dhawn bhelohw
Growth your skills with Razvi
According to me Samsung is WON...
produser cerdas
produser cerdas 4 months ago
the funny things is samsung sensor camera made by sony
Malik Nielsen
Malik Nielsen 4 months ago
Only sony's 4k hdr display 😍my is sony xperia 1 love it and to my son now xperia 5 he love it
David Rodriguez C
David Rodriguez C 4 months ago
Hahahaha the Galaxy has the same shape as the Xperia XZ Premium
Michael Vance Bajilar
If sony could just upgrade thier phones and match it with top contenders. They could just drop the mic and be done with it. Sony is already a well known brand. Honestly the note 10+(owner) camera, what it does is brightens the darker image. While the sony it already set to cinematic capture which is very captivating to see since most photography are done in high contrasting colors and comes out jaw dropping quality.
YuLong Lee
YuLong Lee 4 months ago
Xperia 1 got destroyed in this comparison with note 10+. And its really hilarious to see the Sony fan boys in the comment section defending their bias brand xD
vggfssthhvxxgg nggygxxxf
Sony, has always fought for natural colors... Whether on TV color, and on smartfone
vggfssthhvxxgg nggygxxxf
Sony, natural colors,, samsung, pumped colors...... At most
Sokun Vee
Sokun Vee 4 months ago
Xperia 1 is more naturally beautiful
Luis B
Luis B 5 months ago
When you compare it has to be in the same spot or condition for both, check the minute 6:06 he looks to be in different spots. Same with the selfie the sony is directly to the sun while the note isn't.
NightOrchid 5 months ago
Your Xperia 1 front camera looks faulty.. Its either got some dust or air particles in it .. This video should be re-done
Jyoshna Reddy
Jyoshna Reddy 5 months ago
Ugly persons hate sony because it shows the reality
3E 5 months ago
As a Sony fan, Samsung is doing everything I expected from Sony.
R Wagh
R Wagh 5 months ago
Sony close to natural
Matt Chiu
Matt Chiu 5 months ago
How much does Samsung give you? This is completely unfair test.
figaro mash
figaro mash 5 months ago
6:09 Xperia 1 much realistic and natural than Samsung Note 10+
IVAN IVAN 6 months ago
Sony has more natural Photos!!!
I shoot Nikon
I shoot Nikon 6 months ago
It’s funny how all of you say DXO Mark is a scam because of the low rating on the Sony you can’t just except that it’s not as good as the Samsung and it has a lower rating it’s kind a that’s how it is I’ve taken pictures of both of these phones the Samsung is clearly better you’re just Sony fanboys it cleared except reality
I shoot Nikon
I shoot Nikon 6 months ago
Vicks. One always seems dark underexposed at a loss of detail in the dark areas the Samsung seems sort of fake colors much brighter in much more detail in the darker areas it clearly looks like the Samsung is a better camera
SUPER_STREET_ RACER 6 months ago
Sony experia is what you see in RL this is what I want!
Sandy lucian
Sandy lucian 6 months ago
Love Sony ever
Ontim Khan
Ontim Khan 6 months ago
Sony best
raju arts. Rajesh V Govind
Samsung Promo video
Rafael Rafić
Rafael Rafić 6 months ago
Note10 better.
Ashiq Ahmed
Ashiq Ahmed 6 months ago
Sony is better, sony is simply underrated
Atharva Salap
Atharva Salap 6 months ago
Father of display and camera colour is samsung
Karlos Pinto
Karlos Pinto 6 months ago
Sony ❤️ ❤️
Wilson Orellana
Wilson Orellana 6 months ago
El sony tiene colores mucho más reales y la pantalla es la mejor del mercado para que ablar del sonido la lleva
claudio Santos
claudio Santos 7 months ago
Sony wins
Feel Sterlikov
Feel Sterlikov 7 months ago
Samsung Note 10+ more BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If have gimball and microphone for video and be better at pro mode
carver 9
carver 9 7 months ago
So bias.
Фикрет Ахмедов
Daniel Cunningham
Daniel Cunningham 7 months ago
Hey, why am I blocked on Twitter?
David Hernandez
David Hernandez 7 months ago
Sony xperia 1 vs xperia 5
BÆĐ_ ĐER 7 months ago
xperia 1 is real and natural.,
Wayne Tomlinson
Wayne Tomlinson 7 months ago
1:28 wasn't a fair picture comparison, definitely tell on the note there is no sun coming from the trees.. And missed out the 4k video, just to get extra views on another video 🙈🙈🙈👎👎
동준강 7 months ago
Note 10 pro for me
Mats John Carlo Mateo
I used to be a loyal Sony user since from the Sony K850, Satio, Arc, Z3 to the Z5 Premium, until I switch to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and now Note 10+. I'm truly happy with the Note10+ overall camera performance.
Harrold DJANI
Harrold DJANI 8 months ago
I have the sony xperia xz premium, I love the phone, I was thinking of getting the xperia 1 but now I'm looking more into lg v50 (that dual screen seem interesting)
Ian 8 months ago
I'm in doubt between the xperia 5 and Huawei p30 pro. which one should I choose and why?
Zonimate 8 months ago
xperia ftw....
baccha s
baccha s 8 months ago
sony is not a brand , it is a religion for me .
Arthawiguna putra
Arthawiguna putra 8 months ago
I'm like sony 👍👏😘😘
Wilson Orellana
Wilson Orellana 8 months ago
El sony se ve mas Real me quedo con el Sony
Fendi Sondakh
Fendi Sondakh 8 months ago
Oh man take the same angle please. # Sony Xperia X1 is better than this.
WhatGear 8 months ago
Yep I messed up with that. I've got an Xperia 5 here now. So will do another shootout. It's got the same cameras
Tech Life
Tech Life 8 months ago
Sony giving natural colour, samasung saturating color,
Gate Crasher UK
Gate Crasher UK 8 months ago
Samsung is far ahead of Sony Shite
Steven Hillering
Steven Hillering 8 months ago
This dude hates Sony, he is only a Samsung advertiser, shit man
Abhinav Tiwari
Abhinav Tiwari 8 months ago
Only Xperia and nothing else.
Peter Harwood
Peter Harwood 8 months ago
If you we're a professional photographer you'd definitely go for the experia far more natural.
OPU Al adnan
OPU Al adnan 8 months ago
❤ Sony ❤ Xperia 1 / Xperia 5 ❤ Natural colour
Justin Playz
Justin Playz 8 months ago
X P E R I A for me
jason t
jason t 9 months ago
Note wins
মোঃ যুবায়ের হোসেন
fake video, samsung used sony sensor.
UFCPopper 9 months ago
i prefer sony xperia 1 photo better.. more natural color. Samsung note 10 has too vibrant and the brightness, for me, look fake. Just my opinion..
WhatsApp status
WhatsApp status 9 months ago
Sony Xperia 1 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Shafeek Shafeek
Shafeek Shafeek 9 months ago
marlowe marzan
marlowe marzan 9 months ago
If you want the real thing go for sony except for selfie
marlowe marzan
marlowe marzan 9 months ago
Sony is what you see is what you get.
marlowe marzan
marlowe marzan 9 months ago
Sony is more on the natural looking image while Samsung is more on the advertising image or if you want to emphasize the subject.
마스크 9 months ago
당연히 샘성이지
Joshua Cordel
Joshua Cordel 9 months ago
I like images captured by XPERIA 1... natural looking, i like photos that reflect or closer to reality (as seen by the naked eye)...
طائر العنقاء ماركو
Sony Xperia 1 win
sey 30 Spyderco
sey 30 Spyderco 9 months ago
1-XPERIA 1👑 2-Samsung note 10💩💩💩💩💩👎👎👎👎👎☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️
sey 30 Spyderco
sey 30 Spyderco 9 months ago
Author Troll and paid fake from samsung
jafet vargas
jafet vargas 9 months ago
xperia 1 muestra colores naturales y no tan saturados como el samsung, gana sony
Manjula Chaturvedi
Manjula Chaturvedi 9 months ago
Xperia 1 takes a lead you know why I have xz Premium photos in xz Premium so awesome in camera
Find Out
Find Out 9 months ago
My xperia Z5 premium take beter photo than bouth phone
Jerry Coria
Jerry Coria 9 months ago
XPERAI 1 is the best TRUE COLORS THAT you can appreciate
Lalramdinsanga Ralte
Unfortunately I am using Google pixel 3 XL 😂😂😂.
Lalramdinsanga Ralte
@WhatGear Oh! Really. Thank you Sir.
WhatGear 9 months ago
That is not unfortunate my friend. That's an epic device
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