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Nov 17, 2019




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Comments 100
THE PRINCE FAMILY 10 months ago
Subscribe & Turn Notifications ;)
james thomas
james thomas 6 days ago
Zynla d
Puppies House
Puppies House 15 days ago
@ViperNate Me
Candice Hunt-Williams
Alain Locke
Alain Locke 22 days ago
K. Kayz
K. Kayz 24 days ago
Sup gues
Bianca Clemons
Bianca Clemons 9 hours ago
I Like your videos
Caliyah Philpot
Caliyah Philpot 11 hours ago
Hey I just want to make you feel better
kenzie nation
2020???? well team biannca
Nadia Knox
Nadia Knox Day ago
Ky'rei Curry
Ky'rei Curry 2 days ago
team biannce
Andrew Rollins
Andrew Rollins 4 days ago
haha that is funny
Mrs Mattox
Mrs Mattox 5 days ago
team biannce
Bella Princess
Bella Princess 4 days ago
Team biannca 😘😍
Shelby R
Shelby R 6 days ago
Team biannce
stu28drummer 8 days ago
team B
blockman go 02
blockman go 02 9 days ago
DragonFly1621 10 days ago
Team B
Spiderxp Savage
Spiderxp Savage 9 days ago
Team who?
Milayah Willams
Milayah Willams 11 days ago
Who saw when Bianka walked in on Damien with his head up. Crazy
Alfa Roberts
Alfa Roberts 11 days ago
Teen Prince family
Dj Williams
Dj Williams 11 days ago
King Damien go go go go go
Dee Pawson
Dee Pawson 13 days ago
You are amazing team Damian and Bianca
Nene Reese
Nene Reese 13 days ago
Onail Cayard
Onail Cayard 13 days ago
Team b
Kaniya Burke
Kaniya Burke 14 days ago
Team biannca
The Baker Kids
The Baker Kids 14 days ago
Team Damien
Emmy Lewis
Emmy Lewis 15 days ago
Christine Bianca because a butt a backed fired on you aha
LilliReally 123
LilliReally 123 16 days ago
team blannca
Kira Boyles
Kira Boyles 16 days ago
Noxolo Guliwe
Noxolo Guliwe 16 days ago
lil Alex
lil Alex 17 days ago
lil Alex
lil Alex 16 days ago
Im 17?
Noxolo Guliwe
Noxolo Guliwe 16 days ago
How old your you
lia rochester
lia rochester 17 days ago
She was very sad until she knew it was a prank
Shantza Heyward
Shantza Heyward 17 days ago
Team Bianka Hey
Keona Boyd
Keona Boyd 17 days ago
Jasmine Rooks
Jasmine Rooks 18 days ago
ThE lUcKy cHaRmS ThOuGh 😭👀👁👄👁
Nikaya Parks
Nikaya Parks 18 days ago
Team Biannca
lil Alex
lil Alex 20 days ago
Obi Clark
Obi Clark 20 days ago
🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Nice
Ana Bourdon
Ana Bourdon 21 day ago
That was a good prank she need to clean the mess up you didn't dis that mess omg I feel bad for her husband😭😭 I say girls to clean the mess up
J & J Royalty
J & J Royalty 21 day ago
Traci Carlisle
Traci Carlisle 22 days ago
I think that prank was funny damien pretending to be sleep and not waking up biannca tried everything to wake dame up she tried the pans to wake him ,she tried shaking him he still won't wake she hit him and she yelled at him she had poured water on that when he had woken up he like b really you just poured water on me why did you do that for ?
Alain Locke
Alain Locke 22 days ago
Team Bianca
Alain Locke
Alain Locke 22 days ago
Bianca like your video s
Alain Locke
Alain Locke 22 days ago
amare brown
amare brown 24 days ago
Team Damian all day everyday day
Alain Locke
Alain Locke 22 days ago
Team Bianca Damian sick
TheGamingSTUD 24 days ago
Team Damien boyz lets get it
Angelica Medellin
Angelica Medellin 25 days ago
Team bianca
Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph 26 days ago
Barbie Barbie and row
KingKoda_ Wafer
KingKoda_ Wafer 26 days ago
King D
King D 28 days ago
I like the edit with the pots and pans when you did that remix😹😹😹😹
Darenique Rose
Darenique Rose 3 days ago
It was lit
Javon Johnson
Javon Johnson 20 days ago
Augusta Nassana
Augusta Nassana Month ago
Good prank
Deb Frazier
Deb Frazier Month ago
Biannca did the prank first!!! You copycat biannca did it BETTER than you!!!!!!!!
Angelica Medellin
Angelica Medellin 25 days ago
Deb Frazier
Deb Frazier 27 days ago
Genesis Rodriguez Ruiz
flink Motion wdym?
flink Motion
flink Motion 27 days ago
I literally didn't here the word copycat in a minute
Deb Frazier
Deb Frazier Month ago
Whatu mean boo??!!
JJ JACKSON#the miles jelly dude
??! What are the comments actual still ✨fresh✨🤣
Camilopopollo Saund
Akeem Small
Akeem Small Month ago
Yo this is the best prank I ever seen bro he ain't waking up biannca♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Jonathan Benton
Jonathan Benton Month ago
Team biannca
autumn Jacobs
autumn Jacobs Month ago
Hate team damien
Nessa Plaza
Nessa Plaza Month ago
I' love your video s😘😘😘
Amid Khan
Amid Khan Month ago
You already know your girl be fresh to death!
christina jerera
She ended up using two pans
Trinidy Allen
Trinidy Allen Month ago
Team Bianca all day everyday
Latonya Lowe
Latonya Lowe Month ago
Where is Nova
Javour Wright
Javour Wright Month ago
Like i said. Not waking up for 24 hour ⏰.
ketia smith
ketia smith Month ago
Quincy Latimer-Giddens
Did you know that there are people that really can't wake up and when they do they are dead that's why that's why it's not funny
Lamont Morris
Lamont Morris Month ago
my brother said he can still yo girl friend
Leariez Stoneham
Did she dig in her butt at 2:37
gaming with krissy
Davion Bryant
Davion Bryant Month ago
Damian all day every day
Pootie Squad
Pootie Squad Month ago
The way he was like on the bed felt like he wanted to do IT👉👈🤣🤣😂😂
Nathanael Jean Jacques
dkkrdn gjn dnd
Nathanael Jean Jacques
hhrhr dhr drbr
Vanessa Mitchell
Ricky %3
Ricky %3 Month ago
Team Damien all day yes sir
Eunique Warren
Eunique Warren Month ago
Queen Eileen
Queen Eileen Month ago
Eunique Warren sorry if you didn’t like the video Karen
Javour Wright
Javour Wright Month ago
musu fanday
musu fanday Month ago
Good job Bianca
Javour Wright
Javour Wright Month ago
Bad job Bianca
Desiree Anderson
Team bianna all day ever day
Omorose Fortune
Omorose Fortune Month ago
lmao biannca was not having it
Jason Kirk
Jason Kirk Month ago
Team Damien
Sasha Bell
Sasha Bell Month ago
Javour Wright
Javour Wright Month ago
Chill bruh
Kherrington Henderson
Ok b let's go she wake up it here ok hah she poor water on him
Nathanael Jean Jacques
Caliayh Cole
Caliayh Cole Month ago
Teen Bianca all day everyday
queen anastasia
queen anastasia Month ago
Its team biannca all day everyday
skeeznergirl Month ago
Team biannca
Thania Molina
Thania Molina Month ago
Moment Of The Week
She evil bro😂😂😂
cindy oliver
cindy oliver Month ago
Javour Wright
Javour Wright Month ago
>:\/ shut up!
Keala Wilson
Keala Wilson Month ago
Biannca: 😭😭get up Damien :😴😴😴 Biannca: Bet Damien: 😴😴😴 Biannca :🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳
Keala Wilson
Keala Wilson Month ago
@Yanna Pedroso yeah
Yanna Pedroso
Yanna Pedroso Month ago
My get play
Yanna Pedroso
Yanna Pedroso Month ago
Can you be my bebe
She really shrugglin doe💀💀
pat annor
pat annor Month ago
King Boii
King Boii Month ago
When she grabbed those pans I was like it’s really over for Damien 😂
n v
n v Month ago
Bahahahahhahah when he made a beat with the pots and pans, I pissed myself laughingggg too funny lmfaooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
martyr jean
martyr jean Month ago
Time Bianca
Manny Mclaurin
Manny Mclaurin Month ago
Miles Morales Spider-Man Into The Spider-verse
Bianca that was nice of you to give Damien food in bed really nice of you🖤
Miles Morales Spider-Man Into The Spider-verse
Lol Go Team Damien she thought
Giavanni Hawkins
Alwande Dladla
Alwande Dladla Month ago
Team Damien
Jazleen Castellanos
She got the pans out and everything😂😂😂🍳
Shelly Pearson
Shelly Pearson Month ago
Linda Ware
Linda Ware Month ago
Linda Ware
Linda Ware Month ago
Julia nchilamwela
The beat they made 💀💀💀💀💀
Msshairon Prettygirl
Bianca was trying to get Damien up but he had to prank Her that really sad for Apia
Ke'Ondra Alexander
Love y’all ❤️
Maria Soto
Maria Soto Month ago
Love ,y all❤️
kela gaming
kela gaming Month ago
Why she just go to say on you for no reason like why you had already woke up like cringe🙄
Jakayla Jefferson
Nomcqibelo Pheme
Bianca go and take some mustard and put it in his mouth you know he hates mustard or flamin' hot Cheetos
Nomcqibelo Pheme
What is the time it is Bianca still sleeping? WTF :(
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