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Nov 17, 2019




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Comments 80
THE PRINCE FAMILY 7 months ago
Subscribe & Turn Notifications ;)
jnń b Hristoski
jnń b Hristoski 6 days ago
Leondra Bright
Leondra Bright 9 days ago
You guys do a video of you guys kissing and drinking on together feel good twerking on you please I'll give you a hundred bucks
Jayse Williams
Jayse Williams 16 days ago
Michelle Little
Michelle Little 17 days ago
I like these videos back to back
Hhfhbj Ythnvh
Hhfhbj Ythnvh 20 days ago
I can
Spanky Phillips
Team dam
Anaeisia Guillium
Team Bianca
Florence Richards
Florence Richards 5 hours ago
team bianca
Malique Primus
Roro Xr.rxz15
The song os nice 😂😂😂
Ally Grant
Ally Grant Day ago
Team Bianca
Ezra Rodriguez
Ezra Rodriguez 2 days ago
Team Bianca everyday all day
Yvonne Glover
Yvonne Glover 30 minutes ago
Alexandra Acevedo
Team biannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnncia
Trish Edwards
Trish Edwards 3 days ago
She his playing song,🤣🤣 team Bianca
Oreabetse Sekati
Oreabetse Sekati 4 days ago
They time bianca was bouncing on DA me in🤪🤪
Jeremiah guy 679
Jeremiah guy 679 4 days ago
This is halarious! 😂
Jake Novick
Jake Novick 5 days ago
Team damien
Dayquan Woodard
Dayquan Woodard 6 days ago
Gang gang
Jaqueline Morales
Cataleya Ramirez
Cataleya Ramirez 8 days ago
Team Bianka Bianka
Amira's videos
Amira's videos 8 days ago
5:16 is the best part
Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns 2 days ago
Niema bent
Niema bent 8 days ago
lol bianca said to damion pick this mess up when she should because she made the mess
Maria Ware
Maria Ware 9 days ago
team damien all day every day
Sendyann Daniel
Sendyann Daniel 9 days ago
love you bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbiannca
brittanydavis20 9 days ago
Team nova
Bianca Brooks
Bianca Brooks 10 days ago
Sheena Gardiner
Sheena Gardiner 11 days ago
Team nova and team Bianka
SB - 11MZ - Rick Hansen SS (2542)
team Damien all day every day lets go
lecie07 12 days ago
Who doing alright who doing alright who doing alright
Solo Sarah
Solo Sarah 9 days ago
I am lol
_RobloxVibes_ 12 days ago
Team nova
wyntre mcdonough
wyntre mcdonough 13 days ago
team Biancca
Chicks Are lit
Chicks Are lit 13 days ago
Jeremiah Sellers
Jeremiah Sellers 14 days ago
He played you
CINCO TYE 14 days ago
Already gave me a good pet I’ll give you 1000 likes I mean 10,000
Alivia Belcher
Alivia Belcher 15 days ago
Go girl❤️❤️
Lamontrae Sullivan
Lamontrae Sullivan 15 days ago
Team daimen
figo cruz too
figo cruz too 16 days ago
8:44 biannca man
figo cruz too
figo cruz too 16 days ago
Stephen Whitaker II
Lisa Mayerson
Lisa Mayerson 17 days ago
Aaliyah Ruiz
Aaliyah Ruiz 17 days ago
Water on your face🤣😂
ketichiaj 18 days ago
Even when she first wake up she looks perfectly beautiful like a very famous pop star
Nickoya White
Nickoya White 19 days ago
Biannca try everything thing.but it just didn't work. 😂😂😂
Serenity Richardson
Ladonna Hester
Ladonna Hester 19 days ago
That water was a edit
nbabry 20 days ago
After he already woke up and said it was a prank, she didn’t have to dump the bowl on him
Boraguard Beezy Blood
I hate Damien I love Bianca
SunflowerQueen Yellow
Hate Is a strong word u would've said team Bianca all day everyday instead of I hate Damien
ketichiaj 18 days ago
Why even watch there videos if u gonna say this shit they don't like u I love them both I could watch there videos all day
Gbolade Lasisi
Gbolade Lasisi 19 days ago
I bet she don't love u
Cathy Lagroone
Cathy Lagroone 20 days ago
Very good job
Michelle Wilson
Michelle Wilson 21 day ago
Team bainnca
jermiah manson
jermiah manson 21 day ago
I love this video
jameshia westbrook
Still team biannca
henry gomez
henry gomez 22 days ago
The F Bianka you pick it up
Inez Mitchell
Inez Mitchell 18 days ago
Omg auto correct
Inez Mitchell
Inez Mitchell 18 days ago
Who is Bianca :/
Ty'mara McGinnis
Ty'mara McGinnis 18 days ago
You spilled her name wrong!!😕
Miguel Dunn
Miguel Dunn 22 days ago
Love the intro 😍😘
Delaine Bowker
Delaine Bowker 22 days ago
Team dun dun dun Bianca
May May
May May 23 days ago
Team Damien let's goooooooooo(I hope they like this)
Umi Zhang
Umi Zhang 23 days ago
ALYSSA Sparks 23 days ago
Lol sorry biannca! I am ALWAYS on your team but i mean damian got you back and like WOW! Sorry i have to go with team damian! I promise i will be on your team for another prank video!
brianna pic
brianna pic 23 days ago
Team Damien
heather reed
heather reed 23 days ago
She says clean this mess up 😂😂😂😂
Champion_justin_10 24 days ago
I really like the intro
AFIFAH JUBRAJ 24 days ago
Team Bianca all day everyday😂 😂
London Unique
London Unique 25 days ago
Team Bianca
_iiamniiyaah_ 25 days ago
Biannca : ik your alive Still biannca : dirty just dirty Me : 😂😂😂😂😂
kamilahwesley wesleykamilh
hey the prince family I love them
Quaysean Weidman
Quaysean Weidman 25 days ago
Team Damien for life
Marie'e Davis
Marie'e Davis 25 days ago
dey Sanchez 2
dey Sanchez 2 25 days ago
4:12 I'm literally crying right now 5:17 I got in trouble
Christine Harrison
Christine Harrison 26 days ago
Team Damien
Marie'e Davis
Marie'e Davis 25 days ago
SB - 11MZ - Rick Hansen SS (2542)
team Damien
Marie'e Davis
Marie'e Davis 25 days ago
Winnie Ranozinault
Winnie Ranozinault 27 days ago
Shirley Evans
Shirley Evans 27 days ago
The worst she could do is pore water on you
Tia ward
Tia ward 28 days ago
Team biannca all day everyday
Jordan Scott
Jordan Scott 24 days ago
I agree with you good job
Michelle Glance
Michelle Glance 28 days ago
kadinesebastien 28 days ago
The fact that she tweeted on him was funny 😂
Imani Mendes
Imani Mendes 29 days ago
Team biannca
Brisa Gonzales
Brisa Gonzales 29 days ago
tme b
hunni fan page
hunni fan page Month ago
1:41 prank starts
Mlungisi Mkhize
Mlungisi Mkhize Month ago
Team Bianca over Damian's pranksss...Damian our team is losing broe..Lol🤣🤣🤣we are losing on our own prank man wa'tsup
Orville Moore
Orville Moore Month ago
Beat Dem frying pans 🤣
Kayona Buxton Agee
Team bionca all day everyday
Marie'e Davis
Marie'e Davis 27 days ago
Team d
Marie'e Davis
Marie'e Davis 27 days ago
Team did
marvellous gbadebo
TripiA Month ago
They always dirty up their room
TripiA 28 days ago
ALBERTA GREENIDGE that’s why your family doesn’t love u
B*** don’t talk like that to them like that🤬😠😠
Hancock Achard
Hancock Achard Month ago
Team Damien and Bianca all day
Mariah Davis
Mariah Davis Month ago
Shakeya Reddick
Shakeya Reddick Month ago
The way Damian stood up with cereal dripping off him Like l couldn't 😂😂😂😂
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