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May 25, 2019

aladdin live actionflashgitztom and donwill smith geniewill smith aladdinaladdin live action remake




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Comments 1 357
Nieznajomy43 2 days ago
0:13 xD
Huskton Gamer
Huskton Gamer 15 days ago
I watched the new Aladdin and it was really good. Will Smith did genie justice. It was surprising but amazing
Titorials And More
Titorials And More 20 days ago
Titorials And More
Titorials And More 20 days ago
RaenefWyvern 20 days ago
Alternate title: How Aladdin remake should have ended
Cherry Studios
Cherry Studios 23 days ago
Oh my gosh XD
Bum B
Bum B 24 days ago
Idk why I thought that the “that’s hot” joke was so funny to me
He actually did pretty good as an actor.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 26 days ago
Lion king 2019 came out: The proof animals don’t have souls
Todders Month ago
now for not my ariel
Btw _nouh
Btw _nouh Month ago
Aladdin *Spoiler* 🚨🚨🚨
Jim Slav
Jim Slav Month ago
"That's hot." Ahhhhhhh, puns are the BEST!
Cameron Blackwell
If anyone was wondering why the partnership with roosterteeth was ended, this clip was for you. Edit - btw I’m glad you ended it.
Nathan Bowen
Nathan Bowen Month ago
You guys should really upload onto a website of your own, that way you can still get monetization. Keep uploading here as well obviously but you could easily do what RoosterTeeth does and release content sooner on your own platform for animations and the making ofs
Pacer Month ago
Will smith being the genie was the worst Fucking idea
Botchbarn Animations
OMG I love this. I agree completely. lol.
Chris Turner
Chris Turner 2 months ago
*heard your princess was hot*
Riu18-Angelo-N. 2 months ago
LoL genie in the lava XD
COD squad
COD squad 2 months ago
*sounds of horror*
Ya Qwaynza Maddox
Ya Qwaynza Maddox 2 months ago
Genie was actually the best part of the movie tho
Marcus Gabriel
Marcus Gabriel 2 months ago
This is the most family-friendly video they made right now, nice job
Satchel Alvarado
Satchel Alvarado 2 months ago
I don’t understand how this is demonetized.
YggdrasilAE 2 months ago
Where did the Pokémon human, thing go?
Thorison 1080
Thorison 1080 2 months ago
Give him a break
SMV L 2 months ago
Make one of that fucking Kobra Kai bullshit spaming commercials
RDon Somov
RDon Somov 2 months ago
Connor vs Khabib?
Brently80 K
Brently80 K 2 months ago
Fuq You He-Man Neeeyaa!
Brently80 K
Brently80 K 2 months ago
Bad Boys....For Life Is Gonna Fail So Hot. Fresh Prince has gone stale.
Elia Meli
Elia Meli 2 months ago
Ahh that's hot! That's hot! Literally!
golden gacha
golden gacha 2 months ago
Make of dauntless kill apex end fortnite
mert fevzi Deveci
mert fevzi Deveci 2 months ago
0:08 lmaoo it is best will smith scene
Matthew Gonzalez
Matthew Gonzalez 2 months ago
Will Smith was great in the movie. Too much hate
Samuel Nathan
Samuel Nathan 17 days ago
Not so great in RUvid Rewind
Dreamy 2 months ago
Lol gross
Stephanie Holey
Stephanie Holey 2 months ago
Robin Williams will always be the ONLY Genie in Aladdin for me and friends! R.I.P. Robin Williams
Dan Green
Dan Green 2 months ago
Machete Lopez
Machete Lopez 2 months ago
Yeah will Smith as the genie was dumb his humor is totally different from robin Williams humor which fits perfectly.
Say jwingler
Say jwingler 2 months ago
You need to make console wars and make it so that wifi comes and snaps his fingers and everyone fades away until single player comes and saves the day
Shirø 2 months ago
T.L. Productions
T.L. Productions 2 months ago
Arabian *YEET*
Nightmare Wolf
Nightmare Wolf 2 months ago
That hot
Neroidius 2 months ago
fuckboi danderson
fuckboi danderson 2 months ago
The live action movie isnt even that bad
Alex Vazquez
Alex Vazquez 2 months ago
I actually loved this
Ruben Loya
Ruben Loya 2 months ago
Stfu.. Will Smith is beast
Sailor Darty
Sailor Darty 2 months ago
The actually wasn't that bad, but this video is still funny.
That's-a Mama Luigi For Ya.
Me after seeing the new Genie in the live action Alladin movie: Mr. Smith I'm having a sense that I am having a interaction that is negative. Will Smith: To my suprise that is a high temperature beyond cold or warm.
A Gaming Deer
A Gaming Deer 2 months ago
I thought this vid was gonna ruin my childhood. It only made it better
The Good Doctor
The Good Doctor 2 months ago
This is tru
Nihal pixel
Nihal pixel 2 months ago
FriendlyQuesadilla 2 months ago
I thought he was the best part of the movie, but of course Robin Williams will always be better in his adaptation.
WAFFLES Wuh!!! 2 months ago
That’s hot
SkyTiGamer/ /RomSTG
SkyTiGamer/ /RomSTG 2 months ago
Nice nuff said
HasOn Faisal
HasOn Faisal 2 months ago
Best 16 seconds I wasted in my life !!
omahasamman 2 months ago
do we even need a how it's for this vid?
DeathofInk 2 months ago
......how's Aladdin going to escape now?
Lucydius 2 months ago
I would’ve fucking lost it if Golem/Sméagol was there floating as well :p
Raj H
Raj H 2 months ago
I've never laughed so hard 😂
Calkil64 2 months ago
Been watching 4 a while just wanted 2 say u r my genie! Haha
Mark Morgan
Mark Morgan 2 months ago
you losers should make a super long detailed making of "not my genie" to be ironic
jonhalo9117 lopez
jonhalo9117 lopez 2 months ago
Robin Williams is my animated genie
Claudia Taylor
Claudia Taylor 2 months ago
My reaction man.
Christian Kirsch
Christian Kirsch 2 months ago
I personally enjoyed Will Smith's performance, its a shame the world hates change
Ninja Lo
Ninja Lo 2 months ago
So... why is Will Smith not our Genie again? Especially since he straight up paid his respects to Robin Williams AND admitted he'll never replace him? I mean shit, Heath Ledger wasn't the first Joker.
Nate 2 months ago
It doesn't have anything to do with being the first.
Paul Legge
Paul Legge 2 months ago
Saw this last week... Notification just came in "new"
GenyaAvacado 2 months ago
nicoacillona 2 months ago
So what ever happened to the Zelda cartoon?
Corbin Cavitt
Corbin Cavitt 2 months ago
I enjoyed the movie.
No it’s Patrick
No it’s Patrick 2 months ago
He didn’t even ask for a wish You did the right thing Aladdin
Steve Loftus
Steve Loftus 2 months ago
Fortnite and mark ass brown lee
Odd James
Odd James 2 months ago
The behind-the-scenes will be longer than the animation but that's hot
SEAN GRIGSBY 2 months ago
Ironically, the only thing good about the movie is literally Will Smith as the Genie... Everything else is straight garbage... I recommend that you don’t watch this movie...
SerenityM16 2 months ago
Will actually did a good job as Genie, he’s no Robin Williams but he makes it his own, it’s like comparing a pink lady and a envy apple
DrapPep 2 months ago
Well, Ali Baba had them forty thieves Sheherezade had a thousand tales
Slade Myers
Slade Myers 2 months ago
Life is your restaurant And I'm your maître d’ C'mon whisper what it is you want You ain't never had a friend like me
TURRDER 2 months ago
Mister Aladdin, sir What will your pleasure be? Let me take your order Jot it down You ain't never had a friend like me No no no
Captain TigBits
Captain TigBits 2 months ago
You got some punch, pizazz, yahoo and how All you gotta do is rub that lamp And I'll say
Jess H.
Jess H. 2 months ago
Well saidFlashgitz! Well said! Fuck the new Aladdin
wave 2 months ago
What happend? Disnay xD
Goombaholic Animations
Does anyone remember racist mario?
Jeremiah Olide
Jeremiah Olide 2 months ago
well this is sad I feel bad for will smith for being a meme and why has god abandon us
InsaneDrummer99 2 months ago
White people big mad that blacks are winning.
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