Normani Performs 'Motivation' | 2019 Video Music Awards

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Normani performs 'Motivation' at the 2019 Video Music Awards. If you missed Monday night’s big show, catch up on the 2019 VMAs On Demand now!
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Sebastian Maniscalco will host the event live from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, on Monday. There will be performances by Lizzo, Taylor Swift, Lil Nas X, Jonas Brothers, Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, Queen Latifah, Redman, Fetty Wap, Naughty by Nature, Wyclef Jean, J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Rosalía, H.E.R. and A$AP Ferg, and Missy Elliott will receive the Video Vanguard Award.
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Aug 27, 2019




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Comments 17 278
MTV Month ago
Watch all of your favorite 2019 VMA performances here: ruvid.net/group/PLBPLVvU_jvGs60Sx_zwZh_t36E_PPNVxW
Ljiphone2004 2 days ago
i think she was lip singing
Παναγιώτης Π
THIS is our favorite performance
Star far
Star far Month ago
MTV what did you do. You know damn well you messed with the track xox its skipping. You wouldn't do this to Taylor Swift. Dont do this to Normani. Tjis will backfire one day Mtv gonna be a thing of the past
cheeto dawson
cheeto dawson Month ago
MTV ❤️❤️❤️
Jamie Young
Jamie Young 7 hours ago
She is someone ive been waiting for so long! After Beyonce is not that Beyonce anymore, I needed someone that can rule the pop industry. Normani you rule now!!!
elanga w
elanga w Day ago
A bit vulgar but her ability to perform is amazing. Needs better staging and a stronger voice for live. But great.
Lionel 12 hours ago
Vulgar your ass.
h03se0k Day ago
She literally is way more talented than Camila but too bad she didn’t get much recognition in 5H. Thank god she got a chance to shine 🤩🤩
Artist that perform like this need the mic that is attacked to them. But then again she probably would have danced it off lol! Shook it right off her butty. 💕🤩
Duduzile Faith
Duduzile Faith 2 days ago
Sound wasn’t perfection but Normani made it feel AMAZING 😉
Mia Wallace
Mia Wallace 2 days ago
Emanuel Braynne
Emanuel Braynne 2 days ago
Eu pensei que era a Iza !
imagination 4 life
i have the same b day as her just in 2006
Nia Slade
Nia Slade 2 days ago
Jordan Valentine
Jordan Valentine 2 days ago
Idc what anyone says. This whole performance was not live and idc if it wasnt. She KILLED IT.
Ani Vai
Ani Vai 2 days ago
She’s got alll the moves
J 2 days ago
Things she did: THAT
Dtboss YT
Dtboss YT 3 days ago
Normani was the maim show let’s be real
Flavia Marciano
Flavia Marciano 3 days ago
Normani dança muito
Lenique Fraser
Lenique Fraser 3 days ago
Lol he was struggling taking that off I mean her outfit looked tight at least they got it off in time 😂I was looking at him like I’ll pray for u rn 💀
Andrey Pena Jimenez
Barely any promo after the VMAs🤦🏻‍♂️ come tf on Normani’s team ....
elle xkriz
elle xkriz 3 days ago
Dayummm lover her im a fan
Deneo Mavile
Deneo Mavile 4 days ago
The performance was stunning, but that floor aint apropriate to dance, good thing that normani kept it clean, and the microphone, really?, couldn t you guys give her that one attached to the face, so that she wouldn t carry it along dancing.
Kammii Kaze
Kammii Kaze 4 days ago
She’s a super pretty girl with killer moves but am I the only person that finds this song a snooze ? Legit no motivation
Blue hair gerlo
Blue hair gerlo 4 days ago
Yo, the only haters up in these comment section are Camilla fans😂, like stop trolling, we're here to appreciate Normani's performance which had nothing to do with Camilla. If you wanna support your idol, trolling isn't going to help 🙅
Minenhle Nomafu
Minenhle Nomafu 4 days ago
2:25 the guy can't rip off the clothes, lol
shuk Hui
shuk Hui 4 days ago
i was like wowwwww!
Bibi Jazz
Bibi Jazz 4 days ago
I can see Ashanti with a Beyoncé kinda vibe.
Angelo Salinas rivera
She is the new Beyonce
Arben Akifi
Arben Akifi 5 days ago
She literally did great, but no offense, camila on her first solo permormance did better. (This is just mi opinion)
Ramsés González
Charles Charlemagne
not one single white backup dancer...why is that? yet when a white artist performs, almost all of their backup dancers are black.
Jenette Delancy
Jenette Delancy 4 days ago
Charles Charlemagne So you so blind you can’t see those white girls with braids? Stop the lies. Either way most people use dancers that look like them for a particular aesthetic. Just say you don’t like her and go😂😂😂😂😂
zoop zoop
zoop zoop 5 days ago
i dont get it where did the audio mess up??? someone pls tell me im an idiot
mariah •
mariah • 5 days ago
No Bc she did that 😩 I can’t even walk the right way
Day Day Uzoma
Day Day Uzoma 5 days ago
Damn Just Damn my new Female Celebrity Crush 👑 Normani 😘😘😘😘 Ain't nothing Wrong Adding a Little Bit Chocolate In Your Life 🍫
isaque matos
isaque matos 6 days ago
Amo essa mulher ♥️🥴
isaque matos
isaque matos 6 days ago
Precisamos de mais NORMANIs no meio.
Neira 7 days ago
Lipsync is strong with this one
Ramirez Ramirez
Ramirez Ramirez 7 days ago
Jared Delbo
Jared Delbo 7 days ago
Next beyonce ❤❤❤❤
paula and bubba Thacker
Normani is the black arina grande
Mivotin 8 days ago
I can't believe Camila Cabella was the main face of that group. I'm astonished.
ALLEN SINGS 9 days ago
Yooo....they really fucked her up with the audio. But she still pulled thru and killed it
Dreamer 1
Dreamer 1 9 days ago
Gabriel Locatelli
crlh to mto motivado
Edgar Gonzalez
Edgar Gonzalez 9 days ago
I loved fifth harmony. Yes they all deserve their own respects as solo artist but normani is the whole package. She is just truly gifted.
Jayrton 9 days ago
Impartial opinion: This was the best performance of that night.
Jeramy Turla
Jeramy Turla 9 days ago
the audio sucks wtf
Toc Tic
Toc Tic 9 days ago
Camila : Shining Normani : I need to shake my booty to get some attetion, maybe 🙊🙈🙉
Deshawn Sain
Deshawn Sain 4 days ago
Camila:PR Stunt Shawn:Gay Norman’s:Successful the breakout star of 5H
Jenette Delancy
Jenette Delancy 4 days ago
So Camila doesn’t shake her booty or???? I am confusion?
jawhar Hayes
jawhar Hayes 8 days ago
its "attention" lol and dont be mad and salty about Normani's success...Camilla could never give a performance of this caliber....Go praise Camilla on HER page and stop coming to Mani's shit to show how much of a hater you are...dont be pathetic...
Jonathan Souza
Jonathan Souza 9 days ago
The best performance since VMA 2003.
Pratikshya Me
Pratikshya Me 10 days ago
WHAT. A. STUNNER. !!!!!!!!!
Juen 君 C
Juen 君 C 10 days ago
her performance is too smooth.
Francis Quilicot Bajao
Omg i feel like a proud black Girl and im an asian guy lol
KristinaN05 10 days ago
Oh I didn’t know Normani sang this. Good to hear fifth harmony is doing great soloing
Nat M
Nat M 11 days ago
She's clearly the best one out of 5h... and I'm not even a fan.
Shawna Tsehai
Shawna Tsehai 11 days ago
She killed that !
silkyeoja 11 days ago
She turned a handstand to a flip to a split,,, i just can’t comprehend her talent
Ablazunatii Wisdom
Ablazunatii Wisdom 11 days ago
I feel bad for sleeping on Normani. So glad I have watched this because now she is someone I can jam to. 😍
Reina Arana
Reina Arana 11 days ago
I thought this song was older that 2019
Michael Watkins
Michael Watkins 11 days ago
Well so much for just producing good music #damn now my artist gotta dance sing act be in shape perform live I need to get my artist from Krypton #tadawr
javier sagues
javier sagues 11 days ago
Jacob Lazarus
Jacob Lazarus 12 days ago
I loved me some harmony but she was always the star.
Camila Morales
Camila Morales 12 days ago
I don’t know... but I see a modern Beyoncé coming.
Voodoo Games
Voodoo Games 12 days ago
Omg can you stop saying that we only like Camila it's clear that's not the situation here.We all love 5H whether its camila lauren normani ally or dinah they all shine. GEEZ
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