Normani Pays Tribute to Beyonce, Britney Spears, J.Lo and More in 'Motivation' Music Video

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The singer dropped a bop that pays tribute to the music superstars of the late '90s and early 2000s.
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 80
Andy Loxane Niteka
Andy Loxane Niteka 2 months ago
Love you Normani : )
João Vítor Ouriques Carvalho
why did they use the instrumental of side to side??? lmfao
Stigman Magros
Stigman Magros 3 months ago
yess i want more songs like this tribute my childhood
my_youtube 4 months ago
so basically she got no own ideas
Salifyanji Lukwesa
Salifyanji Lukwesa 6 months ago
Who else thinks motivation sound a little like check up on it beyonce
Joshua Bradford
Joshua Bradford 6 months ago
She looks a bit like Naturi Naughton sumtimes....
Aluoch 6 months ago
the crown is being handed to her and I am so proud.
Alicia Salazar
Alicia Salazar 7 months ago
💓💞💕 normai
THEE LADY BUG 7 months ago
Alice Madelaine
Alice Madelaine 7 months ago
Is not a lead single is just a debut single.
rcanddm 8 months ago
I loved it all ! Go Normani !!!
chriqqui 8 months ago
Beyoncé bad bitch energy. Normani bored energy
Nick 4 months ago
No, you're in love with Normani. It's a quarter after one, you're all alone and you need her now!
Tylerx king18
Tylerx king18 8 months ago
Dangggg chocolate Queen🤤
Jhass V MUSIC 8 months ago
She is copying cause she can’t create her own ideas lol yikes
Nick 4 months ago
Nope, Normani is great and you love her. You can feel her love pulling you up from the underground! You don't need no drugs, you could be more than just part time lovers! *electronic music*
Jhass V MUSIC 8 months ago
Stop comparing her with Beyoncé and Britney omg blah nooooo it’s not even her own creation this is all Ariana’s production
rickerick81 8 months ago
The Realz
The Realz 8 months ago
when the singer is better than the backup dancers
Marcus Angelo
Marcus Angelo 8 months ago
That spin in the court was a britney thing...
splendor Inthegrass
splendor Inthegrass 8 months ago
they throwing Britney in their so white people can relate a bit lol that more like Ashanti
T _nice
T _nice 8 months ago
I feel like The water scene was from Ciara or Beyoncé not no Britney 💯
Miexel 8 months ago
Male dominance? Girls are dominating the charts mostly nowadays!!
benacris guzman
benacris guzman 8 months ago
That's why i like it so much
franklinmarquise 8 months ago
You guys are forgetting about aaliyah, at the end of the video the whole dance break is from are you that somebody
Phoenix 8 months ago
She is the NEXT Beyoncé
So fetch
So fetch 8 months ago
Wow yasssss i think she the next QUEEN 💖💖💖
Zaxy Pena
Zaxy Pena 8 months ago
Fakunle Omodolapo Deborah Zebadah
Beyonce oni ji ba odun 2020
Matheus Mendes
Matheus Mendes 9 months ago
Love normani
Matheus Mendes
Matheus Mendes 9 months ago
Alicia Salazar
Alicia Salazar 9 months ago
So in love with her and this song beautiful job mami
Amber Willis
Amber Willis 9 months ago
I'm buying the CD!!!!
Yesmean 9 months ago
MamiRicaaaa 8 months ago
outkast...but either way I'll check!
Mone Maria Rodriguez-Guzman
I really love her she represents us black people very well, I really love her #blackgirlmagic 💜.
MARKEYCE P 9 months ago
you guys got the scenes mixed up
Surf Noir
Surf Noir 9 months ago
Based off these scenes I’m NOT seeing any evident references or nods to her predecessors besides the Crazy In Love one. These are all reaches
Rare 9 months ago
Normani is just amazing
LifeofQueen Cee
LifeofQueen Cee 9 months ago
Aaliyah tribute at the end and they didnt catch keyshia Cole ft kanye tribute
cindy 9 months ago
J jlo? Seh is Fake
TowaiT a brand
TowaiT a brand 9 months ago
studio vocals🤔I need to hear a ballad‼️I’m not sad she missed the 90s.. she’d have no material or moves to perform had she not🤷🏾‍♂️
Nabeel 7habibi
Nabeel 7habibi 9 months ago
The fact she put JLO in it. Is the REASON she gets my follow and my SUPPORT. I was iffy, BUT not anymore. JLO is my icon
Sweat Slay Sparkle
Sweat Slay Sparkle 9 months ago
I’m a Britney Stan but i don’t see the Britney references
Dérion Lavon
Dérion Lavon 9 months ago
AND THAT BLACK 2 PIECE WAS BRANDY’S “U DONT KNOW ME” these references made no sense
p0t 69
p0t 69 9 months ago
why are the girls these days unable to be innovative and come up on their own shit? Lets stop recycling the icons and the legends for a come up.
SIMply Skye
SIMply Skye 9 months ago
I was never allowed to listen to Britney Spears. My mom thought she was inappropriate, lol. If she'd seen the female "artists" we have today, back then, she would've thought Britney Spears was a saint in comparison 😂
bee gee
bee gee 9 months ago
this girl is trying tooo hard to be accepted in hollywood n be famous its pathetic
Nick 4 months ago
No, Normani is great and you love her. She's more than a woman! More than a woman to you! She's more than a woman! More than a woman to you! *disco music*
Luminize 9 months ago
Would Motivation sound like this if Normani is part of a pop - rock group? 🤔🤔 ruvid.net/video/video-e9lgUuXbdfY.html
TheReal DragonBoy
TheReal DragonBoy 9 months ago
This girl is gonna become one of the all time favorites in the future
Christine Jean Demegillo
she Has her own style and i Liked it
A Queens World
A Queens World 9 months ago
90's for best music and movies. Hands down 👐🏼⬇
A Queens World
A Queens World 9 months ago
@SIMply Skye my bad....90's and early 00's.
SIMply Skye
SIMply Skye 9 months ago
Naw I preferred the vids of the early 00s with mya and ciara. Them girls were killin it!
A Queens World
A Queens World 9 months ago
She is doing her thang!!! Gone girl....ain't mad at cha.
Amy Knorr
Amy Knorr 9 months ago
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Thell Alen
Thell Alen 9 months ago
Baby one more time yes
Justme & mythoughts
Justme & mythoughts 9 months ago
Ummmm...what about KELLY ROWLAND?!
Álex SanzCh
Álex SanzCh 9 months ago
1:40 Excuse me??? That is a Baby one more time reference, honey
Charmed Life
Charmed Life 9 months ago
Boring, beyonce wannabe, her song trocious too
YUMMY CUPCAKES 9 months ago
Mariah Smith
Mariah Smith 9 months ago
They captured the wrong scenes of her video to show her tributes to the artists
Komplex Kontent
Komplex Kontent 9 months ago
Jonydel Hayot
Jonydel Hayot 9 months ago
Por eso me gusta tanto
Hantono Shi
Hantono Shi 9 months ago
Is that paying tribute or Social climbing?
Mark Syena
Mark Syena 9 months ago
J who? Shouldn't be there.. they sabotaged Mariah Carey and cop here that's why she's there.
Crystal Roberts
Crystal Roberts 9 months ago
That body ody ody
Carlos Mosquera
Carlos Mosquera 9 months ago
normani no es la imitación de beyonce NORMANI ES NORMANI
labellav1103 9 months ago
Everyone did a water scene! Annnd she is a big Xtina fan 😌💅 JS 👑🎤💋 Normani is the 20s new bitch! 💞 watch out!
Cedric Smith
Cedric Smith 9 months ago
So we not mentioning Kelly Rowland... really?!?!
Bolero Production
Bolero Production 9 months ago
Тут получается можно ко всему вообще придраться по вашему мнению, к каждой мелочи. А мне все нравится. Вот так вот.
Lunox Celestial
Lunox Celestial 9 months ago
Bring back the old R&B
Wwe evolution 2019
Wwe evolution 2019 9 months ago
bra bur
bra bur 9 months ago
I don’t see the references ???
Deezy C
Deezy C 9 months ago
J.Lo don’t deserve the no recognition
demi shakiri z malinga
❤❤❤❤yess gyal
Elizabeth C
Elizabeth C 9 months ago
I was born in 94.
Precious Tucker
Precious Tucker 9 months ago
Nomani that GIRL
under the brigde ???
All 4 member of FIFTH HARMONY follow Camilla's footstep !
Aish X
Aish X 9 months ago
Hii Arriane
Hii Arriane 9 months ago
Pays tribute. But if it’s another artist they will say it’s a ‘copy’ 😅 Btw, I love the song! Absolutely mood booster
Deisom da silva marques
Muito bom, parabéns 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Tish Sharay
Tish Sharay 9 months ago
TRULY BLACK GIRL MAGIC I’m So proud Of U mamas 😍😍 Her watching tv is Is all women
J MichelleB
J MichelleB 9 months ago
Pay tribute to Kelly Rowland since motivation is the name of her song too..👀
Saira Jackson
Saira Jackson 9 months ago
Thatperson 9 months ago
Yas Normani ❤️
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