Nogla makes me Rage Quit! - Call of Duty Modern Warfare

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Comments 80
Yamoshi The Super Saiyan God
God I want to learn from them how to quick scope people
Hương Nguyễn
edm music
Ethan Hale
Ethan Hale Month ago
Better yet send out a challenge video to other players to send you their epic moments, trick shots, or hail Mary plays in MW
Ethan Hale
Ethan Hale Month ago
If u want to challenge yourself make a challenge video
Ethan Hale
Ethan Hale Month ago
Put on a thermal scope, God your such an idiot sometimes Marcel if they troll u troll them back jeazz
Grxve Street
Grxve Street 2 months ago
Dark humor just been so overused it's not even funny it's just Normal now
Ghetto Savageking
Ghetto Savageking 2 months ago
Nogla: **smokes** Me and marcel: nogla what the f🐬ck are you doing
TheUnKnownGamer 2 months ago
You're too smart and nogla is an anti smart player he plays entirely on luck much love to nogla but those smokes pissed me off for you 😂😂😂
AIRWOLF 2 months ago
5:58 "LOL are you pretending to be my dead grandma?"
Underfell Sans
Underfell Sans 3 months ago
2:33 this is how we do it PUTIN STYLE
Brady Honeycutt
Brady Honeycutt 3 months ago
3:28 DYNAMIC ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!
KameraMan Kam
KameraMan Kam 4 months ago
6:28 got me dying😂
Andrew Gibson
Andrew Gibson 4 months ago
I'm glad no glove made you Rage Quit. Maybe then you'll play Minecraft again.
T-Series Is Gay
T-Series Is Gay 5 months ago
I was in this video :) my name was tnelly23 on gun runner and Nogla kept shitting on me but it was worth it
lovelifenoites 5 months ago
COD is love CoD is life like always playing with own playlist that has Delta Parole or some McR. Gonna play later good fragz friendzzz
Evan McKimmy
Evan McKimmy 5 months ago
Good you actually did leave, they always do better without you
Lil Weedlitz
Lil Weedlitz 5 months ago
do more gunfights nerd i think thats the 2v2 mode i havent ever played.
Brendon Garside
Brendon Garside 5 months ago
Only cuz yo clever class loadout
Jesse A
Jesse A 5 months ago
That annoys me as well when people put smoke down while I'm trying to snipe. They always say its cause they don't wanna get sniped. Well dummy's, that's why I'm sniping and that's why I'm good at it. So don't throw 🤬 smoke down. Ughhhh.
Evan John
Evan John 5 months ago
someone game share call of duty with me on xbox!!! gamer tag: Lilbro1k
Hamish Butt
Hamish Butt 5 months ago
Marcel fucks up 0.5sec later: idon'twanatalkboutit
Digital Gravity
Digital Gravity 5 months ago
Nogla is that friend that doesn’t listen to what your friends are saying lol.
malachi Honorato
malachi Honorato 5 months ago
The class names
Ricmar Navidad
Ricmar Navidad 5 months ago
Nogla's everywhere.
HamsterDmG 5 months ago
the racist and homophobic names not being censored might get you demonetized dude
shadowviscane1 5 months ago
dont know why he didn't just switch to the most broken scope in the game lol
reuben chavez
reuben chavez 5 months ago
7:06 bottom right thank me later
XII Cloak
XII Cloak 5 months ago
Play shoot house and is anyone else watching this on 2xp weekend
Jay SM
Jay SM 5 months ago
Just posted a aim assist glitch go check it out before patch
Fatty 7
Fatty 7 5 months ago
9mins... that spot still catches people out lol
Yumi TV
Yumi TV 5 months ago
Anyone know the music from 0:14?
Stealth Blade
Stealth Blade 5 months ago
Marcel don’t worry if your mad at him get your revenge and make him mad mawhaha
Monkeyboi Lik
Monkeyboi Lik 5 months ago
Exactly at the 2 minute mark 😂
unknown956shootr 5 months ago
Ewww censorship on certain words
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 5 months ago
I love basically but danm let nogla be nogla
Frank WithTheDank
Frank WithTheDank 5 months ago
Marcels on trending😂
The G_89
The G_89 5 months ago
Imagine getting Spring Winded dog
Darth Cerebus
Darth Cerebus 5 months ago
Now lets see them 1 shot with a .357 outside of Hardcore without snakeshot. Go on, impress me.
Syafiq Deylize
Syafiq Deylize 5 months ago
5:27 next time don't javelin when you inside house or inside cave
Sven Wajacabo
Sven Wajacabo 5 months ago
5:02 me whenever family members visit
I'm an Asshole.
I'm an Asshole. 5 months ago
Yo quick question cause I don't want to use Reddit or the modern warfare forums. Is anyone getting some sort of error page that loads with a few paragraphs of some bullshit when you try and change your activision ID on the website?
bryancurtislyles12 5 months ago
8:21 was I the only one who laughed at Scott's, "wait really?"
Lil Weedlitz
Lil Weedlitz 5 months ago
i read this comment before i saw that part, but i laughed at it too.
Shxhis 5 months ago
bryancurtislyles12 yeah
Spades 5 months ago
Nogla is a special kid.
BallerSwagBro9K 5 months ago
We really need 5 more class slots (and they better not charge for it)
BULLETKING 2K19 5 months ago
Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson 5 months ago
Did you buy a Ninja skin? Because you did say you would buy one.
Trogdor8freebird 5 months ago
5:26 - Me if I ever get drafted
Trogdor8freebird 5 months ago
If it makes you feel any better Nogla makes me rage quit too
Cr4sh B8nga
Cr4sh B8nga 5 months ago
Please never change your outro song After all these year It’s still fire🔥🔥
Jawaun Buckley
Jawaun Buckley 5 months ago
I gotta like the video because of that grade a editing
GHOST 5 months ago
Just need a video of making nogla rage on cod👌
Nogla pisses me off so much and I'm not even playing. I would be surprised if he hasn't been hit by someone in public.
UnrealRoyaltyTM 5 months ago
Is it jus me or is nogla doin the most in this video
Janel Semonasky
Janel Semonasky 5 months ago
Why were words censored? You’ve definitely said worse without censoring before
David Sanchez
David Sanchez 5 months ago
"the leafs won tonight"
Lord of Creation
Lord of Creation 5 months ago
Best SMi7Y line ever 2:22
hawks12game 5 months ago
I olay with some one who sounds exactly like nogla if I drop his gt y’all should make it a vid 😂
Mini 115
Mini 115 5 months ago
Gonna be honest i kinda like the bleep outs
titan 5 months ago
start off with the famous 407 Double Tap lol
Stew Draws
Stew Draws 5 months ago
ive said it before and ill say it again, but i really dont like nogla
Israel Marin
Israel Marin 5 months ago
5:26 CEO of the Javelin
yeoo 5 months ago
Anyone noticed his classes are please like comment & subscribe
Vonka 5 months ago
Remember kids, never smoke!
Angel Hutch
Angel Hutch 5 months ago
Noglas an idiot and a god
Kaam Baam
Kaam Baam 5 months ago
Your disgusting nogla lmaoo
Rescultir 5 months ago
One day Marcel will get them Javelin Kills without accidentally committing suicide lol
misago06 5 months ago
Download Cod mobile and type LWQ5IE code to get awesome rewards
DavoMercy Gaming
DavoMercy Gaming 5 months ago
Theres an awesome execution on tier 100 that I want you guys to do, but you have to do a challenge to get it
Ricky DeRozan
Ricky DeRozan 5 months ago
And that's how you make no friends...
Free Drako’s
Free Drako’s 5 months ago
The fist 20 seconds of the vid liked INSTANTLY
Bambi inwards
Bambi inwards 5 months ago
And why isnt noglas name at the bottom of the description?😂
Dr. Epic, Ph.D MD DDS
So you didn't want Nogla's smoke.
Gabriel Cabrera
Gabriel Cabrera 5 months ago
Marksman is triggered by this
Custard Cream
Custard Cream 5 months ago
Stop playing that game!
Dan and Lilly
Dan and Lilly 5 months ago
I giggled when I read the usernames “Anne Frank, Mia khalifa and Riley Ried” Goes to show I’m still immature asf at 34 lol
Thats what she said
Thats what she said 5 months ago
Dan and Lilly’s Beard Product Reviews sctranton WHAAAAT “ electric city “
The 1stFreddyNick
The 1stFreddyNick 5 months ago
That’s what you said
Dan and Lilly
Dan and Lilly 5 months ago
Thats what she said .
Thats what she said
Thats what she said 5 months ago
Dan and Lilly’s Beard Product Reviews I was in a lobby and I seen someone have their gamer tag Jeffrey Epstein
William Bradley
William Bradley 5 months ago
And welcome back to another episode of Nogla annoys
budha2924 5 months ago
Heeeyyyy I know the dude that disconnected... we also made fun of him for it.
James Green
James Green 5 months ago
4:53 got a favorite daithi? 🤣🤣🤣
Reverseroll 5 months ago
Yep. I didnt mind nogla and thought he was quite funny but over the last year that's changed and I just think he's an absolute idiot now.
donkey 69
donkey 69 5 months ago
Did u really quit fortnite
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