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Klay Thompson cuts to the basket, gets the ball and finds Durant for the dunk and the faul.
This play makes it a 31 point lead in the 3rd quarter at home for one of the best teams ever assembled.
Which by default makes this improbable Clippers comeback-the greatest playoff comeback in NBA history.
In this short sequence, Jamychal Green shows exactly how this group of outcasts found themselves in the playoffs in the first place. Check out these 5 consecutive possessions.
First he follows the drive and gets the dunk.
The very next play, he recognizes the mismatch and where the ball is going. Steals the pass which leads to this transition opportunity where Green stays active again and grabs the loose ball, and finds the cutting Williams. It’s crazy what effort can do for you right?
Moving on tho, the very next possession, the Clippers get another steal, and in transition hits the three, bringing the lead down from impossible, to conceivable range. And to cap off this 2 minute takeover, Green once again reads the offense, makes the right choice of sagging off of bell to help out on the cutting Thompson, and is able to contest this shot and force the miss.
All of this is 100% energy and staying active even while being down big time.
And speaking of that, there is no better example than one of my favorite players Patrick Beverley.
Check out his level of defense, hard work and the reaction after getting the offensive foul from Durant while being down 25 points. This is crazy. Guys, you can’t teach energy, you can’t teach effort, and you can’t teach passion.
These are the things that make him a starter and a great contributor on an NBA playoff team.
If you saw game 1 you saw that it was the same story then, and KD again had some trouble battling him, in the 3rd quarter of this game as well.
What I like about the Clippers is that they stayed true to their identity and game plan.
Despite losing game 1, their strategy of forcing other guys to beat them was more than reasonable, so they continued trusting and executing it.
And on offense, you got a steady diet of midrange shots, which work for them since guys like Lou Will and Galinari are both great from this area. So analytics are great, and helpful and all, but you need to cator it to your team and your style of play. And Doc Rivers believes in his guys to make this type of shot which most teams try to eliminate.
So as they slowly chipped away at this lead, the Clippers cap off their mini run with this steal and the finish, and they head to the fourth down by 14.
And Golden State was in control of that same lead in the first 5 minutes of the 4th.
Until Patrick Beverley sparked yet another defensive avalanche.
Look at the intensity and the effort by all of the Clippers on defense.
Right here Beverley is able to recover and get back just enough to bother Curry on this shot and make him uncomfortable.
Look at Montrezl Harrell here. This is a center, moving and sticking to Curry, then rotating back, and the Clippers force a jump ball here.
And again, in a crucial possession, Montrezl with the great movement, is able beat KD to the spot, and gets the charge, stopping what could have been a game clinching basket.
These are things you don’t necessarily notice in the heat of the moment, but these little things are what add up and get you a win.
But besides that, he sure did a lot of things that you do notice, going absolutely crazy in the fourth and scoring 15 points along with 7 rebounds. Again, this is 15 and 7 in the last quarter alone. Dude straight up dominated on both ends of the court, and you wouldn’t be surprised by that if you saw my video where I talk about him and some other non flashy players that you need to follow.
Ok all of that brought the game all the way back close down the stretch. And in a situation like that, a killer like Lou Will smells blood and goes all out on the Warriors.
These are 3 consecutive possessions of him taking matters into his own hands. And when it mattered most in the clutch, he again went hero mode in another 2 consecutive plays.
Again, teams eliminate the midrange completely but that’s the bread and butter for Lou Will and he’s deadly from there.
So down by 1 you have a typical situation where fortune favors the brave, as the basketball gods award the Clippers for their fight. Thompson misses a completely wide open 3 and just moments later Landry Shamet, the rookie makes the biggest shot in his career.
And again, to seal the deal the same way the came back, Harrell once again plays great defense against Curry on the switch, contesting the shot, forcing the miss, and then as a 64% free throw shooter in the season, steps to the line and calmly sinks the 2 free throws for the win which is almost shocking to me all things considered.
The Los Angeles Clippers executed the greatest playoff comeback in NBA history, and I can only imagine what kind of a war zone the Staples Center is going to be for game 3.


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Apr 16, 2019

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The Imp
The Imp 3 days ago
i thought Pat Bev was the annoying,trash talking guy,who can't do anything but fight,but I'm wrong he's one of the toughest guy to play this game and the most underrated Point Guard in history
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas 23 days ago
They are the new grit and grind that the grizzlies had when they toppled the number 1 seed
MisterBinx Month ago
Terry Stotts needs to watch this video lol
UnsungHero74 2 months ago
Would the Rockets have beat the warriors with Beverley instead of CP33? I think
Kicked and Backed
Kicked and Backed 2 months ago
You are so biased
Kicked and Backed
Kicked and Backed 2 months ago
You are not good stop making videos
Harriet Lee
Harriet Lee 2 months ago
good video. yes, got to play with passion and for the team, not yourself. you have made the point where not many sees. I just wonder is it due to the individual or the mentality of the management. my question, since I'm not a basket regular watcher, I.can see how some of them are playing for themselves ! I have a question, how do you evaluate the Raptors? it is that kind of team depending on a few guys and selfish play. I wonder why should Jlin be considered so bad that he deserves not a few minutes. this is such a let down for a well respected nba player. after all, he is an nba player for a good reason. he does not deserve this treatment, neither should anyone of his calibre. other players of this rank do not get this kind of treatment.
Uncle Drew
Uncle Drew 2 months ago
Blow a 3-1 lead right... Beats Houston in the next round first game.
Taylor Innovator J. Ferguson
Great analysis. Do you believe the Warriors are lacking in rebounds which was a factor of their defeat?
Mark Jones
Mark Jones 2 months ago
it was staged. all for headlines and money. they lost intentionally
Never Sin
Never Sin 2 months ago
Baverly was overacting most of the time when kd touch him lol he look like a little kid getting push around. My biggest fear is that nba players become soccer players.
Junior Lamontagne
Junior Lamontagne 2 months ago
31 3-1
Milk Carton
Milk Carton 2 months ago
Beverly will change his number to 31 mark my tapped words.
Aprilyn Dumo
Aprilyn Dumo 2 months ago
You haters of gs smh
Ronald Poon
Ronald Poon 2 months ago
rosario bucayu
rosario bucayu 2 months ago
i like beverly especially in deffense hes a great player
Super Luigi 57
Super Luigi 57 2 months ago
31=3-1 lead coincidence I think not
Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson 2 months ago
But they lose game 3
Kaibil Balam
Kaibil Balam 2 months ago
That 90s defense
BayAreaSun 2 months ago
you can remove this video now. and make another with that ass whooping from game 3
Brett 2 months ago
They probably won’t be able to put together 4 of these to knock off the warriors, but man this is some good stuff
jeff villanueva
jeff villanueva 2 months ago
well played
emageful 2 months ago
Your an idiot if you beleive your consept,this was rigged u fools
Junting 2 months ago
Are the Warriors really that good?
RA’S DICIPLE 2 months ago
The thumbnail doesnt make any sense
Waylon  Miller
Waylon Miller 2 months ago
Knock this shit off! You haters are are kidding yourselves the clippers are a snack for GS!!!!
Epic Trailer Production
They blew 31 point lead cause Golden state is just bored
MFE CHOPPAGANG 2 months ago
Not taking nothing away from the Clipper's but Golden State beat themselves. Game 3 definitely proved that, they got comfortable & started taking poor shot's. What's scary is that Klay haven't had a good game all series, that mean he's due for one of those rediculous record breaking type game's real soon. Game plan's are easily said than done against the Warrior's. They have 3 player's who put up 50+ this year, Klay put up 60 with only taking 11 dribbles in a game. They're high power offense will cover every flaw & lead them to the final's once again. Nobody complained when Lebron was winning, but now that the Warrior's are going for a 3 peat everybody wanna try to point out every flaw & come up with every type of conclusion on how they will lose. I've never seen people hate on a team's success as much as the Golden State hater's. Everybody complain about Cousin's & Durant joining but never mention that they're probably the only team in the league with at least 8 player's they drafted on their roster. Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, kevon Looney, Jordan Bell, Alfonzo McKinnie, Damian Lee, & Damian Jones. You have to give credit to their front office, on top of all those drafted player's they also managed to sign Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant, Shaun Livingston, Demarcus Cousins & Quinn Cook who was cut by Cleveland earlier in that same season.
Wil angeles
Wil angeles 2 months ago
Make a video for Game 3.
Mr. Sunglasses
Mr. Sunglasses 2 months ago
Game 3? Lol
Stewart Ross
Stewart Ross 2 months ago
Clickbait title. Saw the whole game live. :)
Stewart Ross
Stewart Ross 2 months ago
@Gaming WithLex I know. :)
Jake Reyes
Jake Reyes 2 months ago
Hahha..please delete this video now..yall know what happened with the clippers earlier..hahaha..one day of happiness and back to reality
SpartanSolja 2 months ago
Greatest comeback in NBA history is NBA Finals Cavs v Warriors down 3-1 then winning 3 straight to take home the first ever championship for Cleveland thts the greatest series ever played in my opinion and I'm not even a huge lebron Cavs type a fan he good but still aways from Jordan and a few others hope he does mans had the pressure of Jordan's greatness over him since he was a teenager they say oh yea he could be better Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan and thts what he hears and he knows his legacy ain't touched Jordan's yet he is tryin his damndest to get it to tht level and in my opinion he is maybe other than Kobe the best showtime player the man wit the plan player since Jordan and thts tremendous weight for someone he carries it well but needs more wins in the finals and if he breaks Kareem all time scoring record then maybe I think lebron wins 2 more championships wit a all time 5 rings for him and the all time scoring record he the best ever but maybe not even then time will tell let's sit back and keep an eye out ya heard lol
DarkPa1adin 2 months ago
GSW are complacent
AntZPr0ductions 2 months ago
Clippers suck ass. Worse team in the playoffs. Their starting lineup is a JOKE
AntZPr0ductions 2 months ago
Wrong again. Should've made a video solely based on how the 6th man of the year (Lou Williams) turned the game around in the 2nd half...and the fact that the referees are calling dumb ass calls.
tevita taufa
tevita taufa 2 months ago
Good breakdown
unknown __________
unknown __________ 2 months ago
Nice clippers #gsw hater
Matt5 2 months ago
Blew out the next game😂
JM CC23 2 months ago
Your analysis is useless, clearly clippers just got a fluke win
Bien Batiancela
Bien Batiancela 2 months ago
Very good strategy though, but not all the time. See what happened? Can't stop Durant.
Adam Maes
Adam Maes 2 months ago
Hey heat check dont u feel like a dumbass now .make a video of clippers losing by 32 u lil B ass
Steven Lee
Steven Lee 2 months ago
You got to give it to the Clippers they did that , they got their high light... SEE YOU NEXT YEAR CLIPPERS
Jeremy Pittard
Jeremy Pittard 2 months ago
One of the biggest flops I've seen in a while there drawing that O foul by PB there
Da Barboza
Da Barboza 2 months ago
It was just luck!!
Andy Manalo
Andy Manalo 2 months ago
We can see it you don’t have to tell the story!!!! Get out of here!!!!!
Oliver James Uy
Oliver James Uy 2 months ago
Patrick beverly too hyped he ain't winning the series lol
pedro manaloto
pedro manaloto 2 months ago
Here comes again the mr knows everything.
rey leovido
rey leovido 2 months ago
quite rayt..
Rass B
Rass B 2 months ago
Nobody noticing thompson in the 4th was cold and nobody noticing kd fouled out
Danny Wanny
Danny Wanny 2 months ago
Best comeback in NBA history? Yeah ok.
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