Nobody Cares About Game Show Hosts

Ryan George
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Carl is being a real jerk.
(I obviously made this video before Alex Trebek got sick. Wishing him all the best!)
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Nov 27, 2018




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Comments 100
Ryan George
Ryan George Year ago
I'm also on Instagram and Twitter IF YOU EVEN CARE :( instagram.com/theryangeorge twitter.com/theryangeorge
Manfred Gesink
Manfred Gesink 4 months ago
Do you mean socialmedia caring or tradotional caring? I just want to be sure not hurting anyones feelings.
Crisdean Mackinnon
Crisdean Mackinnon 5 months ago
Why hasn't Ryan gotten a million subs already? That's the only thing I care about.
Damian Wayne
Damian Wayne 6 months ago
Baby I care ❤
muqit sa
muqit sa 6 months ago
i dont care
Daily Doodles
Daily Doodles 8 hours ago
The unfixed eyebrows bother me
TheOtakuX 3 days ago
Why does he have bright pink cotton candy eyebrows & moustache?
Christian Sørensen
Themata is Greek not Latin.
DBruan 14 days ago
Still funny
memiller0617 15 days ago
Wow, that was really good writing. Modern take on Abbot and Costello's "who's on first." Well done!
Connor McSherry
Connor McSherry 17 days ago
This aged like milk.
Evanburger 19 days ago
Ryan, I love your fusion of caricature and thoughtful writing! I would definitely appreciate more comedy like this.
Nathan O'Donovan
Nathan O'Donovan 20 days ago
Nerd thing, but the Theme system was the military and administrative districting system utilised by the Eastern Roman Empire between the 7th and 12th Centuries CE, and the word is Greek, not Latin.
Colin Parry
Colin Parry 21 day ago
Upvote for the Latin alone, bene factum!
DDDARKKSOULSS ? 22 days ago
Darcie Studios
Darcie Studios 22 days ago
That beard is so fake it’s funny 🤣! But I like how the mustache is authentic.
E. Vasileva
E. Vasileva 23 days ago
Themata is in Ancient Greek. :D
I Zeke
I Zeke 23 days ago
Interesting how Carl looks like Jerry in a weird way.
Hosein Kazemi
Hosein Kazemi 24 days ago
13 reasons why lying sometimes can save someone from depression
Hudson Smachetti
Hudson Smachetti 24 days ago
seriously ryan you need t make a ryan george verse movie
Steven _Playz
Steven _Playz 25 days ago
correct me if im wrong but STEVE HARVEY
Matej Maric
Matej Maric 26 days ago
This just makes me sad...
frog overlord
frog overlord 27 days ago
frog overlord
frog overlord 27 days ago
frog overlord
frog overlord 27 days ago
frog overlord
frog overlord 27 days ago
Merit Coba
Merit Coba Month ago
do steam curators next :p
Socks With Sandals
What a creative mind. Good clean fun.
Elizabeth Richards
Super clever!!
TheBoulder 027
TheBoulder 027 Month ago
Caaaaaarl! That kills people!
playlist creator
So he did a backflip snapoed the game hosts neck and saved the day
destructive dan
destructive dan Month ago
pokimane is gay
kahlesstiberius Month ago
Has your wife noticed that you've cut up your carpet yet?
kahlesstiberius Month ago
So I did a back flip, snapped the game show hosts neck and saved the day, it was super easy, barely an inconvenience, the result was tight, everyone went wow wow wow wow.
seso youtube
seso youtube Month ago
. . .
BassMunk Month ago
This aged well Hahaha
PJ Washington
PJ Washington Month ago
Actually my 2nd grade teacher won jeopardy teachers tournament
Atakheli Month ago
I am the 982th comment I am not a bot butt pls sub to this guy
Tom Ralfe
Tom Ralfe Month ago
I’m starting to notice the recurring references to Paul Giamatti in Ryan’s sketches.
TheMrrobustus Month ago
As a person named Karl, I apologise. What's going on? What's on your mind? What is themata?
Marik Ishtar
Marik Ishtar Month ago
Carl is such a dick! Game Show Host Guy has feels too, y'know!
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore Month ago
Y'know, I think the game show host is wearing fake eyebrows and a fake mustache.
Earth Dino
Earth Dino Month ago
B-But carrying for the game show hosts are the best part!
Kitsune Fyora
Kitsune Fyora Month ago
People only care when the game show host passes away. Example.....Regis Philbin
Letellion Month ago
the whimpering gets me everytime
BAtkinson Month ago
The pluralized version of "THEMES" lol
Brandon Wei
Brandon Wei Month ago
"What is Go In On?" "Well, to be honest, chemo has been a rough process for me..." "Oh my God..."
hardva Month ago
The host gets so emotinal/embaressed that his eyebrows just begin to fall of. i have heard its a sympton of stress. 1:38
Brandon Pells
Brandon Pells Month ago
1:51 Here’s a quick laugh
Ririq Month ago
This was ducking awesome.
Derren Wood-Peterson
I love the fact that no one has gone for "Uncle Kracker" of "Paul Giamatti".
charizardjmj Month ago
Did you make thia after learning a new Latin word? Lol
Enhanced Battle Toaster
See I would just lose the money and be like “yeah no problem man” to avoid confrontation
Michael Kim
Michael Kim Month ago
rip regis philbin
Collin Means
Collin Means Month ago
“Well to be honest I’m embarrassed, Carl.” Lmao you’re a genius Ryan
Book Reader
Book Reader Month ago
Poor Game Show Host. I feel so sorry for him.
Blobstoys 2 months ago
What about Steve harvey
Nintendocat 64
Nintendocat 64 2 months ago
Damn you carl
ethan davis
ethan davis 2 months ago
Everyone cares ruvid.net/video/video-BLUkgRAy_Vo.html
Mark Routt
Mark Routt 2 months ago
He has stomach cancer now.
SlenderSera 2 months ago
Carl is so insensitive
OneBillionTacos 2 months ago
Glasses&Mouthplates 2 months ago
Now I can see why Game Show Host guy was so bitter towards his Internet influencer son.
Lily Halter
Lily Halter 2 months ago
UGH I love your sketches!!!
Zacattack 2 months ago
Marcg210 2 months ago
And then the game show host did a back flip and broke the bad guys neck and saved the day!
NoobUserOMG 2 months ago
Now I feel bad.
Rebecca Hicks
Rebecca Hicks 2 months ago
The way the eyebrow starts to lift off his face when he says "and Carl is being such a jerk."
1234 plays
1234 plays 2 months ago
Id be the one to just go with it when he assumes im talking to him and then answer
Michael Goldman
Michael Goldman 2 months ago
Dr. Phil: Are you kiddin me
SVC 2 months ago
Tmb1112 2 months ago
Sketch is funny but unrelatable. Everyone cares about Alex Trebek and we’re all really worried about him. I hope his cancer goes into remission and he can live a nice long life!
Abdul Jah
Abdul Jah 2 months ago
Ironically, Alex Trebek is one of the few game show hosts who people care about (eg his battle with cancer).
David Kendrick
David Kendrick 2 months ago
Great acting, especially by Carl. It must be quite hard to act only with yourself, with no feedback off of other actors.
Elias Niwert
Elias Niwert 2 months ago
"Oh my god"
onlythistube 3 months ago
This channel is RUvid gold... Thanks for every little treat of pure comedy genius, Sir!
Rachael W
Rachael W 3 months ago
I luv u can see one of his eye brow
Aligned Love
Aligned Love 3 months ago
Holy sh*t! Themes actually translates to 'themata' in latin! Ryan knows his stuff!
Erik Larsen
Erik Larsen 3 months ago
Maria_moviefan27 3 months ago
Your videos are awesome!
Yikes 3 months ago
I've been pretty depressed for like a year solid, not in the mood for any comedy at all. Your skits are just amazing and I can't help but binge watch them and it really helps to laugh, so thanks!
BaMenace 3 months ago
Pretty sure putting on fake eyebrows straight, is super easy, barely an inconvenience
Logan Phillips
Logan Phillips 3 months ago
1:51 Thank me later
bigdad1211 3 months ago
LOL 😂. That was awesome!
Joshua Greer
Joshua Greer 3 months ago
I'm like a hundred percent sure themes plural in latin doesn't end in ata themata is wrong all plurals end in s exept fit the nominative for first declention which is ae and the plural genetive for first second and third declensions first is arum second is orum and third is um so where the f did you get themata from?
Brocard Evangeline
Brocard Evangeline 3 months ago
why is the answer for the first one "go in on"
The Joe Pittard
The Joe Pittard 4 months ago
I'm gonna be honest, I care about Alec trebek. He's been hosting jeopardy forever
Doctor Deufall
Doctor Deufall 4 months ago
Really good point, I hope you are doing o.k Ryan. Your videos are legit gold
JanPan 4 months ago
In Germany its basically the oposite the shows are basically only the show
Excelsior Entertainments
That's Numberwang !
heyandy x
heyandy x 4 months ago
What is themata?
Crocoshark 4 months ago
This needs to be a prank on a candid camera show. They think they're on a game show and this happens.
AF 4 months ago
My bpd ass as a gameshow host LOL
Joe Monture
Joe Monture 4 months ago
I want those eyebrows and mustache for halloween
D K 4 months ago
And who are you for halloween? I KNEW NO ONE CARED
SomeGenZ 4 months ago
Carlll you offended and killed a game show host Carlll. Explain yourself Carlll.
SomeGenZ 4 months ago
Time travelling reporter guy finds out about a low self a steam game show host
Freshairkaboom 4 months ago
I really like that you
scotcheggable 4 months ago
Ribhav Gupta
Ribhav Gupta 5 months ago
Why do they say 'What is' before saying the answer? Is it some famous American/Canadian game show thing?
Ribhav Gupta
Ribhav Gupta 4 months ago
@Edward Jefferies Thanks! According to internet, the gimmick started because of game show scandals where they would give out the answer before hand.
Edward Jefferies
Edward Jefferies 4 months ago
It's because they give the contestant the answer and then they have to say what the question would be for it.
Ribhav Gupta
Ribhav Gupta 5 months ago
Just did some Googling, found out about Jeopardy. The stupidest gimmick I've ever seen.
Skarpo 5 months ago
You are so good at this man
Izzny 5 months ago
This Pixar movie won the Oscar for best animated feature of 2010
Izzny 24 days ago
Zaqu Not much, but I appreciate you asking.
Zaqu 24 days ago
What is Up?
Deepak Varanasi
Deepak Varanasi 5 months ago
And then the host did a back flip, twist Carl’s neck and saved the day.
Command games IQ
Command games IQ 5 months ago
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