Noah Beck & Blake Gray play TRUTH OR DARE

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In this episode of VS, Noah Beck and Blake Gray team up for THE WHEEL OF TRUTH OR DARE! Will Noah and Blake expose their crushes?
MASH Pt. 1 | w/ Noah Beck & Blake Gray - ruvid.net/video/video-f1DciszNSEs.html
What is Noah most scared of? WHO will impress everyone with his twerking skills?!? Be sure to like, comment and subscribe in the comments section below!!
Noah Beck & Blake Gray Reveal their Tik Tok Crush While Attempting to Bake Cupcakes | Dish This - ruvid.net/video/video-suLIxs5ry-E.html
The series where AwesomenessTV influencers play fun internet challenges against each other!
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Noah Beck (@noahbeck)
Blake Gray (@blakegray)
Executive Producer/Director: Christopher Babers
Producer: Marta Palley
Editor: Jacob Gehnert
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Published on


Oct 20, 2020




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Comments 100
AwesomenessTV Month ago
THE TEAAAAA omg. What truth or dare shocked you the most?! I think Noah twerking just saved 2020 lmaooo
Chloe story times Clark
@shyyy shyyy bro
Imanol Vargas
Imanol Vargas 10 days ago
Get amp tv to 10 million subscribers
Tiffany Pastrana
Tiffany Pastrana 17 days ago
Joanna Harris
Joanna Harris 19 days ago
Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller 21 day ago
Um him has a girlfriend
amelia ashanty felisha guerra
plzz do one with noah and dixie
Qandeel Fatima
Qandeel Fatima 4 days ago
I also have trypophobia
Zak T
Zak T 4 days ago
maybe DONT put on those trypophobia images, I've been dying for the past ten minutes
Isabella Ellenwood
like we don't know what Blake drew
Emma Wengstrom
Emma Wengstrom 5 days ago
I have the exact same phobia as them! This is how much people ship Dixie and Noah l l
Quicktok 5 days ago
Absolutely Love this video! Check us out for viral tiktok video's!
Labeeqah Abrahams
The thing that noah has i have it to when u guys showed it i borfed
Jules C
Jules C 6 days ago
Noah Peck
leahsxgar 6 days ago
✨but actually noah and dixie r so cute together✨
Alita Daniel
Alita Daniel 7 days ago
I died laughing when Blake asked Noah Beck.Who do you have a crush on and Blake went crazy
bailey 7 days ago
my name is bailey...
Keyla Ct
Keyla Ct 7 days ago
When ever im look at noah i remember all the memes that they made about him
Yeva Sinanyan
Yeva Sinanyan 7 days ago
Hazel Dalton
Hazel Dalton 8 days ago
You drawed what ???!!!
Belinda Eltanikhy
Omg this is so seriously funny LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🥺
nanhi lizard
nanhi lizard 9 days ago
When noah and blake swapped shirts can you tell why blake looks like Ben????
Camelia Esquivel
Camelia Esquivel 9 days ago
She broke my 6 grade heart
usher flips
usher flips 9 days ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Blake: I dReW a RoCkEt ShIp
antixsocialabby 9 days ago
we all know what it was..
Jwana Moustafa
Jwana Moustafa 9 days ago
It’s funny how he asked when this video. Would come up Becuase when it came out they aounced
preciious vanilla
I have the same phobia like once they showed the photos my face like eeeeeeeeewwwwwww
Janellys Perez Reyes
My first kiss was in a playground tube in kindergarden lmaooo
عائشه محمد
noah twerking is fucking hilarious
sophie the first
sophie the first 10 days ago
me a person with trypophobia when the pics showed up 🥴
Claire Thomas Gaming
Noah should of said dixie
the Nijjar crew
the Nijjar crew 11 days ago
On dixe I knew that
the Nijjar crew
the Nijjar crew 11 days ago
Yeah wow u
Liora Chowdhury
Liora Chowdhury 11 days ago
i am dead noah tweaking lmfaooo
Kaylan Kwan
Kaylan Kwan 11 days ago
OMG why I have the same phobia as Noah and the editor really had to put photos OMG im crying I wanna exit this world that haunts me😭😭😭
Presley Smith
Presley Smith 12 days ago
Aww I love how Noah askedddd that’s so sweet ❤️
Cass Chris
Cass Chris 12 days ago
When Noah’s teeth are whiter then the wall 🤭
Kblom27 1
Kblom27 1 12 days ago
when Noah was twerking on the wall I legit thought he was going to fall.
Charis Syrimis
Charis Syrimis 12 days ago
10.37 - ... 🤣🤣🤣
Ella Rutter
Ella Rutter 13 days ago
Damn Noah going at it since he was 4
JeanClaude TV
JeanClaude TV 13 days ago
The person who likes this will be a billionaire 💞♥️
Juliane Zamudio
Juliane Zamudio 13 days ago
I gave the same fear as Noah and when I saw the pictures I cried
Ev poo
Ev poo 13 days ago
i have hypophobia aswell 🤣
gilberto pantoja
gilberto pantoja 14 days ago
Hana Hadid
Hana Hadid 14 days ago
uhmmmmmm my name is hana so :/
Fofa Adel
Fofa Adel 14 days ago
Me right
Fofa Adel
Fofa Adel 14 days ago
Noah can you say this to Dixie now
Fofa Adel
Fofa Adel 14 days ago
Noah what did i say
Sophie whitcher
Sophie whitcher 14 days ago
Paige Davis
Paige Davis 15 days ago
he probably asked because he wanted it to be a surprise because then she would probably know.
Paige Davis
Paige Davis 15 days ago
Haya Nawaf
Haya Nawaf 15 days ago
I love you Noha you are so lucky that I love you my wish that me and you movie I am 10 years old my name is haya 💋
Isemihle Nozozo
Isemihle Nozozo 15 days ago
So are we all just no gonna about what Noah is wearing on his feet
ckbrbaby 15 days ago
When you have never been cheated on yes 👍 Because you have never dated and will be forever alone 😅😭
Cloudy piglet
Cloudy piglet 15 days ago
I kinda wish they give a Warning b4 they pop up the trypophobia pics cause I'm extremely trypophobic
FlamingoGirl33 16 days ago
Noah same I cant look at holes ickkk
XxButterflyGirlXx Bloxburg
We all know what he drew on Noah’s face hahah 😂😂
Victoria Pereira
Victoria Pereira 16 days ago
Lynn 4ever
Lynn 4ever 16 days ago
at 1:11 dixie is like sometimes i wanna be a wall🥲
CrazyK100 16 days ago
We all know what blake drew!!!
Peyton AR Haynes
Peyton AR Haynes 16 days ago
4:31 awesomeness JR TV NO MAM
Zarina Latif
Zarina Latif 17 days ago
"uhmm dixie damelio" lmaoo like we didnt know hahahahhahah
aily.ambinga@gmail.com aily NT
When is this vidoe coming out😂😂😂
Queen Melie
Queen Melie 17 days ago
Twerking Tips : MOVE YOUR HIPS NOT YOU WHOLE ENTIRE BODY. Please and Thank You
brodiezzz7 -
brodiezzz7 - 17 days ago
I hate Blake
Patty González
Patty González 17 days ago
I also have a phobia
Dino Nuggets
Dino Nuggets 17 days ago
wish u were here
wish u were here 17 days ago
imagine being bailey
Bailee bug
Bailee bug 18 days ago
My names Bailee 👁👄👁
Justin Sikora
Justin Sikora 18 days ago
that was defiantly not a rocket ship lol ik what he drew......
Riley McConnell
Riley McConnell 18 days ago
Next time when you put a spider on the screen can you warn is first. Thx
emma svensson
emma svensson 18 days ago
Is it just me or does blake fit in pink 💞💕
Jillian Mcminn
Jillian Mcminn 18 days ago
Catherine yanthan
Catherine yanthan 18 days ago
Kindergarten and relationships seriously?? 😂😂
Nalani Bennett
Nalani Bennett 18 days ago
I am the same way with the wholes Noah
Adriana Castro Mendoza
I know what blake drew on noah's face 😳😳
Collège La Fraternité
omg chise wath WOW dixi en noah chise da you wath a fuken dat aie am chouk dat so kresi
Chris Barnes
Chris Barnes 18 days ago
i have the exact same phobia
Ashley Blankenship
Ashley Blankenship 19 days ago
Have u ever dated 2 girls at the same time he said and then he says but Noah's eyes were so big 6:27
Guys I am sorry I have the same phobia as Noah and I screamed seeing the picture of it I did not like at all
Monica Najaryan
Monica Najaryan 19 days ago
Are you and Dixie thugether
A-jay Morris
A-jay Morris 19 days ago
this was funny
Purnima Karmacharya
All these comments here really proved that Blake is so underrated🥺
Maria Puente
Maria Puente 19 days ago
DonFromFlorida 19 days ago
remember to pray today and everyday 👍🏾❤️ God will heal you and help you through your problems!!!!!
Kaitlyn Green
Kaitlyn Green 19 days ago
Sara Pridgen
Sara Pridgen 20 days ago
I have the same phobia Noah. ;)
Emily’s Life
Emily’s Life 20 days ago
We all know what that rocket ship really was
Melia Santana
Melia Santana 20 days ago
Me and Noah have the same phobia
Selah Kruk
Selah Kruk 20 days ago
Hello, whoever is reading this right now I just wanna let you know that whatever is going on right now in your life whether you have had an amazing day or a terrible day I want you to know that you’re loved you’re beautiful you’re strong and even if you don’t feel all those things right now, I know you are and you are everything to someone. I know I’m just a stranger to you but I still love you so much and hope you have a great rest your day, and remember God loves you so much and he’s always with you. This is what I want you to do when you look in the mirror or even a puddle on the street I want you to give yourself a hug and tell yourself that you’re beautiful because you are. ❤️
Joy Haddad
Joy Haddad 20 days ago
Awwww well I hope Noah and Dixie bee together soon! 😍
Marissa Rincon
Marissa Rincon 20 days ago
so is nobody going to say anything apt the bottle of tequila in the left corner.....lol
Miha Botea
Miha Botea 21 day ago
Imagin dixie comment
Tay the Gamer
Tay the Gamer 21 day ago
bro all he had to say was Dixie he gave us tea
Cameron Cammy
Cameron Cammy 21 day ago
Blake is soooooo cute
Mary Roan Camba
Mary Roan Camba 21 day ago
I love noah and blake's friendship it's like Blake was really shocked it's the first time that he know that Noah likes dixie goshhhhh. HAHAHAHA
Mary Roan Camba
Mary Roan Camba 21 day ago
Same noah I have phobia on tiny little holes I don't like it also so ew noooo
Nayeli Majalca
Nayeli Majalca 21 day ago
“i drew a rocket ship” 😅
Sherise Smith
Sherise Smith 21 day ago
When Noah said holes I threw my phone
blisa 22 days ago
Blake: Who do you have a crush on Noah: Dixie D'Amelio for sure Blake: Ohhh I never knew Me: Whatever
Aurora Sebastianelli
Love you noahhhh❤❤❤❤❤❤
Sahar Akbari
Sahar Akbari 22 days ago
OMG Noah pronounced Trypophobia wrong 😂
Aryanna Caban
Aryanna Caban 22 days ago
Nyla Villanueva
Nyla Villanueva 22 days ago
I just love how the reaction was at the end when Noah said Dixie D’Amelio
Aljazi Alyahya
Aljazi Alyahya 22 days ago
I love this channel
Hannah Jo
Hannah Jo 22 days ago
When your name is Hannah 😌😌
Gman Gamer
Gman Gamer 22 days ago
I have the same phobia as Noah😂
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