No Time To Die (Live from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon from James Bond Day)

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Listen to “No Time To Die”, the theme song for the 25th James Bond film, out now: smarturl.it/NoTimeToDie
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Oct 5, 2020




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Comments 99
Marina Maccagni
Marina Maccagni 10 hours ago
I haven't understand that billie was so good
Luvv. Nøbødÿ
She has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard in my life
Julieta Salzwedel
Porque la amo tanto?mis oídos se bendiciron cuando la escucho
💠1 Year💠
Lyn Byrne
Lyn Byrne Day ago
This isn't whispering. This is Talent now shut up and listen
hussain ali
hussain ali 2 days ago
I should've ........
Sayyad Sirajuddin
Normal people :world is filled with shit Billi ellish :bitch please
dorsa aghamiri
dorsa aghamiri 2 days ago
x Kaistro x
x Kaistro x 2 days ago
"Seperate Ways" by Journey and this song have the same opening... Notes: E, B, F#, B, G, B
Ameira Jones
Ameira Jones 2 days ago
carmela vargas
carmela vargas 2 days ago
this is perfect omf
ElvinGamer 2 days ago
I fell in love very well, officially
SUPEE onTTV 2 days ago
Your awesome 💖💗🌹
SUPEE onTTV 2 days ago
OMG billie eilish 😍
faraz feizi
faraz feizi 3 days ago
amazing..... however, somehow I just felt it isn't live. I mean just recorded. ( in-studio or whatever) Just take a look at 1:09 to 1:14. Billie just close her mouth and she pushes the microphone away from herself but still, you can hear her voice :\ Undoubtedly she is an amazing singer and she is talented and has perfect live performance.
Elaine’s Piano Fantasy
I didnt like this I loved it :)
Billie Fan
Billie Fan 4 days ago
Haters: Billie is only a whisper Billie: Hold my Grammys
MARELY Portilla
MARELY Portilla 4 days ago
Billie 😀
Maria Agameriants
I can not believe that such a young lady can sing such meaningful songs.....her voice tells more than words!
Owen Toledo
Owen Toledo 5 days ago
This is the most beautiful voice that I listen in all my life
Manasa T
Manasa T 5 days ago
If human was a musical instrument then its her! INCREDIBLY AMAZING voice🖤.
Apples And Onions
you know she is a good singer when you prefer the live version.
manny 5 days ago
What's so good about her voice? Pretty average to me.
Levity 4 days ago
its okay, not everyone has taste in music
Rage At Your Own Risk
An Absolutely amazing voice
Hafid Tri A
Hafid Tri A 6 days ago
Menozinho DR
Menozinho DR 7 days ago
Eu nem escuto à musica, eu olho mais é pra ela q ILNDA.❤🎶😍🤩❤❤❤
Priti Ghoshal music
What a voice!!... there was a time when 'I fall everyday like ashes to the ground ,urges to death and then again life calls me through Billie Eilish's voice.. to cry it out...to get a chance life was making me busy and life was treating me in a weird way to make me realise that there is just "no time to die"
Rno †
Rno † 7 days ago
Tikeswar Mahanta
Tikeswar Mahanta 7 days ago
Niharika yadav
Niharika yadav 7 days ago
This song was so relatable to my life
Fadilla Ramadan
Fadilla Ramadan 8 days ago
The intro like music game of slendrina
Virginia D.
Virginia D. 8 days ago
Valeria Lacentre
Valeria Lacentre 8 days ago
3:21 I Simply just came to the conclusion that she isn't human, she must be an angel or somenthing
Zachary Bell
Zachary Bell 8 days ago
Natalia Bednarska
João Coelho
João Coelho 9 days ago
Beautiful vpice
Mae Fall XPLR
Mae Fall XPLR 9 days ago
ChiChi _Wolfie
ChiChi _Wolfie 10 days ago
Fun fact this gies with a James bond movie that comes out in October 2021. The music producer is Hans Zimmer too.
elle hawksford
elle hawksford 10 days ago
This literally sounds like heaven to my ears
Katy K
Katy K 10 days ago
True talent when a live singing sounds even better than record!
Kenneth Barbosa Villalobos
Stephen Day
Stephen Day 11 days ago
Sunnny sun
Sunnny sun 12 days ago
Camila Hosier
Camila Hosier 12 days ago
Nova Sky
Nova Sky 12 days ago
The way you Sing inspires me everyday.
Marcos Mattei
Marcos Mattei 12 days ago
Canta muito que voz 😍
TopBaby 13 days ago
Amazing voice! You are the best, Billie!!!!
TapEd 13 days ago
This is by far her best live performance ever. I can’t even express how perfect this whole thing sounds to me. Heaven, pure Heaven.
Day Dreamss
Day Dreamss 13 days ago
I’m sorry but I have a dirty crush, you have the angelic and sorrowful songs for sad times, and the upbeat fun and funky songs, you and finneas are such confident and positive people.
Adamz Hou Yohan
Adamz Hou Yohan 13 days ago
😢😢😘😘😘billlie TK from spain
HAMZA 15 days ago
Ameer Neusom
Ameer Neusom 16 days ago
beautiful. I could never
Mihaela Chivoci
Mihaela Chivoci 16 days ago
Very beautiful the voice..the music too..
hasan tlais
hasan tlais 16 days ago
she's an angel on earth 🥺🥺🥺
Demigod JB
Demigod JB 17 days ago
Her voice is like angels!!!!
Виктория Метляева
Голос .
Аутова Аделя
Her voice is perfect
elle hawksford
elle hawksford 18 days ago
This is the most beautiful song sang by billie I have ever heard oh my goodness
Simon Del’Haye
Simon Del’Haye 19 days ago
A great Bond song. Billie is also a great artist. Unfortunately it is not sung live as you can easily see at 1:11. But wth...
sabrinelle 05
sabrinelle 05 15 days ago
You can tell it's live when she belted , her belt was a little bit shaky so it's not edited and not recorded
sabrinelle 05
sabrinelle 05 15 days ago
It's live
hussain ali
hussain ali 19 days ago
3:21 ohhhh my looord
Jason :D
Jason :D 19 days ago
Sarynity Crochrell
Sarynity Crochrell 19 days ago
Every time she stands I get chills !!😩
Alexa Olano
Alexa Olano 20 days ago
Billie Obsessed
Billie Obsessed 20 days ago
Her voice is so beautiful.
Navdeep Deep
Navdeep Deep 20 days ago
Angelic voice
Lexy Hanson
Lexy Hanson 21 day ago
she voice is like the cleanest of running water from a water fall
Guddu Prasad
Guddu Prasad Day ago
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Daniel Popovici
Daniel Popovici 21 day ago
People: Billie doesn't sing, she only whispers Billie: 3:22
De leukste mens op aarden
K_________K 21 day ago
3:21 ♥️😍😮✨ omg
Havila Nirman
Havila Nirman 22 days ago
Are you see me 😭
Nani Ash
Nani Ash 22 days ago
Go listen to Billie Eilish “Ocean Eyes Remix by Nani Ash”🤍
dawn federspiel
dawn federspiel 22 days ago
Welcome to the Show. Lets play with some magic.
Jorge Luis Hernandez
platonik filofOz
platonik filofOz 9 days ago
Wieme Selaimia
Wieme Selaimia 23 days ago
You are the best billie🖤💚😊
رونق ماجد
رونق ماجد 23 days ago
Phoenix Bisdee
Phoenix Bisdee 23 days ago
Such a good recording!! Held her notes the hole song love this chic
Terrill Goodwine Jr
It's coming out October 8th
Beatrice Gomez
Beatrice Gomez 24 days ago
i don't why i am crying, but i did excellent song and performace
efsunn kavla
efsunn kavla 24 days ago
When I listen to this song,ı feel black😢
jd wii
jd wii 24 days ago
MintyxOcean 25 days ago
Reema Shehadeh
Reema Shehadeh 26 days ago
Sai Kumar
Sai Kumar 26 days ago
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Luna's Homemade
Luna's Homemade 26 days ago
Her music just transport me, she is so amazing!
Daniel Richards
Daniel Richards 26 days ago
Her voice
Malika Isma
Malika Isma 27 days ago
Irdina Batrisya
Irdina Batrisya 27 days ago
Billie voice like angel😭❤️
Suresh Kumar
Suresh Kumar 27 days ago
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SlapbackGOD 27 days ago
I knew she had talent but this... This is another level.
Alter Ego
Alter Ego 28 days ago
a piano... a voice...this is what it is all about... sheer emotion....f....ng beautifull... and I was not even a fan... I am now and it's not f...ng James B I'm talking about !
Rohith 28 days ago
Elaine Deehan
Elaine Deehan 29 days ago
One of my fav songs she has ever done and copycat
Tatuli Khodeli
Tatuli Khodeli 29 days ago
her voice'0'
xxx moon
xxx moon 29 days ago
It's 2021 and yeah there's just no time to die
tedilit0 '
tedilit0 ' Month ago
I bristled, ur voice...uhhhh
Tristan Mason
Tristan Mason Month ago
Serious talent!!!
Fústar Man
Fústar Man Month ago
KDrama Jin
KDrama Jin Month ago
I legit zoned out the whole time her voice was so angelic I forgot who where what I am
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