No, THIS is the CLEANEST Setup.

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Jan 23, 2019




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Comments 80
faded XD
faded XD Hour ago
hey can you help me start my channle by spreading the word in 5 mounths
Henrik 3 hours ago
A year or so ago I did a similar design with my my homeoffice desk (I use a thinkpad and hid the docking station plus all cables in a drawer under the table having only dual monitors and wireless mouse + keyboard on the desk). Shortly later I noticed that all the free space on my desk just invites my family to drop paperstuff there, which means it's never clean.
AwSam Weston
AwSam Weston 16 hours ago
So after several months of saving, accumulating, and upgrades, I finally have a setup that uses the core principles here! I'm happy to report that this plan works on both Mac and Linux machines. The only caveat is that, because of how UNIX works, you'll have to properly eject any external hard drives before unplugging the Thunderbolt cable. My solution -- and the next iteration on my setup -- will be to set up a NAS and connect it by either high-speed USB or ethernet (depending on which one has less hiccups). Oh, and it's also worth pointing out that, because of driver support shenanigans, any Mac setup can only use AMD graphics cards and Linux works better with Nvidia; you'll have to pre-plan which OS you'll run with. Then again, I'm probably the only person who has to think about this. Thanks for this video!
Studio in the Woods
What do they do with all the extra computers like the 100k one or the 40k one lol
Studio in the Woods
Damn tho seems to be splitting the power of the 1080ti... cause that performance looked worse than my 980ti
Oscar Dempsey
Devices it’s self excluding laptop and monitor you can get a good gaming pc
What monitor is that
OsC Lynx
OsC Lynx Day ago
It’s too boring that’s why I don’t like it
Keith McPherson
2:43 desktok?
MOBILE GUNNEZ 2 days ago
Gina Perry
Gina Perry 2 days ago
It's pretty cool
tavoringos 2 days ago
imagine seeing linus in one of your matches
Call me
Call me 2 days ago
Its RG
Its RG 2 days ago
yeah but i dont have money, an Alex and a laser cutter thingy thats supposed to come with the Alex
Amaan Zaman
Amaan Zaman 2 days ago
His monitor is wider than an amc theater
1touriste 2 days ago
You should consider making and selling these setups. Great job!!
Salad_Gold Ketsiz
Nail polish everything black or white and ur good to go
D N 3 days ago
That fortnite image photoshopped lol
Sordity 3 days ago
*No its not*
Ben Aguilar
Ben Aguilar 3 days ago
Lenovo Thinkpads have been doing this for decades.
Anish Raj
Anish Raj 3 days ago
Hey linus,,, a sound set up wouldnt be bad on tht desk either ;)
Randall Slater
Randall Slater 3 days ago
the subtitles are a little wacky on this one
victor orozco
victor orozco 3 days ago
can shoot me email at thetransporter9111@gmail.com , Thank You Appreciate it the help , I'm working into building my desk from home
victor orozco
victor orozco 3 days ago
got a question for you , I'm looking for a wireless keyboard , for both work and little gaming what do you recommend it ?
Kryptide 3 days ago
How literally every Linus video starts: “we are gonna show you , after T H I S M E S S A G E F R O M O U R S P O N S O R
jo sep
jo sep 3 days ago
eh ill stick to a hdmi cable
NoZrA 3
NoZrA 3 3 days ago
I was expecting Doug Demuro's voice to the title's "THIS"
Kohmelo 3 days ago
I'd use something like Razer Hyperflux for that setup so that there's never need to charge the mouse.
John’s Journey
John’s Journey 4 days ago
Did we ever do a Macbook Pro version of this clean set-up?
Rakesh Kaushal
Rakesh Kaushal 4 days ago
I need to configure the same setup for my kid. Please suggest what peripherals i need to purchase. I am having HP 15inch windows laptop.
PS 4 days ago
Is that Mac v2 still coming?
Christofer Odielius
Hey please answer me can i use vga monitor 60hz and asus rog gx502gw to do this without gpu
Elyth 4 days ago
Please make v2 for competitive gaming!
Sarshaar Verma
Sarshaar Verma 4 days ago
This guy gets no girl
Ślimak 4 9
Ślimak 4 9 5 days ago
i have a msi laptop that has HDMI plug
Addi Korn
Addi Korn 5 days ago
2:43 desktok -linus Sebastian
Brandon Wright
Brandon Wright 5 days ago
Question: if I was going to build a similar setup using a 2020 Razer 15 RTX 2080 Super Max-Q (just ordered it last week!) would I even need a eGPU?
EZ Darren Robson
EZ Darren Robson 5 days ago
A white desk would've been even cleaner
Tyrannosaurus Tech
Make a V2 already!
The Mech Rush
The Mech Rush 6 days ago
Its always this ultrawide that make it better in a physical way!.
Thiccc Bricc • 167 years ago
I’ve just got a v and an Xbox one :P
TreePalm 6 days ago
Did anyone else here him say desktock
Moclan5 6 days ago
But your laptop doesn't go to sleep if you're on the go now...
Pau 6 days ago
Not clean
Jia Khan
Jia Khan 7 days ago
A apple a day gets you broke
Why not use a laptop with dual thunderbolt 3 or 1 thunderbolt 3 plus any USB c/ a and plug in the egpu and dock into separate ports?
Gadzinisko 7 days ago
"Thin and light basic laptop"
Based Palestinian
what is the name of that laptop?
Micah Nicol
Micah Nicol 7 days ago
Mac version!!!
Divjot Singh
Divjot Singh 7 days ago
how was the wireless mouse and keyboard connected
Viizual- 7 days ago
I want the desk lol
Major Gear
Major Gear 7 days ago
What if you switch systems? I have 2 Macs ( persona, work ) and Gaming PC at my desk. Plus DAC, Webcam, Microphone, USB-C drive and 2 4k displays, and powered monitor speakers. The MacBooks overheat if they don't have great airflow. I found that out during my first video conference call.
Raymond Adams
Raymond Adams 7 days ago
Instead of velcro...use Dual Lock...won't have that issue
Barbeque 7 days ago
It's been a while. Where's the "Apple" CLEANEST Setup?
Zwags 8 days ago
Linus: This is the simplest setup Also Linus: Takes 15 minutes to explain how complicated it is
Daini Peagram
Daini Peagram 8 days ago
2:44 Desk Tok???
pteropus alecto
pteropus alecto 8 days ago
My laptop runs World of Tanks on all low settings at not higher than 50fps
Helix 8 days ago
Can you guys do one for a macbook pro?
Sarmad Qureshi
Sarmad Qureshi 8 days ago
ill stick with just plugging in 4 cables
Yousuf Gillani
Yousuf Gillani 8 days ago
More please
Inissate 8 days ago
Nobody: Literally nobody: Linus: papapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapa
Chromium K
Chromium K 8 days ago
Buy the desk to rebuild many parts of the desk
*yellow* *water*
*yellow* *water* 8 days ago
yes, THIS is the CLEANEST setup.
Noureddin Bakir
Noureddin Bakir 8 days ago
Isabella Unwin
Isabella Unwin 8 days ago
1:20 Linus: “our sponsor,” looks off straight into the teleprompter, “Origin! Origin PC”
Beerenmüsli 9 days ago
Awesome Video!!!!Awesome Creation!!!!
John Burton
John Burton 10 days ago
*Glances casually at the macbook pro on the desk* ..... kinda nice having 4 of them thunderbolt sumbitches. And a UI that doesn't make you wanna claw your eyes out. And no neon green RGB bullcrap anywhere. Kinda nice.
Hugo Wiffen
Hugo Wiffen 11 days ago
It's been a year Where's the MacBook version?
SmokeyPillow 11 days ago
Please make another video like this! clean setups are the best
WildLit Juliet
WildLit Juliet 11 days ago
2:44 did u say destock LMAO
Thank You
Thank You 11 days ago
Stop waiving your hands all over and get to the point please.
pete_Ww 11 days ago
i have to play with my curtans closed, is it just me lol ?
Aakash Patel
Aakash Patel 11 days ago
I have Dell XPS 15 9570 32gig ram, 1TB ssd, 1050ti graphics. how can I used your setup in detail (explain). what to use and what to not.
pelado 11 days ago
i find it so funny when linus says "Out" and "abOut"
c 0 z y
c 0 z y 11 days ago
This setup is so clean it's disgusting
u505 gaming
u505 gaming 7 days ago
This Is it even a setup because it's too clean
Ritchie Jensen
Ritchie Jensen 11 days ago
Jack and Canon
Jack and Canon 11 days ago
Those are so hideous headphones...nice desk setup though
drimy 12 days ago
drimy 12 days ago
😂 lmao
peckp 12 days ago
This is absolutely awesome, and great fan of the content you put out!
Menachem Spielman
Menachem Spielman 12 days ago
A Macbook version would be great!
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