No More Soggy Cereal

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Avoid soggy cereal with the Just Crunch Cereal Bowl.
Separate spaces for your milk and your cereal ensure that the last bite is just as perfectly crunchy as the first.
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Microwave and dishwasher safe.
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Jan 29, 2014




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Comments 80
FayLovesPB&J 20 minutes ago
But does it have a bottle opener?
Raeesah Illaiee
I like mine soggy
LemonCakez 19 hours ago
I don’t know bout ya’ll but I LOVE soggy cereal omg I can’t stand crunch cereal
pew.mp7 Day ago
Me : *puts milk before cereal* huh?
Andreas Nikolic
Why whont you just hav to bols⚰️😂
EpicSlicey YT
I think the milk area needs to be smaller because when u eat the whole cereal but there is stilll milk
Ayaan sinha gaming
I like cereal soggy only
Gabriela Martinez
I’ll only eat soggy cereal. And I don’t mind
francis0seg Day ago
Is it just me or does this product look like my dogs food and water bowl just for humans
Sreeja Yarasi
But the real fun is when the cereal flavour comes into the milk!
Vada Hildebrand
I love soggy cereal even better than crunchy cereal
Anonymous Gamer
“It’s both microwave and dishwasher safe” Me: Why would you microwave cereal
SharkLagHax 21 hour ago
Thanks for the funny comment 😊
Sutapa Bepari
Sutapa Bepari 2 days ago
Why I am watching this I am lactose intolerant 😂😢😭
HDS362 2 days ago
Crunchy cereal is gross tho :/
SaltyScorpion 66
SaltyScorpion 66 3 days ago
But u love soggy cereal
creeper boy
creeper boy 3 days ago
This product can break your teeth, so stay with soggy cereal
rania sawan
rania sawan 3 days ago
I don't know why people hate soggy food i love it
kayleen 3 days ago
I like my cereal soggy tho but not to soggy so it will have the crunch but it will also contain milk yumm
Philip Joseph Banaag
Is it weird that i like soggy cereal?
Thisaccountwasdeleted Twice
OR you can use two separated bowls ;-;
Tin Nguyen
Tin Nguyen 3 days ago
#1 some tome I like soggy cereal (don’t judge) And #2 just use 2 bowls one for cereal and the other for milk
NationlistM 3 days ago
Lets say it You watched this more than once
IND FADE 3 days ago
Just put two bowls side bye side and done enjoy yor cereal:)
Shadow's Animation Studio
*but I like soggy fruity pebbles-*
Anand Chonus
Anand Chonus 4 days ago
I like my cereal soggy
f_v 4 days ago
Am I the only one that can achieve this with 2 bowls??
I regret my fucking life lmao
I love soggy cereal TBH when it crunches it hurts my teeth
Just a Normal Guy Passing by
Honestly you only just need 2 bowls for that
Kiri_Senpai 4 days ago
But I like soggy cereal-
Sunaina Sarkar
Sunaina Sarkar 4 days ago
Couldn’t you just use two bowls?one with cereal in it one with milk?
Mahmoud Mahafzah
Mahmoud Mahafzah 4 days ago
I like soggy sereal
NUGGET boy 5 days ago
I Would Just Get A Normal Bowl And Stick A Paper In The Middle And Bam Life Hack Done
m o o n c a k e
m o o n c a k e 5 days ago
*I d o n t m i n d . .*
TakGamer YT
TakGamer YT 5 days ago
Ik a way to save money use 2 bowl
Absolute Randomness
But does it have a bottle opener?
Hey Reacts
Hey Reacts 5 days ago
I can’t believe they wasted perfectly good cereal in the beginning of the video
Krystyn Dominique Arnaiz
And also frenchfries
Maceror 6 days ago
soggy cereal > crunchy cereal
j a d a h
j a d a h 6 days ago
U can just do dis with 2 bowls
Bonus Johan
Bonus Johan 6 days ago
Foxsden 6 days ago
Hah I got a General Mills ad
Türkler buna kuruyemiş koyar aq
Lyra_ Watermeloon UwU
So people at my school always argue about what goes first milk or cereal so I say you dot have to fight my friends and show them this now everyone is cool and I'm popular sooo thanks
Lucas maater
Lucas maater 7 days ago
But i love soggy cereal😃
Charlie’s gaming Place
Joseph Parkin
Joseph Parkin 8 days ago
I mean you could just put the milk in one bowl then the cereal in a tub or another bowl
Amateur of the Arts
Remember that scene in Get Out when Rose was eating her cereal in a bowl and had her milk in a glass? Think about that as you watch this...
Swfig 8 days ago
I love soggy it's easier to eat
Heart Of The Wild
Or you could just not take forever to eat your cereal.
Toxical 8 days ago
I’m fine, soggy cereal is the heaven of breakfast.
Samuel He
Samuel He 8 days ago
Is it weird I like cereal soggy?
Bleach Boi
Bleach Boi 8 days ago
Its called eat ur cereal fast so it doesnt get soggy
Andrew Wyatt
Andrew Wyatt 8 days ago
I kinda like soggy cereal 😂
Stella Zycinski
Stella Zycinski 8 days ago
ok so much milk left
Varun Ganipineni
Varun Ganipineni 8 days ago
Let’s be real here, no one has time for that
qualquer coisa
qualquer coisa 8 days ago
Rtx gang 2
Rtx gang 2 8 days ago
The thing is cereal is meant to be soggy and its shit if its crispy
Muhaimin Ahasan
Muhaimin Ahasan 8 days ago
But you put the cereal after the milk-
XLF 9 days ago
but why? soggy cereal is good
JayXDual 9 days ago
Can I just use two bowls, one for milk, one for cereal to save money and time? (I mean you could do that but you will look like an idiot especially at buffets, restaurant etc)
Robo Studios
Robo Studios 9 days ago
But I like soggy cereal..
Fog 9 days ago
I like putting the milk first. BUT! before anyone says I wipe my ass before I take a shit. I warm up my milk. I hate cold cereal. Then I submerge all my cereal so it gets soggy. I pour milk first yet I like soggy cereal
Yeet Man
Yeet Man 10 days ago
But I like soggy cereal :(
Gunter The Penguin
Gunter The Penguin 10 days ago
Or, you can eat cereal out of the box with a glass of milk Also, I eat cereal before going to bed...
prod. by 666cxre
prod. by 666cxre 10 days ago
I dont even eat cereal.
InfernoBlaze 10 days ago
I literally don't eat any cereal except koko krunch, and the cereal milk is the best part so I definitely don't need this
Balthier Sky
Balthier Sky 10 days ago
*eVeN fOr PuTtInG gUmMy BeArS aNd SyRuP.*
TheLoneGunman26 10 days ago
This is not how cereal is supposed to work.
Manfredas Antanavicius
This iš like pouring the milk first when you put the cereal in the milk
Kylie princes unicorn NG
Love it
Serenity Toney
Serenity Toney 11 days ago
Me: I hate adds!!! Also me: (watching adds for fun)
Paula Villacorta
Paula Villacorta 11 days ago
the idea is silly
Ananya Das Sharma
Ananya Das Sharma 11 days ago
Okay, bit if I have to spoon my cereal one by one into my milk, why should I buy this? Can't I just use 2 bowls? 🤨
Ethan and the slimes [Ice cream studios]
but i like soggy cereal!
TTV SWAYZE 12 days ago
Who actually likes semi-soggy cereal more than crunch
LoKeD XD 12 days ago
I actually prefer soggy cereal
foop 12 days ago
Or just use two bowls
Emi Felix
Emi Felix 12 days ago
I like soggy cereal 😅
꧁Rblox Stuff꧂
꧁Rblox Stuff꧂ 12 days ago
Grenino 12 days ago
*shoves all the cereal into the milk*
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