NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow Remix ft. Blueface (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Lyrical Lemonade
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Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow Remix [ft. Blueface] (Official Music Video)

Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Midas 800
Director of Photography - Snyder Derival
Steadicam by Renard Cheren
Ex. Produced by Sal Tarantino

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Jun 20, 2019

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Comments 71 581
Chase Tuchel
Chase Tuchel 16 seconds ago
Me walking in 1 second after the bell rings: 1:34
PikaSniper 653
PikaSniper 653 21 second ago
Teacher doesn't show and everyone gets excited for free session Annoying substitute teacher no one likes 1:34
DeaDDacosta Minute ago
its Riloh s
its Riloh s Minute ago
Me when i join the area 51 raid an dother peaple: 1:33
govhunter420 getdope
This is the definition of true GARBAGE!!
SUPREMEJKT 177 Minute ago
"I KNEW THAT BOY WAS A HOE"- NLE choppa - 2019
Scoup Aightbet
Scoup Aightbet Minute ago
1:34 *Me entering Area 51*
Salty 7 minutes ago
Me: Opens pack of gum at school. Everyone at my school: 1:34
Fishing with William
Fishing with William 7 minutes ago
Me on my way to Area 51 0:51
Matthew Mcmath
Matthew Mcmath 8 minutes ago
People raiding Area 51 Machine guns and tear gas and bright lights: 1:34
N1ght L1gh7
N1ght L1gh7 10 minutes ago
1:36 blueface baby
DEADPOOL 187187 10 minutes ago
Lil nas x *comes out* James Charles 1:36 Credit- meemes on RUvid
N1ght L1gh7
N1ght L1gh7 10 minutes ago
I KnEw thAT BoI WaS a HoE
ERS Proficey
ERS Proficey 11 minutes ago
Nobody: Not a Soul: When someone pukes on the ground in school: Everyone Around: 1:26
White Nymph
White Nymph 16 minutes ago
Avengers: What can we do now? Antman: 1:34
Love of Music
Love of Music 20 minutes ago
How much times blueface and NLE Choppa said “Yeah” 👇🏻
drizzy dreamss
drizzy dreamss 23 minutes ago
3:00 when she say she pregnant
Ari Guzman
Ari Guzman 25 minutes ago
Who else saw a mexico flag??
FlameZ z
FlameZ z 26 minutes ago
Me: Opens a pack of gum The whole school: 1:34
NateDawg1005 26 minutes ago
Haters: BlUeFaCe Is AlWaYs OfF bEaT Blueface: 1:34
V I B E Z /
V I B E Z / 28 minutes ago
1:34 when your fighting a squad and your friend comes to help you
Fortnite account Gg
Fortnite account Gg 28 minutes ago
Gang sings are so gay also flexing your money and shit dont be like that that’s just plain stupid and cringe
cj tat
cj tat 36 minutes ago
Blueface finally learning how to catch a beat
Jaykwon Robinson
Jaykwon Robinson 38 minutes ago
Me:Trys to steal price of gum Cashier:1:34
Trey Jackson
Trey Jackson 39 minutes ago
Y'all got to change the playback speed to the 2x
Jalen 40 minutes ago
Dads that left 18 years ago and they kid get drafted 1:34
KennedyDubsmashes And Vlogs
At least he stayed on beat betta😁
KennedyDubsmashes And Vlogs
Why tf he walked in like that🤣
KennedyDubsmashes And Vlogs
Nobody: Not single soul on this earth: Blueface: YEAH YEAH IGHT!
Insta: s_willemse
Insta: s_willemse 48 minutes ago
Me storming in to Area 51 : 🙃 Area 51 guards: 1:34.
James Barton
James Barton 50 minutes ago
PYS_ K.J.C 50 minutes ago
When you girl say she not hungry, you order food Girl: 1:34
I was in division Finals
Thanos: *erases spiderman* Spiderman: *Comes back 5 years later* 1:34
Boiii 50 minutes ago
Me:sleeping peacefully Mom:walking in my room complaining about everything 1:34
moy0627 51 minute ago
0:30 when deaf people start roasting eachother
Kade Smith
Kade Smith 51 minute ago
You after I eat you out 1:43
MyBellyButtonItches 53 minutes ago
1:11 what babies see when you get all up in their bubble
Kaden Ndzana
Kaden Ndzana 53 minutes ago
When my wife fails to deliver: Doctor: 1:34
Marshal 58 minutes ago
Andrew Acosta
Andrew Acosta 59 minutes ago
Us: struggling to fight back in area 51 Florida Man: 1:34
Squidward 59 minutes ago
When your mom keeps calling yo name and you keep saying YES then she shouts rlly loud then you like 1:34
Squidward 37 minutes ago
Also don’t like your own c9mment
Squidward 38 minutes ago
moy0627 well don’t hate on me for writing it you nonce
moy0627 56 minutes ago
Not funny didn’t laugh🤡
Neo Hour ago
Kids in Japan: *wishing for a good future* USA: 1:34
X Gaming
X Gaming Hour ago
Me:Breathes The doctor: 1:34
izaak shawgo vape reviews
Probably the best vid I’ve seen
Muerte a los Chilindios
Peke 77’s version it’s a lot better
Icy Yandere
Icy Yandere Hour ago
Oh they did this. Y'all got too many diamonds. Im... Drowning. HELP! THEY DIAMONDS TO SHINY!!! HELP!!!!!!! I'll admit... This fr good. I love it!!!!
Rj Lop
Rj Lop Hour ago
1:35 walking into the classroom after the teacher sent you to the principal office 😂😂
Zachary Than
Zachary Than Hour ago
European nation on the rise: A rat: 1:34
Squidward Hour ago
When we storm Area 51 ... 1:34
HavinPlayz Gaming time
Nobody: Me When i go to school 1:34
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