NLE Choppa - Narrow Road ft. Lil Baby (Official Audio)

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Lyrics for Narrow Road:
NLE Choppa:
Top shotta, don dada
Got the bombs like al qaeda
NLE the top shotta (aye)
I just copped the range rover (big body)
With some forg’s (with some forgiatos)
Sippin' codeine, feeling like a dope fiend (a dope fiend)
He say I’m not a killa, that nigga dont know me (brrr)
My OG told me put in work, when I was 14 (when I was 14)
Going down a narrow road
Going down a Narrow road
Going down a Narrow road
Im going a narrow road, road, road
They tell me think smart, I know right from wrong
They tell me Imma get life, with this dirty chrome (get life)
Well would you rather take a life, before they take your own
And bitch I’ve been through some shit, I come from a broken home
I got a different mentality, bitches kill or be killed
I rather kill a rapper, before a right a statement and squeal
It ain’t no fakes up in my circle, real recognize real
I kicked that boy up out my car, that night I did my drill
Cuz aye, we are not the same (we are not the same)
I got murda murda murda, running through my brain (its running through my brain)
And bitch I’m hurt up inside, piranhas swim through my veins (swim through my brain)
Just put your feeling on the toilet, which it twirl down the drain
They asking who I need, well I don’t need shit
Only thing I need, is this glock 23 bitch
Flying over seas, got a young nigga sea sick
I was just posted in the street, like some cement (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I just copped the range rove (big body)
With some forg’s (with some forgiatos)
Sippin’ codeine, feeling like a dope fiend (a dope fiend)
He say I’m not a killa, that nigga dont know me (brrr)
My OG told me me put in work, when I was 14 (when I was 14)
Going down a narrow road
Going down a Narrow road
Going down a Narrow road
Im going down a narrow road, road, road road
Lil Baby:
Road getting narrow, slimmer and slimmer
Pray to god that I forget, try my best not remember
It's a cold cold world, and I was born in December
Im forever steppin’ forward you know I’m born in Atlanta
They try to we start going and get em
Really show me what it was, I'll probably never forgive you
Start having what you aint had, and they’ll look at you different
But it don’t matter, I’m in my bag, its getting bigger and bigger
Now the Range Rover, class sport, and stamps on my passport
Never know what tripping’, I got everything I asked for
Young and out here rappin, I tried to tell that nigga to mask up
We got all the bags around the way, nigga’s cant gas us
I ain’t really got too much to say, but fuck the task force
Keep minding my business, hold my weight, and run my cash up
Sometimes I just ride round with my stick, inside my lamb truck
Everywhere I go, somebody put me on they camera
NLE Choppa:
I just copped the range rove (big body)
With some forg’s (with some forgiatos)
Sippin’ codeine, feeling like a dope fiend (a dope fiend)
He say I’m not a killa, that nigga dont know me (brrr)
My OG told me me put in work, when I was 14 (when I was 14)
Going down a narrow road
Going down a Narrow road
Going down a Narrow road
Im going down a narrow road, road, road road
Big body, with some forgiatos
Codeine, a dope feen (brrrr)
When I was fourteen
A narrow road (aye, aye)
A narrow road
A narrow road (aye)
Road oh


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Jul 30, 2020




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NLE CHOPPA Month ago
PICC UP My “TOP SHOTTA” Album N Merch RN 💜 warnerrecords.lnk.to/choppastore
Sergio Pedroza
Sergio Pedroza 3 hours ago
NLE Gang 💜
OG Rabbit
OG Rabbit 6 hours ago
OG Rabbit
OG Rabbit 6 hours ago
Narrow Road pt2
Sharlene Page
Sharlene Page 2 days ago
@MUSIEZZZ drip ookciicocçøp
Official videos and vlogs Ongang
Man i don’t want this dude to die I been listening to him since he had no Tattoos like he is my favorite rapper he is really talented he need to stay out of drama
Malachi Simmons
Malachi Simmons 39 minutes ago
This the shit
Dumster fish and Garbage shark
Lil baby ruins songs
Wavy Sinatra
Wavy Sinatra Hour ago
did he say posted in the street like some semen or cement
He said cement
OG Rabbit
OG Rabbit 6 hours ago
Narrow Road pt2 wit pop smoke
Shalevos 8 hours ago
אללללה עודדד
xChrisx 12 hours ago
Hard Keep it Up!
king savage
king savage 15 hours ago
Trash 😂
Kaleb Landy
Kaleb Landy 18 hours ago
This song reminds me of my brother who passed away 1 month ago
IVY platoon
IVY platoon Day ago
Mans the future of rapping
LenaREYNA Day ago
5 years later ruvid.net/video/video-gwIhnOApyZk.html
Linda Marie
Linda Marie Day ago
NLE Choppa yes sir
Brandon Goddy
Arion.Gamer ,
This song make want to enter the school through a emergency window
L2 _savvy on qt
Im suprised it aint 10 mill
not tryna be THAT dude lol, but peep my music? 👀🙏🏼
Adrian Tracy
Adrian Tracy Day ago
i like your videos
Saraphouk Thang
Blues Family's
Heatttttttt ruvid.net/video/video-5_LmUSXYesI.html
Nairobian_ joshking
My daily song......❤️🎤 We neeed a video of it 📹🎥❤❤❤
-BigPapa- 2 days ago
who been here since before choppa had tats
A’Melia Tv
A’Melia Tv 2 days ago
I love you
NHF Iso 2 days ago
ur mom
ur mom 2 days ago
"ain't no fakes in my circle, real recognize real"
Don Migo
Don Migo 2 days ago
I just found this remix 👉🏻 from @dirtydeedsuk its better than this version thank me later! 🙏 ruvid.net/video/video-F1fLT_bV84U.html
Nick Pride
Nick Pride 2 days ago
The Savage
The Savage 3 days ago
This songs smacks hard
Scarlett Theriault
OG Slikc Balla
OG Slikc Balla 3 days ago
My fault mane I missed ur birthday concert 4real mane!
Kenley McPherson
Kenley McPherson 3 days ago
Dude why do you have to be so good i love you keep it up
Mike straw
Mike straw 3 days ago
This song is hard💯💯No cap
Cali Codi
Cali Codi 3 days ago
I thought nle wasn’t gonna talk about violence in his songs anymore...
Izz Favric
Izz Favric 3 days ago
Are you stupid he literally js said that like last week this song is like 1 month ago there is no way you are that stupid did you hit your head and wtf is your profile pic don’t let your mommy see that you are listening to these songs she might take away your snack time
Beni's Channel
Beni's Channel 3 days ago
He should make a music Video to it
ass in camera
ass in camera 3 days ago
This shit hits hard reminds me of everything that has happened to me all those nights thinking if I'm going to have food tomorrow or be alive tomorrow
Kenneth Kelly
Kenneth Kelly 3 days ago
My most played song
Он талъиван
A Remix whit Da Baby legendary
Marcel Ki
Marcel Ki 4 days ago
TOKYO KURT 4 days ago
You rather take their life before they take your home. the realist shit I've heard
Lil Mezzy
Lil Mezzy 4 days ago
bet u didnt notice he had a bonner in the photo
vRxch Glitches
vRxch Glitches 4 days ago
XG RaZe 4 days ago
Such a good song one of my favorites
Artur Pariasek
Artur Pariasek 5 days ago
I feel like I know this Song already... Scan someone tell me if there‘s a different song that sounds like this one... I definitely get Ybnba vibes but that‘s all I know
Quamari Moss
Quamari Moss 5 days ago
you and lil baby the best raper
Quamari Moss
Quamari Moss 5 days ago
nle biggest fan
Ty Salgalis
Ty Salgalis 5 days ago
This is NLE’s most popular song that doesn’t have a video
Kacper Smigielski
Bro i cant stop listening to this 🙌
That One Guy
That One Guy 5 days ago
I love this song. This is his best song. Early 2000s vibes
Ikia Carter
Ikia Carter 5 days ago
Triddler 5 days ago
Vick with nle
Sythixcc 6 days ago
That album cover isnt 4k its 9k
ツRelii2040 6 days ago
Make a music video for this
Ben Jackson
Ben Jackson 6 days ago
the most underated song on youtube
LAMBERT SMITH 6 days ago
It’s all fun and games until they steal a jet and attack the pentagon
Austin Odette
Austin Odette 6 days ago
Here before 100 views
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique 6 days ago
Vídeo clip
Ishan Prageeth
Ishan Prageeth 6 days ago
andub2009 7 days ago
I love your work
FunToonz TV
FunToonz TV 7 days ago
What up
N 3 X U S
N 3 X U S 7 days ago
I hope tiktok not gonna destory this little masterpiece 🙏🏼
Zebediah Bruce
Zebediah Bruce 7 days ago
rip music
biba bibous
biba bibous 7 days ago
GLIZZY Trizzy 7 days ago
choppa look like a 2k character
Stacy Sweet
Stacy Sweet 7 days ago
Fire 🔥
OK. Zen
OK. Zen 7 days ago
All his songs are good but this one is so unique that u just have to love it
It is Quinn Ellis !
Best song out of the whole album
Underated_hami 7 days ago
Alex Reynolds
Alex Reynolds 7 days ago
Kevin Randolph
Kevin Randolph 7 days ago
Wolfeye Music
Wolfeye Music 7 days ago
Connor Yancy
Connor Yancy 7 days ago
Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven
Alien Guy - KazmiKompany
Muhammad ( SAW ) is the only way. Ice Cube, Lil Durk and NBA Youngboy are muslim.
Maxm cperner
Maxm cperner 6 days ago
Preach it brother
Hbbb Hhhbv
Hbbb Hhhbv 8 days ago
ABCGESteppa YT 8 days ago
Tyler Green
Tyler Green 8 days ago
Top 10 best song of 2020
Young G
Young G 8 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-UJ-wUrm8qT4.html thank me later
Kaleb Zaylan Gaines
NLE: 0:49 Me: CAP
Luis Matos
Luis Matos 8 days ago
Played this to my girl. Now she’s my babymommahh
Thijsje ijsje
Thijsje ijsje 8 days ago
I love this song so much
Lorynza 9 days ago
NLE done caught a body and realized the consequences of crime in the limelight
Triqqz 9 days ago
This one of those songs you bust out and people ask
Sebastijan Barlek
Like almost every song in which Lil Baby is featured, never disappoints
Destine Grigsby
Destine Grigsby 9 days ago
This man stealing don dada from Yungeen ace don dada song
MiKeceon Joyner
MiKeceon Joyner 9 days ago
top shotta :) $$$ crip gang
FTD Khanwae
FTD Khanwae 9 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-oaowyyFwRvs.html On me - FTD Khanwae snippet** Savannah, ga
Whitney Reid
Whitney Reid 9 days ago
Bro do one with dababy
Dumble Door
Dumble Door 9 days ago
Why hasn’t this song blown tf up
Deanne Dupree
Deanne Dupree 9 days ago
This song is 🔥
B Real
B Real 9 days ago
Yeah way underrated this is as lit as a track could be
nugget lover
nugget lover 10 days ago
This is the definition of Fire.
Giovanni Fallea
Giovanni Fallea 10 days ago
One of the best song of Choppaa, the melody is similar to Walk ‘em Down! Lil Baby’s flows make me wet 🥶🥶🥶
Alicia Allen
Alicia Allen 10 days ago
This song is fire Nle Got BARS
Chel 10 days ago
who ever reads this will get good luck for 100 years!
WYATT WILSON 10 days ago
this song is lit even though i am 11
Arii Arii
Arii Arii 10 days ago
"I got murder murder murder runnin' thru my brain" Thats stuck in my head until i'm 25 ._.
GreenDog86 11 days ago
Prove you are a killer?
Sharrod Battle
Sharrod Battle 11 days ago
I am a big fan of Emily chopper
1 Sub before 2021?
1 Sub before 2021? 11 days ago
Who ever is reading this: Your skin isn't paper don't cut it Your body isn't a book dont judge it.. Your heart isn't a door don't lock it Your life isn't a movie don't end it Your beautiful Be you....Stay safe..
Gladia Moussa Bah Pullo Mali
Is cool ruvid.net/video/video-UdMbT69ZaeY.html
Godzillaboy Yt
Godzillaboy Yt 11 days ago
Helixify 12 days ago
1:18 goes so crazy
Melody Martin
Melody Martin 12 days ago
I like that voice when he said Nle in the top shatta
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