NLE Choppa - Camelot (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Lyrical Lemonade
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Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
NLE Choppa - Camelot (Official Music Video)
Directed Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by FreshDuzIt
Dir. of Photography - Logan Meis
Steadicam by Renard Cheren

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Sep 13, 2019




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Comments 40 014
Lyrical Lemonade
where’s lenny?
Kaw lil Merk
Kaw lil Merk Day ago
Lyrical Lemonade ghig
Anuk W
Anuk W 5 days ago
idk lmao
wavvy-slumpz 17 days ago
Morris Crow
Morris Crow 28 days ago
Stop reading my name
Lyrical Lemonade 0:33 behind the pillar
Ninja 8 minutes ago
This song led me to jump the biggest kid in school
NmLb_Psychosis 9 minutes ago
Why in the fuck is this in a classic rock playlist
Tristan Malott
Tristan Malott 17 minutes ago
Intro] Yeah Fresh DuzIt Yeah Huh, huh, huh [Chorus] I ain't gon' say too much when a nigga speakin' on that hot shit Fuck the police, 'cause them bitches ain't gon' stop shit Oppositions mad, if they play they gettin' popped quick Flyest nigga in the game, yeah, I'm a cockpit Posted on Camelot, wit' a hunnid some' shots I be swimmin' wit' the sharks, lil' nigga, you a lobster Bullets heat a nigga up, like he eatin' on some pasta And shoutout to Kingston, I keep me some Rastas [Verse 1] My niggas trappin' out the bando, shoutout to the Migos If a nigga knock wrong, shoot him through the peephole The trap always open, bitch, we ain't never closed We movin' them packs and we movin' them kilos Step one, step two, do my dance in this bitch Got a hunnid some' drums like a band in this bitch Mane she keep on bitchin', all that naggin' and shit Hoe shut the fuck up and jus' gag on this dick I'm a side nigga, and I love when she swallow If a nigga say something, hit him wit' a hollow That glizzy, knock ya meat out ya taco Flexin' on these bitches, they call me Johnny Bravo School of hard knocks, let me take you to class My bitch is real skinny but she got a lot of ass I love counting money, I get a lot of cash If you try to take it from me, his toe gon' have a tag
Viable Clapz
Viable Clapz 32 minutes ago
Imagine him and Tay K on a track 🔥
WhyHitMe 38 minutes ago
Why is there so much like this to do this like this to stop them 👇👇
jakylin offord
jakylin offord 46 minutes ago
That's what i'm talking about Nle Nice song man
0:37 NLE rejected that guys handshake😂
v KekCxty lv
v KekCxty lv 54 minutes ago
0:28 Bullets heat a Nikka up like he eating on sum Pasta
Mario Gentry
Mario Gentry 55 minutes ago
Where my 1:10 comments at?
I Drxp Bxtzツ
2:00 so we're gonna sit here and act like that didn't happen 💀💀
j&j gang
j&j gang Hour ago
Im a cokpit
21snipex isaac
Yoooo play this at 1.25 it’s insane
Jason Stevens
Jason Stevens Hour ago
This shot trash bro
Jdj Ffhr
Jdj Ffhr Hour ago
Like if nle chopoa will blow up in 1962
Sean gaming_PEXP
Man somebody help this dude to the right 0:38
Cauthon98 Hour ago
Who heard this before it blew up?
Bow Hello
Bow Hello Hour ago
No one: Not a single soul: No one in the mf universe: The guy on the left:@ 0:53
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali Hour ago
I just came here to see the dude in the beginning not get dapped 😂
Angelica Perez
share your diet with juice wrld
franticscout248 2 hours ago
I like how he only did 1 dumbbell row instead of 2
cynthiam21081 2 hours ago
It’s like the rodeo by lil skies
Krusty Boi
Krusty Boi 2 hours ago
When you go to fight someone Expectation 1:06 Reality 1:11
Aaron Lyers
Aaron Lyers 2 hours ago
My daughter love ‘a your songs can you sing a song to her 4423 Rena rode surliness Maryland
Talaundra Crumedy
Talaundra Crumedy 2 hours ago
Dont mess with nle
this dude is 16 i did not know that
Martha Morales
Martha Morales 2 hours ago
When you pick a random Sim in Sim 4. 1:56
Martha Morales
Martha Morales 2 hours ago
At 1:20 is the straight guy getting away from James Charles.
Martha Morales
Martha Morales 2 hours ago
He's my uncle trying to suck on something circular behind the ice cream truck.
lil dj
lil dj 2 hours ago
That's a real skinny middle finger
SEXIBOY trae 2 hours ago
1:41 when my pops pull up
Zayley Yeomams
Zayley Yeomams 3 hours ago
If u love god like
Dreco Washington
Dreco Washington 3 hours ago
He didn’t get his tank top on till he was outside
Swoop_278 3 hours ago
5l Twinn
5l Twinn 4 hours ago
eXtreme gameZ
eXtreme gameZ 4 hours ago
Nobody: My Recommended: NLE CHOPPA runs into Lil Baby while shopping for jewelry
Flamethrower270 4 hours ago
camelot? more like CAME A LOT
Jeweon Williams
Jeweon Williams 4 hours ago
Free nle
Pretz 4 hours ago
1:01 is that the dude from tunnel vision
Cherry 4 hours ago
Rashad Walton
Rashad Walton 4 hours ago
Did y’all know on the block is hot on the street signs it say Camelot
b dodo
b dodo 4 hours ago
Y'all beat them ass
b dodo
b dodo 4 hours ago
I listen to the song like everyday it's one of your best
Robert Lopez
Robert Lopez 5 hours ago
Like or you will be as slow as the police who couldn't get him.
dandre christie
dandre christie 5 hours ago
He left that one dude hanging
c r i s p
c r i s p 5 hours ago
0:59 who brought their dad
Robert-François Trudeau
this musique is Camelot lolll
Faze sweaty default
ExoKC 5 hours ago
Like or Lenny will find you 👇
RougGGs 6 hours ago
It sound like cartoon theme song when you speed it up by 1.75x
ThatOneKid 6 hours ago
rip that kids lemonade man didnt even pay
q_rps art
q_rps art 6 hours ago
Camealot 👉👌
elyes chelbi
elyes chelbi 6 hours ago
If Jame Charle ask u to go out with him, what would u do??? If ur gay, skip, like if ur not...
Makayla Horton
Makayla Horton 6 hours ago
So y’all BEGGING begging for likes 💀
Emmanuel S.
Emmanuel S. 6 hours ago
Good to see Blocboy
Mauro Sebastiao
Mauro Sebastiao 6 hours ago
0:40 seconde i see you in the right😭
Seth Simmons
Seth Simmons 6 hours ago
My name is officer Simmons and I don't like this song
GAME FOR FAME 7 hours ago
Why all the comments begin for likes Like if u agree
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