NLE Choppa - Camelot (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Lyrical Lemonade
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Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
NLE Choppa - Camelot (Official Music Video)
Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by FreshDuzIt
Dir. of Photography - Logan Meis
Steadicam by Renard Cheren

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Sep 12, 2019




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Comments 80
Lyrical Lemonade
Lyrical Lemonade 8 months ago
where’s lenny?
Astrxnxmicaal_YT 3 days ago
I know though
Carroty 7 days ago
last comment
gamenoob24 12 days ago
my ass
Akio The Brand
Akio The Brand 20 days ago
Found him 0:32-0:33, he's near those bushes. Also 500th comment
C1-1R15T14N PEREZ 9 minutes ago
0:14 George Floyd in heaven
Kingston Dorsett
Kingston Dorsett 41 minute ago
Thank for the shoutout because my kingston
Caydon Hightower
me vs nerds at school they get bullied and cant stop shit
Tommy Gun420
Tommy Gun420 Hour ago
This song is garbage
FaZeTaejon 2 hours ago
Go Sub to me I will be doing giveaways
Kevin Beckett
Kevin Beckett 2 hours ago
I love how there’s just that one white dad getting beat up by NLE
Carlos Trevino
Carlos Trevino 3 hours ago
Me after taking to many samples at the store 2:01 😂
Carlos Trevino
Carlos Trevino 3 hours ago
Who else here just to read the comments😂😂😂😂
Fortnite Sucks
Fortnite Sucks 4 hours ago
Before June “We Love The Police They Save Us Everyday” After June “Fuck The Police”
ELIAS BROOKS 4 hours ago
In the video I was dead because he dead just ran backwards and the cops couldn’t catch him
God Spyro Cd
God Spyro Cd 5 hours ago
Toby Hayes
Toby Hayes 5 hours ago
This is gas to my car
Multifoox 5 hours ago
Margueritte Nabangaba
READ THE BIBLE AND GET BAPTISED * Throws anointing oil at NLE *
Poo Sniffer
Poo Sniffer 6 hours ago
I liked this video until he talked smack about the police
jane phillips
jane phillips 7 hours ago
Those kids didn't give a fuck they was just selling lemonade
Sven Sidenius
Sven Sidenius 8 hours ago
3. A) 0:00 B) 0:20 C) 1:04 4. C) 0:40
Astro Orion
Astro Orion 8 hours ago
I think i've an idea. When my pants will be too small I will be wering them like him
Jonny_Grigg 8 hours ago
1:04 me when someone touches my food
Mandy Hicks
Mandy Hicks 8 hours ago
Abby Tune
Abby Tune 9 hours ago
Armin Sahacic
Armin Sahacic 9 hours ago
Tiktok ruined this song.
DS_Colbster 9 hours ago
NBA young boy fans be like 1:00
saram hassan
saram hassan 10 hours ago
Get this to a billion views
Motohocker3199___ 10 hours ago
It’s always a wholesome moment when you see a artist doing sign language so deaf people can listen too
LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball 10 hours ago
I prefer Varrock.
Zluna21 13 hours ago
Jabreakit Jawbrotit
Jabreakit Jawbrotit 14 hours ago
gta 6?
Pedro Borges
Pedro Borges 14 hours ago
“I aint gonna say too much “ makes a whole song
JimpiX YT
JimpiX YT 15 hours ago
2:01 he looks like apollo green bro xDDDDDDD
Edvinas Kairiukstis
Edvinas Kairiukstis 15 hours ago
0:38 look at the guy trying to give NLE a handshake : ')
Galbu 15 hours ago
ollare gang
Demonio G
Demonio G 16 hours ago
yung follert
yung follert 17 hours ago
Jonny_Grigg 8 hours ago
BeNn 12 hours ago
Fuck The Police.
Adonis Smith
Adonis Smith 22 hours ago
Do what you gotta do NLE Choppa But Be Careful They creeping out here don’t get caught slipping I don’t wanna see you on a t shirt in heaven we lost to many ppl peace and love BE CAREFUL BRO?!!!??!
That Red Diamond
That Red Diamond 22 hours ago
Joshua Salarda
Joshua Salarda 23 hours ago
What all protesters say: 0:15 Its just right tho.
Usman Bashir
Usman Bashir 23 hours ago
If you guys ever feel useless remember NLE’s pants.
- Joshwa34 -
- Joshwa34 - 23 hours ago
1:16 Great influence, just great :)
KetChuP Day ago
Bro am I the only one who thinks that guy looks like offset in 0:37
SheFwJay 20 hours ago
That's blocboy jb
Shakha Marzoug
They deserve it
Shakha Marzoug
I like when he said F the police
Zoey Dotstry
Zoey Dotstry Day ago
you aint going to pay her
Zoey Dotstry
Zoey Dotstry Day ago
I know she mad LOL 😠😠 or sad 😭😭 that she can get her money
Zoey Dotstry
Zoey Dotstry Day ago
I know she mad
Tayvion Harris
ayinde rivas
ayinde rivas Day ago
me in 2020 protests fuck the police cause them bitches ain't gon' stop shit
Alejandro Jimenez
fuck the police cuz them bitches ain't gone stop shit but they can start a rampage #ripGeorgeFloyd
Jonny_Grigg 8 hours ago
Fuck the police
Mad dock Radke
It’s crazy that he’s only 16
Jonny_Grigg 8 hours ago
I’m 2 years old.
Jomal Small
Jomal Small Day ago
He 17 now
Geo Cornejo
Geo Cornejo Day ago
U the best nle choppa me and my uncle are always in love with your songs
Olivier Cano
Olivier Cano Day ago
Me: LoOk MoM A NeW RaPpEr MOM: how old is he Me :24 Me looks up how old he is me sees 17 Me :wtf
J. Bence
J. Bence Day ago
CJ XD....... best music
Fabio on Creighton
1:13 when you ask the teacher of you can go to the bathroom but she says : I don’t know if you can
Jordan Hyland
Nle looks like he's like 22 but really he is 17
Gaming with Jaylah
What if The police was watching this and heard the second line 😂😂😂
Empty juce box Moroney
Lil teeca is only 17 and rich but nle is 16 same age as my ant and he crazy richh
anjuli vasquez
And brother arrin basball friend Metal of Freedom. Roman gabriel jaramillo vasquez gizmo
anjuli vasquez
LPS Heidi
LPS Heidi Day ago
after i was 11 i turned 13 because i don't fuck with 12!
roman frutos
roman frutos Day ago
roman frutos wrote this song.
yung Zayfacts
Nigga you a lobster 😂😂😂😂
fire_fir awx
fire_fir awx Day ago
This song starts like we dem boyz
Funny Guy
Funny Guy Day ago
Kids really are gangster lol.
Артём Магамедов
Чё бля ?
Mildred Wilson
What are you not out there did
Mateo Marku
Mateo Marku Day ago
When he said fuck the police. Minnesota felt that
guy shirin
guy shirin Day ago
This is why them white boys are racist
Mass Hmy
Mass Hmy Day ago
i love the part when he says camelot
dogydog247 Day ago
Nice body ugl6 face
Natasha Simmons
Matthew Leiren
The line: «Fuck the police» be hittin different now....
Eg boi Studios
2019:normal 2020:they ain’t gon stop #####
2DARK 2GHOST Day ago
He is just doing some random thing with HIS hands
Kaito Day ago
This is every nigga in Minneapolis Rn
BITCH STOP CALLING MY PHONE ruvid.net/video/video-hb1jeGajASM.html
Justice Murray-Young
Walking out of class after causing a student riot 0:45
Justice Murray-Young
You and the boys after your first squad win in fortnite 0:44
Sami Abdalla
Sami Abdalla Day ago
Who else feels bad for the camera man?
Jordan Kamanzi
Jordan Kamanzi 2 days ago
People that say Fudge the police in 2019 are thugs but if u say Fudge the police in 2020 u are a reasonable person
kay riley
kay riley 2 days ago
Fires fire fire fire fire fire fire
Avi Patel
Avi Patel 2 days ago
Damn no other song could be more relevant at this time
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