Nirvana - The Man Who Sold The World (Live And Loud, Seattle / 1993)

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Music video by Nirvana performing The Man Who Sold The World (Live And Loud, Seattle / 1993). © 2013 UMG Recordings, Inc.


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May 22, 2020




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Comments 80
Simay x
Simay x 13 minutes ago
miss you so much. Allways best ever 💔😔
gregory frie
gregory frie 4 hours ago
NoisbureVideo 6 hours ago
Scentless Apprentice PLEASE!!!
Оксана Токмакова
Какая страшная и ОМЕРЗИТЕЛЬНАЯ баба в рекламе!!!
dale lyon
dale lyon Day ago
David Bowie covered Nirvana's song 23 years before it was even released. Truly a genius.
Niurose Day ago
Dave Grohl
Dave Grohl Day ago
The nirvana posers will never find us here
frog frog
frog frog Day ago
Vaki 2 days ago
Если русский ставь лайк
Samantha Zwiorek
Samantha Zwiorek 2 days ago
love it
Марина Щеглюк
И всё таки у Курта отличный вокал, а мелодии вообще классные!
gopnik bro
gopnik bro 2 days ago
Просто русский коммент
Beats For Free
Beats For Free 2 days ago
They don't make it like this anymore.
lelequinha ff
lelequinha ff 2 days ago
O brabo
Deapool 3 days ago
Oh god i miss him so bad! Lemme rephrase that: WE miss him so bad!
Nicol Mendez
Nicol Mendez 3 days ago
Love uuuuu😢❤
Anushilan Dahal
Anushilan Dahal 4 days ago
That hair, damn
Boxxy 4 days ago
I love seeing this almost having a million after just being released a month ago
nishu patwary
nishu patwary 4 days ago
_Kurt looks really depressed here._
Gerrie De Vries
Gerrie De Vries 5 days ago
How many people are watching this right now?
Ivan Cuamatzi
Ivan Cuamatzi 2 days ago
omar rojo
omar rojo 3 days ago
Mirza Bradaric
Mirza Bradaric 5 days ago
2:30 oh yes
Natany Esthefani
Natany Esthefani 5 days ago
Saldades dos shows do Nirvana que eu nunca fui...
La Cuarta Cámara
Desafinada la guitarra
Rowan Melton
Rowan Melton 6 days ago
I wonder how many people don't realise this is a David Bowie cover
Pineal gland juice
It's sad to learn that the bass player for Nirvana is a lizard alien.
Siddhanth Bhattacharyya
this was a very good concert
Himanshu Sekhar Singh Deo
I'm already a demon 😡
Shyla Gagnon
Shyla Gagnon 6 days ago
God take justin bieber, shawn Mendes, carol baskin, ariana grande instead, but why him
3xsoldado117 6 days ago
my dream is to have a jaguar like kurt's :(
llshawn300ll 6 days ago
The soul in this is so amazing
lalex 7 days ago
That drummer should start his own band someday
Janaina Caland
Janaina Caland 7 days ago
Cantor lindo,Musica linda,Bons tempos que não voltam mais.🎯🇧🇷🇧🇷
Ванелопа Кексовна
Yesterday I walked with my friend in Nirvana t-shirt. We see a boy, who weared same t-shirt. He don't know what Nirvana is. Thats so sad.
jairo jerez
jairo jerez 7 days ago
Es un profesional su voz y tocando la guitarra
Jeremy Ball
Jeremy Ball 7 days ago
Miss you Kurt!
Jose Maripillan
Jose Maripillan 7 days ago
una estrellita q jamás se apagó Nirvana vive
scrambler975 8 days ago
Una delle migliori cover di sempre, nella versione inaspettata e sconosciuta. Grande pathos.
BryanRitter 8 days ago
I envy the public.
Phil M
Phil M 8 days ago
This guy is about to shoot himself in the hrad with a shotgun👎
Anderson dean
Anderson dean 8 days ago
The man sold juicy had Macumba de
Marko Mar77nez
Marko Mar77nez 8 days ago
R.I.P Kurt cobain
Nicholas Plant
Nicholas Plant 9 days ago
Just so good
Андрій Єрмаков
People die but cant belived in God,Jessus my God.
isaa xavier
isaa xavier 9 days ago
MARIA NARVAEZ 10 days ago
Ambrosia Ferrero
Ambrosia Ferrero 10 days ago
XANDY 10 days ago
Relaxa, daqui a 6 meses sai video novo 🙃
johnny fox
johnny fox 10 days ago
If Kurt Cobain was ugly none of you losers would stay here considering him a god. A generation of suicide people who just unable to watch in a person more than how it looks. Just imagine for a single moment if Cobain was ugly, you would not have listen a single shit about him and call him a crybaby.
jude jude
jude jude 7 days ago
@johnny fox no
johnny fox
johnny fox 7 days ago
@jude jude Yes.
jude jude
jude jude 9 days ago
Tasha Erdelyi
Tasha Erdelyi 10 days ago
Why are people disliking this?
Clarence Miranda
Clarence Miranda 10 days ago
Look how great kurts voice compare to singers nowadays they need auto tune to sound better or lipsync in live performances
Lucas Silva
Lucas Silva 10 days ago
Nirvana are legends
Paweł Zieliński
Paweł Zieliński 11 days ago
Polish version of Nirvana with female vocal. Better than original; ruvid.net/video/video-6AxM-LTOmhM.html
Shalini Verma
Shalini Verma 11 days ago
The luckiest people in the 90s getting to live in the best decade in history mankind and then me born in 2008
MARIA NARVAEZ 11 days ago
Kurt Cobain the best the best love it song beautiful
北沐之漁 11 days ago
I know this talent guy from 2001.now my 6 years old girl love his songs very much. from China.
Miguel Lima
Miguel Lima 11 days ago
Melhor estrela do rock nirvana
Y͓̽u͓̽m͓̽e͓̽ I͓̽c͓̽h͓̽i͓̽g͓̽o͓̽
Isi xriiv112
Isi xriiv112 12 days ago
I love
xbox627 12 days ago
I love how the crowd was so mellow and really let themselves get sucked into the performance...what a awesome song...I wish the unplugged version was this long too
Armado Armando
Armado Armando 12 days ago
Un genio que ya no salen....saludos desde barranco Peru...
KPZ III 13 days ago
Por favor Dios llévate a bad bunny, anuel y todas esas mamadas y trae devuelta a kurt.
K W 13 days ago
what is with the boring crowd?
jude jude
jude jude 9 days ago
Better to soak in the music than stand there dancing like the fans in in bloom
darkside wierdo
darkside wierdo 13 days ago
David Bowie did the same song do recomnd
darkside wierdo
darkside wierdo 2 days ago
@jude jude why would you think that?
darkside wierdo
darkside wierdo 6 days ago
@jude jude nuuuu
jude jude
jude jude 9 days ago
Are you joking or not
Heve C.
Heve C. 13 days ago
Lucia Murillo
Lucia Murillo 13 days ago
Nirvana. Cork covein lo mejor de todo el mundo
Pate gayo
Pate gayo 14 days ago
3:57 Dave: no weón, todavía no
Jeremy's Rock School 365
What an amazing performance.
Lorena V
Lorena V 14 days ago
I love you Kurt 💖💖💖
Simone Cl16
Simone Cl16 15 days ago
Fantastico ❤🇮🇹
Klinger silva silva
Porra essa música é foda🎶🎸
Luis Alejandro Encarnación Ventura
Puedo sentir su tristeza
Aman Joshi
Aman Joshi 15 days ago
what genre it is ? i love the song .
marby pazh
marby pazh 15 days ago
This one still rock ..... And forever it will ..
Bani BTS
Bani BTS 15 days ago
My brother recommend me and now I am in love with Nirvana
Yudhy Chandra
Yudhy Chandra 15 days ago
i wish i have time machine i will turn back time to see this living legend. And sing together with loud from earth to outer space. Your biggest fans from South Jakarta Indonesia. Grunge Never Die (26/06/2020)
MrPatriciolynch1 15 days ago
3:14 moment epic
Él verbo de Jesucristó les respalda en precencia de vuestro creador del universo les pido perdón amén.
Cristian Fernández
Alguien más q hablé español XD
gearheadcg 16 days ago
As a gen x'er it's the music of my generation !
Enedina Vara
Enedina Vara 16 days ago
Me encanta.
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