Nipsey Hussle - Double Up Ft. Belly & Dom Kennedy [Official Music Video]

Nipsey Hussle
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Film Scored by AVAA
Video Commissioner: Emmanuelle Cuny
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Oct 4, 2018




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Comments 100
Awwww I love his songs but nipsey is dead #sad 😭🥺🙁
Santi Munez
Santi Munez Hour ago
To short intro !!!
Sipho 4 hours ago
I like da flow of Nip and da rest of the rappers🖤🖤🕊🔥🔥😤💯
Van Vlogs Angola
Van Vlogs Angola 4 hours ago
You will always be in my heart leader for ever, i pray for you every day...
James Hughes
James Hughes 5 hours ago
dude standing in the driveway, sees Nipsey and says ,, heard alot about you. Nipsey replies like what .? dude says yeah yeah..
RASSI TXC 5 hours ago
you mean that this guy is RIP? fuck...why..i haven't any words...so nice rap..pity. RIP bro..keep rappin up there
karim zanoune
karim zanoune 5 hours ago
One Of The Best
Aaliyah Haron
Aaliyah Haron 6 hours ago
Khalil Bill
Khalil Bill 11 hours ago
Nipsey's life was a blessing, his memory a treasure, loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. R.I.P Legend
Rami 11 hours ago
3:12 - 3:19 thank me later
WhytyProd 14 hours ago
8:58 Thats a shooter
Samuel Tatum
Samuel Tatum 16 hours ago
I'll be going to the bank bout 3, 4 times
Samuel Tatum
Samuel Tatum 16 hours ago
Gone to soon smh
Victor Viorato
Victor Viorato 19 hours ago
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タロスもも 19 hours ago
Antz hudz
Antz hudz Day ago
One less dealer!
Rudy Espinoza
Nipsey was a real boss. You can hear it in his lyrics and the videos.
William Garcia
to the truwe grinders this a classic
jay bagley
jay bagley Day ago
RIP brotha 🙏! 2020 PRESENT
Truth Day ago
Goats made history 🤍
Jeremiah Austin
So her ass ran off on the plug 🤦🏾‍♂️ I’d of smacked her ass
Ericson Fenol
sept 18 2020 drose
man this intro hard for me to watch rip
Viper666 Day ago
Do that till the bag is done 💯
Naija Lolade
Naija Lolade Day ago
*Oloboleke* ; Like if you know what that means
Patrick Keys
Patrick Keys Day ago
This Still a track beating tracks coming out this year
Global Majority1
Kamaru Broke Colby Covingtons Jaw
Damn..why tf did they have to take my nigga Nip out of all people? 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Nathaniel Channel
Trick or Treat?
Hisonly Onelove
You could see their connection threw this whole video 💙💙💙
Jose Carrillo
Love it Nipsey whole album fire🔥🔥💯
Dimelo Yssa
Dimelo Yssa Day ago
¿QUIEN CHUCHA se le ocurre dejar a su mujer a cargo de un tour POR LA CASA a un tipo que no conoce y que previamente la lujurió bajando la escalera?
you're girls are ugly as fu dude lol
Abdulla Farran
Didn’t know Steve Harvey rapped 😂
mmaobong osung
mmaobong osung 2 days ago
2020 anyone?
sipho miya
sipho miya 2 days ago
Double up, three or four times I ain't tellin' no lies I just run it up, never let a hard time humble us Double up, I ain't tellin' no lies, I just I ain't tellin' no lies, I just 5, 4, 3-2 let's talk, I got To you, that money My dreams, come true My life, in diamonds Who knew Who knew Who knew Turn 7 to a 14 14 to a whole thing Lord knows it's a cold game Switched up on you hoes mayne Big body take both lanes Backseat blowin' propane All black, five gold chains Young rich nigga bossed up on his own mayne My new shit sound like it's Soul Train Tookie Williams over Coltrane Eric B by the rope chain RSC we fosho bang Tiny locs and they go crazy What you know about the dope game Was you born in the 80s Did your mama smoke cocaine Have you ever seen a whole thang What you drove through to the streets 'Cause you grew up on short change Fucked up when the dope age It remind me when these rappers drop duds and they clothes change Had the part wit the low fade I would stand in front of Nick's wit my sack for the whole day Drive by's that was road rage Then we park and hop out Learn levels to this whole thang Old skool play the O'Jays Tryna make a slow change Mama still slavin' for a low wage Tryna double up, three or four times, I ain't tellin' no lies I just run it up, never let a hard time humble us Double up, I ain't tellin' no lies, I just I ain't tellin' no lies, I just 5, 4, 3-2, let's talk, I got To you, that money My dreams, come true My life, in diamonds Who knew Who knew Who knew I leave it behind if you let me I run and got drown just to hold you down I jump off the ledge if you with me I break you up, you just let me down Let me down This my All Money In, take two Let me down It's hard to catch what you can't see I grew up to be who I wanna be So, the more niggas talk I'ma shine Might of been way before its time Posted wit my back against the wall Life is a bitch but she mine The rag six deuce yeah it's mine The westside too, yeah it's mine What you know about Your poster on the wall at the dealership Leave her in the bed, legs tremblin' Gettin' banged on for your Pendleton's What you know about Your response be the reason you exist Lucky I ain't get caught up in the twist Young nigga blue pager on my hip so As the champagne spill And the car accelerate And the beat gon' cry I be goin' to the bank at least three, four times Get handshakes from the branch managers We keep doin' fly shit when the camera's cut Double up, three or four times, I ain't tellin' no lies I just run it up, never let a hard time humble us Double up, I ain't tellin' no lies, I just I ain't tellin no lies, I just 5, 4, 3-2, let's talk, I got To you, that money My dreams, come true My life, in diamonds Who knew Who knew Who knew I leave it behind if you let me I run and got drown just to hold you down I jump off the ledge if you with me I break you up, you just let me down Let me down Let me down
Cabdirizaq Carab
Cabdirizaq Carab 2 days ago
No body knows Dave East is in the video another Nip
random mercedes MGTOW
Stacey wanted to cheat huh. Lmao
Tannaya Haynes
Tannaya Haynes 2 days ago
the more niggas talk the more they gone sine R.I.P Nipsey we love you
tyler southern
tyler southern 2 days ago
Respect for Nipsey and his work, music and none music. Nothing but love to Ms London and his children.
ataho randy
ataho randy 2 days ago
Who still misses Nipsey like me 😢
jashan dandiwal
jashan dandiwal 2 days ago
Nipsey ustaad🔥🔥
Ricardo Rentería Castañeda
Cristina Pirir
Cristina Pirir 2 days ago
Mr. O
Mr. O 2 days ago
Never met a man that I loved like Hussle.
Rahim Asma
Rahim Asma 2 days ago
Rahim Asma
Rahim Asma 2 days ago
Just weed or feed no problem
lemmieatit 2 days ago
Disgusting how his life and others are just taken by other Black men. Zero value for life and are now marching
Stacy Harris
Stacy Harris 3 days ago
I ain’t telling no lies I just🎶🎶✔️
George Nikola
George Nikola 3 days ago
this is what I call a complete art. You can’t help yourself from almost tearing up.
Gladys Rodgers
Gladys Rodgers 3 days ago
Boy being rich ain't s""" if I gotta be around all that and plus hell is waiting right here on EARTH
Gladys Rodgers
Gladys Rodgers 3 days ago
I felt for Nissy Russell wish it could have been alot different for him I'm very sorry it didnt and hope all parties pay dearly
Izaiah Yeboah
Izaiah Yeboah 3 days ago
R.I.P Nipsey Hussle,
Damon H.
Damon H. 3 days ago
Storyline for this video is fire!
Lindsey Poolaw
Lindsey Poolaw 3 days ago
End the ending
Lindsey Poolaw
Lindsey Poolaw 3 days ago
Love tha lyrics
Dean&Vex 3 days ago
NykeFN 3 days ago
Man i been in my head all day and keeping this on repeat to just chill me out and relax my mental. 😞 I appreciate you more than you'll ever know 🙏
ravinderpal singh
nostalgia critic
Antonio Carlos Totañes
this song 1m views before nipsey died
Xhanti Zwelibanzi
I laughed when 'Esquire' mentioned the Picasso to 'New New'!
Xisean Anthony
Xisean Anthony 7 hours ago
We got it lol
NYC G Day ago
Only real one get it
Travelling James
Travelling James 3 days ago
Google: Which country uses +234 Country code?
jada nixon
jada nixon 3 days ago
Derrick Rhodes Art
ruvid.net/video/video-pIdew4SweHML.htmlike and subscribe please
Theresa 4 days ago
When you are so FLY niggas get scared you go take they spot. This should have never happened!
ĀVREE EVANS 4 days ago
#STAYONYOURDEAN 👑👑👑 ruvid.net/video/video-Y02Bpg4tPR4.html
Abrish Eri Hussle
Who's here in September 2020?
steven logansmith
steven logansmith 21 hour ago
Tyrin Little
Tyrin Little Day ago
carlos osegueda
I’m here in December 2020
Lexylexcosmetics Lex
Abrish Eri Hussle ME 😂😂😂
Ayy B
Ayy B 4 days ago
Man nipsey was a real ass dude
My favorite shit off the Album
Cole Cormier
Cole Cormier 4 days ago
RIP nipsey
Dinar Gabdurakhmanov
Жойлари жаннатда булсин. Амин.
Billy Rodriguez
Billy Rodriguez 4 days ago
They are a beautiful couple and had the realest relationship damn this song hit different. FLY HIGH NIPSEY💯💔 😔
Sean Maz
Sean Maz 4 days ago
Made my first song in hopes of becoming an aspiring artist, ruvid.net/video/video-36HyN6u5bp4.html check it out plz 🙏 let me know what y'all think
Ayub Jimale Jr
Ayub Jimale Jr 4 days ago
you never dei
Ayub Jimale Jr
Ayub Jimale Jr 4 days ago
bleessssss for yooou
Rich z
Rich z 4 days ago
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Free Man
Free Man 4 days ago
RIP Dominique White "DD", Oak Cliff, Tx a true blood brother. terrible loss for no reason.
Kaden Johnson mobile gaming
whoever disliked this video is messed up. Nipsey music sends a messages
Blue Lee
Blue Lee 5 days ago
Imu 💙💙💙💙💙💙
Emmanuel Dean
Emmanuel Dean 5 days ago
Belly part goes so hard. (I don't see anyone else saying it so I had to)
HI_IM_SIMPLE 5 days ago
Rest up King Nipsey 💙💙💙
Chriz Her
Chriz Her 5 days ago
Who in the fuck puts an ad in the middle of a music video retarded
CAR MOB TV 5 days ago
Its 2020 and I'm still hurt that weirdo took a legend from us rest easy nip I'm gone see ya in heaven bro
CAKES & ART 5 days ago
Time is short very short... Our Lord Jesus Christ is coming back really soon... Accept him, with him comes eternal life securing that is extremely important... .. For those who want to know Jesus Christ, my precious saviour say this salvation prayer out loud " Dear God I come to you a sinner I repent from the bottom of my heart please forgive me. Jesus, I believe that GOD raised you from death I make you Lord in my life baptize me with the fire of the Holy Spirit burn the chains that hold me captive to obeying you. I believe Jesus Christ you are the son of the living God please write my name in the book of life from today Jesus I make you LORD and saviour in my life guide and protect and teach me your word AMEN" That's all next read the book of John, Romans & Hebrew u will know how precious Jesus Christ is he is amazing and waiting on you...
Gladys Rodgers
Gladys Rodgers 3 days ago
His real name is Yahashawa he is hebrew we are the hebrews his kids so called blacks find out easy through Hebrew Israelites speaking truth all my questions were answers on point its real
Jimmy Hoops
Jimmy Hoops 3 days ago
Jesus christ you know a lot of things about religion
Jay Pine
Jay Pine 5 days ago
Listening to nip since i was 16 still blows me away hes gone 💯rest nip youve done ur job ♥️
Joshlynn Povidinski
Skull Don
Skull Don 5 days ago
Never let the hard times humble us.💯🙏🏼
Lucas Rodrigues
Lucas Rodrigues 5 days ago
I miss you 🔥
Mulgeta Berhe
Mulgeta Berhe 5 days ago
reall og
reall og 5 days ago
Am high asf and shit is burning bro
Genny Zelis
Genny Zelis 6 days ago
I notice new things every time I watch this ! This bideo is everything. RIP NIP❤❤❤❤❤
Deadinside 6 days ago
Meanwhile i am bumping this shit over here during quarantine i hope all of you are gooda and could overcome any problems or situation blessings from saint rose city Rip nipsey
Joseph Benavidez
Joseph Benavidez 6 days ago
Crazy how you go threw shit loyal and faithful but never respected or loved till u ghost. Rip to all fallen .. we stay praying for sumthin better. But we keep falling n losing our way home.
Caprice O
Caprice O 6 days ago
Stacy is gorgeous but that gold not.
King Cose27
King Cose27 6 days ago
double up 3 or 4 times i ain't telling no lies i just run it up!!
King Cose27
King Cose27 6 days ago
That ending ''lord knows its a cold game, switched up on you hoes man''
Zach Foss
Zach Foss 6 days ago
bruh how you boutta put an ad in the middle of the music vid
Adam Pepiton
Adam Pepiton 6 days ago
RIP Nipsey 🙏🏼
lilbrova 6 days ago
this song is so underrated!
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