Nintendo Switch Lite Unboxing!

Kevin Kenson
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An early unboxing Nintendo Switch Lite unboxing!
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Sep 16, 2019




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Comments 80
Kevin Kenson
Kevin Kenson 8 months ago
Here's the link to the shirts: teespring.com/stores/kevin-kenson-gaming Be sure to use NEWSWITCH to get 15% off!
Nourhan Youssef
Nourhan Youssef 15 days ago
Nourhan Youssef
Nourhan Youssef 15 days ago
Carmen Tu
Carmen Tu 25 days ago
How come your switch doesn't come in the hard plastic material bag
Nyombi Shafic
Nyombi Shafic Month ago
Kevin Kenson .
Dhruv Kadia
Dhruv Kadia 2 months ago
Can you give it to me I will subscrbe
Arif Sayyed
Arif Sayyed Day ago
Can i play WWE games in it?
Tasso Demo
Tasso Demo Day ago
Tbh the way the switch lite is packaged makes it seem like it’s a toy
Alden Brady
Alden Brady 2 days ago
I don’t have a switch yet, can’t find them anywhere and used ones are going for over 500 usd as of me saying this I am gonna wait to see if they drop in price cus that’s ridiculous. However I will say this the lite better have a grey variant I am not a fan of the bright colors personally.
Ben Crane
Ben Crane 4 days ago
Switch lite is the vegan version of the switch
pewyoutuber 5 days ago
If i was a rich girl nanananananananananananahhh
Diana Kajcza
Diana Kajcza 7 days ago
I Like Nintendo Switch Lite blue
fnaf The fox
fnaf The fox 7 days ago
Ti is Blue
fnaf The fox
fnaf The fox 7 days ago
i have one
ASTROID 8 days ago
I wish I had one😔
Colin Meharg
Colin Meharg 9 days ago
I'm trying to save up my money to upgrade from my 2DS that I lost
Autumn Proffitt
Autumn Proffitt 9 days ago
I’m getting a turquoise Nintendo lite today!!
TRCPro 9 days ago
3:36 what language is that lol
BabyAilly 10 days ago
Guys I can’t choose between the yellow, the turquoise and the coral. Please helpppp
4eva gaming
4eva gaming 10 days ago
I was saving my money and now i only have 118
Røsey_Meløn 11 days ago
i have one and i love it
McMurdie Bricks
McMurdie Bricks 11 days ago
You must be rick bc you have 2 normal switches and a switch lite. Having all that would take me two years (or something) to make enough money.
Bright ninja
Bright ninja 11 days ago
I wish I could ever buy one am too poor that’s why I started I RUvid channel
Matthew Shreiner
Matthew Shreiner 12 days ago
U bought a switch that can't switch
Luke Shreiner
Luke Shreiner 12 days ago
Wow, so you paid $200 for a switch that can't even switch
Luke Shreiner
Luke Shreiner 10 days ago
@Nitro Glycerin yeah, but the regular one is better, the life is for noobs and plebs
Nitro Glycerin
Nitro Glycerin 10 days ago
Switch Lite is The Best as it’s not necessary to switch
Marie Benoit
Marie Benoit 12 days ago
What if there's a new switch lite with mini joy-cons and it can actually dock.
John Blake
John Blake 13 days ago
Currently playing a 3ds xl..i have alot of games installed..maybe ill get this later this year.
gamer guy
gamer guy 13 days ago
Anyone watching in 2030
MipGamer 13 days ago
I have a switch lite for christmas.
Jennix 86
Jennix 86 13 days ago
I recently bought the lite and just wondering if ita worth the money to buy the regular on later on.
The guy who comments E
If you're wondering just buy a used regular one
The guy who comments E
Nitro Glycerin bruh the original switch has detachable joy con let’s say it’s starts drifting you have to buy a whole new console but with the regular switch you don’t the switch let’s you broadcast the screen to a tv also it has a kickstand it has a better battery life also
Nitro Glycerin
Nitro Glycerin 10 days ago
Switch Lite > original switch
Slayer the robloxian Gamer
Tbh i whould still want a switch
Basil Leslie
Basil Leslie 17 days ago
I just bought the turquoise switch lite and acnh I’m so excited!! Last animal crossing game I had was wild world on my ds lite lol
epicallyepic 18 days ago
Anyone else getting one not for animal crossing
Jennix 86
Jennix 86 13 days ago
Got mine for Pokemon.... And animal crossing 😂🤣
Anna Covino
Anna Covino 19 days ago
The battery life of my new Nintendo switch lite isn't good. After 10 minutes playing Assessin Creed, 40% want down. What should I do?
Noah Haynes
Noah Haynes 19 days ago
AbdulRahman Gehani
AbdulRahman Gehani 20 days ago
i hate the switch lite its missing half the feachers of the nintendo switch i know i am 10 so dont jujge me
Salumi 20 days ago
Switch lite is dumb
Mason T
Mason T 21 day ago
How does animal crossing work on the Nintendo switch light???
Markham Heat
Markham Heat 21 day ago
i need the switch frorm pc
Capsillo 22 days ago
The lite version looks good but it doesn’t feel like a Nintendo Switch console
Capsillo 22 days ago
Myloprime yes but the lite version doesn’t give me that feeling and joy of a real Nintendo switch idk if I am the only one
Myloprime 22 days ago
Apart from being unable to dock, and use Nintendo labo (no one uses that anyway) it's the same console
twitchster77 22 days ago
The Switch Lite makes for such a disappointing unboxing! lol
Aliyah O'Rourke
Aliyah O'Rourke 23 days ago
people are complaining about not having a kick stand for the nintendo switch lite but you dont really need one thats why its called handed held
banana 28
banana 28 23 days ago
Despite the fact you have less then 1 million subscribers your content has better quality than some people with 10 million
Mr Orange
Mr Orange 24 days ago
Has anyone noticed how small his hands are? (No offense)
BigManBilly 69k
BigManBilly 69k 24 days ago
What is the difference between normal switch and this like does it have all the same games ?
BigManBilly 69k
BigManBilly 69k 19 days ago
Quote oh okay thank you
SomeDankFrog 19 days ago
They play the same games. But the lite cant dock to a TV
Evan Lott
Evan Lott 24 days ago
I have the coral lit switch
Vender 25 days ago
i want a nintendo switch lite.;(
Noorhasriyanti Hasan
I. Want. Nintendo switch
シAshie 26 days ago
me at 3:20 am watching this: hMmM should i askkk orr noOoOo
Malcolm Chabrol
Malcolm Chabrol 27 days ago
ollie taylor
ollie taylor 27 days ago
I'm pretty sure that the regular Nintendo switch had speakers on the bottom
Kimberly !
Kimberly ! 28 days ago
in 7 years : nintendo switch 90 pounds
InFiNiTy GaMinG
InFiNiTy GaMinG 28 days ago
Parents: you can get a switch next week. Next week: NO!
Emma 28 days ago
anyone else watching this video on their switch lite :>
Lupita Mora
Lupita Mora 28 days ago
Its sucks
hanif DC
hanif DC 28 days ago
XZEROTWOX1899 28 days ago
Dave Edr1ch
Dave Edr1ch 29 days ago
I’m the Philippines the Nintendo switch lite is 11,500 pesos I’m planning to get one for my brother for his birthday (don’t tell him)
Zack Markham
Zack Markham 29 days ago
I just thought of a joke, the Nintendo Switch Lite is just the Gameboy Advance Ultimate Edition
Whyinem Month ago
Good explanation and open box. Keep up the good work
0:00 it looks green
Silas Month ago
ahh, the good old days when switches were actually at stores and people weren't selling them on Ebay for $450+
IXIRob_MarleyIXI 16 days ago
Silas nice
Silas 16 days ago
There was a GameStop restock today and I managed to pick up a grey v2
Ll B
Ll B 16 days ago
IXIRob_MarleyIXI a good way to have fun during a pandemic since all the regular switches are SOLD OUT LOL
IXIRob_MarleyIXI 16 days ago
Ll B I. Just happy to have a switch again .... I bought all,digital games so they just waiting for me 😁
IXIRob_MarleyIXI 16 days ago
Ll B 😆😂 that’s crazy I seen this video already ... thanks tho a really good way too
GeorgeErika Month ago
Waiting for my ns to be delivered today😩😭why is it taking so long!! Can’t wait🤓
jackieeeeee Month ago
Haven't played video games since I had the DS, super excited to get it!
Gloria Gutierrez
I would like to get one but I'm scared of drift and yeah tbh when I 1st got it a few weeks of playing drift and I been this way for a year now and yeah I have blue and red joycons
J̶a̶c̶k̶5718 G̶a̶m̶i̶n̶g̶
Nintendo Switchn’t
Fathin Amira
Fathin Amira Month ago
please nintendo sponsor me in Malaysia!
Michelle Hoyle
Michelle Hoyle Month ago
does it come with a sd card??
Koshin WinterBlossom
Getting mines Friday, I'm so excited to be able to play animal crossing, I was leaning towards getting the switch but since my brother wants one and can't afford it, I'm putting all my money together to get two
melsalphabetsoup 28 days ago
Koshin WinterBlossom that’s so sweet!
NightestCore TKMI
Playing let's go there will be epic Where u will need to throw it entirely
Mayaalianna _
Mayaalianna _ Month ago
Looks like a good $275 spent. I’m now broke:(
Let Him Mix Music
5:00 he said “EBXY” when he meant ABCY
Artsy Month ago
I recommend getting the light if you have smaller hands because I remember playing with my boyfriend's regular switch and my tiny hands just had troubles with the buttons lol
Jacksy Villanueva
What a waste of money
Bumblemax Month ago
I dont understand it's not a switch you cant switch the joycons
JoshGaming YT
JoshGaming YT Month ago
I can't even afford nintendo switch lite I computed it, it's about 2 years of saving 50% of my pocket money to school😕
TheFortnitepewdiepie Sub
I’m getting neon joycon switch😁
Jessa Woodward
Jessa Woodward Month ago
does a lite come with an SD card? or do you even need one?
CC 29 days ago
no it doesnt come with one. it has 32bg of internal storage though. only reason youd need to get one is if you plan on getting digital games. if not then dont worry about it.
Pete Zajot
Pete Zajot Month ago
R.I.P. PS Vita
Alfonso DeLaCruz
It’s a good color but the thing is that it can’t connect to a tv
Union Lord
Union Lord Month ago
Guys I Want To See Your Comments Who The Best Nintendo Switch Lite Or Nintendo Switch
Chaco3157 Month ago
I’m getting a lite because I had 2 switches the gen 1 and 2 but my servers ran out so they stoped working. I’m only getting it for animal crossing and no online service.
Mr Ch33seHed
Mr Ch33seHed Month ago
Just got the coral. Was curious if mine was lacking some items but nope, exactly like yours! 😁👍
Clarissa Lomax
Clarissa Lomax Month ago
Bro ur noob coz lite for noob
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