Ninja Defusing The Sweatiest Kids Ever! - Call of Duty Modern Warfare

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Dec 30, 2019




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Comments 80
The Masked
The Masked 3 days ago
0:40 new episode of back with the kardasiens
Simon Gujbhi
Simon Gujbhi 4 days ago
Anybody else notice how they ALWAYS have a low ranked guy in their party?? Smh
Haydn Horn
Haydn Horn 15 days ago
I love toxic cod
Alant6305 16 days ago
13:05 H e l i c o p t e r G u n
GavinRoss 05
GavinRoss 05 21 day ago
Dang wildcat had a legit matchup in an argument
Kacob Parker
Kacob Parker 21 day ago
I have a bracelet that says "put it in reverse terry!!" 😂😂😂
Jaygod9999 99999
Jaygod9999 99999 26 days ago
That isn’t Star Wars, wildcat. You hit your shots
ImRaivon 28 days ago
Whenever wildcat hops on MW it immediately becomes a Jerry Springer show
killerboi 890
killerboi 890 Month ago
He might just cencered the whole trash talk part
Brandon Alexis
Brandon Alexis Month ago
Did they ever unban his name lol
Yeet-Elite Sl4yer
Yeet-Elite Sl4yer 2 months ago
Codine_X_23 2 months ago
Where are the ninja....oh wait it's the end
Oliver Binks
Oliver Binks 3 months ago
The start is literally from a Jeremy Kyle show
Exitium Morte
Exitium Morte 3 months ago
You talk about poor people but it's poor people who put you here. If you didn't have us you would still be flipping burgers crying like a highschool football player talking about how you almost made it to state. Appreciate what you have ass clown.
BolacaWheezer 3 months ago
3:37 is it just me or does that sound like toms scream from Tom and Jerry?
Matthew Spurlock
Matthew Spurlock 3 months ago
0:38 welcome to cod
unknown entertainment
No cap thank you guys for still yelling kobe and keeping it going love you guys keep it up👍👍👍
Asianly Communist
Asianly Communist 3 months ago
All of the trash talk on cod just makes me laugh now. Mostly because almost all the people who play the game have 0 IQ. Note: I said mostly
lovelifenoites 4 months ago
COD is love CoD is life like always playing with own playlist that has Delta Parole or some McR. Gonna play later good fragz friendzzz
Brandon Vinson
Brandon Vinson 4 months ago
2:16 the helicopter said yeet, Kobe said it's over
bbygirltessy 4 months ago
Scott Doppelfeld
Scott Doppelfeld 4 months ago
Everytime I hear someone say Kobe it makes me sad
Jeremy 4 months ago
0 ninja defuses. interesting
Bryson Lurry
Bryson Lurry 4 months ago
Smii7y a god
Xotics Gaming
Xotics Gaming 4 months ago
"I love how people dance on me but I'm rich and they're poor." Ever since you said that in a fortnite video I realized you are 100% a selfish sore loser. Just because you got fortunate enough to be successful and wealthy, be grateful for what you have. Not rub it in people's faces because they're better gamers than you.
Jarfi Plays Games
Jarfi Plays Games 4 months ago
Where’d you get that Krueger Outfit?
COUNTRY GUY 4 months ago
You can ninja defuse all the bombs against all the sweats you want. But you will always be the guy that GOT ninja defused by a BOT.
RnB Flav
RnB Flav 4 months ago
Every *bleep* i hear is like the MTV shows💀😂😂😂
Versitiliy 4 months ago
I’ve played with that guy kinesthetic he’s not even all that we was in shoot house he didn’t even get 10 kills lol
JB Smit
JB Smit 4 months ago
Marcel's Loadout : Please like & Subscribe
bowmanbryce 4 months ago
Anyone else here Scotty call that guy an ape?
Dad jokes Inc.
Dad jokes Inc. 4 months ago
Smh using a shotgun
Brandon Almazan
Brandon Almazan 4 months ago
Does anyone know how Wildcat got the red lasers on his Scar
The Chicken Noodle
The Chicken Noodle 4 months ago
Yikes I dumpstered that #7 guy and 1 v 5 clutches against his team twice. Went 21-3 that game. And I rarely have good games.
Tom Tjebbes
Tom Tjebbes 4 months ago
What I want to know is if there’s any message hidden in Morse code in this video
Wolf Born
Wolf Born 4 months ago
What European server am i playing on that i hear maybe two or three words a month..if that!
Good Ole Boys
Good Ole Boys 4 months ago
how did he get that calling card lol
Z3r0 4 months ago
Who came here after marcel got ninja defused by a bot
Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott 4 months ago
Anybody know how to get that Radioactive Blueprint he has?
ktwolnuts 4 months ago
why was this crap recommended to me...
prod. sono
prod. sono 4 months ago
ktwolnuts let’s ask what you like pal
It's me Bubbadee
It's me Bubbadee 4 months ago
Careful of wildcats mantle health 😂
Matthew Reyna
Matthew Reyna 4 months ago
This sounds like my mom and dad fight
NropR 4 months ago
Lobby sounding like a Dr. Phil episode
Perez_423 4 months ago
Lmao the laugh at 3:37 sounds like Goofy’s scream😂
Mikala Bucklin
Mikala Bucklin 4 months ago
I always get out of RUvid for the holidays because my family is always here and videos like Marcels are why I should learn to not get out of it.
Connor Olson
Connor Olson 4 months ago
I hope you have the same editor as shroud and arent just stealing the cover art😂😂
SDmoneyTalk 4 months ago
Racial slurs ruin your content for me. I hope I was mistaken. Unsubscribed.
Derrick T.
Derrick T. 4 months ago
This was a great video. I'm sick with a headache and i was smiling most of the time. Thank you.
Dawuan McGowan
Dawuan McGowan 4 months ago
3:37 why he sound like tom when he screams 😂
James Anderson
James Anderson 4 months ago
Am I an oddity here? For some reason, since I started watching RUvid regularly for COD about 2 years ago, I seem to have found all the smaller channels and it;s only now I'm discovering the bigger channels like WC, Courage, Tatman etc. Anyone else like that?
Raven5.0 4 months ago
Trying to censor wildcat with beeps sounds like a heartbeat monitor.
Lordofender 1018
Lordofender 1018 2 months ago
Like someone is dying
Paoa Vandervoort
Paoa Vandervoort 4 months ago
Yo why do you always have a bandaid on when is that booboo gonna heal
SeabeePorkChop 4 months ago
I really couldn't understand what anyone was saying in the beginning
TX_4X4 *Gaming and having Fun*
i have realized i read the title wrong and thought they were playing with ninja oof
Rod Brown
Rod Brown 4 months ago
A bunch of white guys repeatedly saying the N Word bcuz they think it’s funny smh
Sekiko Gaming
Sekiko Gaming 4 months ago
Me: How drunk was Anthony in this video? Marcel: Yes.
TyTree 4 months ago
LMFAO id be dead if i called up my grandma and said wassup N-word on video or on a stream id be dead
Aurora Bash
Aurora Bash 4 months ago
Did this guy steal the Shroud thumbnails? or is it just me?
Forrest Lea
Forrest Lea 4 months ago
Y do u an shroud use the same thumbnails
Maxim Schulz
Maxim Schulz 4 months ago
Funny ass video but I'm curious how tf did Marcel get his hipfire so tight on his 357 with snake shot? How the hell do I do that!?
Kolton Winchester
Kolton Winchester 4 months ago
Bro has anyone told you that you and @Shroud have like the same pictures (I forgot what they are called), the picture that displays the video title.
Jackson Miller
Jackson Miller 4 months ago
The blue project
The blue project 4 months ago
I really need to make it into their lobbies at some point
Mr Giggles
Mr Giggles 4 months ago
Coochie gang coochie gang coochie gang, mah bih luh do putang XD
Silentgunner555 4 months ago
WTH two people on the other team I just recently added and played with, small world
POW - 150900
POW - 150900 4 months ago
Tom and Jerry 3:37
Andrea Zaragoza
Andrea Zaragoza 4 months ago
Andrew Neal
Andrew Neal 4 months ago
How were they shooting lasers?
Supreme cx
Supreme cx 4 months ago
New Year, Whos this?
Atlas Gaming
Atlas Gaming 4 months ago
It took 11 rounds for BigJigglyPanda to talk during that match
OG 4hunnid
OG 4hunnid 4 months ago
Isn't the thumbnail looks like shroud
Tommy Nguyen
Tommy Nguyen 4 months ago
What do i do if my gf wants me to lick her butthole.... i dont want to
NightShade 627
NightShade 627 4 months ago
Marcel it's alright I feel that pain too. 😟😟
Kalfmeir The anima buster
Just saying the class names at 4:01 is why I am commenting lol
dave fulkerson
dave fulkerson 4 months ago
You missed some bleeps there at the end of wildcat's rant but I'd get dizzy editing those rants lol
Shibeø YH
Shibeø YH 4 months ago
David Gilbert
David Gilbert 4 months ago
Trent. Bagwell
Trent. Bagwell 4 months ago
Fr hasn’t posted in a decade 😤
Sam Schellhase
Sam Schellhase 4 months ago
what was the name that Marcel used that got banned?
Ben Holthaus
Ben Holthaus 4 months ago
We need Wonder Woman animated tv show! Like this if you want a WWTAS!
Lil Mexi
Lil Mexi 4 months ago
when Anthony laughs he sounds so evil😂😭💀
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