Niki DeMar’s 70s-Inspired Apartment Makeover | OMG We're Coming Over

Mr. Kate
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Sconces: bit.ly/2SJ1P8B
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TV Stand with Fireplace: bit.ly/2SKrJJ6
Plaid Rug: bit.ly/2DS9WWp
Sideboard: bit.ly/2DV5rub
Oak Bar Stool: bit.ly/2DOP3v8
Coffee Table: bit.ly/2DVD0vV
Plaid Accent Chair: bit.ly/2SKqppF
Teal Dining Chairs: bit.ly/2DPyRKa
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Faux Palm Tree: bit.ly/2DPyJue
Faux Philodendrum Plant: bit.ly/2DTYfhN
Black Side Table: bit.ly/2SKrihZ
Faux Monstera Plant: bit.ly/2SKrMoj
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Editor & Director: Vianne Robitaille
Producer: JJ Mayes
Shot by: Marco Bottiglieri, John Dowd, Tim Banks
Assistant Camera: Ben Smith
Sound: Chris Cole
Art Department: Emily Banks, Sam Valladres, Michelle Rumaker, Joe Oosthuizen

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Feb 19, 2019




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Comments 100
Tamala Madourie
Love love this , but the newspaper unpainted on the white canvas would be so rad !!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Emma Murphy
Emma Murphy 3 days ago
Nicki: I like warm colors ( as her hair is blue)
Mei Eileen
Mei Eileen 5 days ago
I always watch Niki and gabi and Nate is always so shy and then he was normal
random name
random name 10 days ago
I love her hair!
Jinger Because
Jinger Because 11 days ago
Absolutely LOVE this!!
Sudhiksha 14 days ago
Who watched the whole video!
Sudhiksha 14 days ago
Who’s watching in 2020!
Maria Cid
Maria Cid 18 days ago
Love the hair Katie
Kyorisis Hades
Kyorisis Hades 19 days ago
Kate gives me Halsey vibes for some reason.
Abhilasha Uikey
Abhilasha Uikey 24 days ago
I'm watching this after they had their a moon baby 😊
kattwin1 Month ago
She's a TWIN!!?? :D Me tooooo! ^_^
aaliyah mahmood
aaliyah mahmood Month ago
Anyone else think Joey looks a bit like Zac Efron?....... Bruh he even sounds a bit like himmmmm
kathleen swenning
Soooo cooool!!!!!! Great job guys, super great job!!!!!!
Riona Pinto
Riona Pinto Month ago
Angela Bowman
Angela Bowman Month ago
I LOVE that stone wall! I Love "Retro".....Love the yellow phone, both the Lamps, everything is SO Retro/ 70's "Brady Bunch"!! My childhood era (born in 1966....grew up with a real blue table phone, a yellow wall phone in our kitchen, with...."huge Orange and Yellow flower wallpaper" in the kitchen! And I still have an Orange 70's ashtray....semi triangular! 👍👍😊 two thumbs up!!
Shayna Formity
Shayna Formity Month ago
Omg! We had that exact backgammon set! I played it with my mom. Either I was really good at it, or she was really bad at it, or she always let me win... I love how I get an idea for my space from every one of Mr. Kate's videos - I'm def going to use the strip of wood and different wall treatments to delineate spaces in my living/dining room.
eclipsa 4402
eclipsa 4402 Month ago
I never knew that 70s is so cool this video made me realise how amazing the 70s is my Nan always tried to explain it it never really worked 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣🤣🤣
Leigh Mitchell
Leigh Mitchell Month ago
I love her laugh when she went when do u ever get to to use stone -w hahaha
Laura Burgess
Laura Burgess Month ago
Wait, so.....it takes 2 dudes to replace Kate??
Khushi Modi
Khushi Modi Month ago
Damn that girl is so strong like
Hazell Dowdell
Hazell Dowdell Month ago
I love this 70's vibe. You nailed it. I really enjoyed this video. Love you ❤💯
J C 2 months ago
The kitchen made her apartment look so much more expensive!
Talking Furkids
Talking Furkids 2 months ago
This brings me back to my childhood 🧡🤎 Loved it so much!!! Groovy!
Auryaun's Place
Auryaun's Place 2 months ago
Teal wasn't a 70's color. It was a 90's color. Gold, brown, avocado, orange, burnt red, lime were all 70's colors. This makeover is lovely, and of course, blue and orange are complementary. Great job as always
Leigh Chambers
Leigh Chambers 2 months ago
Homa Mousavi
Homa Mousavi 2 months ago
The artwork looks like many breasts.
Gabrielle Peterson
Gabrielle Peterson 2 months ago
Does she remind anyone else of Any from good luck Charlie during the 70’s montage
olivia 2 months ago
yes - im shook! ly niki and mr.kate! xo
Juliana Fredericks
Juliana Fredericks 2 months ago
No one: Not a single soul: Niki: waaaaaaaaat! 😂
Mina Shen
Mina Shen 2 months ago
Gacha _Yeet
Gacha _Yeet 2 months ago
this,is,crazy MAKE MY ROOM
Laura VilellaDurieux
I love how Kate went into mom mode telling them to be safe and making sure they were okay
Parul Walia
Parul Walia 2 months ago
Sneha Lalwani
Sneha Lalwani 2 months ago
I've seen literally every episode in the last month and I like how your style from even 2016 is just as beautiful now!! Also, Hi from India! big fan!
KP 2 months ago
Did Nikki even like it? I don’t remember seeing any vlogs in here
Cassandra Prophet
Cassandra Prophet 3 months ago
I wish they would've painted the coffee table to match the piece nicki already has! This is definitely one of my favorites.
Cassandra Prophet
Cassandra Prophet 3 months ago
i love how excited she gets over the stone wallpaper
charlotte catherine
charlotte catherine 3 months ago
Aw Nate is so sweet
Goda Motiejauskaite
Goda Motiejauskaite 3 months ago
omg nate is so camera shy . i cant
Nandini Balasubramanian
Did anyone else freak out everytime they had close contact, then thought, "oh, that was a year ago, there was no covid then"
Nandini Balasubramanian
Alexa Swaney
Alexa Swaney 3 months ago
i love how you can just look at a room and make it amazing. like what the heck you can transform rooms to anything.
sara Hamad
sara Hamad 3 months ago
Shaz Shaz
Shaz Shaz 3 months ago
Joey is so much hotter with blonde hair
Kelley Sussman
Kelley Sussman 3 months ago
I was a kid in the 70's and that room is sooo 70's . I remember my mom's kitchen in the 70 it was lime green and that bright teal .
Hannah Zollner
Hannah Zollner 3 months ago
Alisha Hussain
Alisha Hussain 3 months ago
what........NATE WhAAAAT HAHA
bmw8913 3 months ago
Wow this girl is such a whiner! "I suck at DIYs," "I suck at painting," "I don't like loud, unexpected sounds," "I don't like full saturation of color," "Im really messy," "wood is not my territory." Like, damn, bitch, stop being a debbie downer. You're sooooo whiney...
holisticsims 3 months ago
the whole time I had the three's company theme song in my head. anyone else have a theme song in their head?
christabel fanai
christabel fanai 3 months ago
I saw it in her vlog and I love it!!
Mardie Nieuwoudt
Mardie Nieuwoudt 3 months ago
Omg I watch niki's channel end I immediately clicked and again Omg I didn't even realize she's so small
gummy 3 months ago
no one: nikki: oH My gOd... w o o d
iram 3 months ago
i LOVE the 70s so this was the perfect inspiration i was looking for , i want a room where it looks like that 70s show , dazed and confused & the brady bunch threw up in 😩🧡
abcjerilee 3 months ago
I am, but yes, I am shook! I lived thru this age, but we were poor and grew up on 1950's furniture and plain walls.
Dani 4 months ago
Do Trisha Paytas?
Ken 4 months ago
16:07 hair not pulled back while using a circular saw makes me so anxious!!
Bella Rose
Bella Rose 4 months ago
I’m sorry but Niki is WAYYYYY to pretty for that guy
Sankar Subrahmaniyam
Adya 4 months ago
Pregnant Mr. Kate is a vibe.
Lily Kruger
Lily Kruger 4 months ago
At 28:19 Kate’s shoes match with Joeys pants and Kates pants match with Joeys shoes
Harmail Mattu
Harmail Mattu 4 months ago
Crazy talented couple
Harmail Mattu
Harmail Mattu 4 months ago
I need a Joey in my life !!!!!!
Benedict Savage
Benedict Savage 4 months ago
First time watching this vlog and I'm falling in love already with your content and your decoration! New subs :)
Marcia Gallagher
Marcia Gallagher 4 months ago
Brielle Karlin
Brielle Karlin 4 months ago
Kate "you KIDS get out of here
Jeanette N Freeland
Jeanette N Freeland 4 months ago
That takes me back
genia draper
genia draper 4 months ago
The three drawer you got from the thrift store, what if you put it in the kitchen and put teas/bags in the drawers and the tea kettle or small plant on top ? Just an idea.
Juliet P.
Juliet P. 4 months ago
Like-Niki Comment a heart emoji-Gabi
AwesomeHila 4 months ago
Dina Andres
Dina Andres 4 months ago
Ava Devlin
Ava Devlin 4 months ago
Watching this in quarantine and mr Kate’s laugh is the cutest (20:44)
sisi lala
sisi lala 4 months ago
this is so nice
Nirosha Winifred
Nirosha Winifred 4 months ago
I love you two. I love your vidos.One day im going to make my house like yours.Jesus bless you.
Alyssa Christian
Alyssa Christian 4 months ago
omg niki's nails were pink wtf
Gharam Mohammed
Gharam Mohammed 4 months ago
People be like: who’s watching this in quarantine like where Else will we be
Samantha Parkell
Samantha Parkell 4 months ago
I need a bohemian office makeover
Livin’ Livi
Livin’ Livi 4 months ago
Safiya just moved you should give her a house makeover once this whole quarantine thing is over
Priyanka Shah
Priyanka Shah 4 months ago
Wow!!! Jst lv it
Zoe Rey
Zoe Rey 4 months ago
Yahaira Robinson
Yahaira Robinson 4 months ago
Hay hay
Hay hay 4 months ago
Niki: I like colors but toned down a little. Me:so warm colors ok 👌
A'isha Fleming
A'isha Fleming 4 months ago
she looks like anna kendrick mixed with Bella thorne... only me?
Nelda 4 months ago
It looks like a nickelodeon fake set
Sadie Farrell
Sadie Farrell 4 months ago
plz can you do my bedroom i can't even move in it
Jessica Angelina
Jessica Angelina 4 months ago
Me I’m shuck
Chops Sticks
Chops Sticks 4 months ago
Gosh, this is so lovely u guys !!!!!!!!!! 💕
Allie Mazzio
Allie Mazzio 4 months ago
I’m shook
Sawyer Parker
Sawyer Parker 4 months ago
Hangout with Kiisha
Hangout with Kiisha 4 months ago
Nikki's pink nails are killing me
Lara kanarie
Lara kanarie 4 months ago
But then she moved
Routh Fatima
Routh Fatima 4 months ago
is niki wearing pink nail polish ???? 9:15
Anna Nymous
Anna Nymous 4 months ago
bcfriar Doyle
bcfriar Doyle 5 months ago
Yes Shawn Dawson / Ryland! 🦩❤️ The best compliment: I’m thriving in here!!
Bella Jenkins
Bella Jenkins 5 months ago
Okay I NEED you guys to agree with me here, you should both get matching hair colours.
Olivia Case
Olivia Case 5 months ago
I’m Shook😂💕
Hala Sabban
Hala Sabban 5 months ago
I am one of nikis fans
Song Vang
Song Vang 5 months ago
wow i love this!!!
Julia silva montes
Julia silva montes 5 months ago
Do Emma chamberlain
Maddison Wade
Maddison Wade 5 months ago
Never saw this until today *instantly looks for wallapaper link, saves video for future house inspo*
Mariah Lynn
Mariah Lynn 5 months ago
This was a really cool one I loved it!
Chloe Freund
Chloe Freund 5 months ago
I’m shook
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