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Nine members of American family killed in highway ambush in Mexico, U.S. ambassador changes testimony to confirm Ukraine quid pro quo, and sheriff’s deputy arrested on felony charge for slamming a student to the ground.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).
1:14 Nine American Family Members Killed In Mexico Ambush
3:50 Key Witness Changes Testimony, Admits Ukraine Quid Pro Quo
5:25 Democrats Release New Transcripts In Impeachment Inquiry
6:17 Attorney Urges Congress To Protect Whistleblower's Identity
7:01 Arctic Blast: Plunging Temperatures & Threat Of Snow
7:50 AT&T Fined $60 Million For Allegedly Misleading Customers
9:02 Deputy Charged With Child Abuse For Bodyslamming Student
10:40 Buffalo Wild Wings Employees Fired After Racist Incident
12:05 Inside U.S. Mission To Guard Oil Fields In Syria
13:35 Income Inequality Among Top Concerns For Democratic Voters
16:21 Companies Say Four-Day Workweek Improves Productivity
18:05 911 Supervisor Accused Of Streaming Netflix During Call
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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - November 5th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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Nov 6, 2019




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Comments 628
ElPocho DelMundo
ElPocho DelMundo 26 days ago
That's why we call them PIGS. PIGS!!!!
Blue & Gold
Blue & Gold 26 days ago
The standard should be for all cops not just the black ones.
earn knowledge
earn knowledge 27 days ago
Bernard Ringuette jr
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FARYA RAHMAN 28 days ago
Eiii. Lester Holt is back! 😁😁
the thing
the thing 28 days ago
You media dont even cover the whole story.
Jayson A
Jayson A 29 days ago
I can't believe people stick up for these cops. There cowards just like the cops who act like that.
Horn Unfiltered
Horn Unfiltered 29 days ago
Big surprise, a black officer attacks a white kid and he gets locked up....
Tval valdary
Tval valdary 29 days ago
Horrible tragedy!!
Md Raju Ahmed
Md Raju Ahmed 29 days ago
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Hmong_Vaaj916 Vang
Hmong_Vaaj916 Vang 29 days ago
It wasn’t a mistake, they were actually targeted because they were Mormons . I know because there’s a documentary on RUvid about Mexican cartels vs the Mormons
Sa Ya
Sa Ya 29 days ago
ThePoorEditing Channel
Why Roger Stone looking like one of the 3 blind mice
Rick J
Rick J 29 days ago
Comcast doesn't have to worry about throttling your speeds because the internet goes down so often that you are lucky to get high speeds even for a brief period.
Patricia Vasquez
Patricia Vasquez 29 days ago
Coalition can dos..Gen White & Hill. Good ideas for Pete sake...angry cops need therapy, new job... Rogues like el Paso in Sonora... Gullibility. Good luck Chicago's finest!
Emilio Santos
Emilio Santos 29 days ago
I feel bad and I'm a kid Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
Teresa Rosa
Teresa Rosa 29 days ago
Why did they only poll democrats? sad !!!
freedomfyter 29 days ago
I’m not surprised corrupt Mexico has nothing good to contribute to mankind except killings and drugs.
freedomfyter 29 days ago
I’m not surprised corrupt Mexico has nothing good to contribute to mankind except killings and drugs.
T B 29 days ago
This girl just walks up and kicks that cop??? He definitely overreacted but why the he'll would she do that?
T B 29 days ago
4 day work weeks have been around along time nothing new some I often do 3 day work weeks
Thomas Lightningbolt
Hey Trump, Clean up the CIA cartel first!
Justice for that Family
Yvonne Davidson
Yvonne Davidson Month ago
I will never dine. In this restaurant
Yvonne Davidson
Yvonne Davidson Month ago
No background on these lying police. This is horrible.
Yvonne Davidson
Yvonne Davidson Month ago
They do the same with home wifi too
Susan Kay
Susan Kay Month ago
Unbelievable, in Naperville/Chicago, IL. In 2019. The RACISM inherant in Jim Crow, is still alive and stinking! These KKKlansmen, that are _still actively spewing their filth_ - by _'pretending'_ to be *"Patriots",* - only exist as _disgusting, backwards, and ignorant Haters._ Their minds are broken, their true spirits have rotted, and their mouths only parrot the filth that's oozing the self-deating rage inside their petty, miscreant worlds against 'the others' whom they've never met, and worse, they do not even know. We will *NOT* tolerate this Racist ideology of ugliness, and vile behavior to saturate our midst. _Not NOW, and not EVER again!_ These xenophobic paranoiacs defile the world, skulking the edges of society, existing in the shadows, to hide the ugliness they embody. Creeping behind a shield of foreboding, by portending a 'plague of a coming race-destruction', that serves them well. These bigots promote their own, self-aggrandizing, 'saviour complex', by selling it wholesale, to those who are just as broken inside. Declaring themselves *_'Patriots' to their Race,_* implies a 'redemption' for those equally committed to this vile, evil dogma, with a soul-crushing purpose of resurrecting a deep-seated, repulsive, and racist ideology, that was thought by many, as long dead and gone! These cowards only blacken the name of any *REAL PATRIOTS,* those who have _truly served their nation,_ by bravely fighting to protect and guarantee the real freedoms and liberty of all men, women, and children of our country! _We cannot again allow this shameful ugliness of a deep conspiracy of racial hatred, to go unchecked!_ And those who are actively savoring these impulses of such horrendous savagery upon others, of inciting the masses, and their ignoble promotion and pursuit of this vile destructiveness of an inglorious, and cowardly belief system, are only but a few, but are deadly to our society. *_And they will, once again, be overcome by the righteousness of those persons of upstanding good will. Those who shall persevere against destructive contemplations being wrought by the craven evils of the few._* This horrific legacy of hatred will be faced with the truth and justice that overcame it once before. It deserves to once again suffer, and be locked into its rightful dark, dying, historical ending, as its final coda. As it became in the past, as one that ended such savagery, it shall NOT be loosed upon our society yet again. Not told as a "truth" by an evil few, nor lurking with unholy plans of its resurrection upon the unsuspecting masses once again. We can, we will, we MUST defeat this insidious poison, lurking on the fringe. It is time now to stand and be counted and resist the evil of bigotry. This will Not stand, it will Not be 'tolerated. Not now, and NOT EVER AGAIN!
Teresa Thayn
Teresa Thayn Month ago
Pete's a corporate tool. Sold his soul...already. Go Bernie!
Teresa Thayn
Teresa Thayn Month ago
Climate Change and Medicare For All, then raising wages and forcing the wealthy to pay their fair share!!
Teresa Thayn
Teresa Thayn Month ago
"Can't we all just get along?" The late Rodney King
Teresa Thayn
Teresa Thayn Month ago
ALL the phone companies sold unlimited and lied! Get em all!
Teresa Thayn
Teresa Thayn Month ago
Legalize All Drugs And End The Cartels! Alcohol is NO different! Oh wait, that's right, the war on drugs is a for profit business! KMN! I'm so ashamed of my country. Embarrassed too! Geez.
Teresa Thayn
Teresa Thayn Month ago
Trump has shyt the bed! It's Truth time. Go Bernie 2020 Medicare For All 2020!
Jay Alejandro
Jay Alejandro Month ago
Thank you God for the life saved, and the hero gets the girl.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Jay Alejandro
Jay Alejandro Month ago
This was no mistaken idegntity. DON'T GO TO MEXICO!!!!! President Clown has made a bad feeling worse, especially to Mormons. I mean, look at what they preach.
Miki Ram
Miki Ram Month ago
Verizon also in throttles down your phone and they should be investigated to!!!!
Laurie Huntley
Laurie Huntley Month ago
I wonder if Mitt Romney will visit the Survivors .............his Extended (Mexican ) Family. ⁉️
Sila Noma
Sila Noma Month ago
Donnie Moronie: "Forget about the Kurdish people; We have to protect those dead, squashed dinosaurs, instead." 💰💰💰
Sila Noma
Sila Noma Month ago
"Buffalo Wild Wings": Don't eat there... You'll end up getting poisoned.😝
Robert  Rodriguez
at 13:34 of this video. all these DUMBICRAT people interviewed agree on an DUMBOCRAT candidate beating President Trump BUT are they really ALL IGNORANT ? the answer : YES ! are they REALLY in denial ? Stupid ? Ignorant ? Uneducated ? Do they NOT watch the news ? Do they NOT keep up with Politics ? Do they even KNOW where we stand as a country ? In the World ? There is NO denying what President Trump has accomplished ! Yet they talk about the 1 % ers ? What an IGNORANT thing to turn to regarding ALL THE MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS, AGREEMENTS WITH OTHER COUNTRUES AND ALL THE JOBS HE HAS CREATED ! I don't even want to waste my time listening.......
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