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President Trump blames oil tanker attacks on Iran, citing video evidence, number of mysterious American deaths in Dominican Republic rises to eight, and mortgage rates at historic lows this home buying season.
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1:21 Trump On Oil Tanker Attacks: 'Iran Did Do It'
3:32 Officials: U.S. Drones Targeted By Suspected Iranian Forces
4:01 Trump's Reversal: 'Of Course' I would Report Foreign Dirt To FBI
5:17 Trump: 'I Was Never Going To Fire Mueller'
5:52 Questions Over Hotel Alcohol After 8 American Tourist Deaths
7:56 17-Year -Old & Dad Share Amazing Shark Attack Survival Story
9:22 Mortgage Rates Hit Lowest Levels In Nearly Two Years
11:35 Julian Castro Shares His Plan For Universal Pre-K
13:25 Controversy Over Delayed $20 Bill Featuring Harriet Tubman
15:09 Video Appears To Show Driver Asleep With Tesla On Autopilot
16:39 Study: Two Hours In Nature Per Week Can Boost Health
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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 14, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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Jun 15, 2019




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Comments 308
Crysty Stroing
Crysty Stroing 3 months ago
I don't see those types of savings in the housing market in CA, good grief!
Reyneiro Vega-Tirado
Did everybody forgot about North Korea didn't they said they found out that they keep on testing their Rockets and they're getting better and better smart rockets that are Rockets can now go miles and miles away.
Amelia Dixon
Amelia Dixon 3 months ago
When my son was 5 years old and needed to go to head start, they wouldn't take him, they told me that I had already made too much that year. I was unemployed, but I worked for tips before my job closed down. It was August and I had made 30 K as a casino worker, so I kept my child at home and he just started kindgarden the following year at almost seven years old (his bday is in january). well, he finished High school with high grades, and graduated from college with almost 4.0 in Mechanical Enginnering. It's not how you start, it's how you finish it. Supportive parents are a must.
joe garza
joe garza 3 months ago
A Father that fights a shark is a real super hero.
Operation Home-Less
Operation Home-Less 3 months ago
His base doesn’t give a sh*t . Keep making more and more excuses for him. He’s all for war once he found out his buddies can make money off of it. We are ducked. this is the beginning of the end of us.
Rick Crouch
Rick Crouch 3 months ago
Man Asleep In His Car - It won't be too long until we'll want the self-driving cars to take over; they'll be much safer than we can be, that's a fact.
Who am I ? No one!
Who am I ? No one! 4 months ago
They are now killing Americans. Because how come no one else but Americans are being reported as dieing ? Thanks Trump. The world hates us now. We are sitting ducks now because of your hateful treatment of the rest of the world !
jay dowd
jay dowd 4 months ago
A guy killed my cat. I shot his dog
Mr233191962 4 months ago
The Americans set fire to the tankers of the Gulf of Oman with the help of small combat drones, all the commands of the ships will confirm this !! Freaks want to ruin Europe ! What would buy from the us expensive and very harmful shale gas !! YOU CHEAT AGAIN !! USA is terrorists !!
vivolove roses
vivolove roses 4 months ago
911 again?
Chocolate &Everything
What makes you think you can just sleep behind the wheel of a vehicle, just because its 2019? Smh
Chris Lee
Chris Lee 4 months ago
We need to stop the war with Iran
Anthony Woodroffe
Anthony Woodroffe 4 months ago
Shithole Whitehouse racist issues !
John Laham
John Laham 4 months ago
The real Con Men banker's and mortgage broker's all corrupt all the time with their fractional baking system cheating Americans out of their hard earned money get 15 year mortgage and save thousands it's that simple more time more interest .
POOCHNAA 4 months ago
A Random Tardigrade
A Random Tardigrade 4 months ago
Cesar Varela
Cesar Varela 4 months ago
Trump Mike pompeo John Bolton and Mike pence for prison in Japan
bluegold21 4 months ago
How many people are killed by drivers falling asleep at the wheel of a combustion driven car?! A lot. Yet that never airs!? Just because there has been time to film this driver-FYI the person using their camera to film the Tesla is clearly breaking the law in doing so. Plus he should have used his horn to warn the sleeping driver instead of trying to capture a dangerous moment on camera. That's pure ignorance; this is being jumped upon by oil grubbing venal corporate media. The reason those who fall asleep at the wheel of a combustion car are not filmed is that they usually die or the accident is too awful to show on TV. But here's an electric car showing that it's onboard systems are a clear safety feature stopping the car from losing control whilst being piloted by a tired driver. This is a big plus in my logic bound book but not to the manipulative NBC. I can't believe this self-interested propaganda is still being driven into the minds of the public.F'ing grow up NBC.
2026, huh? Well, at least we may have confirmation that Trump actually WILL leave office eventually. And also, more confirmation that Trump really and truly IS the scum of the earth.
OMG, the idiocy rampant in the world today...What did you think was going to happen when you created a "self-driving car?" People weren't going to drive it! Doh.
Luzelenia 4 months ago
Universal Pre-K is a ridiculous idea! Children don't need to start school so young, let children enjoy their young life before joining our government doctrine camp called school. Fix our broken educational system before recruiting our kids at such a tender age.
Susan Kay
Susan Kay 4 months ago
Universe Pre-K education, across the board, also increases the likelihood kids will graduate from high school! A lot of the states - those with 70% and below (!) HS grad rates should be supporting this! It speaks to our future in a big way, people!
wait4yahawashi 4 months ago
Why would anyone remove an un-explosive ordinance without an EOD crew? The video shows someone casually grabbing an object off a tanker....doesn't make any sense!!!
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla 4 months ago
The captain and crew of that ship said there was a flying drone near by and was hit by a projectile object, completely opposite of what trump and the military said.
Bamdad Niknafs
Bamdad Niknafs 4 months ago
it's the kamikaze Dolphins trained by iran
DarkHeart 4 months ago
Stupid Muslims
Kayron Ann
Kayron Ann 4 months ago
That poor guy really needed a nap! 😳
JoAnn Grant
JoAnn Grant 4 months ago
Coming from Bermuda..Lester Holt you are the best News anchor..God bless you and your family...I never miss your news cast watch it every night..
AHoy AHoy
AHoy AHoy 4 months ago
Russia trying to start some s*** LOL Russia did say they had an underwater new Crockett bulshit or whatever. Don't really believe it but just saying
mike brink
mike brink 4 months ago
Duh.....Going outside and relaxing cures stress??? OMFG!!! who would of guessed....
Fabian McIntyre
Fabian McIntyre 4 months ago
Wow-Great dad to save his daughter’s life!!! Great job to him!!! 👍
Judith Osorio
Judith Osorio 4 months ago
President Barack Obama had the foresight to neutralize the Iran threat for the duration of trump's tenure. But, trump just cannot leave well enough alone, he creates chaos and turmoil everywhere he goes.
Will Susha
Will Susha 4 months ago
Don’t believe your lying eyes on that Iranian bomb. Dangerous and leading to war.
Tamayo1980 4 months ago
LOLjajjajaa. 89 cameras around the pentagon building and all the public got to see was. 3/100th of a sec of video footage.. PLZ. According to a Japanese report. It was a flying object and hit their boats JS
human zalez
human zalez 4 months ago
To me it’s plain and simple trump is trying to start a religious war, trump and his administration don’t know for 100% certainty that Iran attacked those ships. Look America needs to stay out of people back yards. You don’t see other countries trying to invade the USA. If you wanna go to war call it a trump Jihad and send the rich kids to fight it. America is invaded by a Russian agent named trump. AlsoJulian Castro your plan kinda sucks make universal education for those Middle Ages seeking to go back to school. Make education affordable.
adviser to the Gods
adviser to the Gods 4 months ago
Those explosions were probably the product of a Saudi/Israeli conspiracy to manipulate America into a war with Iran. Let those two countries fight their own battles. NO AMERICAN WAR IN IRAN!
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow 4 months ago
Simple question how is the mine shown there after they alledgedly took it off ?That didnt look like a stealth boat to me .How many Iranians does it take to take a mine off a ship?Could they have been rescuing Japanese sailors there?Why is there no footage of the Iranians trying to stop the towing?Why is there no footage Of Iranian ships firing on drones?Why arnt the investigations being handled by parties not involved in the current finger pointing?Im no journalist just curious plz journalist go find out thank you.
Marshae Pelt
Marshae Pelt 4 months ago
Oh my god
Ray Vincent
Ray Vincent 4 months ago
Reality the United States government always Operates By Twistedly robbing the public and The World Their is no JUSTICE in this Country! Just a Upside down Babbling Chimpanzees That Twistedly Play the Public
Bonnie Valls
Bonnie Valls 4 months ago
The stupid assaholas !
Okie Dokie
Okie Dokie 4 months ago
So, sellers, add +10-20% to your asking price. Lol..such b.s.
oscar garcia
oscar garcia 4 months ago
We native Americans want a native of the Americas on the 50 dollor bill
Heislove 4 months ago
Universal preschool is RIDICULOUS. Finland has a marvelous educational system, but comparing children to prison inmates because they haven't been preschooled is insanity. At that age, being at home is the best for them if they have a loving family. Training the kids for the system as soon as they can talk.... Gross
Gladys Compere
Gladys Compere 4 months ago
Thank you nightly news
duane searles
duane searles 4 months ago
, you got to quit talking to democratic idiots that's all nothing but a bunch of foolishness doesn't mean a thing can't you see how they're setting you up so you answer some stupid questions and then they'll use them on you he'll be smart just ignore the stupid people how ridiculous no end to their stupidity quit talking to him don't give him no answers
Enlightened Perry
Enlightened Perry 4 months ago
Who tf has a camera on site in the ocean at the time of the attack. This is such a stupid false flag. Even with a lot of drones
Vector VII
Vector VII 4 months ago
Did he say torpedo attack
behindblueyes83sm 4 months ago
Ummm, sharks aren't people tho
Jhonnie Tan
Jhonnie Tan 4 months ago
Trump is going to use this as his smoke screen. Watch it!
Franklin Payero
Franklin Payero 4 months ago
We needs peace, no more war,too many are dying, we don't needs another world war 3 that could bring China, Russia,this the only planet that we have, we needs peace on earth, comments sense
Richard KL44357
Richard KL44357 4 months ago
On the matter of a foreign government giving information. What if the FOREIGN government is your closest ALLIE? AND FOUND some thing that your government did not?
Darrell Suber
Darrell Suber 4 months ago
1964 the gulf of continent Iraq has weapons of mass destruction government control
T_ C
T_ C 4 months ago
bess lee
bess lee 4 months ago
When did you say the Trump family was visiting the D.R.?Just asking.
Mr 4 months ago
Yeah, America Under Pressure I agree, go outside, go outside along a path at a park or a country path and talk and pray to JESUS
bess lee
bess lee 4 months ago
I don't believe anything this administration say. I believe the Trump administration set this attack up to try to start a war with Iran so Trump will win election in 2020.
P Diddy
P Diddy 4 months ago
They should have only Biden and Sanders in one debate and all of the other losers in a separate debate
Linda Orlandi, PHR
Linda Orlandi, PHR 4 months ago
Amazing dad and daughter with lots to live for,!
Duffman15000 4 months ago
Pretty sure Iran's EOD is doing the EODs one job...
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia 4 months ago
The question is why aren't warning the tanker rather then record it. That's a very common thing . Example . High school kids rather record a fight then break it up. People rather record a fire of a burning car or home then to try anything to help stop it. People rather record people dying then to do anything to help
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