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Sep 1, 2019




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Comments 80
Mark Savage
Mark Savage Month ago
The reason the eu got the trade deals its got is because the countries they signed with wanted access to the UK market. Now we are leaving that changes the criteria set out in those deals. So wont the eu need to renegotiate those trade deals?.
Jave Linehan
Jave Linehan 2 months ago
sad guy
mjt1658 2 months ago
Adonis is F***ing prat
reluctant messiah
reluctant messiah 3 months ago
Lord Adonis !! he picked the name l believe !! People vote for this guy i believe !!! SCARY !!!
Gross Herman
Gross Herman 6 months ago
I voted for a o deal!
Lonewanderer 345
Lonewanderer 345 6 months ago
LOL, seems Lord Adonis didn't get consulted about the free Broadband policy...." it's not government money that's needed to get decent broadband and and decent mobile connectivity"......not one of Corbyn's chosen ones then are you m'lord?
Andres Casado
Andres Casado 6 months ago
EU is a peace project
Dick Dastardly
Dick Dastardly 6 months ago
Your half loaf Brexit is Bread in captivity.
Roy Cropper
Roy Cropper 7 months ago
liam neeson went back down the rabbit hole
Amos Goldwyn
Amos Goldwyn 8 months ago
How many adds do you want?_
wayne calame
wayne calame 8 months ago
This country is not the problem, its the UN. We should challenge the UN on how its run. i believe that the lower countries should carry a lower euro currency then the richer countries. Two based euro dollar policies. That in turn well force Ireland and Scotland to join Britain. After that it will be fundamental and straightforward.
Eamonn P Doyle
Eamonn P Doyle 8 months ago
Remainers worry about the threat to the Irish peace process, which everyone should do, but they never mention the threat to the UK of denying over 17 million people the Brexit referendum which they won.
Dr. Anne
Dr. Anne 8 months ago
*It's ironic (not to mention hypocritical) that the upper middle-class **_'establishment elites'_** such as Andrew Adonis and David Cameron etc; were quite happy for **_"us lot"_** to have the EU referendum back in June 2016, based purely on their (despicably) arrogant assumption, that after their well-oiled **_'Project Fear'_** machine had done its £17,000,000 job, remaining in the EU was virtually guaranteed.* *Yet it's exactly the same bunch of establishment elites, who have been telling us for 3.5 years, that we should pretend that one never happened, and should have another one, and no doubt another, and another **_ad nauseum,_** until we vote the way we're told. Well I'm sorry my gay, little, balding friend, but it ain't gonna happen, so get back under the rock you slithered from!*
Him Next Door
Him Next Door 8 months ago
Adonis need his treasonous neck stretching.
George Dionas
George Dionas 8 months ago
Britain for White British only. All other can be visiting tourists! No Politician dares support this nowadays!
sros6 8 months ago
''I'm a democrat of course I would respect the result'' Boooooool sH$%££"T!
Going Postal
Going Postal 9 months ago
Adonis is a maggot.
MIKAEL FLYER 9 months ago
Nigel Farage is simply a snob.
MIKAEL FLYER 9 months ago
If the Tories continue with Brexit there will likely to a return to the troubles.
MIKAEL FLYER 9 months ago
Get off your high horse about Hong Kong, you are British imperialists and war mongers. The protests have crossed a line in violence. The truth about Ukraine is coming out now, the whole Ukraine thing was staged and now the truth is coming out.
Jonathan Harte
Jonathan Harte 9 months ago
what a silly woman ringing from northern Ireland, the majority voted to leave, what part of that dont you understand
Ciccio Bello
Ciccio Bello 9 months ago
The reason the U.K. is in a crisis is because of people like Adonis who refuse to honour a referendum... saying that why on earth would we vote in a second referendum... we don’t trust him or any of his kind anymore...
Him Next Door
Him Next Door 9 months ago
I'm not being funny but how can Daniel possible know that his grandfather's brother was made to remove his boots, was forced to watch his daughter's, then wife's, execution before being executed himself... How could he possibly know that to be true?
Daniel Duerst
Daniel Duerst 9 months ago
All of the best reasons to leave is that projects won't get waded down in the EU
David Joyce
David Joyce 9 months ago
Oh yes, get remain across the line! Gee thanks
Neal Warburton
Neal Warburton 9 months ago
Nige why do you have arrogant obnoxious twats like that adonis c**t on your show?
Mally281 9 months ago
Nigel please ask Adonis what he personally stands to lose would it be financial and a nice plump job in the Brussels mafia?
L Gempet
L Gempet 9 months ago
British establishment elites have a vested interest in remaining in the EU...all of the bureaucrats are benefitting financially. One can identify them as the MPs who refuse to recognize & facilitate the people’s will when the 1st BREXIT referendum was up for a vote.
CDCFauciBirxPsyOpdUSA ObjectiveUSAeconomyIMPLOSION
At the 4 minute mark the conversation is about illegal immigration so let me tell you what I've learned about the fall of Western Rome in 476 ad. the causes were rising crime--that's London; political corruption, that's Remoaner MP's; Crime--knife crime; then there is the refugee crisis in the UK. All of these factors were the major factors for the fall of Rome. Ancient Chaldeans and syrians practice divide and Rule of moving whole population into one another. Their competing ideology caused strife so the rulers tgen used that excuse to become tyrants. Most of us are uneducated about history. Had the English known what's ancient rulers did, bringing conflicting societies together in order to create chaos, if the people of the UK had known history, they would have never allowed the EU to be in control of who gets to go into their country. Do United Kingdom needs to get its sovereignty back because you will lose your culture and your country and you will be at Target because the new culture that's coming you need to Bow 5 times a day.
mags mum
mags mum 10 months ago
why on earth give this idiot adonis air time. He talks absolute twaddle and couldn't tell the truth if he tried.
William Davies
William Davies 10 months ago
WHAT ON EARTH is this the new LBC Lord Traitor Adonis. SHOW 4 UCKSACH
Rob Linnell
Rob Linnell 10 months ago
They're undermining your head negotiator simply because they're being paid by the globalists.
quarterthrottle 10 months ago
No deal already and then the EU will want to negotiate. While the unelected EU holds all the cards we will get nowhere.
Angela Kadeer
Angela Kadeer 10 months ago
Im sick of these elite not carrying out democracy. So do we now live in a dictatorship as it certainly feels like it !!
shinealight 10 months ago
Adonis= Biggus Dickus!
Gary Beck
Gary Beck 10 months ago
Time to take millions to the Houses of Parliament. They don’t give a toss about the public. All for themselves always have been always will be
Matt Butcher Creativity
Hi Nigel, regarding Dr Lee: as a medic and MP is he in any way connected to any of the large european pharmesutical companies? Be intetesting to follow that money... Cheers, matt in rochdale
Catherine David
Catherine David 10 months ago
Of course he didn’t want to go on holiday, he wouldn’t be able to collect his daily £200 just for popping into parliament for 10 minutes. I mean, who can relax on the beach when you can be grabbing taxpayers money every day for sod all!!
Zorba 10 months ago
Eastern European’s smuggled across the border in lorries - how stupid would they have to be to do that what would they want to come for to this concentration camp ruled by populists - THIS COUNTRY IS ON COLLISION COURSE WITH ITS OWN SMUGG - can’t you see that NOT ONLY ECONOMICALLY THIS COUNTRY IS A MORAL WRECK. EASTER EUROPEANS FLEE FROM THIS COUNTRY. STOP SNIFFING YPUR OWN FART YOU FOOL.
Leslie Sepssy
Leslie Sepssy 10 months ago
Who are the Europeans, Germany? If you think that is not so, you do not know the Germans!!! Bullshit, border, why? Where? Why Ireland is a border problem now between Ireland and the UK? Brussel has no jurisdiction over Ireland and the United Kingdom!
earthstick 10 months ago
Daniel hit the nail on the head with the finishing speech. How can Germany call in any debts when they themselves owe more money than any other nation in the world?
Barbara Johansson
Barbara Johansson 10 months ago
Daniel, dzien dobry
Don Romeo
Don Romeo 10 months ago
The bottom line is, either we leave on March 31st democratically, or we fight them as the fascist dictatorship that they are. The backstop is a red herring, but now also the EC's testing ground for dissolving national borders altogether. This regime is Not going to leave on Oct 31st, for the same reason it didn't leave on March 31st: it's a Joke Date. April Fools Day was the day after March 31st, and October 31st is Halloween. This is an IN-JOKE, they are just playing games now, and unless the People take up arms, nothing is going to change.
Don Romeo
Don Romeo 10 months ago
And when they delay it again after October, they will set it either for Boxing Day or for February 17th - Valentines Day. They are under so little pressure from the people of this country, that they are playing ironic in-jokes on the dates.
flashfyre 10 months ago
Would've enjoyed hearing Lard Amongus yap about the Hong Kongers
JellyBellyMystic 10 months ago
Nigal, you know what is going on. The UN has no interest in establishing an exit deal - you know this. Stop playing personal politics and start helping your callers to accept and organizing to help and support of your government, i.e. Boris Johnson.
LNK 10 months ago
Start trading in your euros for USD AUD and GBP.
LNK 10 months ago
No deal is the death of half the tax. Because the EU is bankrupt.
Brexit Baby
Brexit Baby 10 months ago
Lord Adonis is a great example of why some men should remain firmly in the closet.
Vash TheStampede
Vash TheStampede 10 months ago
Close the borders and stop letting all of the middle east into Europe, and countries wouldn't want to leave the EU, and you wouldn't have a situation or a finance crisis. The United States have their own Germany, it's California letting illegals into the country thinking it's okay to do so without asking the other states if that's what they want. That's the problem.
James Gregory
James Gregory 10 months ago
lord Adenoids accuses Boris of having form in saying one thing and doing another. On 23rd June 2016 we, the great washed, said One thing, OUT! ((the word deal was not on the ballot paper!)) and Lord Adenoids and the rest of the moaning lemmings do another!!! Boris, do the 'Man' thing and LEAVE! No deals. Just give us back our civilisation and when the rest of Europe sees how well we are doing, will follow us. Cheers.
RJJacob101 10 months ago
Ok ok as an American I'll own up to us having an issue with mass shootings, but WTF is wrong with London that every damn day I hear about some young guy gets stabbed? What is the UK fetish for knife crime and attacking young people? Our mass shooters usually don't discriminate who they attempt to kill, with few exceptions.
paul millard
paul millard 10 months ago
Get rid of the scrounging unelected house of Lords.
Its Me
Its Me 10 months ago
Im in love with Nigel he makes my day.. Wonderful man
Dean 10 months ago
Democratically elected UK Senate to replace the Lords post-Brexit.
Star Man
Star Man 10 months ago
7th get rid of the house of Lords for good get an elected second house. The Lords do not live in the real world
Andreas T
Andreas T 10 months ago
Switzerland and UK already have an agreement ready for the case of a hard Brexit. All would run as before. You can if you want. We get blackmailed by the EC daily, too.
alan christopher
alan christopher 10 months ago
England 83% of the British population and we don't have our own parliament disgusting how the English get treated.
TRAIN SHIPS 10 months ago
Prorogue Parliament for 30 days is a Brilliant Political Move. It forces MP's to Go Back To Their Home Districts or whatever you Folks in the UK call it. The MP's then can have the very People that voted for them tell off. Many in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland Want A Deal but not Mrs. May's Treaty be it with or without the Backstop or They want No Deal. The People Just Have Had Enough Of This Childish Foolishness of The Former Prime Minister and The Remainers. Leave as Scheduled on October 31st without a Deal under WTO Rules and Force The European Union to Come To It's Senses and Give The United Kingdom a Super Canada Like Free Trade Agreement. Better to Negotiate from a Power of Strength than Of A Slave to the EU. If everyone in the UK stopped buying EU Goods and Services and instead switched to The Commonwealth and The United States. The EU Economy would Crash. It would be the Great Depression for them all over again. The Real Interesting Thing will be in The Queen's Speech when Parliament Resumes. There anything can happen, even the Dissolution of Parliament and A General New Election. Then Brexit will happen without a Deal on Schedule.
TRAIN SHIPS 10 months ago
The Simple Fact Is In High Speed Rail Cost Of UK Vs China Comes Down to The Following: 1. Cost of Labor Per Hour. 2. Cost of Regulations including Health And Safety. 3. Cost of Materials. 4. Cost Acquiring Right Of Way. In these 4 areas is how China Wins because of : 1.Low Cheap Readily Available Labor. NO LABOR UNIONS. 2. Lack High Handed Regulation. 3. All Materials Come from State Owned Industries. 4. All the Land Belongs To The Government of China. NO PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS. That is how Communist China can build High Speed Railways so Cheaply.
Jay_G 10 months ago
Lord Adonis.....that sounds like a porn star name.
Teodor Mihai
Teodor Mihai 10 months ago
Lord Adonis should learn to use the search function. From the 2017 Conservative Manifesto, pages 35-26: "The negotiations will undoubtedly be tough, and there will be give and take on both sides, but we continue to believe that no deal is better than a bad deal for the UK". So yes, no deal was right there in the manifesto, with the clear implication that a no-deal exit is entirely possible.
Jose ago
Jose ago 10 months ago
October 31 the 👵 old woman sing ( with or without deal with or without deal Ah ja! UK will leave with or without deal! Ahaaa A A Ahaaa A A Ah Ahaa! With or without EU Deal )😌🇬🇧 2019 is the 1776 for UK 🇬🇧
alphabetaxenonzzzcat 10 months ago
The Tory MP is a bit of a wet cuckservative. May’s deal isn’t not leaving! It’s staying in the EU. Doesn’t he get that? It’s good that he left the ERG - as he is not a proper Brexiteer. There’s been far too much compromise - in fact that is all I have ever heard since we won the referendum.
sarah reid
sarah reid 10 months ago
steady eddie
steady eddie 10 months ago
lets talk about a gravy train
tamara b
tamara b 10 months ago
British Police don''t carry guns? You have open borders from the rest of Europe, and are thus letting in huge numbers of enemy combatants. OMG!
steady eddie
steady eddie 10 months ago
@tamara b The police serve and protect muslims
tamara b
tamara b 10 months ago
@steady eddie More scared of police with guns than Muslims with knives and acid....okay.
steady eddie
steady eddie 10 months ago
if the police did have guns they would be pointing them at us Guarding their open borders
Robin Phillips
Robin Phillips 10 months ago
There has been a common travel area between Ulster and Eire for many many years! No border!You have never needed a visa, ever! Adonis is full of crap!
ric david
ric david 10 months ago
Farage is a shill Johnson a Rothschild lackey. i voted leave but have come to realize it is all a charade it was all decided decades ago . we will leave there will be a collapse of the EURO and then war in the middle east that will draw in all the powers. All these people are vassals for an agenda we have little understanding of.
Mindburner 10 months ago
yer woman from NI doesn't speak for a lot of ppl in NI
alphabetaxenonzzzcat 10 months ago
Why is the start missing?
alphabetaxenonzzzcat 10 months ago
Here’s the thing Adonis - there’s already different rules between NI and Eire - there’s already different tax rates and a different currency. As Stefan Molyneux would say : “Not an argument!” 😉😂
King OfTheNorth
King OfTheNorth 10 months ago
Andrews comments about creating the conditions re for why we would need a border. Is he a daft? How have we created the human migration crisis? .... there is now no current reason to have freedom of movement / Shengen zone .. as if the world continues in the way it has for the last few years, no one will feel the need to allow everyone in without checks. Would be boldly stupid to do so. 🤷🏼‍♂️ But that’s just me
Theresa Truelove
Theresa Truelove 10 months ago
Poor Nigel you have a nasty coldy virus hope you feel better soon
earthstick 10 months ago
Adonis got it right for once when he said following a no deal on the 31st negotiations would begin immediately. But we will be negotiating from a position where we have what we wanted and the EU will not be able to ignore the lopsided trade between our two parties.
Cath bowie Grinter
Cath bowie Grinter 10 months ago
Mark for PM
Larry Gilbo
Larry Gilbo 10 months ago
Why doesn't the Irish government have a referendum on leaving the EU a 3rd time?
Luc Chase
Luc Chase 10 months ago
Such a supercilious tone from Lord Adonis. Not much chance of cold logic from there.
Theresa Truelove
Theresa Truelove 10 months ago
We need to get out on the 31st of October 2019 end of
Flossy 10 months ago
The Democratic Lord Adonis from the Democratic House of Lords. What a bloody joke this country is.
steady eddie
steady eddie 10 months ago
Panto time
chillax141 10 months ago
We need Nigel for PM to get a real brexit I think. Fingers crossed boris gets us out with a no deal and sets us free
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