Nicole Reveals Marie's Secret | Cartel Crew

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When an argument breaks out between Stephanie and Marie at Dayana's party, Nicole decides she's ready to spill a secret that shocks everyone.
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The sons and daughters of cartel members give a glimpse into their personal lives as they navigate adulthood and the effects of their family legacies. This docuseries follows their journeys as they set out to live legit lives and make names for themselves outside of the drug world.
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Feb 5, 2019




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Comments 80
MooKa Aidiba0
MooKa Aidiba0 2 days ago
I guess I'm a Ho.. Omgawwwd.. Hahahaha 😂❤ Love Nicole this on this one..
Stina Nina
Stina Nina 3 days ago
What are these accents?
jackie b
jackie b 4 days ago
Omg. Put the glasses away.
marnie Clarke
marnie Clarke 5 days ago
They all look like prison male excapeies.
Miss Mo
Miss Mo 10 days ago
Why are you having someone speak attack away???
Iliria Leasing
Iliria Leasing 11 days ago
idk but now im hungry for taco bell
MissMilly321 12 days ago
1:39 ouuffff mate! ;D
1000mizz 14 days ago
Pretty, but so ugly when they act like dogs.
Monique Catalina
Monique Catalina 14 days ago
Omg like yes love it
Elle. 17 days ago
She got waaay too mad when they accused her of fucking Wayne. Lol. You didn't do aaanything with him? Nothing at all? Ya sure, sis? 😂
Puti Taukiri
Puti Taukiri 18 days ago
Dont be tryna blame the camera crew cause you got caught 😂
Tasty Cuisine.
Tasty Cuisine. 20 days ago
who else is just staring and figuring out who has got big tiddies.
Pretty Kitty
Pretty Kitty 20 days ago
That look on her face was priceless! She was stuck 🤣🤣 women of color love being ignorant on television. Selling their souls for little to nothing
Glass Monkey
Glass Monkey 22 days ago
I hate Marie she’s so dirty
Denielys Torres
Denielys Torres 23 days ago
She said “sigue hablando mierda dale dale puñeta “😂😂
Vous Boukhalat
Vous Boukhalat 24 days ago
iiamkrix 25 days ago
Poor security guards dint get paid enough for this😭😂
Marisela Cepeda
Marisela Cepeda 26 days ago
Que fue esto. Son trasvestis
Angelina Sparacino
Angelina Sparacino 27 days ago
I would neeeevver eeevver let my bestie get attacked like that. No. No. No. That isn't ok and way out of pocket. I've been done so so so dirty. I genuinely thought they were a friend. When I am friends with someone I have their back 100% Anytime anywhere. I know it is going to sound REALLY corny but you know sometime it would be nice to have a good friend. Someone who you don't have to worry about
Me_Sherrod 27 days ago
I wish I was Stephanie and my bestfriend sitting right there letting them talk crazy to me. Kat was wrong for not sticking up for Stephanie they have been best friends since they were in high school
Myisha Begum
Myisha Begum 27 days ago
Stephanie acts to hard.
christina reed
christina reed 28 days ago
They need to invest in some nice looking plastic wine glasses.
roadrunner 29 days ago
What a load of sh**
Janet Gomez
Janet Gomez 29 days ago
Lmao okay hold on this show is good ima start watching her reaction to being exposed was priceless
Angelique Robinson
Angelique Robinson 29 days ago
Why do nicole remind me of Natalie from bgc jus a better face
Phil_A Month ago
omg this is why you can't have a relationship friendship and the whole world is in shambles is this what people looking at? We've going so far from being decent human beings everything I look at makes me cringe and just to see how beautiful these ladies are is just a waste
Maria Ramirez
Maria Ramirez Month ago
If it's not true then why she getting so aggressive 😒
Mike DiStefano
Mike DiStefano Month ago
Samantha Pace
Samantha Pace Month ago
I never saw this can someone feel me in?
Inah Baxter
Inah Baxter Month ago
Yass Nicole tell em sense she wanna call steph out she got called out
Sania Singh
Sania Singh Month ago
Can we put stephanie in a coma?
Keena Laing
Keena Laing Month ago
I dont respect no one that reveal something so private not because its on pornhub that alone cud cause serious damage to her manage
Marcel Vandekuit
lady you all hoows
Gabbi Zeballos
Gabbi Zeballos Month ago
Saint Michael
Saint Michael Month ago
I have no idea how this ended up in my recommended videos. What exactly happened to cause this situation?
Swift.Frm. TW
Swift.Frm. TW Month ago
Whts the website?😭
Natane Hall
Natane Hall Month ago
This my new fav tbh, the fights are way better than other reality tv🤣
TheSven020 Month ago
Bete example, money can buy you expensive clothes, cars, housens, but class is something you have and in this case would like to have: trash people
Daryl H
Daryl H Month ago
These people are being exploited by VH1 and they are so toxic they don't even know it.
Never Cared
Never Cared Month ago
Everything funny until that long face girl Nicole ends up hurt for messing with people that’s really tied to the cartel smh🤦‍♂️
jessy reed
jessy reed Month ago
this should be called cartel whores
lorie porie
lorie porie Month ago
Makeing out with lil Wayne..Eeeewww how fucken gross😨
AlizeCristal Month ago
I love this show 😂
Curtis Grissom
Curtis Grissom Month ago
Now I understand how this country got orange lying racist savage crook.
guera jz
guera jz Month ago
She gulity.because she gets dramatic of the ?of sleeping around.boss
VanessaKimme Month ago
Marie is so annoying to me.
Victoria Okwusogu
What sad women they are
Security always caught in the drama 😄😄😄
Melisa Hernandez Diaz
Marie and kat are the only ones that look natural
Stephanie Lugo
Stephanie Lugo Month ago
Shout out to security
Stephanie Lugo
Stephanie Lugo Month ago
@Denzel Acquah that's why I'm saying "shout out to security" lol. Poor guys be taking the hits for everyone man. It's messed up.
Denzel Acquah
Denzel Acquah Month ago
Stephanie Lugo he got a jug thrown at him
neve davidson
neve davidson 2 months ago
i feel bad for the security
death penalty
death penalty 2 months ago
Who's the real hoe now..🤣🤣
Arturo Pascual
Arturo Pascual 2 months ago
This putas are so fuckin' hot as hell.caz'
White Paint
White Paint 2 months ago
The way they were handling them glasses had me real nervous
darkhaven87 2 months ago
D C 2 months ago
What do these chicks have to do with any cartel
ken aposto
ken aposto 2 months ago
THERE ARE THE “ THE THING “ are there human or alien.
mizzmy929 2 months ago
Come on Latina women. Do not lower your selves to this stupidity. Embarrassing. We should be lifting and helping each other. Not tearing down. Be kind. Put your money in charity not you ass, tits, lips, etc.
Betty Ann Glover
Betty Ann Glover 2 months ago
Nicole a long head
Lucas XAVIER 2 months ago
Wendy Soria
Wendy Soria 2 months ago
Tatubaby looking constipated the entire time smh
Cliffton Johns
Cliffton Johns 2 months ago
Plastic crew
Jobe Luna
Jobe Luna 2 months ago
At least she’s making money! Keep show me as long as your bank is full and never go hungry!
Jobe Luna
Jobe Luna 2 months ago
Stephanie is fake, she only got a big mouth? And won’t step out with anyone. Her music is trash like her!
N&A Lifestyle
N&A Lifestyle 2 months ago
Wale meshaan naaso weyku ba eeen yaab waaye wlhi
Torin _V
Torin _V 2 months ago
Did anybody else realized that those glasses were empty but they still was sipping out them 🤣
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams 3 months ago
Its crazy how black women get so much hate & bashed on for weave, makeup, attitude, ratchetness but noone says that about these women lol shits hilarious
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 3 months ago
BertoJr5 3 months ago
The edits in this episode are crazy. You can clearly tell this has been edited.
Junior Enrique
Junior Enrique 3 months ago
Kat just siting there lookin cute 😂
Anai Jassy
Anai Jassy 3 months ago
young money???? the label??? that ain’t dead?
Midwest Kandi
Midwest Kandi 3 months ago
The way Stephanie gasped when Nicole said "webcam" sent me.
Midwest Kandi
Midwest Kandi 3 months ago
Cali's Finest
Cali's Finest 3 months ago
Damn they all fine I luv this show sexy ASF mamacitas .
Life With Who Talk Shit
David Mendoza
David Mendoza 3 months ago
Aww hell naaa where can i watch thiss for free 😭😂😂
Travlynn Alafanso
Travlynn Alafanso 3 months ago
Shemarlos Scott
Shemarlos Scott 3 months ago
Nicole is sexy
gunna gunna 157
gunna gunna 157 3 months ago
Ym Stephanie is a gee because she's young money
diaryofseresha 3 months ago
Damn these chics should be in wrestling
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