Nicki Minaj Probably Served You Red Lobster

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Jimmy and Nicki Minaj discuss her latest album, The Pinkprint, and the jobs she hated before starting her hip hop career.
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Nicki Minaj Probably Served You Red Lobster


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Dec 17, 2014




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Comments 741
GM PM 3 days ago
Miss the old Nicki. 🥺
Almicar Vargas
Almicar Vargas 6 days ago
Some songs I do like, but lately, nah. She throws too much of a weird voice when she raps. She'll sound all cool and out of nowhere she'll mumble words that did not need to be there. That one song was cool, I forgot the name of it, but I heard it last year and she's rapping badass until her Roman alter ego starts, ruins the whole song. Barbie Dreams so cool and then it just sucks towards the end.
Esme 17 days ago
This is the most neutral/normal she has ever looked. 😍 I love her in this
Timothy C
Timothy C Month ago
Can we just take a minute to admire how beautiful she is?!
Juwairiya Umar
Juwairiya Umar 16 days ago
of course
SwayWay Hoax
SwayWay Hoax Month ago
420 dislikes?... Nice...
Tamara Weikel
Tamara Weikel Month ago
She looks AMAHZING
Walk Away
Walk Away 2 months ago
she resembles chaka khan
Trillz King
Trillz King 2 months ago
hey I like her butt
Kenneth Barlow
Kenneth Barlow 2 months ago
Look at how attractive she is without all of the ridiculous wigs and outrageous makeup!
Keith Usery
Keith Usery 2 months ago
She is so beautiful and sexy in this interview
ミルキーMilky 2 months ago
She reminds me of Ari and Cardi mixed together (It’s just my opinion)
D William
D William 2 months ago
Before too much surgery.
Lionel Kennedy
Lionel Kennedy 2 months ago
She looks so damn sexy.
Takedown II
Takedown II 2 months ago
She’s hard to like
Anick Johnson
Anick Johnson 2 months ago
Omg...she looks like Mya the singer here!! So simple natural and beautiful!.
ARIES TONE 2 months ago
🔴 That yeast in those biscuits tho❗✌🏾💯
llaritza quiles
llaritza quiles 2 months ago
My favorite album ever
ami cee
ami cee 2 months ago
2019 anyone
Louise Love
Louise Love 2 months ago
Now that's the real Cinderella
Dakul Guy
Dakul Guy 2 months ago
She shouldve won those grammys smh the OPRESSION
Hamaad Hussain
Hamaad Hussain 2 months ago
OMG Nicki Took My Order!!!!!!!
krisztiantth 2 months ago
She fat
Lira La Mira
Lira La Mira 2 months ago
She is stunning so amazingly classy and gracious 😤 love you Nicki always and forever🗣 no bitch can take your PLACE 💋 EVERRRRRRR
B Life
B Life 2 months ago
She looks like chaka
Richard Dong
Richard Dong 2 months ago
Who's here after Red Lobster ❤
BIG E 2 months ago
She was a lot smaller here.
algamboa1987 2 months ago
Man, she changed her body for the worse. She looks great here.
logoutyaphone 2 months ago
she didn't change her body at all within the past 5 years you moron. she use to be very depressed n had a pill addiction which tends to make people smaller, now that she's happy she's at a good weight. worry about your own body hefty
Henry Ose
Henry Ose 2 months ago
Nicky is very beautiful love her
YangonMovieClub Company
2019 Anyone?
Comicboox 2 months ago
They got a basket of biscuits?!?!?
Mingle Lee
Mingle Lee 2 months ago
Damn 2014 The queen been in the Game along time.
petty pop
petty pop 2 months ago
whos here from their red lobster date?!
Crystal Arevalo
Crystal Arevalo 2 months ago
Omg she looks so diff now compared to 2014
It's just Tay tay
It's just Tay tay 2 months ago
She looks so gorgeous 😍
MrDABBYPANTS 101 2 months ago
Who’s here after they went to red lobster 🦞?
Denee Daniel
Denee Daniel 2 months ago
Tbh in this generation for female rapping Nicki is the best
Wanda Hutton
Wanda Hutton 2 months ago
love the show good job Jimmy Red Lobster is proud !!!!!!
irinka k kubusidze
irinka k kubusidze 2 months ago
well here after her interview in 2019 when she went to red lobster with jimmy
PineappleEdits 2 months ago
Same lmao
poop xoxo
poop xoxo 2 months ago
and got the pen back, she's a legend.
Chrysta-Bel Jackson
Chrysta-Bel Jackson 2 months ago
Spiritual Being
Spiritual Being 2 months ago
@Jenny Jenny It has literally been 5 years. That a long time.
Jenny Jenny
Jenny Jenny 2 months ago
Same 😂🙌 she packed on abit of weight since this interview.
megha singh
megha singh 2 months ago
She is so gorgeous. One of the most beautiful women in the world
Wyatt Yoshika
Wyatt Yoshika 2 months ago
Well, we know now why she got fired....
Pigmister24 2 months ago
Anyone here from 2019? It’s cute they’re still friends.
Shister James
Shister James 2 months ago
Lionel Kennedy same
Lionel Kennedy
Lionel Kennedy 2 months ago
Yep. Came right here after the 2K19 Red Lob episode
Usomex Martin
Usomex Martin 2 months ago
No from 2020 😕😑
Jaylin Deás
Jaylin Deás 2 months ago
Philip James
Philip James 2 months ago
ALBreezyx68 2 months ago
I like this Version of Nikki and look way sexier and like what the other comments mentioned more natural. I understand that she had to always change her look for the music business. But as she gets older hope she can keep this natural mature look. Just like how Lady Gaga toned down her colorful loud costume look
shujmbee 2 months ago
she was so hot n natural back then whyy Nicki!
Naiella 2 months ago
Wow she’s sooo cute and adorable 😍😍
RuReady115 2 months ago
Rightt like a diff person
Mingle Lee
Mingle Lee 4 months ago
Nicki Minaj 🔥💥♨️👑🔥👑
Mingle Lee
Mingle Lee 4 months ago
Nicki Minaj is the queen of rap music period.
Ramiro Alejandro
Ramiro Alejandro 5 months ago
How can anybody think that cardi is anywhere near as good looking as nicki?? Hell no ..cardi ugly af ..nicki is sexyyyy
Ramiro Alejandro
Ramiro Alejandro 4 months ago
Onika omgg finally somebody agrees!! Where do you live so I can be your neighbor and we can be best fiends!! Lol jk
Onika 4 months ago
Rightt, and in this vid she was 32! Meanwhile cardi is 25 looking 40💀
Amerika Garcia
Amerika Garcia 7 months ago
Luv u undefeated Queen of Rap!!!
MOHAMD HAMID 7 months ago
Ok mama
STAN_BTS_NOW !! 10 months ago
She's so fucking beautiful with her natural looks😭😭
JamieTheBoii 10 months ago
I’ve never been to red lobster.
RuReady115 2 months ago
Have u been now
Juwairiya Umar
Juwairiya Umar 11 months ago
I LOVE THE FACT that so many people in the comments are calling her gorgeous 😍😍😍 1:08 that was THE CUTEST MOST ADORABLE "what?" EVER!!
NOLA GIRL Year ago
She look so pretty
zebraking444 Year ago
damn i love her
M S Year ago
Jimmy is seems so genuine and kind.😊💚
Mocanasz Oc
Mocanasz Oc Year ago
Nicki is just the best!
last tv
last tv Year ago
Queen 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Violet Fields
Violet Fields Year ago
He seems to be so nervous around her........🤔
Loca VEVO Year ago
You welcome.
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