Nicki Minaj and Jimmy Fallon Go to Red Lobster

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy has never tried Red Lobster before, so former employee Nicki Minaj shows him how to experience the restaurant and serve customers the right way.
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Nicki Minaj and Jimmy Fallon Go to Red Lobster


Published on


Jun 27, 2019




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Comments 80
SUBIR NAG 2 hours ago
Can people really see through dark glasses at night or low light situations? I'd have stumbled hundred times and knocked over some glasses for sure!
Abbie Phan
Abbie Phan 11 hours ago
A-hole fish? Oh a whole fish 😂😂 how he pronounces it does make a difference lol
Emily Landeros
Emily Landeros 12 hours ago
Nicki is so funny 😂
St1ngray GBG
St1ngray GBG 23 hours ago
The whole time all I was thinking of was *ya LiKe tHaT littLe mAn??*
ForeverAza Day ago
Why does the waitress look like Miley Cyrus lmaooo
me watching this on a diet:
Tony H
Tony H Day ago
I'm not even a fan of her music but I always thought she was funny af
D Young
D Young 2 days ago
Yo this guy is genius... He used company funds not only to get a date with Nicki Minaj but also with Rihanna🔥🔥🔥 oops wrong guy that was Seth
Earl James
Earl James 2 days ago
nicki is simple that’s why make me a fan of hers
richard salazar
richard salazar 2 days ago
Wherever Nicki Minaj goes, i am always ready to get entertained
i wish i was beside you
1:41 Jimmy: ur my best view Nicki: Jimmy: Nicki: NGEH.
Xav H
Xav H 3 days ago
i like how nicki laugh its funny
marha shabilla
marha shabilla 4 days ago
I need more minaj video now, she is adorable funny
Jenny Park
Jenny Park 4 days ago
Nicki and the server have the same nail color
David 4 days ago
She couldnt keep a Job at the restaurant so she decided to start doing soft porno....
Mike Good
Mike Good 5 days ago
This likely racist
no name
no name 5 days ago
I Love Nicki so much 😍😂
not gonna lie, I could eat that whole basket of biscuits ahahah
? 6 days ago
2:30 didn't Niki and 6ix9ine do that same food/hand gesture in TROLLZ? lol
Steven Mendez
Steven Mendez 6 days ago
Dying a smile from ear to ear
Steven Mendez
Steven Mendez 6 days ago
Congratulations 🎉🎊🍾🎈 morning was that what your heart
Steven Mendez
Steven Mendez 6 days ago
Ohhh shot been waiting for this
Frank G. Sanchez
Frank G. Sanchez 6 days ago
Taren Pineset
Taren Pineset 6 days ago
After he spit that shrimp out onto the table I wouldn't be able to eat anything. We'd have to go.
Ella Meagher
Ella Meagher 6 days ago
1:36 “I like the view” “You do?” “Yesss” “You’re my best view” “Neh”
Jerome Productions
I remember seeing this on TV!!
Sannah Motloung
Sannah Motloung 7 days ago
She's adorable
Juanita Aparente
Juanita Aparente 7 days ago
Hi nicki....big fan here in the philippines...❤❤❤
Ivan inc.
Ivan inc. 7 days ago
aaaaah Conan would've been much more fun to watch for this bit
Xavier Davis
Xavier Davis 8 days ago
All that food they didn't eat I hope they didn't pass some homeless people on the way out...
Roman Mystics
Roman Mystics 8 days ago
He’s awesome super sweet
Bijay Pradhan
Bijay Pradhan 8 days ago
Mann eating biscuits with fork and knife...... Get outta here
ramayaruk 8 days ago
Nicki is like a quarter Indian or something. That's my ginderette right thurr!!!
Lisa Hawaleshka
Lisa Hawaleshka 8 days ago
Never heard of an Asshole fish, but hey why not! I adore niki lol
Louise Eisler
Louise Eisler 9 days ago
My question is: what did they do with all the food after?
Un Known
Un Known 9 days ago
I love how people try to sneak and take pictures or videos of her without just asking to get a picture with her 😂
Un Known
Un Known 9 days ago
She seems so genuine 🖤
Cinnamon Girl
Cinnamon Girl 9 days ago
Jimmy always reminds me of ted mosby
Shriya K
Shriya K 9 days ago
nancy be like.....
Hardik Manwani
Hardik Manwani 9 days ago
7 minutes of what the hell is going on.
wildmantis1 10 days ago
lol. .y'all are some fools...love it
Shuby Dooby
Shuby Dooby 10 days ago
okay but imagine you’re at a restaurant and NICKI MINAJ gives you your food. i would die
Sir SA
Sir SA 11 days ago
HornyDragon 11 days ago
Her voice is unique
Eltork 11 days ago
Ik everyone saying this in the comments but seriously how do people hate her
hypothesised 12 days ago
“now i’m gonna show you how to crack this” had nicki channeling real mom energy
Selbelicous 12 days ago
Nobody ..me where did she get a pink hummer limousine from
Kamille Johnson
Kamille Johnson 12 days ago
I just love Nickiiii🥺❤️❤️
I.N 708
I.N 708 12 days ago
HE GOT THE PEN BACK I REPEAT HE GOT THE PEN BACK. Bro Jimmy is literally so sweet and friendly like he is solo nice.
Harbinger OfGood
Harbinger OfGood 12 days ago
Im waiting for the time that stephen colbert steps up his game and date Nicki
Rootje 12 days ago
I think she is a alright artist but i dont like the way she talks... seems a little fake to me..
Stefan Manciu
Stefan Manciu 12 days ago
that ass is like a house
Jsin LSB 2
Jsin LSB 2 13 days ago
They really be an Iconic Duo tho 👀
Andrea 13 days ago
Nicki: are you paying? Jimmy: I’m definitely taking an Uber Nicki: *but are you paying*
Elijah Warhurst
Elijah Warhurst 13 days ago
I love qhen jimmy gets rejected
big boy
big boy 14 days ago
5:42 look at their hands, that was mad awkward😆😂
K BIG DRIP 14 days ago
What an embarrassment. Oi Nicki I cant believe youll even entertain this mockery
Adrian Pietrzak AnanasekTV
I love her 😂🖤
Aviwe Mafela
Aviwe Mafela 14 days ago
"This is handmade, by a bunch of african people in the back" 😂😂😂 🇿🇦🇿🇦why u do us like that? Nicky
Sonnybear7 14 days ago
Jimmy make all this money being the tonight show host and still shows up in a damn red and white striped t shirt
Amir Kulmatov
Amir Kulmatov 14 days ago
This is really good ‘red lobster’
M H 15 days ago
Jimmy looked drunk by the end of this. He definitely likes his alcohol.
Ariola Granolan
Ariola Granolan 15 days ago
Jared Chriss
Jared Chriss 15 days ago
This is a nice place
Olly’o Oreo
Olly’o Oreo 15 days ago
Cool, now visit a stripe club with Cardi B
Nabin Bohora
Nabin Bohora 11 days ago
Odd Phasing
Odd Phasing 16 days ago
LMFAOOOO “ A hole fish”
Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez 16 days ago
I want some biscuits.
melisha peters
melisha peters 16 days ago
I hope all of that food didn't get thrown away.
Subodh Chaul
Subodh Chaul 16 days ago
Nicky speak like how she rap
Blythe Veit-Lightsey
i love how she says she don’t have enough money too spend on red lobster... we all know she could but the restaurant if she wanted
aaliyah 16 days ago
ok no one can deny that she has the cutest laugh ever
Meh G
Meh G 17 days ago
Jimmy: I’m sorry for bringing that up Also Jimmy: 4:02
Meh G
Meh G 17 days ago
Nickis laugh is the absolute best
Meh G
Meh G 17 days ago
Living for 3:37
Meh G
Meh G 17 days ago
1:26 so no one js finna talk ab how jimmy hit the straw on the table as if there was a rapper to even take off 😂😂😂
Blog Reader
Blog Reader 17 days ago
I come back to this video every couple weeks 🥰
Kalh6.33 17 days ago
I like nicki because she's not ratchet and has a fun, genuine, likeable personality unlike some other female rappers * cough * * cough * Cardi B
Sheria Moneke
Sheria Moneke 2 days ago
17 17 days ago
jimmy he speaks normally but nicki only says oh my god 😂
prettylil Brown Princess
1:37 has me out cold 😂💗
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