Nicki Minaj and Jimmy Fallon Go to Red Lobster

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy has never tried Red Lobster before, so former employee Nicki Minaj shows him how to experience the restaurant and serve customers the right way.
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Nicki Minaj and Jimmy Fallon Go to Red Lobster


Published on


Jun 28, 2019




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Comments 15 338
Paris Green
Paris Green 10 hours ago
Did everyone miss the part where jimmy was rejected when he asked Nicki to do the lady and tramp scene with the pasta and she flatline said no
Fl20z3n 20 hours ago
That fucking dude said I dont want to get my hands dirty....... we know who the bitch is in the relationship is
Genie Santos
Genie Santos 22 hours ago
They’re too cute
Jeehoon Bang
Jeehoon Bang Day ago
so she took excessive action to get her pen back
Judi McAulife
She ordered The Lobster!
Rick Rijuana Productions
5:47 😂😂
Chiara Petrachi
I love you both 🤣
Jay Tree
Jay Tree 2 days ago
Jimmy is such a fake person.. no wonder sheep likehim.. talk about him and his hoe.
Kieyanna Moman
Kieyanna Moman 2 days ago
Dude funny ah 😂😂
Jalen Harris
Jalen Harris 2 days ago
Love you Nicki minaj😍.💕💕💕💝💝
Jalen Harris
Jalen Harris 2 days ago
Th e Smoothie look Delectable🍧
Ben Roberts
Ben Roberts 2 days ago
Yeh I'm all about that lobster
Vitelline 2 days ago
she secured her bag already but her niggas paying for it periodT. 🤪❤️
Sam 2 days ago
Them biscuits is life man
Curtis T
Curtis T 2 days ago
“are you paying??” *net worth is 100m+, wearing designer and hundreds of thousands in jewelry* 😩😩😩 stay rich sis
Frank Albarran
Frank Albarran 2 days ago
The guy pays 80%of the time on dates. Only the true Hustler make the women pay or just get lucky because the women is nice.
felicia diangelo
felicia diangelo 2 days ago
As a server, I can say that Nicki's reaction to no tip AND her pen stole was absolutely accurate.
Michelle Griffiths
I really love Nicki she so funny
Alexies Arcos
Alexies Arcos 3 days ago
she like I ain’t got no money to be spending in red lobsters girl u rich af
Hailey 3 days ago
I work at red lobster and now I’m finally realizing that almost every restaurant uses the same pictures, tables, booths etc lol
YEET MEMES 3 days ago
Weres cardi with the heels 👠
Giuseppe Geppert
Giuseppe Geppert 3 days ago
That limo looked hecka uncomfortable 😆
Silly May
Silly May 3 days ago
Bruh this proves Nikki is better than cardi b
OOF 3 days ago
Oh do you wanna do lady and the tramp style! *no*
OOF 3 days ago
Literally comedy gold
BoostSQVD 4 days ago
Madd food left. What a waste
Kate Ellenberger
Kate Ellenberger 4 days ago
Dude Jimmy you're from New Hampshire get your lobster game back on point
dino dino
dino dino 4 days ago
Omggggg l lovess thissssss
Weird 3
Weird 3 4 days ago
When ur a millionaire but u still go to olive garden
Timothy C
Timothy C 4 days ago
Nicki has made her peace with Red Lobster lol
odst15ethan 4 days ago
Jimmy Fallon hasn't been to any popular restaurant.
nikki 4 days ago
"lets start with the legs maybe" *grabs the fucking claw*
Izv Isv
Izv Isv 4 days ago
2:11??? Tf was that for ? A bunch of Africans ? Sounds like slavery to me but whatever 🤦🏽‍♀️
Alexsis Carrington
Izv Isv I’ve worked in several restaurants before and that’s honestly how it is back there. I don’t think she meant that statement with ill intent.
hiccup22 4 days ago
7:07 what made Nicki laugh here?
hiccup22 4 days ago
The funniest was the Lady and the Tramp segment 😂 5:09
The LA2028 Olympics
This looks fun.
Olivia Lindsey
Olivia Lindsey 4 days ago
You wanna do lady and the tramp style No ...........................
Rhys Mcconnell
Rhys Mcconnell 4 days ago
Emilia 4 days ago
its 2019 guys its crazy that they still eat animals
J C 5 days ago
He needs to go there with Blake Shelton. 😜😂
McKenzie Ann
McKenzie Ann 5 days ago
Spookay T'is Me
Spookay T'is Me 5 days ago
Roger Leal
Roger Leal 5 days ago
Let me eat Nicki Minaj's biscuit
Victoria Leos
Victoria Leos 5 days ago
Damn people really be lucky like that getting to meet famous people
C.mechelle Banks2010
She knows the playbook rules...and adjusts to them...
C.mechelle Banks2010
Aww thank u ...better at it than me ..
C.mechelle Banks2010
Her nails are fabulous...😄
TheMr3742 5 days ago
He was living his youth and not had a lawsuit 🤣
Jonna G
Jonna G 5 days ago
Poor lobsters, people literally have no heart. Seeing them alive shortly before and getting excited about seeing them dead later. Humanity is disgusting
royalrose nesrin
royalrose nesrin 5 days ago
It feels like I am eating with them
Charles Rivers
Charles Rivers 5 days ago
Gta love nicki 😂 to funny jimmy u mess dude
Teekay Merah
Teekay Merah 5 days ago
Two annoying people go to red lobster
Kenny Singkuan
Kenny Singkuan 5 days ago
Nobody: Jimmy fallon: iVe NEveR bEen tO A reStaUrAnT BefOrE
giovanna G
giovanna G 5 days ago
1:40 best part 😍🤣 I love when Nicki laugh 🤣😂😂😂🤣
Domingo Morales
Domingo Morales 5 days ago
Totally not a vegan-friendly vídeo
Samantha 6 days ago
Nobody likes nicki.
Jordan Valdovinos
Sharon Maraj
Sharon Maraj 6 days ago
@6:01 "we're from Trinidad!" Me: 😂lol same🇹🇹🇹🇹. Nicki's reaction was so cute, 😂
1 Park
1 Park 6 days ago
Two of the most annoying wastes of human beings
B 6 days ago
I hate it when girls look like plastic but somehow I love nicki for it tf
Kierra Childs
Kierra Childs 6 days ago
Nicki acts like my mom ion got no money
Kierra Childs
Kierra Childs 2 days ago
Brenae Davis right
Brenae Davis
Brenae Davis 3 days ago
Kierra Childs Right! But got fashionova coming in the mail almost every day😂😂
sophiagc 6 days ago
bruh why was nobody laughing?? nicki is so funny and expressive lmfaoooo
zhu kevin
zhu kevin 6 days ago
Thats a big advertisement for red lobster lol
Sub 2 Pewds
Sub 2 Pewds 6 days ago
3:03 A-hole fish? Oh, a WHOLE fish lmao
Colin A
Colin A 6 days ago
I actually rarely laugh at Jimmy Fallon, but A-hole fish got me.
Dejah Witherspoon
Lmfao....i like this duo
tyquan's channels
That's tough for Jimmy 1:07
Trauge W. May II PoorBoy Racing and Fabrication Co.
I'd just die but that butt load basket of those biscuits..
Billies Bil Sack
Billies Bil Sack 6 days ago
5:50 damn jimmy had crabs in college. Wow he be wildin with someone 👀 Crabs is another word for pubic lice
Jimmy Mcdonald
Jimmy Mcdonald 6 days ago
Third tastiest woman alive
N Rz
N Rz 6 days ago
Why the fuck cant we get extra biscuits
Genesis G 90
Genesis G 90 6 days ago
3:26 my favorite is the white whine muscles
miss Rosya
miss Rosya 6 days ago
"A-HOLE FISH?" 😂😂😂
Kenzie Whitford
Kenzie Whitford 6 days ago
I couldnt stop laughing
Vicky Christine
Vicky Christine 6 days ago
Thank you for keeping us laughing
Holly Holy
Holly Holy 7 days ago
Only a gay white boy would eat biscuits with a knife and fork.
avocado 7 days ago
5:50 IMAGINE if you just go to a restaurant and Nicki pops up out of nowhere and serves you food I would litterally-
Iam An egg
Iam An egg 7 days ago
Mukbang for rich people
PG Plays Video Games
i'm watching these out of order. so that's why they keep giving jimmy a bucket of rolls
gwhitelavich 7 days ago
Michael Breed has a great RUvid golf channel. Legit
Kyla Watson
Kyla Watson 7 days ago
I love this lol
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