Nick Wright react to Ezekiel Elliott's weight is lowest since his rookie year | First Things First

Chris Broussard
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 140
tiDDies aTTic
tiDDies aTTic 29 days ago
1993 Dallas Cowboys had 4 Hall of Famer's, not 6.
tiDDies aTTic
tiDDies aTTic 29 days ago
CC just became the first to EVER utter these words: "Zeke is just too responsible"🤪
Sundincubus Month ago
"Lamar Jackson making guys looked silly?" Yes, and do you know this is just preseason Jenna? That means only 2n/3rd string players are on the field.
A J Month ago
So Dak has the same type of quarterback runs in the regular season and gets no credit? It's a damn joke SMDH.
pietro scelfo
pietro scelfo Month ago
No homo.
Bflo23 Month ago
Elliott lost muscle. He isn't training in Cabo and losing fat.
John Cas
John Cas Month ago
It's the coke!!!
ARCHANGEL978 Month ago
Another piss poor journalist known as Nick Wright, it is about time ESPN hires a legit person instead of a stooge who got the job because of who they're related to.
Keith Sunset
Keith Sunset Month ago
Coach Mancini is going to be upset.😂 Coach ain't never did thing, genie?
Keith Sunset
Keith Sunset Month ago
I feel like Pollard made him feel some type of way. Lol
Lee Watkins
Lee Watkins Month ago
I hope that lady stays. But her announcing at games sucks
Western Man
Western Man Month ago
You people never learn though.
Dirt Nassty
Dirt Nassty Month ago
Okay it's been a minute since Ive watched this show.... But wtf is up with Nick's hair?!?
D Robin
D Robin Month ago
CC said he looked crazy with the buzz cut so he started growing it out
Western Man
Western Man Month ago
Is that how you earn a hundred million? Hit a home run to win a regular season game that means SFA? 2 weeks ago he was an over-paid bum and he still is.
Dirt Nassty
Dirt Nassty Month ago
"Ronaldo Akeenya Jr"..... And this is why females belong nowhere near these sports shows... Atleast the bitch got Junior right I guess.... Lol she doesn't even know who one of, if not thee most popular players in baseball is right now
iamrichrocker Month ago
everytime carter talks i lose his message, cause the eyebrows steal the show...
Andrew Horacek
Andrew Horacek Month ago
Nick's hair lol
Dream S
Dream S Month ago
Im liking pollard better then zeke trade zeke for some first round picks no more drama and wtf the defense is nasty i say ranked top 5 this year on defense if the offense gets were it needs to be then theres a good possibility for a championship we need to pass more run less
Nick Kowalick
Nick Kowalick Month ago
What problems on defense lol
Daniel Kwamou
Daniel Kwamou Month ago
Nick really went on air and said if the cowboys don’t have their starting rb, dline, and top wr, they are not that different from a bad giants team. Well no shit 😂😂
Larry Lattimore
Larry Lattimore Month ago
Nick Wright is a hater
Colby Brochu
Colby Brochu Month ago
Sign Zeke
Keeping It Real
Keeping It Real Month ago
I have to laugh...if this were the Patriots no one would worry about the availability of one or two players....such is the weakness of the Dallas Cowboys and every other team in the NFL. Zeke is a distraction and not worth the cost. Well, except for commentators who make their living ignoring the rights of women.
Dream S
Dream S Month ago
Your an idiot
Hellcat Gaming
Hellcat Gaming Month ago
Maybe zeke can hurdle people like his rookie season again.
Jamie Benn
Jamie Benn Month ago
I'd prefer he NOT hurdle. I've seen him take hard hits once his feet touch the ground.
Frank Winston
Frank Winston Month ago
That dude is stupid the Cowboys are way better than the Giants are now and leading into the season.
Philly Sports!
Philly Sports! Month ago
They're super bowl contenders but so are we!!!
Philly Sports!
Philly Sports! Month ago
That run by lamar Jackson is overrated when considering the war people were talking about it. When I read the description of the play (before I saw it)they called it one of the best runs in recent history. He juked one and hurdled another.....
BOSSHOGG 84 Month ago
It's the same shit every year with us either being suspended and now a holdout ohhhh he's been working out and looks better than ever! Who gives a shit simple solution wanna get paid stay out of the media headlines stay out of trouble simple as that
M J Month ago
Lolol.. I feel your passion bro!! Spoken like areal aggravated fan. We will sign him and we will make the playoffs
Hunter Snyder
Hunter Snyder Month ago
That was also Bryce Harper's only hit he was 0-3 before that
Dirt Nassty
Dirt Nassty Month ago
Yeah he's been a pretty big bust this year since singing that contract... As a Braves fan I love it lmao
Damien Ramey
Damien Ramey Month ago
Enjoy Mexico Zeke. The Eagles own the NFC and East this year. You're pulling a Bell move and are just losing money like he did. Miles Sanders and Jordan Howard are going to run all over you guys. #flyEAGLESfly
Dream S
Dream S Month ago
Smoking crack we own the division this year! You forgot wheelchair wentz no foles to back that bum up
M1GHTY Month ago
lmao who gonna tackle Barkley??? umm maybe jaylon smith LVE and hopefully a healthy Lee
mikegatt76 Month ago
Lmfao you really think this is going to be a James Connor situation where he has a monster season after Le'veon sits all year. Lmfao yea ok
Lee Watkins
Lee Watkins Month ago
Philip DuBeau
Philip DuBeau Month ago
The Cowboys have no depth on DL or defense? Cowboys gonna teach that loud mouth no nothing what depth looks like. These people try to create the drama to give themselves something to talk about so they justify the show. Zeke better get back quick because next man up - Pollard - is going to take his job.
Them_Eyes_Thou Month ago
They smoking on something good lol Idk why ppl thinks barkley is better then zeke after 1 season like did he even came close to eric dickerson record dont get me wrong Barkley is a beast but he isn't better then zeke
tossed but not sunk ss
As a cowboys fan I actually hope zeke holds out so everyone can see that dak can't do it without having the league leading rusher , top o line a real number one wr and if the defense gets better or the same as last year he can't win and you take one of those away especially Zeke dak will crumble, we all saw it when Zeke was suspended.
Jacob Stevens
Jacob Stevens Month ago
Zeke is about to get Dak franchised the next two years..
Tj Anderson
Tj Anderson Month ago
I’d just pay him. He’s goin to be the QB for the nx 3yrs at least. He doesn’t deserve elite money tho. Only Zeke deserves to be around the highest paid at their position but he still has 2 yrs lol.
D B Month ago
That's 70 mil guaranteed. That's what he wants in his contract or just franchise me. His thinking.
Skeptical Fan
Skeptical Fan Month ago
Carson Wentz isn't the future.
Bryce Month ago
I think Ezekiel Elliott would get paid if he changed his name to Muhammad Ali.
lisa colon
lisa colon Month ago
Come Zeke we miss u
B Parker
B Parker Month ago
People need to also realize without zeke dak cannot operate to his potential with the new additions we have. EVERYBODY better hope we get zeke back asap
B Parker
B Parker Month ago
21skinsfan Month ago
Fuck bryceeeee
Cristian Martinez
Amari cooper sucks they make it seem like if hes really good hes trash
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby Month ago
Cristian Martinez u don’t watch football do u ?
B Parker
B Parker Month ago
lol hahaha ok
Wally A
Wally A Month ago
Nobody is playing around with Zeke...he'll be playing week one. Too much at stake...
Polaris sportsman
Jerry Jones needs to fire this dumb gang banger there's plenty of people that can replace him
Dirt Nassty
Dirt Nassty Month ago
Like who?... Lol I'll be waiting
Daniel Galindo
Daniel Galindo Month ago
Even without a healthy Amari or respectfully Zeke missing a few games we have Gallup Cobbs and Pollard. Boyz in there!
D Robin
D Robin Month ago
Preseason games lmaooo and I'm a Cowboys fan
Mr Rican
Mr Rican Month ago
Smack Murph that shit is preseason 😂
Smack Murph
Smack Murph Month ago
Daniel Galindo bro I kinda believe yo statement after watching that drive yesterday against the rams... imma cowboys fan and live in the city and I had doubts about us b4 I seen that drive!
jake08311 Month ago
Jenna Wolfe needs to get her due as a moderator. I generally enjoy this show for the insights and football knowledge but Jenna is an exceptionally capable moderator. She adds her opinions, asks intelligent and apt questions to maintain the momentum, and probably more importantly, unlike that Molly character on First Take, refrains from talking over the analysts.
Tj Anderson
Tj Anderson Month ago
Molly’s absolutely terrible. Cannot stand her. Constantly interrupting the conversation. She acts like a 3rd debater even tho nobody tunes in to hear what she has to say. Jenna’s perfect. She has really good takes and doesn’t interrupt or make it about herself like Molly does. I actually liked Joy and Cari tho. Think Jenny is good too and easily the best looking in my opinion. Molly’s just unbearable
Western Man
Western Man Month ago
Agreed. Shes excellent.
B Parker
B Parker Month ago
Exactly she is the best that i know of in sports. Unlike Joy's useless ass
jake08311 Month ago
I am still not sure why I dislike Cris Carter so much since he does have a pretty good "football mind". But there is just something that continues to rub me the wrong way EVERY time he opens his mouth.
Eric J Kraft
Eric J Kraft Month ago
What I meant to say is He's really confident in himself which makes him sound arrogant slot of the time
Eric J Kraft
Eric J Kraft Month ago
He sounds very arrogant slot of the time
Playthell Benjamin
Rs Dhillon
Rs Dhillon Month ago
2:49 nicks face trying to assess what CC meant with that joke lol
Aries Johnson
Aries Johnson Month ago
Yea fam the way she said "workout" sounded like she was gettin worked out ya feel me. Lol
Joey Fingaz
Joey Fingaz Month ago
Aries Johnson she really made me replay that
William Cabell
William Cabell Month ago
Such Cowboy hatred...gentlemen your slips are showing!!!!!! Wentz will be hurt by the sixth game. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Fabuloso Travez
Fabuloso Travez Month ago
@William Cabell yes but you dont have a qb talent to be great is like putting peterman as your qb and he stays healthy
William Cabell
William Cabell Month ago
Fillip Hulles exactly, you fool. The key to success is availability.
Marvin Johnson
Marvin Johnson Month ago
I dont know if he get hurt by game six but am a cowboy fan and they sleeping on the redskins defense they gonna bang Carson Wentz ass up and they could bet them
Fillip Hulles
Fillip Hulles Month ago
Two playoff wins in 25 years. At least the Eagles have stayed in contention. I think Dak and a lot of the Cowboys players are pretty good. You guys have a washy front office. Yeah the Cowboys were dominant in the 90s, but those days are long over. Carson Wentz got a torn ACL running into the endzone and two defenders collided with his knee. He had a broken bone in his back. What happened when Romo was your QB? Oh yeah he got injured all the time, too. He was retired by an Eagle. Carson Wentz > Dak.
William Cabell
William Cabell Month ago
Nicky Boy you sound like a Giant fan boy. Only the Cowboys have injury and suspensions.
claudia33 Month ago
220 lb?? Thats amazing
richard Pryor
richard Pryor Month ago
Dude been working out turning fat into muscle
dwray729 Month ago
This dude is not still on tv wtf
Cole Turner
Cole Turner Month ago
Zeke can take this opportunity to try the Mexican cuisine since he is semi-retired....we can use the draft picks we get in the trade....
Gene Thompson
Gene Thompson Month ago
Don't sleep on the Giants this year
Skeptical Fan
Skeptical Fan Month ago
Skeptical Fan
Skeptical Fan Month ago
William Cabell
William Cabell Month ago
Gene Thompson why is Manning not playing this year? You’re FUNNY!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gabriel Medina
Gabriel Medina Month ago
Lol cowboys👈😂
Ben Nyce
Ben Nyce Month ago
Zeke is one of the best Players in the league period they better quit playing!
David Westerberg
@Robster I thought it was widely known 99% of NFL players juice. The 1% that doesn't are kickers and long snappers.
Dana Jett
Dana Jett Month ago
@Robster you are 1 dumbass do you even watch football, take this ignorant comment and stick it where it should be
Western Man
Western Man Month ago
Blah blah blah shall we list off all the wonderful runningbacks who have led to winning nothing?
Robster Month ago
He is going to go downhill - he can no longer get juiced up like he needs to be. His power and strength are enhanced by drugs. No drugs-no Zeke. Goodbye Mr Elliot you are no longer needed as you are now not worth the trouble....
David Westerberg
If that was the only issue. Salary cap, RBs market value, and the fact that Zeke acts like a moron off the field makes it a bit harder than that.
james mullins
james mullins Month ago
cowboys went 3-5 with Zeke last year. Then they got Cooper. Then they won 7 out of 8 games with cooper. So help me understand why Zeke is more important than COOPER. The stats last season show a different outcome.
Mr Rican
Mr Rican Month ago
One teams stack boxes with zeke in there, regardless of cooper being there because teams don’t fear dak. There is a reason that offense is built around a running game... it’s because in 48 games dak has only thrown for 300 yards 5 times hardly an indicator that he could put a team on his back for a full season if there is no zeke to fall back on.
Andrew Breeding
Andrew Breeding Month ago
Dallas has a deep d line Chris carter you just don’t know them they aren’t big name guys but they’re all high motor players who all play a roll. Dallas likes to keep fresh legs in the game at all times on the D line
Mr. Thrifty Texas
Giants better than Cowboys "Come on Man" these Dusty dudes are ridiculous
William Cabell
William Cabell Month ago
Mr. Thrifty Texas Don’t forget that they all stated on this network that the Eagles are going to win it all. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brett WB
Brett WB Month ago
I like how they completely disregard Randall Cobb, Jason Witten, Michael Gallup, Leighton Vander Esch, Jaylon Smith, Trysten Hill, etc.
Christopher Month ago
Why did she say “workout” like that 😂
Christopher I don’t mind.
Eric Jefferson
Eric Jefferson Month ago
Lol did they really over sensationalize Dallas’? Dallas doesn’t have near the severity of personnel issues as they made them out to be. Remember when these talking heads are wrong they never explain how the didn’t know what the F they were wrong about.
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