Nick Diaz Is Scared? My Takeaways From the Ufc 266 Press Conference

Michael Bisping
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The big night is just one day away now, and the pre fight press conference has concluded. Here are the count's opinions on the press conference, and what they mean about the fights on Saturday.

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Sep 24, 2021




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Kassie Furgason
Kassie Furgason 23 hours ago
I love bisping and his perspective on fighters and the fight game. He is a really great analyst!! As far as nick and nate go, they are two of my fave fighters. Two of the toughest, and realist dudes in the fight game and they are both exciting fighters to watch. All of which are reasons why win or lose, they are still fan favorites!
J. P.M.
J. P.M. Day ago
Awesome content Bisping!
Turki Altaemi
Turki Altaemi 13 days ago
The production work looks amazing, great job.
DAJ Dools
DAJ Dools 15 days ago
You just gotta dig Bisping, as the man is not only intelligent, but he knows the fight game and he is always respectful...
Kenny 15 days ago
You talk too much Bisping! 🤦🏽‍♂️
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 17 days ago
times, "Oh, Mark Hunt doesn't look too good on the pads there", then he'd be go and take someone's head off.
John Johnson
John Johnson 18 days ago
These guys won't say it openly because that would discredit Lawler's performance, but the match was over before it began. Nick lost match in the fight camp. He was way out of shape. It is impressive his skills carried him all the way to the third round. Try fighting while out of shape and you'll have an epiphany on the subject. Lawler's preparation carried him and won him the fight in conjunction with Nick's lack of preparation and Lawler was better man that night as a result.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 18 days ago
opinions. Plus it kinda just feels like you're my buddy i asked a question at the pub, and you already had a few so you're feeling chatty. Good shit, Count!
Frank Bringus
Frank Bringus 18 days ago
I think most journalists are a little slow
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 17 days ago
This episode was so honest, respectful and delivered with a nice touch of gentlemanship
Andrew Verrett
Andrew Verrett 19 days ago
I felt like Lawler had his number this time weeks before the fight.
Chuck Baserap
Chuck Baserap 19 days ago
It’s obvious he didn’t wanna do the work. That’s the bottom line he didn’t want to do the work, and he didn’t.
Derek Ireland
Derek Ireland 19 days ago
A great run down of the fight Michael only new to the channel and loving the content
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 18 days ago
I‘d like to see Bisping vs Diaz. Winner gets his second bout with Anderson Silva 💪🏼
souless08 19 days ago
Whatever the reason, Diaz looked like he just showed up for weed money and had NO interest even being in the cage. He looked and acted like a shadow of a shadow of his former self. It was one of the more saddening come back fights.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 19 days ago
This episode was so honest, respectful and delivered with a nice touch of gentlemanship 👊🏼👍🏼
Cainon X
Cainon X 20 days ago
I think he was hurt.
Michael Place
Michael Place 20 days ago
Lauren Murphy isn’t a walk in the park for nobody lmao gotta rephrase yourself mike
Michael Place
Michael Place 20 days ago
I hope Mike never goes back to fighting he’s brain is his best skill over his hands for sure he speaks so well
O MillerO
O MillerO 20 days ago
Love this channel, it’s like Peyton Manning commentating a football game, you get great insight and you actually want to hear what he has to say.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 19 days ago
Thanks for talking about the fear aspect. A lot of men living with fear. Fighting is a pure reflection of the problems of everyday life.
Rodney M
Rodney M 20 days ago
Hey Michael, you mentioned that the weight cut is stupid, and the hilarious hypocrisy of the body is a temple, ok time to cut.. If you could change it, what would you do? Just everyone fight at their walk-around weight? That seems the most logical.. ✌️
IronMonkeyPimp 20 days ago
awesome - life of a gladiator !!!
Can Dincsoy
Can Dincsoy 20 days ago
First i thought Lawler would win because a break from 6 years of not fighting would be to long for Diaz. Then i thought Diaz would lose because he said in the pre interview he doesnt wanna fight anymore but does not know what to do else. And when the news came out that Nick wants to fight at 185 lbs it was just clear that the result would be like it was. But Lawler also fought better than the last fights we saw him. Congrats to Robbie!
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 20 days ago
This episode was so honest, respectful and delivered with a nice touch of gentlemanship 👊🏼👍🏼
adkid 20 days ago
Love and Respect Nick Diaz. Why wasn't Richard Perez training him, or in his corner? Nick claimed his management doesn't know what their doing. Jake Shields said Nick has Snakes around him. Why doesn't Nick find an honorable team to support him?
Phil Adelphia
Phil Adelphia 20 days ago
I‘d like to see Bisping vs Diaz. Winner gets his second bout with Anderson Silva 💪🏼
Simon T
Simon T 20 days ago
Nicks next opponent: Dan Hardy. Oh... fat boy Dana gave him the boot.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 20 days ago
Nick Diaz quit.... I never thought I would ever say that about a Diaz brother
keberte 35
keberte 35 20 days ago
Nick always gonna be one of my favorites fighter no matter what.
TS 00
TS 00 20 days ago
Good that Michael talks about this weight cutting bullshit. It just shouldn’t happen. People should have there normal weight and don’t weight cut at all and just fight. If they don’t go crazy on there diet after camp then why should there be a problem?🤔
Más Cooler
Más Cooler 20 days ago
Same thing happened to Cain Velasquez, vs Junior Dos Santos in the 1st fight in 2011. He had terrible ring rust coming off an injury, hadn't fought in a year, therefore he was knocked out within a few seconds. Same thing with Mark Coleman in 1998, against Pete Williams who wore him down, then knocked The Hammer out with a kick to the face.
AMP 20 days ago
Subscribed love this guy man!!
ProjektLament 20 days ago
Thanks for talking about the fear aspect. A lot of men living with fear. Fighting is a pure reflection of the problems of everyday life.
Ken Kurth
Ken Kurth 20 days ago
Nick Diaz quit against Robbie. He is done.
Brion Spidle
Brion Spidle 20 days ago
Did Fador always look soft ? But........
Christopher Kimmer
Christopher Kimmer 20 days ago
I'd like to see a tad bit more of the Asshole Bisbing kinda miss it even tho it why i didn't like you when I was young and dumb
Jeremy Bourke
Jeremy Bourke 20 days ago
Yeah, you were right Mick!
Daniel Scott
Daniel Scott 20 days ago
Michael Nostradamus. "I'm done".
Jon Duncan
Jon Duncan 20 days ago
Lawler crushed him, and I knew it was a certainty. Lawler has fought the best on the UFC and trains hard and takes care of himself. Nick has mad skills, but his training regimen was suspect. Lawler meant business, look at the weigh in, even coming out Ro now looked confident and focused, razor sharp, Nick looked a little wary, not confident, Robbie was a beast and it showed
tehf00n 20 days ago
Volkanovski, at the end of the fight, said he was sorry he talked bad about Ortega because he turned up. I thought that was the classiest thing I've seen someone do in a long time.
Dirty Oar Catfishing
Nick Diaz quit.... I never thought I would ever say that about a Diaz brother
Paul Svensen
Paul Svensen 20 days ago
Bisping is such a great guy - He simply speaks the truth and explains to all of us " notfighters" how hard it is to go to the process of fighting.Love him forehis honesty
Colin Trott
Colin Trott 20 days ago
On your way to becoming the best analyst of all time. You’re the man Mike. 🤘
James Watkins
James Watkins 20 days ago
Go look at pictures of him from April. He was in amazing shape and everyone said he looks in the best shape of his life and then this stuff!!! He was injured for sure
James Watkins
James Watkins 20 days ago
I'm convinced Nick was injured
J G91
J G91 20 days ago
You are the champion Bisping
Andy Drew
Andy Drew 21 day ago
Nick Diaz has said it him self. He goes into train and smokes before hand, it probably gets rid of that anxiety. Look at the Silva fight…
lee houston
lee houston 21 day ago
Lawler was young and inexperienced the last time. Respect to both as fighters but it could be anyone’s game
Ray France
Ray France 21 day ago
A NERVOUS $HIT WAS JUST TAKEN... After bisping describe what it's like prior to a fight! 🤣🤣🤣
Waterlife 21 day ago
Yup he was scared!
CaptainDarling 21 day ago
spot on and real as always mr bisping sir..AND NEVER!! and i mean EVER! would i have thought Darren Tyll a scouser. would Explain and get an understanding reaction over the exact words spoken... NICK DIAZ is an utter Boss! but Robby Lawler is a friend now of his, and a TOTALY RELEVEN'T Fighter. hes a handfull for anyone in the top 5. Nick Diaze (i assume) felt like he'd been fed to the lion on his MMA first fight comeback... remember what Lawler Did to askren...ufc think lawlers some gatekeeper now Donald's done... Robbie Lawler is no fkn gatekeeper!!!. Lawler Lost because he knocked the consciousness back into the guy he just knocked out... he flicks ppls switches! Nick Diaze should not have fought a relevant in shape Veteran, that has kept up with the Meta. when i heard this fight from Jens pulver on ufc twitch, a while ago. (which i urge ppl to visit), i didnt like it, i like Nick, and Robbie is an animal veteran,, so no, didnt want this from the start, this all felt Very Trilleresk ,, the same as the askren fight, plz plz, lets make that BMF belt for veterans of over 10 year MMA and over and Separate from the top title contention ..(you cant compete for BMF or call it the GOAT belt, if your ranked) Nick Diaz vs Donald Ceroni that was the fight to make, or Even hold him off until Mcgreggor was fixed. because we all know his contender days are past.
Satyajit Pradhan
Satyajit Pradhan 21 day ago
You are a class act Bisping. You are as real as they come and I really appreciate that.
Excellent job on clearing the misconception that the writers are trying to sprew . Only a real fighter knows what another real fighter is feeling .
Joey 21 day ago
Gotta say I’m really happy that Bisping has found this niche commentating, podcasting and making videos. He’s really good at it. I think he’s gonna be doing this for a long time and be able to stay in the game using his skills, knowledge and personality to contribute to the sport and stay relevant for decades. That’s a pretty rare fate for a fighter and a win for everyone.
Ezieiel 21 day ago
lol this is why your always been in my top 5 of all time 100 real in and out of the octagon. thanks for your take on this fight
Babeb Bee
Babeb Bee 21 day ago
Bisping is legend
Nate Williams
Nate Williams 21 day ago
Well said on everything Bisping is such a stand up guy 100%
Jim Rodriguez
Jim Rodriguez 21 day ago
You're amazing at this. Way better than The Puerto Rican Rattlesnake! Lol! Keep it going... I'm the biggest fan of yours!
chuy inzunza
chuy inzunza 21 day ago
How long haven't you fight ?
Ra ra
Ra ra 21 day ago
Hopefully, those 'journalists' watch this. Maybe it could turn them into a 'professional journalists' the next time.
astan fartin
astan fartin 21 day ago
the art of war..... when u are weak let them believe u are strong and when u are strong let them believe u are weak.
astan fartin
astan fartin 21 day ago
Diaz is a legend
astan fartin
astan fartin 21 day ago
bisping u are a natural journalist... i hope to see plenty of u and ur opinions over the next 20years buddy.
astan fartin
astan fartin 21 day ago
john thomas more like it
Omkar Shitole
Omkar Shitole 21 day ago
thersten 21 day ago
Go ask Yoel if he's scared. There's levels to this shit boi.
More Plates More Nates
Congrats Mike and brantendo and growing this channel
JRSrfc emc2
JRSrfc emc2 21 day ago
Never liked josh Thompson
sleeping Sheep
sleeping Sheep 21 day ago
He looked scared on his way to the ring lol he looked so lost in his mind
andrzej golota
andrzej golota 21 day ago
Everybody: Weight cuts are shit ONE: hi
pewpeat 21 day ago
ffs its a question of what could have happened? weed law?
KuoniRad 21 day ago
Almost all MMA jurnalist Ask wrong questions. They are There because they know people and people now them. UFC is not only thing with jurnalism Im fallowing. And jurnalism here is the worst.
KuoniRad 21 day ago
I stopped even watching most interviews. Probobly i watch only submission radio, that young kid and Bisping with his love partner.
Micah Carter-Buchanan
Keep liking Bisping more and more
Kia- T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me
If Nick seems not confident, miserable, and like he doesn't want to be there, that means he's ready to fight. That's always been his process.
Shabberplasm 32
Shabberplasm 32 21 day ago
Nice job straight up copy and pasting one of the top comments on the video bro.
Dan Dapper
Dan Dapper 21 day ago
Every time A fighter steps into the octagon
Jon Luebbe
Jon Luebbe 21 day ago
I agree. But nobody cares not even u
Wyatt Derp
Wyatt Derp 21 day ago
I feel like people who haven't played serious sports dont get that. It's not the fear of the pain or injuries its the fear of failing infront of people and failing yourself and others who put their faith in you. It's why winning is so exhilarating!
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 21 day ago
Hello, Humans. The total spend on adult Halloween costumes each year in America is $1.5 billion. TERRANCE OUT
Robert 21 day ago
My gut says Robbie, My heart says Nick, my brain explodes either way
Alexander Toronto
Mike, you are an excellent communicator, you make sense. Once you became a commentator and I got to listen to you commenting and speaking on different topics , I started liking you and listening to you :)
Demon S Downs
Demon S Downs 21 day ago
Thank you
Yas Freeman
Yas Freeman 21 day ago
Didnt Josh Thompson KO Nate Diaz at one stage? And they're "bros" now (Josh/Nate/Nick)?
Frank Stackhouse
Frank Stackhouse 21 day ago
Bisbing your the man!! You explained all that perfectly anybody that can’t understand that is just plain ol stupid. If your a fan and don’t know how Nick Diaz operates then you haven’t been a fan for long. Nick has always had trouble speaking in interviews. Fighting is that dudes life. Win or lose Always a fan of Diaz brothers
John McGagh
John McGagh 21 day ago
Great job Bisping!!!!
Marvin Ramirez
Marvin Ramirez 21 day ago
How is he gonn be scared dude been fighting since he was a kid
02SubaruWRX 21 day ago
I know how the human mind works, Nick is feeling worried because Robbie is the only one who has anything to prove he lost to Diaz 17 years ago and never got vengeance and now is his chance PLUS he is still semi-active and in good shape, Nick is just being reasonable and second guessing himself and Nick knows damn well if Robbie gets him hurt he will end up Stockton slapping him and throwing his hands in the air like “who’s scared now homie?” on some spiteful type shit. Nick is just coming off the couch and could care less about the fight, while everyone else is hyping it up and making it a bigger deal than it is. So his energy is not 100% focused and on point that is for sure
Cali Made
Cali Made 21 day ago
A lil louder for the people in the back M.B.🙏
Hans Wanz
Hans Wanz 21 day ago
Diaz army
IPokeEyesOut 21 day ago
He’s not scared he just doesn’t wanna talk shit and then get embarrassed
Robert Perry
Robert Perry 21 day ago
Bispin, the Diaz brothers respect the rules. No steroids.
Coin Bog
Coin Bog 21 day ago
Tonight we shall see. Do think its strange he didn't want this fight
Shaun Chats
Shaun Chats 21 day ago
I think it’s less about him being scared and more that he is uncertain since it’s been a long time since he was in the octagon. That uncertainty probably goes beyond just the fight, but just where he’s at in his life.
Draca Wulf
Draca Wulf 21 day ago
I agree, some of the dumbest questions we're asked to Nick during the press conference.
sean kelly
sean kelly 21 day ago
The reporters were lobbing horseshit softballs.
sean kelly
sean kelly 21 day ago
I think the plan was ALWAYS to bump it up to middle.
Winter Watch
Winter Watch 21 day ago
9:03 I see guys that are absolute world beaters in the gym get beaten off...
Thu Thuy
Thu Thuy 21 day ago
Bisping and Cruz are 2 of the best fight analysts in the sport … no bullshit no bias commentating or overviews. Sometimes I feel myself getting more excited about bisping calling a fight more than the actual fight itself.
sefaragon 21 day ago
I've never liked bisping as a fighter. but he has a very insightful analysis on fighters
michael burkett
michael burkett 21 day ago
Those journalist sucked ass. It was a weird conference for sure
AlwaysDawson 21 day ago
They did ask him why he wanted to change the weight and he said so its smoother
Paratrooper 21 day ago
Reporters are absolute trash and MMA journos are no different... thats why they asked Nick all those stupid irrelevant questions and ignored obvious ones like the weight.
Mind YourBuisness
This is how legend fights should be. It's not a fight to climb the rankings so let both guys be at their best
malcolm ironmonger
If you had a 12 gauge to Nick's head, I still can't see him being scared.
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