Nick Cannon Lands In Hot Water With Viacom For Anti Semetic Comments

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Jul 15, 2020




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Comments 80
Twisted Krazie
Twisted Krazie 26 minutes ago
Nick Cannon has a punchable face.
YasGirlGaming 26 minutes ago
Did they really have to cancel wild n out it made up 50% of MTV and VH1
KryptonIstheFuture 27 minutes ago
bra what did he say wrong
Brit Yardie Tellnolievision
People seem to have a problem with the truth this is not him making stuff up it’s the truth but I suppose we live in a time where the truth means very little to the people who have invented the liars are made well from it
David S
David S 27 minutes ago
The flip-side of white supremacy... equally ignorant.
Chancellor Luciano
Chancellor Luciano 27 minutes ago
Who is nick cannon?
June Gomez-Willis
June Gomez-Willis 27 minutes ago
Blackpath.org is not functioning.
Kain 28 minutes ago
It's literally the same ideology of white supremacists, except applied to black people instead of white. It's racist and dangerous and evil.
TribeOfGad 29 minutes ago
Nick did not lie though.
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 29 minutes ago
That's what happens when you tell the truth about the "chosen ones".You get blacklisted,because they own all of the media including RUvid.
Ralph Wiggum
Ralph Wiggum 29 minutes ago
Wait ok, this isn’t related, but lots of people see *ONE* person of color saying something rude and lowkey use it as an excuse to 1. Be racist in the comment section 2. Stereotypes whole race 3. Judge a while race It’s just an observation I’ve seen. It’s not okay to bring down one “group” so bring down another “group”
James Hamilton
James Hamilton 30 minutes ago
Stupid s***
beselbic 30 minutes ago
I bet many of the same people who were defending Mel Gibson for his antisemitic and racist remarks are vilifying Nick Cannon and saying he should be cancelled. I recall a lot of folks defending Mel Gibson for his racist and sexist shenanigans claiming he has free speech and that people should grow a pair, get thicker skin and get over it. Don't hear it so much in Nick Cannon's case.
warren camp
warren camp 30 minutes ago
God made us all.....melanin, has nothing to do with us. We were all made in Gods image. The problem is he thinks he’s special peaches he has melanin..as the Bible says....if you keep your mouth shut no one will know where you are smart or stupid. If you open it you might make a fool of yourself. He opened it by his on choice, the Bible also says, what comes from the mouth is what’s in the heart. He should have been fired. I am glad at least we all now know....what’s in his heart.
RedGuard 30 minutes ago
Breakfast club let Farrakhan on we should cancel them too.
Ralph Wiggum
Ralph Wiggum 32 minutes ago
Unbiased Opinion: You can’t bring down one race to bring up another race 🤨
Jo M
Jo M 32 minutes ago
There is no law saying a person has to like anything about anyone but why the hell is there a need to profess this weird shit n then be surprised when the people talked about are like “heeeey 🥺😤”.
Tra8t 35 minutes ago
I knew this guy was a dweeb the moment He called out eminem for raising a girl that was not his blood daughter
Toya Holland
Toya Holland 35 minutes ago
I love you ❤️ Nick Cannon this is all in the making of a new beginning for wildn & out and black tv 📺
kfc667 35 minutes ago
Nick's millions got him a lil too comfortable. Can't be speaking out of term on the people who control the media (Jews & white people), there would be a backlash. Furthermore, Farrakhan is a blatant old racist who's still confused on which Abrahamic religion/mythology he supports...Remember when Nick tried to call Eminem a racist? Nick Cannon may be deprived of attention
Jessica Ayo
Jessica Ayo 35 minutes ago
Why do you white people continue to watch breakfast club if it triggers you so much? It’s the usual suspects repeatedly visiting this channel crying over their content. Ben Shapiro’s channel is open
Will Kalas
Will Kalas 35 minutes ago
Diddy said “we put our people first”. Imagine a white guy said that
Kelly McShane
Kelly McShane 36 minutes ago
Nick is a gross human.
Tabs T
Tabs T 36 minutes ago
So to say Hebrews are black is an insult?
DJ AEC 36 minutes ago
Spread Lies Spread Hate, Screw the breakfast club
Alvaro Morales
Alvaro Morales 36 minutes ago
His statements were clearly racist and he was rightfully fired. Racism in all forms is not okay and you don't get a "pass" because you're black. But I'm not surprised the Breakfast Club seems to view this as okay because time and time again they've agreed with such views and have even made some pretty racist comments themselves, such as white people shouldnt be allowed to rap, simply because they are white. It's why I stopped listening to this show in the first place.
Joshua Machlin
Joshua Machlin 37 minutes ago
As a Jewish person I still want to like Nick Cannon or at the very least separate the art from the artist. Also the sun doesn’t destroy us quite the opposite is the truth. I’m able to tan and absorb vitamin D from the sun while a lot of people are deficient in vitamin D.
Jaccinda Kauffman
Jaccinda Kauffman 38 minutes ago
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Bush The Moor
Bush The Moor 40 minutes ago
How can two groups come together and create things that put one group ahead and the other behind. That the relationship also NOI produced volume highlighting this relationship and it hasn't been scholarly disproved to date!!!!JS...
aeipee13 40 minutes ago
Truth hurts. Media defines black people however they want but lord don't speak out on who controls the media.
db 2373
db 2373 40 minutes ago
These people are from the line of Japheth. They are not Semetic. I don’t understand why is so hard for black people to understand we are the people that the Bible is about. The truth is coming to light and they have built everything on this lie. Please do some research. DNA and the Bible proves this
Patrick Q
Patrick Q 40 minutes ago
Violence is violence people been killing each other since this shit began hop off the race train.
S. Lund
S. Lund 41 minute ago
He is 40ty years old. Nick believes every word he says.
David DeLauder
David DeLauder 41 minute ago
Nick is a racist
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90% of comments: he is making it worst 10% of comments: undiscovered
Jay MacDonnell
Jay MacDonnell 41 minute ago
Tommy Nolan
Tommy Nolan 43 minutes ago
This man's career has been going down ever since he dissed Eminem. Not surprised, whatsoever -- it takes a pretty insane man to come for Shady.
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 43 minutes ago
Isnt this the guy who dissed Eminem lmao
TheBlkJessica Rabbit
TheBlkJessica Rabbit 43 minutes ago
I just see another educated brother who is putting out information that could spark a brain or a generation to also get educated, understand our power and change some things. He was fired out of fear. 😒
Austin Jordan
Austin Jordan 43 minutes ago
All Nick canon said was the truth. There wasn't any hate.
A.I. Privilege
A.I. Privilege 44 minutes ago
Somehow this is white peoples fault lol. Am I right Nick xD
Ms. Rodney
Ms. Rodney 44 minutes ago
What did he say wrong 🤷🏾‍♀️
Juba 39 minutes ago
Black people claiming other peoples culture as their own is just as racist as anyone else in history who did it. You guys hate when white people even wear dreads, but then you guys want to say an entire culture and race is not actually it's culture, but your culture. Sounds like stealing culture, didn't you have a problem with this? Or only when whites do it, is it bad?
Shinja Tou
Shinja Tou 45 minutes ago
He was also racist against white people, but they only mention the anti semitism almost everywhere. Just makes it more clear who owns the media #JewishPrivilege
Oscar Martinez
Oscar Martinez 45 minutes ago
Divide and conquer. While people are fighting each other over opinions about race. The elite which is who Nick was talking about.
Jonita Dickey
Jonita Dickey 45 minutes ago
Real talk this is why instead of partying purchasing extravagant houses vehicles you need to be investing your money in your own businesses and purchasing your own networks put your resources together and get your own networks that way you can speak your truth it's Wake Up time.
Mister 2000
Mister 2000 46 minutes ago
Don't let this distract you from the fact that Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove still haven't been arrested
enrique Santana
enrique Santana 47 minutes ago
They are just trying to black ball him when he has those uncomfortable conversations, let a white man say racial slur on the radio or pod cast he gets put on hold or get a new job smh this system always wants to suppress us SMH
David DeLauder
David DeLauder 47 minutes ago
Ferny Fresh
Ferny Fresh 47 minutes ago
Nick Cannon is a dummy, that runs his mouth about things he knows little about.
Saint X
Saint X 47 minutes ago
“We don’t claim him!” BLM 2020
Nick will be fine if not better at the other side , the culture has his back.🙌🙌 EXCEPT FOR RAPPING! NO RAPPING NICK PLEASE😂😂😂
Wise Guy
Wise Guy 47 minutes ago
Not only is he racist but he is factually won't biologically speaking. Melanin actually blocks out much of the sun's rays to keep people from getting sun burned as easily. This actually would slow vitamin d production
General Grievous
General Grievous 47 minutes ago
Whole lotta whites in this comment section
Adam Crawford
Adam Crawford 48 minutes ago
Where'd he find the time? Isn't he a diva's wife carrier?
Bush The Moor
Bush The Moor 48 minutes ago
Just cause you convert to a religion dosent change your nationality. European Germans converted and now occupy Palestine hmmmm...
absolute757 48 minutes ago
You know who's in control by who you cant talk about
Julian Teamor
Julian Teamor 48 minutes ago
These phony converts got y’all shook.
Ranson Jackson
Ranson Jackson 49 minutes ago
They still want to control Nick like the old days, to be continued.....
Happs78 49 minutes ago
THIS BS! UNEXCUSEABLE PERIOD..breakfast club plse stop labeling ppl by there skin color...white ppl black ppl mexican ppl that encourages RACISM..HW ABT JUST PPL
Domo W
Domo W 50 minutes ago
We need our own!!!!! All these black millionaires need to come together
Shaquasha Grant
Shaquasha Grant 50 minutes ago
White people hate hearing the truth about themselves it makes them uncomfortable they can say whatever they want about black people but let us say something true about them they start crying
Iya Ibeji
Iya Ibeji 51 minute ago
All this ‘anti semetic’ shit needs to stop. Why is there a separate form of racism for Jews. The stuff he said about whites was absolutely weird
Main Stomper
Main Stomper 51 minute ago
Your racist because you are white! Not the first time I heard that lately.
trezzielovesyou 52 minutes ago
This is funny considering the fact he married, and had babies with a highly NON- melinated woman lol
4touchdowns1game 52 minutes ago
News says nothing about him saying white people are less what's the Jewish media gets him fired for talking crap about jews
unknownbillionaire 54 minutes ago
I wish lil boosie would’ve said that shit he would’ve never apologized
Nonya LuvLyfe
Nonya LuvLyfe 55 minutes ago
1st of all Nick should start his own #RUvidWiLDnOUT channel he'll definitely make more money and have more control over his content and 2nd the truth hurts sometimes and Nick Cannon was telling the truth so grow up people, deal with it, acknowledge it and have a conversation about it...Period!!! I don't agree with the firing and I bet I know why Jews are really mad when racism is a topic🤷🏾‍♀️
Nicky Krystals
Nicky Krystals 51 minute ago
He doesn't own the name rights lmmfaoooooo.
Penta 55 minutes ago
im glad that people are realizing that black people say we are racist when they call us cracker and racist shit all day and dont get any backlash glad some people are realizing there is also black raciism
Bob E
Bob E 56 minutes ago
This is a prime example of why education is so critical and how the current system is failing everyone. People are easily influenced by opinions, lies & propaganda. During growth & ascension, people eagerly seek knowledge. As civilizations peaks, people turn away from knowledge which is one of the leading causes of societal failures. Those that do know history often repeat it however those that do not know history are condemned to make the same mistakes.
Jonathan Valjan
Jonathan Valjan 56 minutes ago
Check out my book on my channel
Olechka 56 minutes ago
Why didn't he get Donkey of the Day for this?
T Mill
T Mill 56 minutes ago
I can’t believe he wasn’t smart enough to make sure that he had ownership of his brand which included Wildin out. He issued a statement saying he demands full ownership of Wild N Out. The sad part is that ppl of creativity of all ethnicities are being ripped off for things that they created. It’s just worse for minorities it’s being done openly and aggressively but it’s looked at as normalcy because that’s what we as society has seen for years.
Rocky Dog
Rocky Dog 56 minutes ago
Fox has yet to fire the racist Cannon
a man
a man 57 minutes ago
How is this 1# on trending
africanmamba 57 minutes ago
Break fast club another cancer to our community
Dr. K
Dr. K 57 minutes ago
Did you guys know that scientists discovered that the origin of Humanity on Earth was in Europe (around Bulgaria and Greece) by the birth of Graecopithecus Freybergi? www.google.com/amp/s/www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/05/22/europe-birthplace-mankind-not-africa-scientists-find/amp/
Hog Wild
Hog Wild 58 minutes ago
He’s a black guy, he’ll receive compete forgiveness
She said that out Loud
She said that out Loud 58 minutes ago
DJ Envy that’s what Damon Dash told you and you got offended years ago
OLD TIMEZ 58 minutes ago
I don’t think nick cannon is a racist or a anti Semitic person, all this comes from ignorance and not knowing entirely what he’s talking about, the fact he was saying stuff from the hate group the black Israelites just makes him look like a dumb ass.
Haramguez Hour ago
Racism is to discriminate against another race because of the colour of their skin. No ifs, ands or buts
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