Nick Cannon Lands In Hot Water With Viacom For Anti Semetic Comments

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Jul 15, 2020




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Comments 100
6 Pac
6 Pac 7 days ago
he is right, 100% ... Read the 13th tribe by Artur koetler
Steve Samonian
Steve Samonian 9 days ago
4:03 his remarks are far more anti semitic and equally Nationalistic as Nick Cannons... why didn't they "cancel" whoever is speaking then?
dipzoid 12 days ago
Freedom of speech is about you can’t get arrested for what you said but that doesn’t mean you won’t be held accountable for your words
Ę.Ž. FęTTy Currillo
Cynthia Bradford
Why u say " you cant !" You can say what ever you want to say. ( you can disagree but u dont have to be disagreeable) .Nick is a Hero..he know what he is doing. We love you Nick Cannon..
Abbys Golf club
Abbys Golf club Month ago
So do black Hebrew Israelites think that they are Gods chosen people ?
Di Gray
Di Gray Month ago
There was no hate speech in anything he said.. it's an extreme view but there was no anti-semitism
Shachar Margalit
as a Jew I was not offended by what he was saying he did said something stupid don't get me wrong but anti sematic is being hateful towards Jews and he just compered us to the suffering of the black community (if i understood him correctly, if not feel free to correct me) and also isn't he part Jewish?
A Vick
A Vick 2 months ago
Everything Nick said was and is true
Maher Khalil
Maher Khalil 2 months ago
nick cannon rebuttle TO THEM should BE ONE WORD.. PALESTINE!
Darcstarr 2 months ago
So they want the Breakfast Clubs take on this? They actually do not like white people at all.
9.87 WOKE
9.87 WOKE 2 months ago
Everyone knows Caucasian are from the Caucasus Mountains. Learn your history
Rashiid Ali
Rashiid Ali 3 months ago
He's not lying though, okay? And there's been another black scholar Dr.Benjamin Coleman has the same outlook that another true theory, and you can take that to the bank, okay? ✊🏿
Zeh Zahl
Zeh Zahl 3 months ago
"Charlamagne the dog" more like.
b Work
b Work 3 months ago
To learn about the Hebrew Israelite bloodline go to YHWH our righteousness.net
Jt Previous
Jt Previous 3 months ago
lol it’s sad because it’s true we are the Hebrew isrealites yes spread this around bring attention 😁😁 idc how y’all bring this up bad or good It just need to get out of there
Carlotta ChildofAhayah
We are the Hebrews, whats the problem, oops thats the secret!!!
Caleb Freeman
Caleb Freeman 3 months ago
So it’s okay for him to say that white people are lesser and more animalistic simply because we are white?
Skrelnick222 3 months ago
Allowing yourself to be angry and hateful is like drinking poison and expecting it to hurt someone else.
tRuMpyomama 3 months ago
You morons don’t mention racism is part of every country dont blame America. America is youngest country and was born in earth with all the hell here. He morons says he cant wait till black people can fire someone for saying things haha stupid people are being fired left and right over comments about blacks. Thats shows how blind he and others are. Keep creating this war and feeding it youll blacks will regret it.
Nick At Nite Gaming
Nick At Nite Gaming 3 months ago
Nick speaking that truth
TheHumanSpirit 3 months ago
His PRIMARY remarks were racist, anti-WHITE remarks (his quote below), but it took the anti-Semitic remarks for the studios to fire him. Nobody in the media gave a damn about the former, only the latter. THAT is the real deal. “When you have a person that has the lack of pigment, the lack of melanin, they know that they will be annihilated,” Cannon explained on his “Cannon’s Class” podcast. “So the people that don’t have [melanin] are-I’mma say this carefully-are a little less…They’re acting out of fear. They’re acting out of low self-esteem. They’re acting out of a deficiency. So, therefore, the only way they CAN act is EVIL.”
Dennis 25 days ago
@Lisa T How about you spend two minutes studying history beyond what your (probably white) K-12 teachers taught you!? Look up the Mfecane, Comancheria, the Arab Slave Trade, Islamic Conquest, Imperial Japan, etc. Just because you never learned about the the horrible things non-white people did in school doesn't mean they never happened.
TheHumanSpirit Month ago
@Lisa T Lisa...I am white. You are black (?). And God Almighty doesn't give a damn. We are both human. All the best to you in this life.
Michael Duffy
Michael Duffy 3 months ago
Retards can't even spell "Semitic" correctly in the headline. If some Whites had a bullshit anti-white racist show like this one it would be taken off RUvid. "Freedom of Speech" is allowed if it parrots the speech the owners of the media want to spread. White Privilege....sure that's OK .....shout it to the rooftops. ......Elite Privilege......you hear the sound of crickets....... Jewish Privilege.........you are cancelled. So WHERE is real power? Answer: the power that can't be spoken of. Just like in Stalin's U.S.S.R.
Johnny Rib Cage
Johnny Rib Cage 3 months ago
Ain’t no conspiracy theory involved when the Bible openly speaks about this devil and the Great Babylon. If Viacom is calling the Bible a conspiracy then damn near everything America is built upon is a invalid smh
Tiffany Lopez
Tiffany Lopez 3 months ago
will you elaborate? that’s very interesting, genuinely asking!
wright lanina
wright lanina 3 months ago
Nick don't care, he was tired of doing wild n out. Plus he didn't say anything wrong, he was just referring to the blacks past. It had nothing to do with Jewish people. Of course people get upset because of our past and our view points on it. Charlemagne trying not to lose his job with his comments on what he thinks about what Nick said.
Uhaten TooMuch
Uhaten TooMuch 3 months ago
The reason these black MASONS down playing cannon is becus they know in pre-history in pre dynastic empire times of black ppl it was war with each other and divided first. In other words cannon teach the truth which is only the aftermath of it but if u gonna tell the hidden history GO ALLLLLLL THE WAY BACK BEFORE SLAVERY OR THE WORD ANTI! SEMETIC SEMANTICS EXISTED
Uhaten TooMuch
Uhaten TooMuch 3 months ago
What's free? Free to claim the truth. What's bullying? Ppl that want to have power over others. What's an agent smiths? The breakfast club
Osomagical115 3 months ago
Black people are not the children of israel. Afghans and the tribes of Judah are. The Israelites are a middle eastern people. Black people are not Semitic people. Some blacks def mixed with Hebrews but that’s doesn’t make blacks Hebrews. Hebrews are Hebrews. Blacks are not middle eastern people
Marie Inyang
Marie Inyang 3 months ago
HE IS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NICK CANON IS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blanton95 3 months ago
Aaron McGruder through Huey reiterated widely understood good advice in the Black community: "STOP TELLING WHITE PEOPLE THE TRUTH." THEY WILL USE EVERYTHING WITHIN THEIR POWER TO SILENCE YOU AND CONTINUE FOSTERING THE LIES. Sorry, Nick. The truth will get you fired if not worse. Now you understand why Black Billionaires and well positioned people don't speak frankly to the issues...
clint julius
clint julius 3 months ago
Melanin cause people to act different!!Tell me something about Zeniphobia in Africa then? Just one example.This the problem with celebs speaking out of there depth and on a platform that reaches many 🐑
garagedancer 3 months ago
Don't put your career (cash flow/fame/next check/whatever) on the line by talking about this topic unless you can deliver a succinct statement that's a blow to the empire.
dxjx23 3 months ago
He told the truth and this was what he said so once again the truth hurts. This is ridiculous definitely. Nick just wait to hear of what I have to say lol
anglegoyette 3 months ago
Please don't take his anti-Semitic comments too seriously. He look like he been hittin the Manischewitz errday.
TidesChannel 3 months ago
why is everyone acting like nick the only person in the world who say something that makes sense 2020 so sensitive
Chris Oakes
Chris Oakes 3 months ago
Nick Cannon is so damn racist
Countess Crenchaw
Countess Crenchaw 3 months ago
Has anyone researched via google, asking about the stigma of anti-semetism? the Ethiopian Jew treatment since arrival in Israel? The Jewish Sephardic views on race? Just happened to run across this watching a strange documentary.
Countess Crenchaw
Countess Crenchaw 3 months ago
Has the DNA of most Afro Americans been swabbed to determine lineage?
Countess Crenchaw
Countess Crenchaw 3 months ago
Japanese author on melanine: ruvid.net/video/video-x22GnUA25n4.html
Diana Raymond
Diana Raymond 3 months ago
It’s clear nick not been racist, he’s speaking of togetherness! And wanting to understand! He’s trying to understand a history that’s been seriously distorted he should not been sack for this..
Jordan Belfort
Jordan Belfort 3 months ago
Nick Cannon is a black nazi
john wall
john wall 3 months ago
Charlemagne the 120% sellout
Gypsy Freak
Gypsy Freak 3 months ago
Bastard needs to have his teeth kicked in
Amber Courtney
Amber Courtney 3 months ago
Meant racism not rascists
Amber Courtney
Amber Courtney 3 months ago
I agree with Nick cannon I'm from north Carolina and I am all for black lives matter in consideration and though knowing white cops showing off and jealous and angered because they hate someone who's right or make a comment about true facts of life that happens in reality . People that are rich ( meaning ) rappers , singers , comedian's and etc., They worked hard to get where they at and what they wanted , yes broke people say things and get mad out of anger and jelously and greive things that they dont have and want take it out of other people . I think it's wrong and I think firing Nick cannon was wrong he is my idol for speaking real and true honesty words about the politics and government and life the way it is . At all cause they should hire him back and stop treating blacks with better respect and trearing them like they don't matter . I'm white and I don't like how white power and how white people treat black people . God is a wonderful God and there is a God and he his son Jesus died on the cross for us to be living and enjoy this life he gave us . I believe God didn't intend the world to be hate and violence but to love and show morals of other people and consider there feelings and what they been through . He made different people and different colors and different cultures and states and things so that way people can learn each other and enjoy different foods and cultures and ways people are and learn from that and discover things they may have that we didn't know but is a great thing to listen out and here people's stories at that time it gives a good experience to learn moral valuable lessons to keep someone from getting hurt down the road if they may have a situation that someone else went through and my point is why it's good to listen to others and respect what they been through and know so we can all grow and learn from each other , to make our world a better place and help each other at the same time . Wish I can meet Nick cannon because again he is my idol of someone I don't want be but someone that's a leader and spoke what he believed and I agree all the way with him , he did nothing wrong , public says what they want because they don't have what other people worked and earned for . Praying for u and your family Nick cannon and Carlos miller and DC young fly and Justina valentine and Charlie clips and Chico bean and so much more rappers and comedian's I honor them because they made that show with Nick and stood by and that show gave everyone happiness to live and be themselves and give the world funny stuff to watch and see what there lives are about and mostly just listening to the people and participating them in there shows when they buy tickets to go sit and watch and they do it for the people . Again I'm white but I don't like how whites are treating others and it's not fair or right in my eyes because I was taught everyone has a vote , everyone has a dream, everyone has right to speak what they want speak . Martin Luther King Jr is my idol and will continue to stay this way because I go against criticism and racist that people still have to this day . Have nothing else say, I watched all videos where Nick got fired and his apalogy video to the pod cast and MTV and everyone else . Nick u in my prayers keep your head up . When u made America's got talent and wild n out and Hollywood square and TRL, I'm proud of you , your good person and desearves to be heard . Be in my prayers .God bless you Nick Cannon
Karen's Son Kyle
Karen's Son Kyle 3 months ago
Talmud Tom aka CharlaRAPE
L H 3 months ago
I'm just elated his show is off the air, he was annoying & so was his stupid employees on that show
minkrobeII 3 months ago
USA UNITED 4 months ago
I am one of them. Who they have. Doñe.
Light House
Light House 4 months ago
BLACKS are the TRUE ISRAELITES ...🦋🌬🍃🕊🍃🦋
Keith Bellamy
Keith Bellamy 4 months ago
How u going to get fired for telling the truth yes black's are the Israelites
Mekael03 4 months ago
ISREALITES ARE the true Hebrews.
cj hepburn
cj hepburn 3 months ago
So what are Ashkanites? Fakers?
Joey Bagodonuts
Joey Bagodonuts 3 months ago
Das rite
Gypsy Freak
Gypsy Freak 3 months ago
Day Walker
Day Walker 4 months ago
Jewboythegreat -EMPEROR
white people want to be the face of Judaism/semetism ....its sad
Jewboythegreat -EMPEROR
Made this song after checking this story out .."Black Jewles". We are semetic people ! ruvid.net/video/video-8ZGqjr1MxPo.html
Jon Graves
Jon Graves 4 months ago
I totally disagreed with Nick Cannon but then I did a round of sessions at Sun Tan City. Suddenly, I could sing, dance, and act and everyone around me seemed less.
Mr Mathematics
Mr Mathematics 4 months ago
Had address some of the racist comments in Nick Cannon’s Class interview. ruvid.net/video/video-JFZ4vxfT0Eo.html
Joshua Palmerin
Joshua Palmerin 4 months ago
USA runs on diversion. USA makes money off multiple races. Our founding fathers wernt dumb. But they knew (as well as respected racists) but knew the country would hinder from success from racists but their main goal was to bring us together and hopefully (2 goals? Racists would see you can make money of all races an run one UNITED country through multiple races and still be unified but. There is and allways will be a hand full select few of rscists that feel more superior and run a lot of things away from the bigger picture. That being one country prospering off of diversity even with, different beliefs. But. We all fail to come to this big picture agreement.
Aletra Crawford
Aletra Crawford 4 months ago
He didn't own it Dummy
K2edg 4 months ago
"You can't tell Black people whats Racist!!" if thats true there is not going to be a healthy conclusion to this!! you ask the Tutsi people if POC are Racist!! Hell i know POC from Africa decent that Hate POC of Caribbean decent !! What a load of Rubbish!! The irony is Racism it's self isn't Racist!! you can be of any colour or creed and be racist but for some reason Black Privilege just skips that.
K2edg 4 months ago
Yeh just brush the Racist white comments under the carpet........ you cry Racism but it's looking like you have no idea what it actually is. Try swapping White for Black and Black for White in Canons comments and post it on twitter! lets see if the POC believe it's not Racism.........
De bO
De bO 4 months ago
The man is pretty much a black eugenisist. I love my black brothers and sisters around the globe and this kina sht is a step backward from a civilised humanity. The hypocrisy is so blatant
Yvng Sosa
Yvng Sosa 4 months ago
Damn, jus like wat charlamane said, Nick gets fired for saying anti-semetic comments, but a cop can kill someone, or abuse their power and most of the time doesnt get penalised for it😢
Stoney Baby
Stoney Baby 4 months ago
We are the Jews. Read the Bible and you’ll know.
Steve Samonian
Steve Samonian 9 days ago
Man... hate to tell you but if you were the real jews, you'd be jewish. If your blood doesn't trace back to any of the 12 tribes then you're are not jewish. Judaism is both a religion and an ethnicity. You can't have one without the other... That is a literal matter of fact and no mental gymnastics on how you interpret the old testament is going to change that.
dipzoid 12 days ago
There was a black tribe in Israel but I wouldn’t say every jew or the jews in the bible are african
dipzoid 12 days ago
How so?
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa Month ago
Those who call themselves Jewish are not the original Jews. In order to cement their claims they renamed North African and called it Middle East in 1876. Even the bible talks about these false claims.
Stoney Baby
Stoney Baby 4 months ago
T. If you needed to ask who “we” are then the messages wasn’t for you lmao.
Stoney Baby
Stoney Baby 4 months ago
He’s speaking the truth and he’s been fired for it.
Kevin Goff
Kevin Goff 4 months ago
He was right ...he shouldn't have apologized.
Shen Shen
Shen Shen 4 months ago
I agree with him partly, White people, especially White men lack of compassion.
Duarte Papa Vicente
Duarte Papa Vicente 4 months ago
It’s owned by white people of course they will fire him. We as Black people own nothing because of the hate White Supremacy has on our progression in history.
Seeking Shalom
Seeking Shalom 4 months ago
It seems to be turning into Everyone gets to have beliefs EXCEPT those that don’t align with the Jewish community? To believe the original 12 tribes of Israel nor the tribe of Judah is not the current “Jewish” community is not racism. It’s a belief not anti Semitic. People have the freedom to change their sexual classification, worship the actual devil but to believe this is unacceptable? This world is upside down. If these beliefs cause offense, let’s discuss in depth rather than labeling and dismissing.
2020 4 months ago
I could not have said it better!
Egyptian Queen
Egyptian Queen 4 months ago
He was not being antisemitic. Everything he said was true and white people are just butthurt about it and want to keep black people in the dark about their REAL history.
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 4 months ago
Nick stated FACTS and y'all better do your googles about it...the ancient Israelite tribes where BLACK Semitic people just like Moses and the ancient Egyptians (they only "white" in them Zionist owned Hollywood movies) and in our era their descendants are the Somalis, the Eritreans, the Ethiopians and the majority of Arabs in the middle east, the Semitic people... in 2020, the actual Israel is one of the last COLONY in the world who is a brutal apartheid regime that genocides Palestinians, I say a COLONY because 95% of they Zionists (calling them Israelis is WRONG) are ALL WHITE CAUCASIAN COLONIZERS FROM EUROPE (France, England, Russia, Poland, Italia etc...) ... Yasser Arafat is the REAL SEMITE, not Bentenyahu the white Russian.
A 4 months ago
Stupid people talking about a stupid person who said some stupid things on a stupid show seen by stupid viewers who watch stupid content all day. Next.
De bO
De bO 4 months ago
You're not wrong there
Black PeriodT
Black PeriodT 4 months ago
I’m late to the party, BUT... I had to google “anti-semitism”... seen the definition “: hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group” reference : merriam-Webster site.. Soooooo .. I decided to re-enter the definition but apply races/religions..& lets just say I didn’t get anything ... sooo what y’all think about that ?
Klo 4 months ago
Black PeriodT ??????
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 4 months ago
It was just a wake up call for him...we are still slaves today..smh bro got f'd and silenced for telling the truth..not even in a disrespectful way
Mike N
Mike N 4 months ago
What truth?
peach fuzz
peach fuzz 4 months ago
Racism against any race is wrong, that’s not up for debate
Sandman 4 months ago
I find it strange how almost all media manage to elude the fact that Cannon is blatantly racists against whites.
Crazy330WhiteBoy 4 months ago
Illuminate gone get him
Yohana 4 months ago
The racist part was wrong but the Hebrew part is right bruh
Stacey Arey
Stacey Arey 4 months ago
Lol... I'll take some of Nick's money, since he is now stating the dollar is evil, I take it that means he wants to get rid of it.. Send it my way Nick
Lee YAHwehson
Lee YAHwehson 4 months ago
SELAH TO HASHEM FOR HE IS WORTHY TO BE PRAISED!! Nick cannon be strong brother you are doing the great work of YHWH. We are not to be silent but make a JOYFUL noise. We are not dead, yet very ALIVE!!
Elise Mueller
Elise Mueller 4 months ago
I'm white but I have to agree with Nick. Just look at history.
Jonathan Israel
Jonathan Israel 4 months ago
watch this shulamit aloni (a jewish political figure woman) interview on why antisemitism is used ruvid.net/video/video-9DKeLLlaws8.html its less than 2 minutes but powerful... MUST WATCH
MIKEJMP 4 months ago
The Truth from Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad! ruvid.net/video/video-1gH8El1Tnlg.html
Kingdom Harbinger Ministries
If anyone disagrees with the notion that African-Americans can make a claim to be bloodline Israelites feel free to SUBSCRIBE to my channel and let's discuss it on my livestreams. Shalom ✊🏾
Patricia Collins
Patricia Collins 4 months ago
I think it's appalling that Viacom fired Nick Cannon for speaking the truth as based on the accuracy of history. Anyone with any sense knows that the ones calling themselves Semitic Jews (Russia Kazarians)are those who stole the true Hebrew Israelites history and in truth, their land, lives, and heritage. We won't even begin to talk about these people's rightful birthrights. It's already been proven that the Lemba people for one such example, who happen to be of black skin, as well as the man called "Yeshua" aka Jesus, is clearly announced right in the bible to be. However, I haven't seen any so-called Semitic Jews (ancestral Russians) that weren't white in the skin coloring, and definitely not black. The generation historical facts are very closely connected to the black American population and proven by scientific evidence to be the rightful ancestors of the "chosen people"--The Hebrew Israelites. The truth is right under our noses.
Amen-Ra Mccarthy BS RRT
Be careful charlamain,,,,,, massa’ listening
Mekael03 4 months ago
YOOOO. I think Envy is the dude that tries to be careful with masaa, always tryna pullout of interviews that have people speaking truth.
Onyinyechi Uwaoma
Onyinyechi Uwaoma 4 months ago
Nick cannon was speaking FACTS
Tinnet Gilmer
Tinnet Gilmer 4 months ago
Exactly Charlamane Tha God.
Keith Bullis
Keith Bullis 4 months ago
If my grandpa robs a bank should I pay for it
Keith Bullis
Keith Bullis 4 months ago
Snake D.I.
Snake D.I. 4 months ago
I really never liked Nick Cannon but I respect the shit outta his hustle. He spoke his mind and got the ax for it, but brotha please continue to speak you're mind and may God continue to bless you!
k-l0-k 4 months ago
Can we just acknowledge that saying the Hebrew people were West African is equally ridiculous as saying they were Eastern Europeans. They were Arab, just go visit the region and see who lives there. Also, why does race have anything to do with religion? It doesn't matter that the original Jews, Muslims, and Christians were Arab, religion transcends race.
Va Wa
Va Wa 4 months ago
Wight people stop with the lies of anti white bs..you guys have no rock to throw: ruvid.net/video/video-yayOUiQFkOY.html
mohammed enam
mohammed enam 4 months ago
You can't say all people from certain group the same, not all Jewish people are the same. Do you know how many Jewish people are for Palestinians and are against the state of Israel, you'll be shocked, come to any London peace protests and you'll see for your self. You can't say all JEWS are the same, that's wrong, you have good and bad in every group of people. Hate is Hate, if we learn to live peacefully and treat every person as individuals then we can prosper, of course JEWISH people are powerful we all know that, they own businesses that are necessity to our daily lives, so automatically they'll have certain control over our lives, but still don't believe you can all Jewish people are the same. What Nick said is complete Hate, singled out the whole of the Jewish people and also white people.
Kyle KarenSon
Kyle KarenSon 4 months ago
What about what he said about white people?
Dream Star
Dream Star 4 months ago
Black people YOU are the TRUE Hebrews. Wake Up my Brothers and Sisters. Go and LEARN WHO YOU ARE.💯✊🏾🖤
Terry RaXaMor G.
Terry RaXaMor G. 4 months ago
Up until this point I never liked Nick Cannon. However they fired the KING for speaking facts. The fact that his last name is CANNON and that's somewhat the name of our stolen land. Nick do not let up bc YAHAWASHI wouldn't want him too, no matter what he looses. He's winning in TRUTH. Esau means to LACK in ALL his ways. So yes they lack in melanin, they lack in love, they lack in repentance for they fouls ways obviously. They lack in all they ways. So where is Nick speaking any HATE at? See the truth hurts just like a lie does. They been lying saying their the ppl of TMH GOD and fits none of the prophecy or curses. BLACK ppl fits every prophecy and curse.
Mrs Navy
Mrs Navy 4 months ago
This comment section is completely different than BLACK TWITTER, the way they stand with Nick💀💀
FeedMeRainbows 4 months ago
Ah,the room temperature iq squad
Shae Shae
Shae Shae 4 months ago
Wow just bow down is what power 106 breakfast club
Mr Humble
Mr Humble 4 months ago
I’ve worked for Viacon for 6 years but I’ve got let go because I was playing a major role in the establishment of a new giant and powerful employee union , breaks for 25 minutes and u have to clock out, 10 10 and 5 to smoke if you are lucky
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