NHL Highlights | Rangers vs. Wild - Feb. 13, 2020

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Mika Zibanejad and Artemi Panarin both scored in regulation and the shootout to get the New York Rangers over the Minnesota Wild 4-3.


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Feb 13, 2020




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Comments 39
Александр Светоносов
На повторе булид в замедленной съемке только скорость движения у панарина на высоте. Просто высший класс
Павел Дуров
Панарин поиздевался над вратарём.
SauceKing 5 months ago
Puck clearly went backwards? I'm still baffled by this goal being allowed.. did they not bother to check it? Surely Toronto checks every shootout goal?
Дмитрий Чернов
Haha Minnesota you are losers 😂😂😂
Don’t Touch My Mustache
When Georgiev Killed Brady Skeij
Book of shadows contributor Brian
80th comment 🤔🙄😒
cookies cookies
cookies cookies 6 months ago
The nhl made a huge mistake allowing that goal. The puck clearly goes backwards. You put rules in place then font follw them? Now you have no credibility inmy eyes
ZoSo221 5 months ago
with your logic, then any stick handling where the puck moves away from the goal is illegal, such as toe drags. it was fine
Maria Askarova
Maria Askarova 6 months ago
Панарин ну просто КЛАСС!!!
Nick L.A.
Nick L.A. 6 months ago
David Nelson
David Nelson 6 months ago
Doesn't georgiev want to kill himself and let this team use the good goalie
Lucas Bastos
Lucas Bastos 6 months ago
Very great shootout from the Ranger 👍🏼
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 6 months ago
Panarins goal was good. Watch again. Puck is moving forward. He is so damn skilled.
pjabrony 6 months ago
Panarin shootiout goal shouldn't have counted, and I say that as a Rangers fan.
pjabrony 5 months ago
@21 Sp0tteL I am looking at the puck. When it goes on edge he pulls it backward.
21 Sp0tteL
21 Sp0tteL 5 months ago
Don’t look at his body motion... watch the puck... it’s clearly moving forward so by rule it’s a good goal... common misconception is that the body has to be forward... not the case
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 6 months ago
pjabrony good goal
Владимир Первушин
Ну Панарин замельтишил🤪🤪👍
Дима Руськов
Шестеркина надо в раму, георгиев стал пропускать шайбы которые надо брать стало больше волнения. Может из за места в составе, шестера спокойный как удав берет очень сложные шайбы.
Pablues 6 months ago
Меня всегда удивляет... там в 9 из 10 случаев ему закрывают видимость игроки перед носом, а в итоге он виноват, что не насквозь их видит. Защитники должны своё дело делать, помогать ему выталкивать их
Roma 6 months ago
Если ты любитель хоккея или команды, то должен знать, что у него подозрение на потрясения мозга.
Konstantin I.
Konstantin I. 6 months ago
Буллит Панарина левый, х/з как засчитали.
Денис Петров
да все на грани на все 100 соглашусь
Konstantin I.
Konstantin I. 6 months ago
@Roma с ТВ картинки это не видно, если как по мне...
Roma 6 months ago
На грани, но шайба все же двигалась все время вперед
denis ivanovskii
denis ivanovskii 6 months ago
Конкуренция с шестеркиным давит на Георга простые шайбы запустил сегодня.
Валера Красьок
Ох панара и гол мощный и булит крутой. А я думал сначала как всегда насрали и думаю себе о плакал плей оф
хк Молот
хк Молот 6 months ago
Шестеркин лучше играет чем Георгиев, мне так показалось
Дима Руськов
Тебе не показалось так оно и есть, стоял ниже среднего только по сериям буллитов спас
Валерий Сергеевич
Красава Тема затащил катку ))
Толян Коп
Толян Коп 6 months ago
Mega Drive
Mega Drive 6 months ago
Артем Комбэкович мое почтение)
Jarrad Bruessel
Jarrad Bruessel 6 months ago
Panarins goal shouldn't have counted. Right before he shoots it the puck actually moves several inches backwards away from the goal line which means it shouldn't count.
Jarrad Bruessel
Jarrad Bruessel 5 months ago
@keira the wrestling fan the puck has to always be moving towards the net. It goes from top of the crease, to at least 3 or 4 feet away from the crease. That means it also goes away from the puck. If that counts then the spin o rama should count again
keira the wrestling fan
Jarrad Bruessel The puck also moved sideways along with Panarin. As a Rangers fan myself, it looked weird that they counted it, but based on a technicality, Panarin deserved that goal. Period (pun fully intended btw)
Ya Boi Franku
Ya Boi Franku 5 months ago
I’m not sure how to feel about the actual goal but the Wild would’ve lost anyway. And with how garbage their prospect depth chart is, it’s actually a plus if they fall in the standings. Playoffs won’t do anything but convince management to sign more over the hill players to absurd contracts.
Jarrad Bruessel
Jarrad Bruessel 6 months ago
You guys aren't getting the point. The puck must always be moving towards the goal not the player. The puck was at the top of the crease and then goes about 5 feet from the net. That means the puck went backwards meaning it should be no goal
keira the wrestling fan
He never really moved backwards, he pivoted and skated to the side. He never actually SKATED BACKWARDS.
Anna Katerina Nekrylova
😊❤👌✌👏Panarin bullets 🤣 like noone I've seen before. So AK-47 style...😜
Андрей Чайка
Нервишки у хлеба те ещё
Dave Rotes
Dave Rotes 6 months ago
Yeah this was some awful commentary
Dave Rotes
Dave Rotes 6 months ago
Donald Trump you responded to my comment president it’s an honor
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 6 months ago
They are terrible
anonimuso 6 months ago
@Jarrad Bruessel But they're also hired to give accurate interpretations of calls, not just shill for the Wild. Maybe if they had done that, they wouldn't have been so surprised that both times they were wrong.
Jarrad Bruessel
Jarrad Bruessel 6 months ago
They are hired to commentate for Minnesota fans not you personally so f off.
I'm Петрович
Панара с Бучем отработали за Георгиева! Красавцы!
Eletricell 18
Eletricell 18 5 months ago
I'm Петрович ra ra rasputin
Denis Vlasov
Denis Vlasov 6 months ago
Good game
Олег Митин
Олег Митин 6 months ago
Панара играючи!!! Видно что высший пилотаж!!!
Lucas Thompson
Lucas Thompson 6 months ago
🔥🔥🔥 0:54 💘💯💙 👇👇👇👇👇
NY FAN 6 months ago
Glad "Has Been" Lundqvist wasn't in net.
Metalguru81 6 months ago
Funny how the Rags win when Chumpqvist's not in net.
Robin S
Robin S 5 months ago
I see you on a lot of Rangers videos trashing Lundqvist. It's almost as if you have a crush on him.
Metalguru81 5 months ago
@Otto Zizak I agree. I wanted Rask out of town after the 2014 chokejob against the Scabs and last year's disgusting performance against the Blues in the cup finals was the icing on the cake for me. Thomas was the real deal however, but unfortunately he was old already in 2011 so not much to build on for the future. The B's need to get a solid north american goalie and ditch the europeans who only choke under pressure. Rask and Lundqueen are bonafide examples of that.
Metalguru81 5 months ago
@Matt Tricomi 459 regular season wins but no cups. Lundqueen is a chump.
Otto Zizak
Otto Zizak 5 months ago
How much has Tukka Rask done? Oh yeah he choked in a Stanley cup final game 7 on home ice, and he did the same for game 6 in 2013. He only has a ring because he backed up Thomas in 2011. Otherwise he chokes at the absolute worst moments.
SwedishSoonToBe Viking
You're a looser sir
Василий Бабушкин
Панарин, Бучневич, Георгиев 😁
ТЕД 6 months ago
Русские красавцы!!!
Otto Zizak
Otto Zizak 6 months ago
Panarin is a beast.
Sergey Bazylnikov
Sergey Bazylnikov 6 months ago
Panarin 👏👏👏👌
Александр Кармазинов
Панара красава, тащит))
Yoo Boi
Yoo Boi 6 months ago
This Minnesota commentary is terrible
Jarrad Bruessel
Jarrad Bruessel 6 months ago
They are hired to commentate for Minnesota fans not you personally so f off.
Sleepy 6 months ago
Yeah Panarin scored the shootout goal and they were like this why I hate the shootout. Come on guys
dylxn plays chel
dylxn plays chel 6 months ago
Mediocre commentation for a mediocre team
Christoph5782 6 months ago
Knight Trainer Lol, Bob Kurtz and Tom Reid are a lot better
Knight Trainer
Knight Trainer 6 months ago
I dig it...
Vasilevskiy Kucherov
Tyler Holdeman88
Tyler Holdeman88 6 months ago
That shoot out shot was kinda dumb
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