NHL Highlights | Jets vs Hurricanes - Jan. 21, 2020

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Justin Williams scored his first two goals with the Hurricanes as they beat the Winnipeg Jets 4-1.


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Jan 22, 2020




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Jordan Perepolkin
I’ve been a big fan of the canes for almost a year I’ve cheered for them in my favourites I guess they now have fans and are relevant I guess they play in the capital city but I thought it was Charlotte but it’s Raleigh
Michael Month ago
Canes can play super hockey 🏒, but need some consistency. This was a very fun game to watch. Justin Williams is back 👍🏽
CanadianGirl 26
CanadianGirl 26 Month ago
1:14 - 2:34 Storm Squad ❤️📣
Vika star
Vika star Month ago
Джастин до хоккея изголодал
Alex Christian
Alex Christian Month ago
NHL RUvid Channel: Fights? What fights? Here, watch hockey. SportsNet: We're gonna spoil the result of the game, but you get to see fights with us... 🤷🏽‍♂️
Damien Chance
Damien Chance Month ago
@3:59 you can hear a girl screaming during the fight
Damien Chance
Damien Chance Month ago
@1:44 why the organ music remind me of a video game
CANESFAN 1430! Month ago
WILLY is insane, so glad we have him back!!!! This is the hockey I was missing!!! So glad we could get back to our game. Let’s keep this up after this well deserved break, great team game and good win for PETR THE GREAT!!!! As always GG jets and lets go CANES!!!!!💯🏒🥅🙌🏻
Christian Kiyawasew
The one announcer sounds like a South Park character lmao.
Alex Christian
Alex Christian Month ago
Tripp Tracy is known for his... colorful... commentary hahaha
1011340 Month ago
2:43 Jets have 4v2 defending situation and they play it like 1v2. Well done boys...
Ry Michael
Ry Michael Month ago
Williams on an 82 goal season, goal per game tear...
Ry Michael
Ry Michael Month ago
J.G. Wentworth, superheroes have to live their own lives too.
J.G. Wentworth
J.G. Wentworth Month ago
Too bad he showed up half way through the season, idiot.
Telemnar Month ago
SPORTSNET: As of today, you've lost me as a subscriber. Your thumbnails are lousy. They tell us the result, so there is little point in watching the video to find out who wins.
Andrew Elliott
Andrew Elliott Month ago
My. Boy. Justin. Williams. Where are all the people who said he'd be bad and mess up the room? He's en Fuego and so is the team. Have you seen the bench when he got out on the ice for the shootout the other night? They went crazy!
Андрей Алексеев
SPORTSNET, please, don't spoiler results of games!!!
C W Month ago
Welcome back Williams
Isaiah Armstrong
The jets are coughing up points with that awful defense. If only trouba was back
Isaiah Armstrong
Jake Arsenta games still have big turn outs. More than anything Carolina can put together
Jake Arsenta
Jake Arsenta Month ago
Isaiah Armstrong OK, that was the playoffs... but what about the regular season?
Isaiah Armstrong
Jake Arsenta I live in Winnipeg you shoulda seen the playoff parties don’t say that that’s not true. Winnipeg has much better market that hurricanes
An Evolving Ape
An Evolving Ape Month ago
They miss Chiarot more than Trouba.
Jake Arsenta
Jake Arsenta Month ago
Isaiah Armstrong LOL but Trouba isn’t around anymore. The Jets have no good players. Shame. Sorry to say but I actually think the Jets have no fans these days.
Matthew Campbell
55 vs 22 ready fight!
Юрий Н
Юрий Н Month ago
Лучше бы лайне кто-нибудь ебло разбил. Бесит ска
Stoned.N. Ruthless
Anyone else like the way the canes announcer says scores? lol
Alex Christian
Alex Christian Month ago
John Forslund was the announcer/sports caster of the year here in NC. He's awesome.
John Tortorella
John Tortorella Month ago
Jets are turning into a dumpster fire. At least Laine got a point.
Tom breeze
Tom breeze Month ago
@John Tortorella there's much more to it than the buff situation
Jake Arsenta
Jake Arsenta Month ago
Because their organization just sucks. Kevin Sawyer should be ashamed of what he said about Jared Spurgeon. Simply unacceptable, I just can’t root for the Jets anymore. I’m a Wild fan now...
Tom breeze
Tom breeze Month ago
Their gm isn't helping team very much is he?
John Tortorella
John Tortorella Month ago
jesse macneil That situation is what caused the fire. This year is looking like a waste.
jesse macneil
jesse macneil Month ago
ever since big buff got hurt
Surge 95
Surge 95 Month ago
LetsGoCanes♥️🏒🥅 Great Win by the Canes Tonight! Williams has an outstanding night! GG Jets!
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