NHL Highlights | 3rd Round, Game 5: Stars vs. Golden Knights - Sep 14, 2020

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The Dallas Stars completed the comeback on an overtime goal from Denis Gurianov, winning 3-2 to eliminate the Vegas Golden Knights in 5 games and become the 2020 Western Conference champions.


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Sep 14, 2020




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Joseph Toelkes
Joseph Toelkes 12 hours ago
Go Stars!
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 17 hours ago
6 percent Raptor
I was betting my dad for money I betted the knights are gonna win
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy Day ago
They should have had Fleury in after that comeback
jwb 281
jwb 281 Day ago
And he let’s it rip ‼️
tee_es_bee 2 days ago
For all non-Russian speaking folks Даллас is Dallas in Cyrillic. You know in case you see it a bit later on. ;)
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 17 hours ago
Thanks for playing high school hockey, Vegas.goodbye
Longin Albu
Longin Albu 2 days ago
Exactly what I expected from Vegas... overrated and lucky to be there... i had stars in 6 so this was a treat. Way to choke when up 2-0 in an elimination game... too funny
antidonkey 2 days ago
I need more cup collectables. My 1999 Stars win stuff is dusty and lonely.
Don Mackie
Don Mackie 2 days ago
Love it! Go Dallas!
GamingWith Mujju
GamingWith Mujju 2 days ago
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Sirshh 1080
Sirshh 1080 2 days ago
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Sully & chambie Road to plat
who else thinks its wired the the NHL is editing in the sound of a crowd as if there is one there?
Tatiana Abdrashitova
ruvid.net/video/video-kXGzOREEqIk.html Зина Парижева
Panzerkampfwagen 1
Go Dallas, win a second cup for Corey Perry. I remember how he single handedly carried the ducks to the playoffs in 2011 with like 20 goals in the last 10 or 11 games of the season en route to 50 goals and the Hart trophy. Then he was 1st team all-nhl in 2014 as well
Scottish Unicorn Glitter
Dallas for the Cup - Theory is based on the number of Sharks players traded or not given a new contract going to other teams & winning! Joe Pavelski Captain 🇺🇸 gets a ring
BCG 2 days ago
I wonder who Marchessault will blame this year? Hopefully not Whitecloud.
James Healy
James Healy 2 days ago
What the f was vegas thinking putting lenher in the pipes. Theres a reason hes been around the league. He cant handle the big games. Fleury deserved the right to hold the crease. He brought them to the finals a few years back. Lehner sucks ass
Chip Tamplin
Chip Tamplin 2 days ago
Any time Vegas loses the world is a better place
funghoul 2 days ago
Frankie Lee
Frankie Lee 2 days ago
Thanks for playing high school hockey, Vegas.goodbye
HOGMOB 2 days ago
Dallas barely scraped by Vegas. Any game they won, they won by only one goal..and two of them Dallas needed overtime to put it away. Vegas scored three unanswered goals in game two.
Shmiffer 04
Shmiffer 04 2 days ago
Imagine having a two nothing lead and still losing 😂😂😂
Shmiffer 04
Shmiffer 04 2 days ago
Stanley cup final baby let’s goo
HockeyGirlFan 18
HockeyGirlFan 18 2 days ago
OMG!!! THE DALLAS STARS ARE GOING TO THE STANLEY CUP FINAL FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2000!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS DALLAS STARS YOUR 2020 WESTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS! 🎉🎉🎉🎉💚GO STARS GO! 💚LETS WIN THE CUP BOYS!!! ⭐️💚🏒🤩🌠📣 #DallasStars #Stars #GoStarsGo #ShootingStars #2020WesternConferenceChampions #WinTheCup #StanleyCupFinal #Finals 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠⭐️💚⭐️💚⭐️💚⭐️💚⭐️💚⭐️💚⭐️💚⭐️💚⭐️💚⭐️💚⭐️💚⭐️💚🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Robert Daniel Jr.
Damn I miss pavelski...I hope you win a cup pavelski the sharks miss you
Kevcoaster15 2 days ago
Fleury would have save that one
T F 2 days ago
Imagine keeping a coach that says hey let’s play Robin Lehner over our hall of fame goalie who has 3 Stanley cups and 5 cup experiences
Nordman 11 hours ago
Imagine a youtube idiot NOT playing Lehner after 4 playoff shutouts. He should keep his mouth shut until he knows anything about hockey.
John Cao
John Cao 2 days ago
Vegas spent all their energy on Canucks
Elias Pettersson
Elias Pettersson 2 days ago
Woooooooooo Gurianovvvvvvvvvvvv
Elias Pettersson
Elias Pettersson 2 days ago
Lol Vegas
Travis F
Travis F 2 days ago
Momma says Reaves is so ornery because he’s got all them hits and no Cup
Валерий Волков
Голы в большинстве судьи решили продолжить но недолго
Joe Goodman
Joe Goodman 2 days ago
Vegass sucks lol
Andrey Chizik
Andrey Chizik 2 days ago
Красивый гол в овертайме Гурьянов красава, но момент с Перри топ ветеран возвращается за шайбой.
Jester Boykins
Jester Boykins 2 days ago
Stars baby! Let’s go!!
bizzy bone
bizzy bone 3 days ago
Let's go stars baby we are going to the Stanley cup finals 4-1
Wahi' Valleys
Wahi' Valleys 3 days ago
I sure hope Khudobin is not a Kraken next year! Wahi' Valleys
Guto Santana
Guto Santana 3 days ago
KUDOS, VEGAS! Now keep playing Lehner on the golf matches! LOL
SlapShotKing Burns88
The Canucks would have offered a better series.
Armchair 3 days ago
This will be one of the boringist stanley cup finals ever, unless the islanders come back cause not many people wanna watch stars and lightning.
Theik Fonseka
Theik Fonseka 3 days ago
Where's all the idiots that couldn't "wait to see the Avs vs VGK"
SWK 3 days ago
When you look at a line with Seguin...Pavelski....Radulov....Benn.....Perry......You knew Vegas was toast...
Полиша кусь
Умоляю помогите, родители сильно болеют, хоть рубль кто сколько сможет 5484403000033514 сбер
Zhan Dospolov
Zhan Dospolov 3 days ago
Congratulations to the Stars. A diligent game of Knights, but rather primitive to a certain extent. They faced a SWD (Stone Wall Defense), represented by Khudobin and company. The team of Knights consists of OZP (ordinary zealous players) and GSP (good skilled players), but if they want to win the Stanley Cup next time, they need to be able to break any SWD. To do this, a VIM ( Very Intelligent Master) should appear in the composition of the knights, say the level of Gretzky or Datsyuk, and if not, because such are born very rarely and now they are absent in the world hockey, then at least a CSP (creative smart player) who can make non-ordinary decisions and create a game in the urgent necessity. With a primitive power play, it is possible to hack the Stone Wall Defense, but the chances are not so high.
javier book shadows contributor du
414th comment
Jordan Binnington
Kind of had a feeling when the Blues got knocked out that the Stars or Avalanche was going to make the finals then when the Stars knocked the Avalanche out I'm like "Yep they are making the finals" go get Bishop a cup. Would feel bad for Bishop If he sees the Lightning win the cup.
Joël Cotnoir
Joël Cotnoir 3 days ago
Fleury would have stop the last shot
YDK Marshall
YDK Marshall 3 days ago
What’s Segiun doing is he playing
georgi rogoff
georgi rogoff 3 days ago
What was the penalty for VGK in overtime?
L5 3 days ago
whitecloud delay of game
J.Joseph Ami-Ga'
J.Joseph Ami-Ga' 3 days ago
Cup #5! ruvid.net/video/video-ye2kQJl0mqg.html
Zigor Campos
Zigor Campos 3 days ago
720p are you shitting me?
Jay Blake
Jay Blake 3 days ago
Looks like Lehner isn’t getting his payday.... especially after that performance. He looked like Binnington on that last goal.
Jordan Cheyne
Jordan Cheyne 3 days ago
Can you not put the spoiler in the description!?
Ryan Ridder
Ryan Ridder 3 days ago
I was pretty happy to see this!
Gehenna Gehenna
Gehenna Gehenna 3 days ago
Last 3 loses are on Lehner. Buddy was distributing goals like Santa on Christmas Eve
Gehenna Gehenna
Gehenna Gehenna 2 days ago
Nothing much else to say if you dont know what a weak goal is. Or that the "terrible" knights have been dominating every single game against Dallas. On one side you have a goalie who saves pretty much anything, and on the other a goalie who lets in pretty much anything.
xarvilo Pansen
xarvilo Pansen 3 days ago
vegas is just a terrible team, wasnt lehners fault, wouldve been a clean sweep with fleury in net
xarvilo Pansen
xarvilo Pansen 3 days ago
Flamestar 3 days ago
dmizar88 3 days ago
Гур зарешал
Solivagant AU
Solivagant AU 3 days ago
Haha Vegas choked again. Ouch.
Kiviranta is very underrated
Brady The Great
Brady The Great 3 days ago
Oh well, at least we made it to round 3. Better luck next season! #goknightsgo
PumaTomten 3 days ago
I have nothing to really base Dallas cup run on they got outplayed every series still advance lol
Jordan Binnington
Salty that Pavelski Is going to the finals while San Jose rots lmao
IT music.
IT music. 3 days ago
I from native town of Denis - Togliatti and I remember how he played for the our local team Lada. Денис, красавчик! ТЛТ на связи) мы рады за тебя!
R W 3 days ago
Radulov dumps Schmidt in the crease, no call , Benn scores. Gotta love it. Dallas is being carried by their tender.
Альберт Рябиков
Не ной, чмо
Nick Stefanyshin
Nick Stefanyshin 3 days ago
Awesome. Order is restored and the Las Vegas Golden Blights can go back to stealing Grandmas old age pension cheques with their crooked games. Gotta pay Ryan "the clown " Reaves and Marchessault " the shrinking tough guy "that big money somehow.
Apprentice Phil
Apprentice Phil 3 days ago
Power play in OT? Ok....
Neal Langham
Neal Langham 3 days ago
You can't no-call a delay of game penalty when the puck is shot over the glass my dude
RaspyOB174 3 days ago
Why wouldn't you show the penalty that causes a team to lose the game and get knocked out of Stanley Cup?
Олег Белоглазов
Жаль, что не Вегас (
сын анархии
Я же говорил далас 💪💪💪👍👍👍👏👏👏✊✌😎
Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis 3 days ago
Honestly no disrespect to Dallas cause I think it’s awesome they made the final, but Vegas has had trouble scoring goals ever since they faced Demko. I think he genuinely caused a cold streak for Vegas cause for an offensive team, they struggled hard.
Sens fan 7
Sens fan 7 2 days ago
But for Tampa they will have a better time against Dallas, and probably can score more goals against Khudobin, Vegas is a better team that takes a lot of shots than Dallas. I wouldve liked Vegas vs Tampa.
TinmenShakezo 3 days ago
Who had Dallas in their bracket?
Shaman Michael Sophia Christos
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur 3 days ago
Said before the playoffs, Fleury has Stanley Cup Championships, this dude, zero and counting.
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips 3 days ago
pointless fanboy hot take: Canucks would have at least managed to make it a real series 🥵 Vegas looked so overrated: their impotent high Shots numbers got exposed as limp 🥴
Al Grundau
Al Grundau 2 days ago
@Trevor Philips Oh Trevor, you are not dumb you just love your team, I get it. I am an Oiler fan...now who is the dummy?
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips 2 days ago
Al Grundau you out way to much effort it that 😂 just say Trevor you’re dumb next time 🤣
Al Grundau
Al Grundau 2 days ago
@Trevor Philips So by your own logic if only 1 out of 10 shots classify as non-muffin. And Vegas was getting 20 - 40 shots a night, you can eliminate the Vancouver Canucks only getting 2 to 4 "non-muffin" shots a night! Wow! The Canucks really are bad. I also guess Demko was getting over-hyped considering how easy he had it. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips 2 days ago
outshot lol who cares when 90% are muffins VAN was the #1 team in the NHL for shooting % after the holidays began, even above Tampa. They’d have at least got the same offense vs DAL but Demko would have outplayed Lehner.
Al Grundau
Al Grundau 2 days ago
How can possibly make that argument? Canucks lost fair and square and the only reason it was close was Demko. If anything Vancouver would have been even more lopsided. Canucks were outhit, outskated and outclassed.They hung on for dear life and expected Demko to pull off miracles. Not ready for prime time!
Hankhockey 17
Hankhockey 17 3 days ago
They might be down 3-0 in the first next thing ya know. We up 7-3
Wendel Thiel
Wendel Thiel 3 days ago
Ryan T
Ryan T 3 days ago
Should have showed the penalty in it...
JoeShit TheRagMan
Vegas fans think they know what pain is lmao
Sens fan 7
Sens fan 7 2 days ago
Ikr they made it to the playoffs every year, the finals the first year they've been in the league. Vegas fans rarely lose and choke.
Ryan Cheverie
Ryan Cheverie 3 days ago
Big shout out to you maggot bandwagon Vegas fans flaky fuks
MrJabez89 3 days ago
Should have played Fluery
scott franklin
scott franklin 3 days ago
Денис Шестак
Anton "The killer knight's" Khudobin
Brennan Norris
Brennan Norris 3 days ago
The fact that Dallas beat Vegas in 5, but almost lost to the Avs in 7 means, without half of the Avs roster hurt, they would be in the cup final
Neal Langham
Neal Langham 2 days ago
@HOGMOB they barely scraped by in 5 games? What are you smoking chief?
HOGMOB 2 days ago
Dallas barely scraped by Vegas. Any game they won, they won by only one goal..and two of them Dallas needed overtime to put it away. Vegas scored three unanswered goals in game two.
Brennan Norris
Brennan Norris 2 days ago
@Neal Langham im saying they would have beat Vegas as well
Neal Langham
Neal Langham 3 days ago
So if Avs hadn't lost they would have won? That's scientific af
валера Гар
Корри Пэрри красавчик,шайбу победную забрал из ворот:-))
karim ghrab
karim ghrab 3 days ago
Has anyone seen Patch?. Montreal won the trade big time
wazzman wazzy
wazzman wazzy 3 days ago
Houdini wins another one for Dallas helluva game
linkan91H 3 days ago
I am dissapionted in Vegas. They were looking real good then just fell off. I fear they will become the new Florida panthers, early success followed by decades of disappointment.
Chris SantaCruzSharks
Congrats to Dallas! Totally deserved. You beat Vegas, the refs and the NHL who definitely tried to give Vegas the win (for years).
15% Battery
15% Battery 3 days ago
Hey Reaves did you enjoy the game tonight??? 😂😂😂
Al Grundau
Al Grundau 2 days ago
@Private R He is probably the best fighter in the league and he can skate well for a big man. I don't think their is any ulterior motives to him being paid millions to play in the NHL.
Private R
Private R 2 days ago
He is kept for multirace reasons
Jomaru Joestar
Jomaru Joestar 3 days ago
Watching the Dallas Stars is like watching two trash bin covers clang together.
Ramil Zadunaysky
Ramil Zadunaysky 3 days ago
Pelzon P
Pelzon P 3 days ago
As soon as the Knights let that second goal in I knew they would lose...
stanley 3 days ago
it’s election year. joe “captain america” pavelski getting that cup!!!
FACE OFF 3 days ago
If Dallas wins SC that will be huge F U to San Jose from Pavelski
Pathos 3 days ago
Drink it in mannnnnn!!!!
J 3 days ago
"LeHnEr SuCks!"
Ilya Denisov
Ilya Denisov 3 days ago
Gurianov scored in OT today.... Radulov scored in OT a few days earlier... Do you see a great impact of Russians made to get Dallas to SC Final? My boys
They're GOATs
HaterTots 3 days ago
Toasxy 3 days ago
Bye Vegas bye
WillFromFinland 3 days ago
Should've played Flower in the goal and the series would have been way different. But happy for Dallas!
HockeyGirlFan 18
HockeyGirlFan 18 2 days ago
I’m happy for Dallas!
WillFromFinland 3 days ago
@Rojk How many times did Fleury start this series? :
Rojk 3 days ago
WillFromFinland not Lehners fault. I mean just take a look at the goals today.
Jrad666 3 days ago
Chris Cuthbert and Louie Debrusk are so good together on the mic.
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