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Aug 5, 2019




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Comments 80
#WHODAT 6 months ago
2nd one the best
that guy
that guy 8 months ago
Js Tebow was not a veteran
polite PaRaDoX
polite PaRaDoX 8 months ago
Do veterans embarrassing rookies if you haven't plz
Rito Chavez
Rito Chavez 8 months ago
Do what ever you want 😂😂
Heartland Modding
Heartland Modding 8 months ago
If every one of these would have worked, they would be on “greatest plays of all time” compilation videos
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles 8 months ago
Nvm do longest losses/ longest sacks
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles 8 months ago
Do hardest hits
jbohnoff 8 months ago
2:52 - I miss that jingle. Bring it back FOX!
Bolt Menisez
Bolt Menisez 8 months ago
As a cowboys fan I hate Leon
nuggetsfan007 8 months ago
@Ding Productions Can you do best walk off defensive wins? (Pick 6's, fumble recoveries, safeties, etc...)
Nicole Slaughter
Nicole Slaughter 8 months ago
lol leon lett
Mark De Mars
Mark De Mars 8 months ago
Yeah Jay Cutler is nothing but a waste of talent, a horrible quarterback and just no chances to become a good player. Sorry. I do apologize to anyone who disagrees with me.
Mark De Mars
Mark De Mars 8 months ago
@Shivraj Parmar Yeah I know so too. But aside from that for me with the NFL season kicking off tonight I definitely am excited for the first game of the season. Although the downside for you is that I'm a Breen Bay Packers fan myself. Well since 2010 or when they last won the Super Bowl. But I basically diverted away from them last year and became more of a Dallas Cowboys fan because of where I come from. But I understand that you're a Chicago Bears fan. They had a great season last year. Even though the loss to the Eagles was tough and gut wrenching, I still am very surprised that they did good. Oh well. Go Bears for you. Packers for me and Cowboys for where I come from.
Shivraj Parmar
Shivraj Parmar 8 months ago
Mark De Mars oh okay I’m a bears fan And I agree that cutler was horrible
Mark De Mars
Mark De Mars 8 months ago
@Shivraj Parmar I meant towards the end of the video. Not on the vid.
Shivraj Parmar
Shivraj Parmar 8 months ago
Mark De Mars the guy in the vid ain’t cutler
United Support
United Support 8 months ago
Message me for more subs
My Email
My Email 9 months ago
It's amazing that Vick played the team for alot of money but never could finish or come close to superbowl. Guy sucked bad. Go pats
KXXY 8 months ago
You dumb asf.
Captain Andrew Luck
Captain Andrew Luck 9 months ago
4 minutes left in 2nd quarter: LATERAL
ob1foru 9 months ago
Ah Leon Lett... Making generations of Cowboys fans facepalm since the 1990s..
Roast Fuego
Roast Fuego 9 months ago
If the butt fumble ain’t in here
Kristian Vandehei
Kristian Vandehei 9 months ago
No question the Tebow play was pretty bad but would he be considered a veteran?
Arena Football Zone
Arena Football Zone 9 months ago
0 a
vcabalda 9 months ago
What about a compliation of laterals that worked
Mr. Cool Gaming
Mr. Cool Gaming 9 months ago
What is the music
Baker Man
Baker Man 9 months ago
ding you should do most embarrassing celebrations in NFL history just saying that would be a good video idea
Christopher 9 months ago
I can’t believe you stole jimmys trap bass
Young FatCock
Young FatCock 9 months ago
Leon Lett was a moron if we’re being honest
Tyler Wolf
Tyler Wolf 9 months ago
Leon let us a meme
Jack Ashmore
Jack Ashmore 9 months ago
Literally just watched a video on brown. Didn't know that was his fumble. What a dumbass
Mason Sousa
Mason Sousa 9 months ago
Leon Lett lmao you big dummy
Erik H
Erik H 9 months ago
Mason Sousa Twice!!!
Braidyn Wright
Braidyn Wright 9 months ago
Do when rookies meet
The Real LMoney
The Real LMoney 9 months ago
Do the biggest fights In the NFL age restricted
Cooper Vogan
Cooper Vogan 9 months ago
Bro can u do rookies embarrassing veterans
Jacob Huck
Jacob Huck 9 months ago
hey bro can you do biggest sacks
Branded McGowan
Branded McGowan 9 months ago
2:38 drew brees only game & win vs the Saints as a charger and boy what times changes
Chase Shaw
Chase Shaw 9 months ago
Do what are you thinking moments
Matt From Wii Sports
Uhhm this isn't Wii Sports
FrankDaSpeed 9 months ago
2:51 I thought it was my phone for a sec
LANKFORD EVAN 9 months ago
Tom Brady dropping a wide open pass?? Where was that??
Kiid tommy
Kiid tommy 9 months ago
Best catches by a qb, or lineman something like that would be cool
Misha_ Lol
Misha_ Lol 9 months ago
So Sam Bradford (in like his 3 season, or even before that) was considered a veteran? Wth?
PsYcHo 208
PsYcHo 208 9 months ago
What's your intro song?
Kyle Caughlin
Kyle Caughlin 9 months ago
Do a Forgotten moments from memorable games (Eric Wright's game saving tackle on Drew Pearson from the 1981 NFC Championship game)
Jared & Snorlax
Jared & Snorlax 9 months ago
do a video on the full song for the intro music while watching the dumbest calls on the field
Moe Elder
Moe Elder 9 months ago
How about the time when Kirk cousins took a kneel against the eagles seconds before halftime when he meant to spike the ball to stop the clock
Keith Bullard
Keith Bullard 9 months ago
In what universe is Tim Tebow a "veteran" player?
Luke Sudul
Luke Sudul 9 months ago
Offensive line highlights
Jacob Moorej3
Jacob Moorej3 9 months ago
Do players with underrated madden ratings making big plays
Sam Szczesny
Sam Szczesny 9 months ago
Do best plays of all time in all sports
First Name Last Name
The Colston play was designed
Alex Batz
Alex Batz 9 months ago
Song in intro?
cody weber
cody weber 9 months ago
you should try best fumble recovery by the fumbler, if that makes sense
F34R Clan
F34R Clan 9 months ago
Can you please do rookies insane first games. Just subscribed even though I’ve been watching along time🤗🤗🤗
Nathan McDaniel
Nathan McDaniel 9 months ago
With Tebow, yes it was a bad play. But it was 4th down, I get that he was trying to keep the play alive no matter what.
Twitch_ Peso_
Twitch_ Peso_ 9 months ago
Do “Hail Mary plays that worked”
Mylum O'Shinn
Mylum O'Shinn 9 months ago
HOFer Jim Marshall running the wrong way against the 49ers in 1964 was pretty darn embarrassing!
Austen Tx
Austen Tx 9 months ago
How do you have a Tebow clip in this "veteran" video.... he didn't spend enough time playing to ever become a veteran
TheWhiteAsian YT
TheWhiteAsian YT 9 months ago
Where’s gronk
David Kennedy
David Kennedy 9 months ago
Who can’t wait for the Christmas intro
YoungRich Z
YoungRich Z 9 months ago
Go check out the bew song i made its on my page and comment ur thoughts
Sydney Tobbe
Sydney Tobbe 9 months ago
Who else thought of David dobrik when he was sponsored by seatgeek Ima like my own comment though..
Christopher B
Christopher B 9 months ago
5:34 yuccaneers haha. #keeppounding I got a suggestion top 5 or 10 plays by each team of all time. It may take a lot of time to do
Drew Brink
Drew Brink 9 months ago
I love seeing the don beebe chase down
Angel Cadena
Angel Cadena 9 months ago
hey. what bout Jim Marshall???
oneSOVIETboi 9 months ago
That thumbnail wasn’t even the worst one...
Aidan Garrett
Aidan Garrett 9 months ago
What about rookie players making veteran plays
I am the dude bro
I am the dude bro 9 months ago
BD Gaming
BD Gaming 9 months ago
Can you do longest rushing touchdown? Please!
TommonSensePro 9 months ago
3:06 Tebow is a veteran player. You heard it here first!
Elijah Cason
Elijah Cason 9 months ago
Best d lineman int
A.D.A Films
A.D.A Films 9 months ago
How about best should’ve had it moments
Dan Deeg
Dan Deeg 9 months ago
Favre started and ended his career throwing a pick. Try, try again. The toughest son of a bitch to ever play.
Goku's Gaming
Goku's Gaming 9 months ago
Biggest hits?
smarterthanyous 9 months ago
Leon Lett has shit for brains.
Bryce 9 months ago
Tebow isn't a vet..
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott 9 months ago
On every play you should be close to your teammate who has the ball and you should always expect them to lateral the ball when they're about to be tackled, that was the problem with most of these plays, always expect to get the ball when you're close to it it's simple, and that Favre play is so unbelievable, he had room to pick up enough yardage to get into field goal range but instead he decides to throw across his body which is picked off, I need to know what he was thinking, I guess he didn't wanna go back to the Super Bowl that badly
zPrimary -
zPrimary - 9 months ago
I just came here for the intro song name
Anthony Fano
Anthony Fano 9 months ago
Leon Lettdown
Ben Colbart
Ben Colbart 9 months ago
Can you do best plays by out of position plays big fan btw
Karen Leifson
Karen Leifson 9 months ago
Haiden Kaler
Haiden Kaler 9 months ago
Idea headshots
Andrew Fung
Andrew Fung 9 months ago
The Tim Tebow play he has to make something happen
Jaron Twitty
Jaron Twitty 9 months ago
What is the intro music
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