NFL Knockout Hits of the 2019 Season (So Far) || HD

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Oct 18, 2019




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Comments 80
Eh Htoo
Eh Htoo 16 hours ago
1:58 wtf is juju doing?😭
STL_ Whiteboy
STL_ Whiteboy 3 days ago
Wanna be friends?
Tom Brady
Tom Brady 5 days ago
Bitch is making money off us??? Fuck you and this Chanel
Baker’s Six shooter
Some say, Mason was never the same since that hit
ovo xo
ovo xo 10 days ago
How would the nfl be if they also had Targeting Penalties ? Ik one thing Burfect WOULDNT be there anymore lmao
Charles Urban
Charles Urban 13 days ago
I don't like the Steelers, but I feel awful for Mason Rudolph. Between Earl Thomas and Myles Garrett, the poor guy probably can't remember where he is half the time. If you look at the replay of the Thomas hit, you'll see one of Rudolph's hands extend its middle finger reflexively when he goes unconscious. I may be a Ravens fan, but I know that someone is a true Pittsburgh Steeler when they can flip Baltimore the bird even when they're knocked out. Respect.
jeffrey epstein
jeffrey epstein 14 days ago
jujus reaction to rudolph getting hit gives me hope in humanity
Jon Ram
Jon Ram 16 days ago
These are scary man fuck
Hunter Carter
Hunter Carter 20 days ago
Thats a bad call on the lions player at the end. And of course Pete Carroll and seahwawks would challenge a catch after the receiver was injured.
DN1 hazy
DN1 hazy 20 days ago
Man all these comments be aids as fuck like have some respect and stop with the childish jokes love to see some off you get hit like that smh
Dhani2 valid
Dhani2 valid 23 days ago
Ok bruh 1:58 . Juju acting like his homie jus got shot in a gta a misson and didn't make it
Aces Baseball#5
Aces Baseball#5 27 days ago
How did Hurns catch the ball after the hit but go steelers
ryan Gabriel
ryan Gabriel 28 days ago
4:26 #96 shouldn’t ever play football again. Absolutely pathetic hit
Faith Isibor
Faith Isibor 28 days ago
CTE in the making
Peter Moore
Peter Moore Month ago
5:14 lol doctor was like "ok, time's up"
Tiffany G
Tiffany G Month ago
C V Month ago
Strap up son
Durieon Barnes
Durieon Barnes Month ago
On the Jaguars
Durieon Barnes
Durieon Barnes Month ago
It look like 87 broke his leg
Grant Hakimi
Grant Hakimi Month ago
Packers get injured week four Thursday night and Allen Hurns is always injured in cowboys stadium
Throatyy Month ago
There was a charger player that got knocked out but I don’t remember which game
TedOfNod Month ago
5:15 “Boop” 😆
Flymoolah man 27
Rudolph is a beast for making that play
Hezekiah Meyers
Hezekiah Meyers 2 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊 0:56 🧡🥊❤ 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🖤
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts 2 months ago
🔥🔥 a tough fight 1:49 💗💝💜 👇 👇 👇💗
Corbin Singleton
Corbin Singleton 2 months ago
🔥🔥🔥 a tough fight 1:34 💙🔥 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🥊
Zippitty22 3 months ago
Man, seeing Juju like that gets me every time. I want to know so bad what he was saying.
Lia Adams
Lia Adams 3 months ago
7:30 (#21 in the blue)I don't even know why he was pissed your not the one hurt by two men running full speed at you
Dankus Kankus
Dankus Kankus 3 months ago
i feel bad for hurns sometimes
sir sure
sir sure 3 months ago
Fuck the view
Textz_ BTW
Textz_ BTW 3 months ago
Brandin cooks gets knocked out 24-7
Avengers Assemble
Avengers Assemble 3 months ago
Damm Geoff swaim got hit hard hope he’s alright
Detroitboy1975 3 months ago
You can tell some hits are brutal and some of them are ment to hurt,farewell to fairplay.
Michael Dreher
Michael Dreher 3 months ago
Dude he gets knockout from a tackle but gets hit by a helmet and takes it doesn't make sense 😂😂😂
Flixz-_-Naiad 3 months ago
Did my guy just hold on to the ball all the way through💪🔥🏈 1:17
Joshua Coley
Joshua Coley 3 months ago
One of the greatest knock outs I ever saw was when Rudolph got ktfo!!!!
Magneto 3 months ago
Jamal Williams got hit 0.01 seconds after the whistle why is everybody freaking out
junai story
junai story 3 months ago
Saya dari indonesia
Duane Angeles
Duane Angeles 3 months ago
Bruh when Rudolph got knocked out I thought he was dead
Daniel Olvera
Daniel Olvera 3 months ago
JuJu on minute 2:34
gabe davis
gabe davis 3 months ago
1:58 anybody else notice how number 19 fell down so easily
J Dial
J Dial 3 months ago
Of course I didn’t get to see the last replay for the madden ad in the corner.....
Roberto Clemente
Roberto Clemente 3 months ago
Here after the Superbowl, which I skipped. This sport hasn't changed one bit. Announcers: "he's fine, he's moving." Kick that can of brain damage down the road, no one will be there to see it when these guys lose their minds.
Torrie Dunn
Torrie Dunn 3 months ago
I thought that mf Rudolph was dead. 😭
EGNISABOSS_7 7 3 months ago
3:50 the mic just glitched the fuck out
Donta Carter
Donta Carter 3 months ago
From Cincinnati Ohio Happy New year 2020. Amazing. Hard hits. The Referee. Should be more wise
Darryl Ramsey
Darryl Ramsey 3 months ago
That beat in begining 🔥
charles porter
charles porter 3 months ago
M Lazenby
M Lazenby 3 months ago
JuJu such a great guy 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Jonathan Brooks
Jonathan Brooks 3 months ago
After studying the effect of hits like these and even the play by play contact that goes on in the NFL, the mental illnesses associated with the head injuries, early onset dementia, and countless others makes me sick to my stomach. Seeing hits like this is cool until you realize its ruining these peoples lives and tearing them apart from inside their own heads.
J Greenseed
J Greenseed 4 months ago
Last one was a bs call
Fishy Sticky
Fishy Sticky 4 months ago
Sub to ThatMrBreeze33
Michael Clark
Michael Clark 4 months ago
Instead of making safer helmets, how about making them out of leather again. If these guys knew they will get hurt just as bad as the guy they hit, they will think twice about spearing.
sSi RooRoo
sSi RooRoo 4 months ago
Juju: Thats my quarterback man 😢😢😢
QueueTheVersatile 4 months ago
It wasn’t Heath’s fault, he was playing the ball, not Hurns.
TheModelmaker1 4 months ago
The fact that these players don’t get ejected after intentional head shots shows that the NFL is not really serious
CincinnatiMade JD
CincinnatiMade JD 4 months ago
griffin thats your brother gotta a nub for a hand bitch
Godzilla 4 months ago
The video was fine, but it shows the violence in the NFL and there needs to be more penalties called on these violent hits that are uncalled for!
Itz Ecliptic.
Itz Ecliptic. 4 months ago
Man gg Green Bay
VALLEJO FINEST 4 months ago
Glock19ist 4 months ago
I want to see more knockouts.
SDS Mixtapes & Albums
Love these hard hits
Mike Mose13Y
Mike Mose13Y 4 months ago
Complaining about a flag while a man is laid out unconscious: true competitor or psychopath?
El Ringo
El Ringo 4 months ago
"Walk it off". ~ NFL medical staff
Michael Howe
Michael Howe 4 months ago
The wide receiver for the rams, i really thought he broke his neck or something. That looked horrible.
Blueskadoo 4 months ago
The Eagle's are such a dirty team, after the Williams incident, they tried the same exact spear in the same game and ko'd one of their own guys.
donald deluxe
donald deluxe 4 months ago
As a Dallas fan I do not support heath’s hit on hurns.
Kodax The Argonian
Kodax The Argonian 4 months ago
What Barnett did when Jamal Williams was on the cart is an incredible act of good sportsmanship. He knew what he did and owed up to it, that makes him a great player
Thadeus Holywater
Thadeus Holywater 4 months ago
10 minutes for 5 big hits in 2019 season, pussy ball. Sad.
Thadeus Holywater
Thadeus Holywater 4 months ago
Rudolph the straight up pussy
randal fowler
randal fowler 4 months ago
The last one was not a penalty that's bs
DRG DRG 4 months ago
Eye On The County
Eye On The County 4 months ago
Thanks Hue...I thought I'd already subscribed.
Michael Revis
Michael Revis 4 months ago
6:16 pass interference
King Slayer
King Slayer 4 months ago
Modern day colosseum
dēaþ 4 months ago
These aren't that fun to watch. Many of them are receiving irreparable brain damage.
Shoresy 69
Shoresy 69 4 months ago
The last one against the Lions is BS. If you gotta use your shoulders to tackle theres a chance heads are gonna hit if both players are lowering. Shouldn't have been a flag.
golden turd
golden turd 4 months ago
7:21 punk ass flag someone needs to start extorting refs before games
Dani Boe
Dani Boe 5 months ago
The fact this is only from 2019 is kinda horrific. Their poor brains
Love the cards fate deals & play them
Mason “2 Fingers” Rudolph
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