NFL Best "Video Game" Like Plays || HD Pt 2

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Nov 7, 2019




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Comments 80
TitanicMegalodon 6 months ago
Another great video man I’m very proud of how hard you work! You are a really underrated RUvidr but never give up and keep doing what you do best!
TitanicMegalodon 19 days ago
Monika Novak wrong :/
Monika Novak
Monika Novak 19 days ago
I bet u aren't even subscribed
TitanicMegalodon 6 months ago
TitanicMegalodon I think no :)
TitanicMegalodon 6 months ago
226 likes? Wow thx New goal by Christmas 450 likes. Think we can do it? Reply yes or no
7-47 JFK
7-47 JFK 6 months ago
All he does is take clips from the NFL
Victoria Budeanu
Victoria Budeanu 17 hours ago
franco harris won't do that in madden cause ea sucks
INT Hotline Fusion football
2:45 what in the world
FootballMan 360
FootballMan 360 5 days ago
0:48 when you are playing on rookie arcade mod in madden and have 99 break tackle
Kxontx M.
Kxontx M. 6 days ago
2:43 I think he was born by madden.
Jack Willard
Jack Willard 11 days ago
5:14 Big man got wheels
Braylan Ford
Braylan Ford 14 days ago
You are very under esemated and a good Chanel
Owen Whitehouse
Owen Whitehouse 15 days ago
Lynch is such a beast, thanks for the smile 😀😀😀
Karson Fletcher
Karson Fletcher 17 days ago
I bet he plays on arcade mode
Karson Fletcher
Karson Fletcher 17 days ago
Or he just gets the luckiest animations ever
Karson Fletcher
Karson Fletcher 17 days ago
This mans obviously never played madden
Robert Pabon
Robert Pabon 19 days ago
I am subscribed and Iiked every video and 🤟🏼
Natty Beyene
Natty Beyene 21 day ago
That first clip was nuts
Lil Mike Olivarez
Have that intro year-round, please.
LetItSinkIn 21 day ago
5:06 Is the Best Return Ever
Boot Leg
Boot Leg 21 day ago
8:24 when your on rookie and arcade
Mr. Gentlezombie
Mr. Gentlezombie 23 days ago
1:40 would never occur in Madden. Offensive players always ignore deflected balls.
Manning Boi
Manning Boi 23 days ago
Do Best Touchdown Dances Of The 1980s to 1990s
GamingWith Richard
GamingWith Richard 23 days ago
8:09 when a 99 everthing stats player is on. Rookie gamemode
GamingWith Richard
GamingWith Richard 23 days ago
1:25 When u make a player with 99 Everything Catching wise
DailyDiamond 54
DailyDiamond 54 23 days ago
0:47 aka beast quake is everyone with Eric Dickerson in madden
Josh Graves
Josh Graves 23 days ago
I’m just watching this back but that song is so good
2:17 this happens but the entire defense just looks at the ball
Will Jeffrey
Will Jeffrey 23 days ago
As a skins fan, I have an irrational hate for the saints because of that first play. If you know how the rest of the game played out, you’ll understand even more.
Celecia Jones
Celecia Jones 24 days ago
Erdzo Weathers
Erdzo Weathers 24 days ago
What a block by 15
Nate Sarver
Nate Sarver 26 days ago
Good one
Nicky Overholtzer
Nicky Overholtzer 27 days ago
For the one with lynch and the saints it was like where the defense would have 0 tackle and the running back had 99 break tackle
imLAGbtw 28 days ago
0:47 Eric Dickerson in madden be like
Dk is daddy
Dk is daddy 28 days ago
Man at 2:45 is a jedi
Nathan Cady
Nathan Cady 29 days ago
Chargers Raiders Wk 17 2017, Melvin Gordon fumbles and it lands right in Keenan Allen’s hands who.. I won’t explain the rest
Sbeves Gaming
Sbeves Gaming Month ago
Tbh these have a higher chance of happing in real life then for me in madden
Jonny Guerrero
Jonny Guerrero Month ago
2:45 he said 'hee hee'
Zach Barry
Zach Barry Month ago
5:07 when somebody scum kicks to your fullback
Jack Willard
Jack Willard 11 days ago
You mean squib?
Jake Horacek
Jake Horacek 19 days ago
I got a return touchdown on a scum kick
Matt M
Matt M Month ago
With that Marshawn Lynch run you can’t even do that in madden arcade mode or not 😂
Greatest Special/Trick Plays Of all time
Bimlesh Chand
Bimlesh Chand Month ago
The beast quake is like playing on rookie arcade
Chris X
Chris X Month ago
When you hit 1 million you should do a compilation of best and worst things of your choice in the nfl!
Maximus Gelinas
Maximus Gelinas Month ago
Best nfl intro’s ever
Alex Ross
Alex Ross 2 months ago
I don't care that it's the end of March, the Christmas Intro is still gold.
Boto Pot
Boto Pot 3 months ago
When you play on rookie mode 0:47
Ian Sijbrant
Ian Sijbrant 3 months ago
do best are you blind moments
NoahNation 3 months ago
5:10 When your playing madden and you run out of stamina and your controller has a vibrating seizure.
Mike Wazzup
Mike Wazzup 3 months ago
0:46 when you play on rookie in madden
Jace Matthews
Jace Matthews 3 months ago
I wish that happened in madden
Celtics Fan Sugrue
Celtics Fan Sugrue 3 months ago
I don’t understand how any of these plays are video game like
john lamont
john lamont 3 months ago
Ding should be at 1 million already
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson 3 months ago
0:48 95 Bo Jackson be like
Jussi Valencia
Jussi Valencia 3 months ago
How have I not seen the first clip before?!?!
Travis-_- 3 months ago
The thing is is that I hate that the saints can never tackle...it’s just impossible for them to tackle somebody.
Landon Spanninger
Landon Spanninger 3 months ago
As a redskins fan the first play was depressing
Fisher Pollard
Fisher Pollard 4 months ago
Go to 2:45
Andre Seanez
Andre Seanez 6 months ago
Next one is going to be only with Lamar
samuel cox official
samuel cox official 6 months ago
It hit jack tatum if you look very closely you can see the ball hit jack tatum
Vilma Martínez
Vilma Martínez 6 months ago
Connelys play is basically "Hey,is your refrigirator running?"
Harlow Bros
Harlow Bros 6 months ago
Corey "philly" brown played for the panthers and made a great "video game" like play on a punt return. I don't remember who they were playing though...
ELR46 6 months ago
0:30 is the definition of madden
The Land Of Videos
The Land Of Videos 6 months ago
do each teams beast play
Vinton Bowers
Vinton Bowers 6 months ago
7:02 the man is ofc sped.
Nickpick2 6 months ago
You should do a video on best catches of the week
Carter Lapier
Carter Lapier 6 months ago
when you put the difficulty on rookie
Snack 420
Snack 420 6 months ago
We need another Marshawn lynch
Brandon Kahn
Brandon Kahn 6 months ago
It still felt weird without the old music over the seat geek part, but I’m not trying to be greedy
Anjerlope 6 months ago
Love the Santa hat on the watermark
Darrell Johnson
Darrell Johnson 6 months ago
Ayyyye I like the intro
Joshua Keeney
Joshua Keeney 6 months ago
Anyone still scratching their head from the gravity defying, yet easy looking move this guy did at 2:46 ?
Mateo Soto
Mateo Soto 6 months ago
The Christmas intro is the best, keep it
Jennifer Reavis
Jennifer Reavis 6 months ago
OBJ? more like OPO.
Swifts_ Hyper
Swifts_ Hyper 6 months ago
do a broken ankles ?
Boomerangtoooth 9
Boomerangtoooth 9 6 months ago
Yay Christmas intro
Hi Hello
Hi Hello 6 months ago
That intro tho. Damn nice job👌
Bodacious_jev 6 months ago
2:34 your wrong lol in madden that could sit on his back for 5 more minutes and he would never pick it up
Bodacious_jev 6 months ago
Jack Zhang
Jack Zhang 6 months ago
Commentator: Lynch not going to get anything Lynch: NAW FAM
Your Boi Kermit
Your Boi Kermit 6 months ago
The request was answered! (Posted this on a different ding video my bad)
Rapiidz 6 months ago
mise as well make a lamar jackson montage
D Jenz
D Jenz 6 months ago
:50 The number 24 on Seattle that reminds me of madden NFL Arcade..on xbox 360 and ps3
D Jenz
D Jenz 6 months ago
:30 usually video games cant strip the ball away
xd swaggersdaddy 06
xd swaggersdaddy 06 6 months ago
5:05 every o linemen’s dream
Mazuty 6 months ago
Couple more days and you coulda added that Jackson run 😅
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