NFL Best "Trash Talk Moments || HD (Part 3)

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Aug 9, 2019




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Comments 80
Steve 5 days ago
The Taylor lewan one 😂
Tyrell Coon
Tyrell Coon 7 days ago
Lewan triggered the shit out of Norman🤣🤣🤣
Cody Adams
Cody Adams 2 months ago
Hill had made Jalen eat his words. I love it
Fishdacuffs 3 months ago
Jalen talkin bout tyreek? He throws up a ✌️with that sb ring on his finger😂😂
Why is the rum gone?
Yeah we swallow that shit! LOOL
Mrplum5677 4 months ago
um why no audio 1:37
Milan Mathew
Milan Mathew 4 months ago
I wanna see jalen Ramsey and Steve Smith sr trash talk each other
Eྂlྂiྂjྂaྂhྂ Dྂuྂaྂrྂtྂeྂ
The team that talks the most trash is The Packers.
Mobiledust academy
Mobiledust academy 6 months ago
I was not ready for the “shut up before I suck your dick” part
Sentinel creed
Sentinel creed 8 months ago
Taylor Lewan one of the best o linemen in history and he’s funny as hell😂when he retires he better make the hall of fame
Conall Daly
Conall Daly 8 months ago
Woah u hurt his feelings wat a stupid country there sports are so retarded and Americans are all so arrogant
ur_future _uncle
ur_future _uncle 8 months ago
intro song???
Alex Quirino
Alex Quirino 8 months ago
That last one😂😂😂
Slick TV
Slick TV 8 months ago
Did u used to be madden mobile ding?
Ayden Long
Ayden Long 8 months ago
3:30 “if u keep on talkin to me like that I’m gonna suck your dick” 😭😂 Ben Jones:”we swallow that shit around here too”😂😭
WLR release date
WLR release date 8 months ago
But tyreek is listed as a WR...
Mike Seminatore
Mike Seminatore 8 months ago
Josh Norman gonna have to legit KO somebody before he get some respect
Just a chap
Just a chap 8 months ago
3:28 I’m going to quote that next time someone shit talks me.
jake campbell
jake campbell 8 months ago
Barkley was just motivating his team
pantherteen1 8 months ago
Sep G
Sep G 8 months ago
Sus ass last clip
Josue Sanchez
Josue Sanchez 8 months ago
Bro 4 minutes omg 🤣🤣🤣🤔🤔🤔
Ethan Davis
Ethan Davis 8 months ago
Josh Brooks
Josh Brooks 8 months ago
Do hardest rookie hits
JAyy B
JAyy B 8 months ago
Taylor Lewan and Mike Daniels became two of my fav NFL players because of top 100. That shit with Malik Jackson is legendary though. Ik editors at NFL films were dying when they came across this looking for Mic’d up clips.
GetAJob 8 months ago
This is sad. Last clip aint even funny
Jay Ferrero
Jay Ferrero 8 months ago
I think Jalen Ramsey was cool with the dick sucking part ... from another dude lol
BDE Shawn •
BDE Shawn • 8 months ago
Taylor Lewan is crazy asf 😂
Ronnie Warford
Ronnie Warford 9 months ago
Go take some more roids Taylor Lewan with your cheating fatass. Dudes a cheater and a pussy
Kris Wit it
Kris Wit it 9 months ago
Gay ass shit man
Jacquel Watson
Jacquel Watson 9 months ago
Damn Lewan threw me off my RUvid viewing game wit those words. I could only imagine what the dude he said it to felt like
Mr Green Light District
Josh Norman got so mad
Blake Smith
Blake Smith 9 months ago
they gay
Blake Smith
Blake Smith 9 months ago
jalen ramsey is a fucking clown
GetWreckedNoobs 9 months ago
Save The Best For Last
Not Joey i Swear
Not Joey i Swear 9 months ago
kam bodied that man tho lmaoa
James 9 months ago
Ramsey was turned on by the dick comment 😂🤣
DonX 9 months ago
whats thst 30 sec intro song is?
x rated
x rated 9 months ago
That lewan and norman was too funny
-Infernos YT
-Infernos YT 9 months ago
After the clip of jalen Ramsey trash talking you should have put a clip of hill burning him.
Teagan Wolfe
Teagan Wolfe 9 months ago
40 yards isnt burning lol
CHILL FISHY 9 months ago
Love your videos
Tugga Tugga
Tugga Tugga 9 months ago
“Return Specialissssstttt”
Sam Robinett
Sam Robinett 9 months ago
taylor lewan is allowed to say nigga
fuze 9 months ago
You already know jalen Ramsey was gonna be on here a lot
Angiee Hurtado
Angiee Hurtado 9 months ago
Why are they always sponsored by seat geek
Joshua Augustin
Joshua Augustin 9 months ago
do a video easy drops passes
kamouras 9 months ago
So two sponsorships and 2 RUvid ads? Jeez bro that’s a lot of money.
John Christiansen
John Christiansen 9 months ago
What you didn’t show was How Tyreek Hill answered back... Won’t see Ramsey saying that shit to him again. lol 😂
Teagan Wolfe
Teagan Wolfe 9 months ago
40 yards and no td's
Nutelko8 9 months ago
Lewan really is a cunt. Such a unlikeable person.
IonSzn 9 months ago
What instrumental is that
Pp Butt
Pp Butt 9 months ago
Obj trying to get Taylor Lewens number
Damien Vue
Damien Vue 9 months ago
Can you do NFL players playing basketball?
xWFx_Storm_- 816
xWFx_Storm_- 816 9 months ago
Jalen Ramsey was talking trash but they got smacked that game and a "return specialist" caught over him multiple times
Gio Petruzzelli
Gio Petruzzelli 9 months ago
Last one was the best
vihockeyguy1 9 months ago
You know your trash talk is on another level when jalen Ramsey is like “bro wtf”
Harley Snyder
Harley Snyder 9 months ago
Yo Norman! Lewan is a little bit bigger than u bro
o b m
o b m 9 months ago
if i hear a offensive lineman say that i’m walking away...
Is Az
Is Az 9 months ago
Lowkey JS wanted Lewan to perform fellatio on him ;)
The lit baller
The lit baller 9 months ago
Who else likes the intro song ?
Dom W
Dom W 9 months ago
Taylor and Ben sus asf
Yeah Boi Antwan
Yeah Boi Antwan 9 months ago
Jalen would get blown out in a 1v1 against tyreek hill
MindinTherage 9 months ago
1:41 nah josh Norman chill out you have no chance against that dude 😂😂lewan will kill him in a fight
Superman Wayne
Superman Wayne 9 months ago
Taylor Lewan is a legend
JustStoplol -_-
JustStoplol -_- 9 months ago
This man still talking alright let me go and get Marquise Goodwin to burn him out again and win the game again😂😂😂
Dominic Fernandez
Dominic Fernandez 9 months ago
Can u do most picks in a game by a player
Daniel Jones is 2 Tough
Someone do me a favor and kick josh Norman’s weak ass
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 9 months ago
Jalen got wet at the end
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 9 months ago
Conner Webb
Conner Webb 9 months ago
Yea we swallow that shit over herr
IM BIEN 9 months ago
3:30 Wtf
Ruben Hernandez
Ruben Hernandez 9 months ago
“Keep shit talking Ima suck yo fucking dick” Teammate:”yeah bro we swollow that shit”😭😭😭😭
Chandra Hauenstein
Chandra Hauenstein 9 months ago
Terry 9 months ago
Bruhh wtf is Tyler lewan on
Mesa FNM
Mesa FNM 9 months ago
I didn’t skip to 0:30 cuz I liked that music
Lord T.H
Lord T.H 9 months ago
Mariano Ovalle
Mariano Ovalle 9 months ago
Tyler Lewan shooting his shot
iStaySaucy 9 months ago
These niggas at the end 😂😂😂😂😂
MisterRandomzz _
MisterRandomzz _ 9 months ago
Wow Never Took Saquan Barkley For A Trash Talker.. Hm 😕
Jose Meza
Jose Meza 9 months ago
I always love it when own teammates talk shit to each other in practice I used to do that in high school offense vs Defense
Sloths are awsome
Sloths are awsome 9 months ago
I love taylor lewan 😂
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