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Sep 1, 2019




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Comments 80
ProblemNeo 2 months ago
Robert Quinn was a monster
amj20 6 months ago
Tom Brady getting sacked is the most memorable of all time, as a Philadelphian that play made my life complete
Frank Harmon
Frank Harmon 8 months ago
Where's the intros at
fortnitegod_jay 8 months ago
NFL winning touchdowns in modern history
Mighty Andyn
Mighty Andyn 8 months ago
Best game winning runs in NFL History
Nicky No Skill
Nicky No Skill 8 months ago
Little guys hitting big guys
Peyton Beardsworth
Peyton Beardsworth 8 months ago
Dee Capalot
Dee Capalot 8 months ago
Do fumble returns
tygrkhat40 8 months ago
This is not a slam on Ding, but some of the TV clips are horrible quality. I can find 100-year old footage from World War I on RUvid with better quality.
brooke geary
brooke geary 8 months ago
Half of these are Stafford
MagicMan722 8 months ago
That dude reeeeeeeally wanted to use that counting graphic
Howard Slocum
Howard Slocum 8 months ago
Happy to see both my favorite teams had a game winning sack on here
Nolan Ramirez
Nolan Ramirez 8 months ago
Do best passes in ndl
Nike-1005 8 months ago
NFL best winning kick goal ?
thatboi_GHOST 8 months ago
emotinal moments
Dylan Lagraves
Dylan Lagraves 8 months ago
Derek Barnett also got a game sealing sack against the colts last year
Christian Madsen
Christian Madsen 8 months ago
How about “Best plays from every 1st round pick”
Shoresy 69
Shoresy 69 8 months ago
Is there enough clips to make a video of receivers nabbing balls that weren't meant for another receiver?
Anonymous Serjian
Anonymous Serjian 8 months ago
perhaps, "best diving touchdown plays"
jayriggz 8 months ago
1:43 why not just kick the field goal??
Dallas Trevino
Dallas Trevino 8 months ago
Can you do “the longest lasting game winners”
TDJ 8 months ago
How about “playing angry moments” Big fan btw
VideGaming Master
VideGaming Master 8 months ago
“Best game winning pick 6 “
Bernard Johnson
Bernard Johnson 8 months ago
Hey Ding you should do "Still Got It" moments
CodenameTexans 8 months ago
Most Acrobatic Interceptions
Randomness Player
Randomness Player 8 months ago
NFL “Breaking your own record” plays
Beckett Hakimi
Beckett Hakimi 8 months ago
Maybe try doing NFL win and in game alike the colts titans game this past year
Daniel Bates
Daniel Bates 8 months ago
"game winning safeties"
Jack Harland
Jack Harland 8 months ago
Some of these sacks are savage
vIcyRBLX 8 months ago
How bout “Two Turnovers On One Play?”
Darjae Williams
Darjae Williams 8 months ago
The best game winning picks in history
Ewok 8 months ago
"Hold my Beer" ?
Richard Sheptak
Richard Sheptak 8 months ago
I’m digging the intro music not gonna lie, still miss the old one tho
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez 8 months ago
You should do best quaterback blocks
Leroy Cole Jr
Leroy Cole Jr 8 months ago
do game winning pick 6
Pierre M
Pierre M 8 months ago
I hope i will be a d-line a day..
Alex Ramos
Alex Ramos 8 months ago
Blocked Game Winning Field Goals
Austin Moser
Austin Moser 8 months ago
How about best endings in Super Bowl history
Shane DuBois
Shane DuBois 8 months ago
Do every teams worst play
Waifu Protector
Waifu Protector 8 months ago
"Game Winning Mistakes?"
could you do “two turnovers in one play”
bigolqoa .
bigolqoa . 8 months ago
Best 2019 preseason catches (1-4)
WeedEmOut 8 months ago
You should do 2 turnovers on the same play. Like offense throws a int and then def fumbles. Idk if you’ve done this already
ToXiC_Sh0T 8 months ago
Broncos cam newton? Eagles Tom Brady? In superbowls
Light Yagami
Light Yagami 8 months ago
The later was in the video. The former was not for some reason
Xayyy xayyy
Xayyy xayyy 8 months ago
Do NFL best super bowl plays
Elliot Hyman
Elliot Hyman 8 months ago
Best play by every team for the 2018 nfl season
er1ctorre5 8 months ago
Can you please do “ speed kills “ ?
Lopp James
Lopp James 8 months ago
Do best mosses (best catches during double+ coverage)
Ramoslll_XD #10
Ramoslll_XD #10 8 months ago
Can u do Brother against brother in NFL
Cade Thomas
Cade Thomas 8 months ago
Is it just me, or is every video by them a banger?
Mateo Seymour
Mateo Seymour 8 months ago
"NFL Game Winning Interceptions"
Magical Finny
Magical Finny 8 months ago
Awesome vid, can you plz do Running the wrong way
robux 8 months ago
Do nfl touchdowns by a linemen or biggest plays by a linemen
Juice Nation
Juice Nation 8 months ago
Can you do Best Game winning Fumble returns?
Embot7 8 months ago
Can you please do flips into end zone fail
Sonja Warren
Sonja Warren 8 months ago
Do the best plays of madden 19
DeadPool Reviews
DeadPool Reviews 8 months ago
Can you do "best plays before disaster"
Sean ige
Sean ige 8 months ago
Can u do best games by “unknown” players
King JMAN 8 months ago
Do D linemen getting pics
anonymous anteater
anonymous anteater 8 months ago
Do longest plays in seconds
BallingOut 8 months ago
Could you do “punt return touchdowns”
rockets 4life
rockets 4life 8 months ago
You should do best linemen touchdowns
Aaron Olson
Aaron Olson 8 months ago
Can you do best toe tap catches
TheSuds4Life 8 months ago
Ding you should do fumbles after interceptions or 2 turnovers in one play
Bruinsbetrayer 2.0
Bruinsbetrayer 2.0 8 months ago
1:38 The most underrated game that season. (2015)
GBZukis101 8 months ago
U should make a video that like made fantasy players points go up great vid
Aaron Sosa
Aaron Sosa 8 months ago
Another best hits and knock outs
GBZukis101 8 months ago
Anyone else having bad lag in the video
jaritza velez
jaritza velez 8 months ago
can you do game winning pics
Brady Carden
Brady Carden 8 months ago
You were so close but yet so far good vid idea
InstantsEdge 8 months ago
"Reviews that won the game"
Kermitgirl1 8 months ago
You should do best fumble plays
Guardians of Gold
Guardians of Gold 8 months ago
Can you please do games that end from missed field goals?
Wiley Kaiyote
Wiley Kaiyote 8 months ago
Can you do most dominant defensive performances? games where a teams defense completely shut the opponent down with multiple picks, sacks, and FFs
DaGod_ ofKingz
DaGod_ ofKingz 8 months ago
whats your intro song??
thatkid Josiah
thatkid Josiah 8 months ago
I like your videos but just not the old nfl clips but I still like your videos
Ghgb Ggv
Ghgb Ggv 8 months ago
do player doing stupid fals
Joel Malacas
Joel Malacas 8 months ago
I just feel bad for Dalton and Stafford,
Vabajada 8 months ago
Watching Andrew luck get sacked just makes me sad now
TheM1necraftFan1 8 months ago
You deserve 1 million subs!
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