NFL Best Catches From Bad Throws || HD

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Comments 80
Ding Productions
Ding Productions 7 months ago
I forgot to put it in the video but thank you to SeahawkDon 12 for the idea!
mikki0923 6 months ago
Ding Productions Yeah
Conner Dishman
Conner Dishman 7 months ago
C HUSTLE SuperTech Uygghtrdfju&fny$
1,000 subs with No videos
This a video idea best preseason plays
Hereyesarehome42 7 months ago
@LIT BROS. TM "Welcome to the NFL rookie" Ding Productions, ColemanProduction, and another one... Have done vids on this, i beleive.
Idk I'm JJ
Idk I'm JJ 7 months ago
I'm gonna be mad if you change your profile pic
Sophia Wiles
Sophia Wiles 3 months ago
Make a video about iver the shoulder catchs
Sade Dantzler
Sade Dantzler 4 months ago
I like it really good🏈👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
John Domsic
John Domsic 4 months ago
i know u love the giants and i respect that
Purple Gamer
Purple Gamer 5 months ago
0:48 epic block by #15 😂
Purple Gamer
Purple Gamer 5 months ago
1:06 He thinks he’s so good when it’s a horrible pass😂
HunterBoy 74144
HunterBoy 74144 5 months ago
This video seems to have fumbleitus
Drip-GoD 5 months ago
Best blocks
Lil Beta & Lil Og
Lil Beta & Lil Og 5 months ago
1:00 where is the ball
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 5 months ago
Where's Stephen Riggs?
Uriel Avraham
Uriel Avraham 5 months ago
Who misses this intro from jxmyhighroller - RIP trap sax😭
BLACK ninja gamer
BLACK ninja gamer 5 months ago
Uriel Avraham me
Anthony Le
Anthony Le 5 months ago
IxChill 5 months ago
I dont consider Odell's one hand catch a bad throw😕
Edit4killz Yt
Edit4killz Yt 5 months ago
That hit tho at 0:47
Bot Kong
Bot Kong 5 months ago
Half of these are lucky catches😂
Tyson Gasca
Tyson Gasca 5 months ago
Madden be like (whole video)
Carson Glosny
Carson Glosny 5 months ago
Ok, I am a Packers fan and kinda hate the Giants, but the throw from Eli Manning to Odell was kind of a dot. He couldn't have put that throw anywhere else.
Ty’s Kicks
Ty’s Kicks 5 months ago
Andre Johnson’s whole career*
Misty69 6 months ago
Trap jazzz!
Jake King
Jake King 6 months ago
3 or 4 of these were not even that bad of throws just great catches, like Odell Beckham’s catch he was being held while running the route towards the ball and ended up catching it.
Adam Court
Adam Court 6 months ago
3:42 Pulled down Troy Brown Touchdown
joshua henderson
joshua henderson 5 months ago
Spittin fire
Tony stark
Tony stark 6 months ago
This should have been called “luckiest catch in nfl”
Thought_ v2
Thought_ v2 6 months ago
Intro song
Zynair Douglas
Zynair Douglas 6 months ago
1:35 if u thought giving up the touchdown was bad, Andrew luck took a clear to the eye
TeeJay 6 months ago
That hit at 3:40 tho
Jarod Gains
Jarod Gains 6 months ago
The Odell catch wasn't a bad throw it was a great catch
Juiced 6 months ago
The Odell catch was not a bad throw he was being held by the defender and that’s why it looks like a bad throw
alejandro_a024 6 months ago
Those weren't bad throws they were average
Lost KingXJX
Lost KingXJX 6 months ago
3:25 He got sent into another time zone
Brendan Cunniff
Brendan Cunniff 6 months ago
What about Edelmans catch in Super Bowl 51 against Atlanta????
Avery Young
Avery Young 6 months ago
Anyone can catch the ball Give me a like and comment
Jason Hopkins
Jason Hopkins 6 months ago
A lot of those aren’t bad throws the receivers just deflected the throws
Can I get one subscriber with only 10k Videos?
Hey Ding prod could you do worst drops from perfect throws please? 🤞🤞
Travis Cleatus
Travis Cleatus 6 months ago
The obj thumbnail wasn’t a bad throw he was being held back and it was way in front of him becuase of that
BRETT JOHNSON 6 months ago
do the most ranpage moments in the NFL
I do Covers
I do Covers 6 months ago
0:40 that wasn’t a bad pass it was that the wide receiver did keep running and decide to twirl around like a ballerina
Jack Bezdichek
Jack Bezdichek 6 months ago
I do Covers niether was the Odell catch
Msp Clan
Msp Clan 6 months ago
Shout out
Paradox Eraa
Paradox Eraa 6 months ago
what’s the intro song
EDGAR SANDOVAL 6 months ago
I’m sad Odell left the giants
Halle von Kessler
Halle von Kessler 6 months ago
I need to now the intro song. LIKE SO DING CAN SEE
ItzMarchPlayz 6 months ago
C2 Cizo
C2 Cizo 6 months ago
As a Cowboy fan myself I am offended by any video w/ the clip of Odell Beckham Jr. But overall this is cool
Save Phillip The Fish
The Seahawks one was OPI smh
Fortnite player
Fortnite player 6 months ago
M_D_E_ 6 months ago
Basically all titans
Michaela Floyd
Michaela Floyd 6 months ago
Why does it say to me that you have no subs but I’m subbed so I’m the only subscriber
Kayla Matteson
Kayla Matteson 6 months ago
When you ya yeet the ball but then you get tackled...
Xadun Engelbrecht
Xadun Engelbrecht 6 months ago
The more I watch one handed catches the more I wonder why odells is more famous than the rest
qloit 6 months ago
I better see Julio like 3x in here💀
ISG_JTT 6 months ago
Do people thinking the had a td
ISG_JTT 6 months ago
What about Franco Harris
Snooty Games
Snooty Games 6 months ago
Do nice players getting ejected.
James Potanin
James Potanin 6 months ago
Dont say HD in ur video, we live in 2019, not 2001
Anthony Rubeo
Anthony Rubeo 6 months ago
Eli’s throw to Odell wasn’t bad at all, considering the fact that pass interference was called and the defender was pulling on his shirt stopping him from going anywhere. Eli’s throw was right where it should have been
Jackson scheier
Jackson scheier 6 months ago
2:51 this was the real Odell catch
KoolKidCaleb 6 months ago
the odell wasn’t a terrible throw it was pass interference
Danny Studios
Danny Studios 6 months ago
Eli manning highlight reel
Mendo Maniac
Mendo Maniac 6 months ago
Odell is the most overrated player
iSsplat 6 months ago
2:15 I thought that said Dababy
DonutXx 6 months ago
Lol The Thumbnail says bad throws
Gold_Duckz 6 months ago
Just a tip don’t make your intros 30 seconds
Gold_Duckz 6 months ago
Rico Sanchez okay if he wants a follower that just what I’m saying, but thanks for the info
Rico Sanchez
Rico Sanchez 6 months ago
Gold_Duckz he does that for sponsorships, they pay him to do tthat
abcdefghijk039 6 months ago
Do more of these please!
OBJ 4life jr
OBJ 4life jr 6 months ago
1:24 how are you that bad to throw it behind you
Evan Deters
Evan Deters 6 months ago
Littlepigu 1
Littlepigu 1 6 months ago
Everybody talking bout Odell’s one handed catch but nobody talking about that dolphins player who basically recreated it
Buildable 6 months ago
Tennessee in the first 3 clips
HateonNate 6 months ago
Jayden Wilson
Jayden Wilson 6 months ago
Shit quality on the randy moss play I’m an stealer fan
Molly Lien
Molly Lien 6 months ago
at 3:40 85 had a good hit
Speakman24 6 months ago
Why do the announcers just not care, but pee themselves when a guard makes a good block
Amanda Lowry
Amanda Lowry 6 months ago
Giveaway plz
Brenda Reyes
Brenda Reyes 6 months ago
I 😍 football a lot
Aiden Thurston
Aiden Thurston 6 months ago
Make on with the cowboys that is called bad throw but caught all about the Dallas cowboys
Brandon Lenkiewicz
Brandon Lenkiewicz 6 months ago
How is that Odell catch a bad throw 😂 it was perfect the reason he had to do that was because of the PI call
Littlepigu 1
Littlepigu 1 6 months ago
Eli saw Carr holding Odell and threw to him for the call
Delaney Dyer
Delaney Dyer 6 months ago
Nasty man
FLEX ACE 6 months ago
Carla Martinez
Carla Martinez 6 months ago
Dimer Bird
Dimer Bird 6 months ago
Eli manning's pass to Odell wasn't a bad throw. It's the fact tht the defender held Odell so it looked like a bad throw
Noah Perez
Noah Perez 6 months ago
I never thought I would see Tom Brady on a bad throw video.
Mason Fuller
Mason Fuller 6 months ago
Intro music is 🔥🔥🔥💰💰💰🐐🐐🐐
Evolve Swayy
Evolve Swayy 6 months ago
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