NFL Best Catches From Bad Throws || HD

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Aug 11, 2019




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Comments 524
Ding Productions
I forgot to put it in the video but thank you to SeahawkDon 12 for the idea!
mikki0923 11 days ago
Ding Productions Yeah
Conner Dishman
Conner Dishman Month ago
C HUSTLE SuperTech Uygghtrdfju&fny$
1,000 subs with No videos
This a video idea best preseason plays
David Fletcher
David Fletcher Month ago
@LIT BROS. TM "Welcome to the NFL rookie" Ding Productions, ColemanProduction, and another one... Have done vids on this, i beleive.
Lil Jtay
Lil Jtay Month ago
I'm gonna be mad if you change your profile pic
FaZe Sway
FaZe Sway 19 hours ago
Lol The Thumbnail says bad throws
Buildz YT
Buildz YT 21 hour ago
This is insane
Gold_Duckz 22 hours ago
Just a tip don’t make your intros 30 seconds
Rico Sanchez
Rico Sanchez 11 hours ago
Gold_Duckz he does that for sponsorships, they pay him to do tthat
Do more of these please!
OBJ 4life jr
OBJ 4life jr Day ago
1:24 how are you that bad to throw it behind you
Evan Deters
Evan Deters 2 days ago
Littlepigu 1
Littlepigu 1 3 days ago
Everybody talking bout Odell’s one handed catch but nobody talking about that dolphins player who basically recreated it
Buildable 3 days ago
Tennessee in the first 3 clips
-Nateツ 4 days ago
Jayden Wilson
Jayden Wilson 5 days ago
Shit quality on the randy moss play I’m an stealer fan
Molly Lien
Molly Lien 5 days ago
at 3:40 85 had a good hit
Spankman24 5 days ago
Why do the announcers just not care, but pee themselves when a guard makes a good block
Amanda Lowry
Amanda Lowry 6 days ago
Giveaway plz
Brenda Reyes
Brenda Reyes 6 days ago
I 😍 football a lot
Aiden Thurston
Aiden Thurston 6 days ago
Make on with the cowboys that is called bad throw but caught all about the Dallas cowboys
Brandon Lenkiewicz
How is that Odell catch a bad throw 😂 it was perfect the reason he had to do that was because of the PI call
Littlepigu 1
Littlepigu 1 3 days ago
Eli saw Carr holding Odell and threw to him for the call
Delaney Dyer
Delaney Dyer 6 days ago
Nasty man
FLEX ACE 6 days ago
Carla Martinez
Carla Martinez 7 days ago
Dimer Bird
Dimer Bird 7 days ago
Eli manning's pass to Odell wasn't a bad throw. It's the fact tht the defender held Odell so it looked like a bad throw
Noah Perez
Noah Perez 7 days ago
I never thought I would see Tom Brady on a bad throw video.
Mason Fuller
Mason Fuller 8 days ago
Intro music is 🔥🔥🔥💰💰💰🐐🐐🐐
Evolve Swayy
Evolve Swayy 9 days ago
YT Shooter Kowalski
ur_future _uncle
ur_future _uncle 11 days ago
intro song??
sochi Ikwuagwu
sochi Ikwuagwu 11 days ago
These are not even bad throws
K1NG KDl 12 days ago
Jmxyhighroller headass
JEFFY JEFFY 13 days ago
3:49 How the Hell
HeatedCube52181 15 days ago
do small guy
SQUAD BOSS 16 days ago
I though these only happened in madden
CHEESE MASTER 16 days ago
Eli Manning’s throw wasn’t bad there was pass interference
Princealways Goated
This is just Sad for comer backs
TheFlash Josh
TheFlash Josh 17 days ago
4:14 how is that possible a bad pass?
Sparxxy 17 days ago
Can u do the best interceptions
Allen W
Allen W 17 days ago
What if in all these plays the quarterbacks were just smart enough to know exactly what would happen when they throw the ball the make the catch look cooler
Stacey Codrington
Stacey Codrington 17 days ago
4:20 Is not a bad throw he got held
A anonymous person
A anonymous person 17 days ago
Part 2 maybe??
Bubby The Bunny
Bubby The Bunny 18 days ago
0:30 for you guys who wanna get to the real vid
Football Highlights
You always on Odell's dick
Zmellybuttprimo YT
Zmellybuttprimo YT 19 days ago
90% of comments are non giants fans complaining how it isn’t a bad pass even though Eli saw Carr holding him the whole time I’m a redskins fan but I love that play Edit all one handed catches deserve respect
ZiggyYT 19 days ago
Sub to me u wont
Riley Titan
Riley Titan 20 days ago
Andres Pacheco
Andres Pacheco 20 days ago
NLA Frost
NLA Frost 20 days ago
Wheres amari cooper when the eagle deflected the ball nd ended up catchin it nd winning, cuz most of these r deflections tht turned into a catch
Zatt56 21 day ago
Best safety blitzes pls
If you want to do a part 2, look towards DeAndre Hopkins 3 seasons ago
Alonso Lino
Alonso Lino Month ago
Should've just named this best catches from deflections/tips
Mason Pennoyer
Mason Pennoyer Month ago
No edelman in super bowl 51?
Ryan Price
Ryan Price Month ago
Odell’s catch was a good throw he was just interfered
Call me Oof
Call me Oof Month ago
Tyler Potter
Tyler Potter Month ago
Could you imagine being that ref who witnessed the Odel catch? like oh it's just a standard defensive pass interference and then a catch is made that changes history
Chicken King blogs
How about good passes but bad catches
anita Savage
anita Savage Month ago
Due part two
anita Savage
anita Savage Month ago
Liam Richardson
Liam Richardson Month ago
0:52 wtf😂
Martin Munoz
Martin Munoz Month ago
Should've included the Steelers vs chiefs, when big Ben almost threw that pick but AB still caught it for a touchdown
kaioken Month ago
Moss makes it onto another list while Rice is nowhere to be seen. Go figure
bradley feldner
bradley feldner Month ago
you should do worst nfl kicks
John Schneider
John Schneider Month ago
Thats trash at 2:49 he’s holding the cbs face mask
TheZachery Shows
The pass to pick obj was a good throw it was just pass interference. I don’t get that one but good vid.
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