NFL Athletic Plays By QBs

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Mar 17, 2020




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Comments 80
Cherish Seelam
Cherish Seelam Month ago
6:21 are you sure about that?
Watermelon Warriors
1:53 that moment when you qb hits harder than the entirety of your defense
Matthew Grafton
Matthew Grafton Month ago
Brady jukes urlachar?
FrabNab Month ago
The fact that there was no Wentz plays on here is disrespectful.
Hobo Bobo
Hobo Bobo Month ago
Nolan Weaver
Nolan Weaver Month ago
So why is Carson wentz not in there at all
FJavier HernandeZZ
SuperCam. 💪🏻
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson Month ago
Daunte Culpepper got slept on for this list.
Zach Hays
Zach Hays Month ago
@ 6:08 was that deadpool?
Caden Sims
Caden Sims Month ago
I love you guys
TheDCGuitar13 2 months ago
Look at Cam getting pancakes on linemen and linebackers. 💪🏾
TheDCGuitar13 2 months ago
The fact that Lamar throws as great as he runs is scary.
Atomic AF_Legend
Atomic AF_Legend 2 months ago
You put Antonio Brown, but he is a wide receiver, not a quarterback. Love the video btw.
Derek Johnson
Derek Johnson 2 months ago
But like where is all the Brady highlights🤔
Derek Johnson
Derek Johnson 2 months ago
He is the fastest web of all time
- Jonti -
- Jonti - 2 months ago
Just seeing Cam being so happy when he plays just makes me sad now lol
BryanSmalls 2 months ago
Jared Goffs block for Robert woods against the cardinals
Steven Untch
Steven Untch 2 months ago
You forgot Mahomes 25-yard TD run vs the Titans... easily one of the toughest QB runs I’ve ever seen.
Party Penguin_Games1229
Has everyone forgotten about Wentz’s legendary season from 2017-2018
Infected348 2 months ago
I'm a Ravens fan, so I'm allowed to say this...Mathew Stafford is the most underrated QB in the league
Mickey Mousse
Mickey Mousse 2 months ago
Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson compilation
Zeke Hammack
Zeke Hammack 2 months ago
Soooooooooooo............ Troy polamalu is now a quarterback?
Boggs1313 2 months ago
How do you not have Carson in there
B Rus
B Rus 2 months ago
You're missing Mariota catching his own deflected pass and getting a td against KC in the playoffs
B Rus
B Rus 2 months ago
Im honestly most impressed sith Tannehill's tackle
B Rus
B Rus 2 months ago
Man if we didn't have Rus, I would pick Cam up for sure
AyyScythe 2 months ago
He didnt put mahomes run vs the titans😂smh
ChampionEgy YT
ChampionEgy YT 2 months ago
Mr. Charizard
Mr. Charizard 2 months ago
Do this with linemen
Dylan Dawson
Dylan Dawson 2 months ago
Where’s pat mahomes run against the titans
Solo Solo
Solo Solo 2 months ago
How you get chased down by a quarterback lhh
K Martinez
K Martinez 2 months ago
Damn Driskel made dude drop his jock and have his own man annihilate him. Moment of Silence !!!
Travis Nevarez
Travis Nevarez 2 months ago
This should just be Lamar's highlights video
William Zhu
William Zhu 2 months ago
a couple plays i wish u wouldve included: Steve Young run against Vikings Farve block on Niners Romo run
Slayer D
Slayer D 2 months ago
Prescott 3rd and 14 conversion in the playoffs too
Abraham Fajardo
Abraham Fajardo 2 months ago
So Troy palumalo is Qb I thought he was a strong safety
Sla1tt 2 months ago
Not surprised toms not in here
Zach Lovell
Zach Lovell 2 months ago
Where was Tasom hill at all he makes is athletic plays
Zach Lovell
Zach Lovell 2 months ago
Taysom hill
Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke 2 months ago
Steve Smith blocked 3 people
Liam Briggs
Liam Briggs 2 months ago
Kyle Allen avoiding the JJ Watt sack and completing a pass 20 yards downfield probably worth a mention
Michael Cretaro
Michael Cretaro 2 months ago
Lamar Jackson can’t get it done when it matters
Austin Long
Austin Long 2 months ago
Lamar Jackson 😏
1000 subs with no video's challenge
9:10 - 9:11 he his knee touched the ground that doesnt count
1000 subs with no video's challenge
@Lauren Sharp i said what i saw
Lauren Sharp
Lauren Sharp Month ago
sports guy isn’t clear enough to actually know
Ian Finegan
Ian Finegan 2 months ago
sports guy eh
swxss mxsta
swxss mxsta 2 months ago
You know who I didn't see in this video? Teddy Bridgewater!!!!!!
Prime Matthew
Prime Matthew 2 months ago
No carson wentz
The Real Jon
The Real Jon 2 months ago
The way lamar makes defenders look stupid gets me every time
Jaden V
Jaden V 2 months ago
What about mahomes vs the titans in the playoffs?
Parker Bai
Parker Bai 2 months ago
No Wentz or Mahomes? C'mon man...
Marquese Norris
Marquese Norris 2 months ago
Oh he broke his ankles
Ojmathes Edits
Ojmathes Edits 2 months ago
Where’s the Taysom Hill highlights? Smh 🤦‍♂️
Captain DingleBerry
Captain DingleBerry 2 months ago
@Ojmathes Edits ahh. maybe cause he isn't just a quarterback? hes more like a wildcard
Ojmathes Edits
Ojmathes Edits 2 months ago
Captain DingleBerry, I’m not asking for a single player highlight video for Taysom Hill, I’m asking why he didn’t put his highlights in a video on athletic quarter backs.
Captain DingleBerry
Captain DingleBerry 2 months ago
ding doesn't make single player highlight videos. if you look in his video history you would see that. SMH. dumbass
Ayden Bouchee
Ayden Bouchee 2 months ago
Lamar sooooooo fast
KraZyRican KR
KraZyRican KR 2 months ago
U missed out on 2017 Carson Wentz😭
Pryor the Dud
Pryor the Dud 2 months ago
Patrick mahomes in the AFC championship game?
Lil Calvin
Lil Calvin 2 months ago
Can you do the best of the ravens plays
Angiee Hurtado
Angiee Hurtado 2 months ago
Where is Patrick mahomes 27 yard run?😤
Dynamic 2
Dynamic 2 2 months ago
So tell me why Carson wentz isn’t in this video again?
Todd Edwards
Todd Edwards 2 months ago
No Mahomes at all that was a mistake
Mitch Splittstoesser
Vick's slide vs. The panthers better be on here....
Declan Cook
Declan Cook 2 months ago
Bob Hubler
Bob Hubler 2 months ago
I’m Lamar Jackson sr.
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic 2 months ago
I think Sam bradford running that guy down was the most Impressive
Biscuit Gravy
Biscuit Gravy 2 months ago
Unbelievable. No Patrick Mahomes AFC Championship TD Run?
O J 2 months ago
I feel like Lamar Jackson shouldn’t count just cause he’s Lamar Jackson
Ian Finegan
Ian Finegan 2 months ago
omar reo that doesn’t make sense
Nezar Iliass
Nezar Iliass 2 months ago
Hold my Lamar jackson
Will 2 months ago
Last thing I expected was to see joe montana but no Alex smith. Thats wild. Make the video longer if you have to represent more deserving players please. As a chiefs fan since 02 I gotta say when I watch every game every year I can think of at least 4 smith runs deserving
Joe Sudano
Joe Sudano 2 months ago
what ab lamars run vs bengals \
Brendan Loughery
Brendan Loughery 2 months ago
Sorry but how is none of any of the plays made but Carson Wentz not on here?
Big Daddy Kruck
Big Daddy Kruck 2 months ago
What about Patrick Mahomes' TD run against the Titans in the AFC Championship game?
LOGAN HILL 2 months ago
Madden completely removes qb athleticism
Luke Barberg
Luke Barberg 2 months ago
that's my boy Allen lets go Bills
dumbcommentblaster 2 months ago
Ding, I'm disappointed (chiefs fan) No only did this long video miss mahomes bumbling into the endzone, but it also missed ma boy smitty ruvid.net/video/video-mkc1kYpYVkw.html
Colby Bickley
Colby Bickley 2 months ago
Sooo only one of Deshaun Watson?
Luke Puckett
Luke Puckett 2 months ago
Lamar is my QB 💜😈🔥
Brock Shreeve
Brock Shreeve 2 months ago
No kyler?
Nick Cruz
Nick Cruz 2 months ago
Wait a minute where was Kyler Murray's athletic plays like that one where he got away from an Atlanta Falcons defensive player and threw it to Larry Legend
King of Cannolis
King of Cannolis 2 months ago
So u really didn’t pat Danny in here ca redskins
JuiceyJoshy 2 months ago
Randall C, started all of this running qb's :)
Bubbleslovers17 2 months ago
3:04 I don’t think that really counts
Zeke Hammack
Zeke Hammack 2 months ago
Yeah. Wasn't that Antonio Brown?
Thunder/Michigan/Lions fan
Lamar Jackson is really just a less accurate Randall Cunningham
Lil Calvin
Lil Calvin 2 months ago
Not to be smart but lamar jackson has a lot of accuracy it is just that randall Cunningham has been in the nfl longer than him that's why
Charles Jones
Charles Jones 2 months ago
Smh @ the Joe Montana "block". he dove at his ankles and hit all air lol
Ivy Suma
Ivy Suma 2 months ago
0:39 when you almost lose your best punter, passer, and runner😂
Bradley Walker
Bradley Walker 2 months ago
Where taysom hill in any of this. This some bs besides drew bree
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