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Official music video for “When I Grow Up” by NF.
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Music video by NF performing When I Grow Up. © 2019 NF Real Music, LLC


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Jun 27, 2019




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Comments 100
Con Solo
Con Solo Hour ago
When I grow up ‘which is never’ I wanna be a rapper in a garbage truck
Kelby Neilson
Kelby Neilson Hour ago
Listening since 2015
COOchie man
COOchie man 2 hours ago
Fire!! Nope its lava!!
SSR_ TM冰狼ツsupreme TM 30
Did this man's say he wants to be a floper
Deepak Sah
Deepak Sah 3 hours ago
Yeah, when I grow up, you know what I wanna be? Take a seat, let me tell you my ridiculous dreams I wanna rap, yeah, I know it's hard to believe And I can tell you're already thinkin' I will never succeed But I'm okay with it, I admit the lyrics are weak I been workin' on 'em, I'll be good eventually I understand you gotta crawl before you get to your feet But I been running for a while, they ain't ready for me, ah I know this probably isn't really realistic And honestly, I might not ever make a difference But that don't make a difference, I'ma have to risk it I been crunchin' numbers, you ain't gotta be a mathematician To see the odds ain't rootin' for me I can't lie though, it's kinda how I like it to be The underdog, yeah, you probably think you know what I mean But what I'm saying is they ever push me, I'm gonna swing, yeah I could go to college, get in debt like everybody else Graduate and probably get a job that doesn't pay the bills That don't make a lot of sense to me, forget the Happy Meals I don't like the dollar menu, I would rather make a mil' Huh? Make a meal? Nah, I said make a mil' Home-cookin', get the grill, how you want it? Pretty well? Everything I see is overdone to me, I'm not Adele But I'ma get a record deal and say hello to mass appeal When I grow up, I just want to pay my bills Rappin' about the way I feel, oh yeah I just want to make a couple mil' Leave it to the fam in the will, oh yeah I just want to sign a record deal Maybe buy a house up in the hills, oh yeah Might not be the best in my field But I guarantee that I'ma die real When I grow up Yeah, ayy When I grow up Yeah, yeah, ayy I'ma make 'em notice me, rhymin' like it's poetry Everything I oversee, I just like to overthink Mockin' me, you pay the fee, no return and no receipts Those of you that don't believe, quiet, you don't know a thing Quiet when I'm tryna sing, quiet when I'm making beats Quiet when I'm tryna think, sorry, I don't mean to scream I just feel like no one really gets me and it's sad to see 'Cause someday I'ma grow up and show all of you it's meant to be, yeah Anybody wanna hear me rap? "No" Come on, let me play a couple tracks, "No" Come on, I can spit it really fast, "No" You think I should throw this in the trash? "No" Tricked you, haters, go away before I hit you I am not a beggar or a kiss-up You don't understand? Well, I forgive you I am not a quitter, you ain't really think that, did you? Maybe someday I could even be up on the radio Have a tour bus and maybe even play a couple shows Everybody in the crowd singin' every word I wrote Tellin' me that I am not the only one that feels alone Huh? You feel alone? Yeah, I kinda feel alone Wonder if that feelin' ever goes away when you get old Will I ever make it as an artist? I don't really know Might not make a lot of dough, I'ma have to try it, though When I grow up, I just want to pay my bills Rappin' about the way I feel, oh yeah I just want to make a couple mil' Leave it to the fam in the will, oh yeah (yeah) I just want to sign a record deal Maybe buy a house up in the hills, oh yeah (okay) Might not be the best in my field (ayy) But I guarantee that I'ma die real (ayy, oh) When I grow up, I just want to pay my bills (woo) Rappin' about the way I feel, oh yeah (yeah, the way I feel) Yeah, I just want to make a couple mil' (ayy) Leave it to the fam in the will, oh yeah (to the fam in the will) I just want to sign a record deal (woo) Maybe buy a house up in the hills, oh yeah (a house up in the hills) Yeah, I might not be the best in my field (ayy) But I guarantee that I'ma die real When I grow up
shahriar azod
shahriar azod 3 hours ago
MY DICK DONT GROW UP :(( دودول طلای کوچکم بر چشم جنده ها خون گریست. ruvid.net/video/video--BhjO3_0GYw.html 1CM HARD FOR YOU WANNA FUC U WITH MY LILLY
He Dope
He Dope 4 hours ago
This dude better than EM's
Squigglenuts Fo'Sheegie
My license plate is you. I utilize it to fuel my dreams. I will forever keep it. No matter the whip I latch it to. Thank you bro.
Squigglenuts Fo'Sheegie
I just wanna pay my bills.. (This comment is all for me to push myself).
Squigglenuts Fo'Sheegie
The car pulling into drive thru but it's green. 🤪😁😁😁
Isaiah Kilpatrick
Isaiah Kilpatrick 6 hours ago
if you dislike this vid your litterly the fattest L.
SMART 6 hours ago
Кто от яши?
neDIPLOMAT 4 hours ago
Ya ahahaja
jakobi riley
jakobi riley 8 hours ago
Where my peeps listening to this at 1.5 speed Lol
w key conor ツ
w key conor ツ 10 hours ago
1:30 it's Dax lol
M P 11 hours ago
When I will grow up I’ll be a pilot
Omar Backup
Omar Backup 11 hours ago
yo if you got straight up 1 minute... check out my recent song "been a minute" trust me you gon fw it ruvid.net/video/video-DyGH6fkNhOM.html
ScaredAnimator 12 hours ago
thing is, this song essentially calls out the education system on it's flaws, when tf am i gonna use algebra
Aliyah Montemayor
Aliyah Montemayor 12 hours ago
man my mom keeps getting onto me because i keep listning to this song but i feel like this is what i want, to be able to do hes just trying to make a living
Minh Vu
Minh Vu 13 hours ago
Damn! I just know that I fucking love this guy!
chelsea hudelson
chelsea hudelson 13 hours ago
So encouraging for anything you are trying to pursue as an artist
Trevor Black
Trevor Black 6 hours ago
chelsea hudelson I agree! Hey, I made a music video for the song “Change” by NF. You might enjoy it. The support and feedback would be helpful!
Low Wisdom
Low Wisdom 13 hours ago
who was here when this song came out and after 100M
DA BEAST 14 hours ago
When I grow up I’m gonna play in the NFL. Remember me if you see this. I WILL make it.
MysticaI Wars
MysticaI Wars 14 hours ago
NF is probably the only rapper you can play next to a Christan family
Lacee Clark
Lacee Clark 14 hours ago
Picasso on steroids
Melo Playz
Melo Playz 15 hours ago
Melo Playz
Melo Playz 15 hours ago
Não me drena
Angela Smith
Angela Smith 16 hours ago
I love you Nf
T-Bone_2 7
T-Bone_2 7 16 hours ago
Other kids: “I *want* to be...” NF: “I’m *going* to be...”
Izuku Midoriya - 緑谷出久
When I grow up I want to be accepted by society
Blacc Panther
Blacc Panther 16 hours ago
NF is one of the few that don't cuss
Ideen Gholami
Ideen Gholami 17 hours ago
Amazing. Just amazing
ZqNiD 17 hours ago
dislikes are from teachers cuz students put these songs in classes.
Archer _FC
Archer _FC 17 hours ago
I found u of the apex legends season 3 trailer then fell in love with your music
Retikane H
Retikane H 17 hours ago
That's literally how I feel, being in 11 standard, school is really making me so stressful 😞 a year ago I was so passionate to be a game developer, even starting studying it, but schools are just like, kicking this thought off my mind😖😖 I just can't resist. Even wanted to sucide due to some circumstances, but thought of those elements which I wanna live for and gamedevelopment is still one! I m so done with school. It is not even teaching what students really want to learn. We cannot choose the sub of our own choice😭😭 I don't wanna give up but also I can't just waste evry hour writing usless notes and assignments! 😭
Lorell Duncan
Lorell Duncan 15 hours ago
@Retikane H so sorry to hear bro i hope you manage even though it is rough... my @ on Instagram in @lorellduncan #realmusictillthedaywedie
Retikane H
Retikane H 15 hours ago
@Lorell Duncan ya bro even py parents said so, but the studies are making it like very hard, there is a drastic change between the 10 standard and 11 standard! I am so stressed out many times due to studies, which don't even seem to be important, still I keep my self passionate to think of achieving the real goals which I want to
Lorell Duncan
Lorell Duncan 15 hours ago
Keep strong bro....your dreams are not impossible, and they are important....go after what you want!!!
54. Rahul Tiwari
54. Rahul Tiwari 17 hours ago
Reality of life
Dubsy Dubso
Dubsy Dubso 18 hours ago
I liked the beggining The other kids: I wanna be Baby NF: YOU SEE THIS I AM GOING TO BE THIS I AM GOOING TO BE NOT WANNA BE I AM GOING TO BE THIS
Phoenix Fire
Phoenix Fire 18 hours ago
I like his hair but its really weird to see. He always got a hat and hood on
Zaheeruddin Khan
Zaheeruddin Khan 18 hours ago
Getting strong 8 miles feels with this music video
dis za
dis za 18 hours ago
Cc cv
Tlip 19 hours ago
I know
Presley Werth
Presley Werth 19 hours ago
im learning this song to sing at my talent show at school
Ryan Haynes
Ryan Haynes 19 hours ago
then drake copies it.... lol ruvid.net/video/video-l0U7SxXHkPY.html
Riley Evans
Riley Evans 20 hours ago
Me : *when NF songs are blocked* 2:20-4:00
Tuti Fruti
Tuti Fruti 20 hours ago
On moments he reminds me on Eminem with his voice
Lukas Johansen
Lukas Johansen 20 hours ago
Normal people: 0:08 yeah sure its probably fun to be a police officer America: 0:08 RACIST BITCH! Its a joke don't get offended
Le Dessinateur
Le Dessinateur 20 hours ago
Wen i grow up i"m gonna be a rapper
Brooklynn Shepherd
Brooklynn Shepherd 21 hour ago
NF is the only rapper that listen to that don't cuss
daymon brown
daymon brown 21 hour ago
i love thes song i can lsine to it for horos
Bernadette Foster
Bernadette Foster 22 hours ago
I adore this dude so much! 🖤NF you made it Bro✊
David Cole
David Cole 22 hours ago
As if 36k people "disliked" this video. You turned up, watched the video just to give a dislike. Lining an artist's pockets through watching his RUvid video. Huh, people really are dumb.
The World of Sadness
When i grow up . i want to be a champion but it's to hard .
Muhammed Kalender
Yakın zamandaki en sağlam parçalardan bri
TizyN Day ago
Sariph Torrent
Sariph Torrent 20 hours ago
Where does the link go?
No Loser Left Behind
When I grow up I want to be hokage
bro this is to good
Awesome song🔥
Trevor Black
Trevor Black 6 hours ago
CONTROLLA PLAYA Hey, I made a music video for the song “Change” by NF. You might enjoy it. The support and feedback would be helpful!
José Cortez
José Cortez Day ago
When I was a kid I want to be everything, now I just wanna be happy
Mikhout Day ago
The first time i heard this song is when i was playing csgo on private servers. I always thought this song was amazing. And now this guy is famous.
Andrew Grillo
This song low-key smackes 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Trevor Black
Trevor Black 6 hours ago
Andrew Grillo Hey, I made a music video for the song “Change” by NF. You might enjoy it. The support and feedback would be helpful!
NF music is the best there should be no dislikes
Jerome Tremblay
36k dislike wtf with you guys ! anyway wath is 36k face to 2.3g likes !
Edward Garcia
Boi Boi
Boi Boi Day ago
My god, the feels are real in this song.
Trevor Black
Trevor Black 6 hours ago
Boi Boi Hey, I made a music video for the song “Change” by NF. You might enjoy it. The support and feedback would be helpful!
Rolando Perez
I just want to make a couple mill.. leave it to the fam in the will.
Ota Beneš
Ota Beneš Day ago
I like minecraft
Jayden Lee Chee Sern
Me too
9 9
9 9 Day ago
His music is simalar as eminem musics
Jutus Day ago
Tony Hawk can spit
Mamoori Day ago
Eminem 2013 “King of the playground I hate the swings but I love being the underdog 'Cause when I'm pushed I end up swinging up” NF 2019: “The underdog, yeah, you probably think you know what I mean But what I'm saying is they ever push me, I'm gonna swing”
Ludo Giovanettina
ceeday's sellout
Nf logic and token all look like the same person with different wigs
MrBong Day ago
When I grow up I wanna be like Wiz khalifa 🔥🤘
l-F85 Day ago
i knew NF from this song
The Win
The Win Day ago
j time 314
j time 314 Day ago
Most of his plays comes from my kids or us as family together. I pray he never switch up on us.
Clyde Burts
Clyde Burts Day ago
Do a song with mesus
ʙᴇᴀsᴛ •
1.5x if you dont smile at the beat your not a human.
Gamer_ Twarit
The people who disliked this video are probably brainless
Blezzy Day ago
ruvid.net/video/video--QCTzTk4-OA.html epic song of NF :)
NeRv_- XD
NeRv_- XD Day ago
Subscribe to my channel, activate the bell button, and comment on Alemoud❤️❤️🥺🥺💔🖤⚫️
Daniil Bondarenko
Guys, get in my links and get free beat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! www.beatstars.com/slicer66 soundcloud.com/user-617779621
cmd Day ago
finally fucking lyrical rapper
The all mighty Shaggy
I love how this guy doesn’t even cuss in his raps, good for Christian people.
Unknown User
Unknown User 13 hours ago
I know that you guys hate this but, please hear me out. I'm 15, I wanna rap. You might think that I'm being annoying but step in my shoes. I'm indian, there are literally Indian versions of songs to make fun of my race. I'm constantly pushed down, and told that I'll never make it. I can't afford a PC or home studio, I'm forced to use my phone, because of COVID19 I can't work. I wanna prove em all wrong, I wanna show them that race is something which nobody can control. I did not choose to be this race, what I did choose is... That I try my best. That I work my ass off, that I look at the positive aspect of life instead of the negative aspect. Not asking any of you to like my stuff or subscribe. All I'm asking is that you give me constructive criticism. I really hope you guys are kind enough to give me a chance. One day you guys will see my name on the tv, one day I'll have the stadiums packed, one day I'll be one of the greats. No matter how bad it is, or how bad it gets, I'm going to make it ruvid.net/video/video-_nVzr5jPgM4.html
William Wager
my question to the 36k people who disliked this, why?
Jacob White
Jacob White Day ago
u my idol i've always wanted to be a rapper
Smashy Dudes
Smashy Dudes Day ago
how he laughs after he wants to be a rapper though
Megan Hale
Megan Hale Day ago
I have no clue why.... but I can relate so much to this song. Feels like me.
Allan Hernandez
If eminem didn't cuss.
Koala ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Hater : NF sucks Me : tf did you just say? Hater : uuhhhhh *runs* Me : your dead if I see you again!!
Luke Clifton
Luke Clifton Day ago
NF is by far one of my favorite rappers. He also looks like Jamie Kennedy
Ethan Stover
Ethan Stover Day ago
Everyone: Lambo? Ferrari? Tesla? NF: nah, garbage truck
125cc Traveller
2:54 bruh moment
hussein temimi
NF and EM collab weee neeeed thaaaat
Jennifer Jackson
Aws Abed
Aws Abed Day ago
NF music is sending a lot of messages. do you think there a message in skipping one of the kids at 00:05 who did not get asked about his dream?
Gacha Glitch
Gacha Glitch Day ago
Mom the garbage man is doing the thing again!!
Cr7 Day ago
When I Grow up RAP God
dyar T. latif
Holy fuking shit this song don't have a single cuss word.....,!,! Appreciate people appreciate it
Le vent
Le vent 2 days ago
Türkler ses verin 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Kindly help me to reach 50K subscribers with videos
Let's see how many people are listening to this song in October 2020.
Jay K
Jay K 12 hours ago
It’s 2021 October this comment is one year old 🤣🤣🤣
kitkatbar2021 18 hours ago
Kindly help me to reach 50K subscribers with videos
I pray whoever reads this becomes successful, may God remove all your pain, worries, problems, and replace them with a good health, happiness and peace.
Kindly help me to reach 50K subscribers with videos
Only people who didn't came from tiktok are worthy of liking this.
Daisy Brown
Daisy Brown 2 hours ago
been a fan for 4 years now 😎😎
Warmed by the blood Of my broken wrists
I loved this and a og fan of nf
RedSamurai 19 hours ago
I had to hear this in class so i looked him up
Cxicket 2 days ago
This song do be true tho.
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