NEXT TIME REINFORCE - A Rainbow Six Siege Short Film

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But like.....Y tho?

*NOTE* This video was made for entertainment purposes only. Despite your feelings toward toxicity or anything regarding the video, please do not seek out or harass any players shown. Everyone has their off days and it's all in good fun.
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Dec 18, 2017




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Comments 80
NarcolepticNugget 2 years ago
This video may be slightly different than what you might be used to from me because I included a bit more raw gameplay than usual. I did this so you guys could not only see the whole picture, but also so you could sweat with me😂 Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it! P.S. Sorry for the delay gang, school exam season got the best of me :c
@narcolepticnugget so i apperently found out that this Snake_Nade guy plays with beaulo
T PM 3 months ago
Fritz Pitz
Fritz Pitz 5 months ago
You got the same chair like my grandma😂😂💪🏻💪🏻😁
Tyler Richmond
Tyler Richmond 7 months ago
NarcolepticNugget i ran in to a guy that had the same name as tiny media
Blake Behrends
Blake Behrends 7 months ago
NarcolepticNugget why're you crying through a commentary "I forgot to reinforce cuz talkin in my chat" when you heard him ask for reinforcements 3 times and then whine about him asking you to play the game as intended... put a sock in it.
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin 57 minutes ago
I got a fucking fortnite ad when I tried watching this
SlightlyAsian 13 hours ago
Rewatching this video like 3years latter and realized that TinyMedia was soooooooo boosted to diamond
The Pig
The Pig 17 hours ago
You should have just reinforced.
VL TheZ 21 hour ago
Looking Back to this Video Recoil is Fucking Trash Back Then
JRules 2436
JRules 2436 21 hour ago
Dude i was sweating watching this
Larry the Cable Guy
Nice Acog on the r4c R.I.P you will be missed
ShawneeNation 2 days ago
8:18 Blackbeard? TF?
Dustotom2007's Gaming
8:21 nows thats some jojo pose, and why he turned to that way ?
Melodic Memes
Melodic Memes 4 days ago
He’s probably got a TINY pepe Lol
Selo. 5 days ago
Boi u played like a noob back then
Rafa Roman
Rafa Roman 7 days ago
You should of 1v1 him A\__(⊙⊙)__/
James Whelan
James Whelan 8 days ago
Did anyone else notice he was playing against snake nade
LightInTheDark 9 days ago
Talk sh!T get smacked
Huskey Gaming81
Huskey Gaming81 9 days ago
i just wish i could play the game on a good pc or even laptop for hecks sake
TheNuggetLord 9 days ago
My friend and I had 4 games first game we had the 3 TOXIC guys on our team next round they were on the enemy team we won against them next game they won (they were going in about how we suck) next game we won so 2-1 boys we won then we went to EU so we wouldn’t play against them again
Jman4747 11 days ago
I’ve prolly watched this video a million times, this always gets me hyped for seige
Danny Coleman
Danny Coleman 11 days ago
"You all will be Gold and I'll be Diamond" Nug: 14.1.5 Tiny: 5.3.6 Yep, Diamond material
Red Banzino
Red Banzino 13 days ago
I miss this map :(
YT CaidenN
YT CaidenN 14 days ago
beautiful story p
redpepperdave 16 days ago
I avoided rank games because of players like that 😂 On that note, Let me say that I do appreciate your teams positive vibes tho.
FreeStyle Gamez
FreeStyle Gamez 16 days ago
2020 anyone
Landen Ransom-Rennicks
There were so many people getting banned
Sidney Shaffer
Sidney Shaffer 17 days ago
0:02 nugg sweat face lmao
Zara_lxove teehee
Zara_lxove teehee 18 days ago
This is why I don’t want a mic to play siege.
Amanda Cook
Amanda Cook 19 days ago
yo i just subbed, and your gameplay is out of this world!
Jake Kulvinskas
Jake Kulvinskas 19 days ago
This video comes into my recommended every month, and I watch it every time.
Oscar Bile
Oscar Bile 19 days ago
Plot twist tiny is the owner Nuggy gulp goodbye Conrad's I will never see you again.... UNTIL I MAKE ANOTHER ACC BABY
Goateee 2.0
Goateee 2.0 19 days ago
Good ole days when you could pick recruit in ranked
Ben Sutter
Ben Sutter 20 days ago
got 420 renown too
Jay on twitch 650
Jay on twitch 650 20 days ago
I’m watching old vids back during quarantine and isn’t OfferedDePotato the one guy that stream sniped?
Kestrel Games
Kestrel Games 20 days ago
don't let this distract you from the fact that TinyMedia had 1 kill, 1 assist, and 5 deaths in the last 7 rounds
I_ REUBEN 20 days ago
Thank god tower is no longer in rank
Edwin Laus
Edwin Laus 22 days ago
I thought R4-C acog was just a myth
Killaking Yt
Killaking Yt 22 days ago
I was in tiny medias game and clapped him, bot. EDIT: NOT NUGZ, TINY MEDIA IS A BOT.
Carpenter 22 days ago
Wow I’m a ash and bandit main too and I love roaming blind idk yeah I’ve just always been a roamer always leave the objective just like my dad with me😂😂😂😂
David Warner
David Warner 22 days ago
Yo old ranked was so weird😂😂😂
Blurby 22 days ago
Is he tk ed me I would have killed him back
Flood 22 days ago
But of course tiny kept going blitz
32_V4XA1R 23 days ago
Tiny: you will end up being a Gold, and I will end up diamond. nug: *reaches plat*
Elite_hunter Yt
Elite_hunter Yt 23 days ago
Anybody else notice snake nade is on the other team and he’s a big r6 streaMer
Sammal 24 days ago
This is a little late, but is no one gonna notice that OfferedDePotato stream sniped him a few months before this video was posted?
Aiden Marvelli
Aiden Marvelli 24 days ago
Who’s watching i; 2020
Lull 26 days ago
idk man he was toxic for tking, but him asking to reinforce n all that was fine imo
Fque 26 days ago
Dude ur an idiot he asked you to reinforce thats not back seat gaming or telling you how to play and idc if this video is 2 years old
DJ Moneycat
DJ Moneycat 27 days ago
6-3 your shit me: 4:1 I am a bronze and get more kills than you *clears throught* You Are Shit
DJ Moneycat
DJ Moneycat 27 days ago
He’s the guy who gets carried by coppers in casual and even in terrorist hunts
African Warlord
African Warlord 27 days ago
So fucking sweaty😂😂😂
African Warlord
African Warlord 27 days ago
So fucking toxic
Savast3r 28 days ago
This is my favorite siege video ever
StarScream 28 days ago
im so fcking glad u won against that toxic piece of shit👍👍👍
Alby 28 days ago
5-6 as a diamond going against plat's and gold's while playing only blitz even got carried the match before? Yeah imma say he got carried lol
CleanestHawk 28 days ago
I watch this video a lot because it's hilarious. But In the first clip where you explain that this was a super intense game you kill Benji who is in Challenger League. So let's be honest he prolly got carried by a CL player
L Hartley
L Hartley 28 days ago
i like how the toxic diamond is using shield ops
The Noy
The Noy 28 days ago
Rip tower
Caleb Bouchillon
Caleb Bouchillon 29 days ago
Someone got banned by battle eye 😂
I watch YouTube
I watch YouTube 29 days ago
Bruh i get more kills than tiny media and im in silver 😂
FFireFox 09
FFireFox 09 29 days ago
This is still one of my favorite seige videos EVER! And I’m here in 2020
iAmSkittIzV2- Month ago
I know this was a while ago but the guy that made the lag hacks joke was later on stream sniping with wiickedbrewer in one of his videos
Still one of my favorite videos EVER.... screw that guy and his toxic crap!
Noah Gassler
Noah Gassler Month ago
People DO care. Fuck that guy. It's 2020 and I care!
Alex N
Alex N Month ago
Wow I feel like the skill level has increased dramatically for these ranks since this video
bdzr Month ago
nug not gonna be mean, but can you pls not yell and scream whilst im trying to shazam the song after u beat him ok thanks
Detroit Smash
Detroit Smash Month ago
how can high gold, low plat 2 years ago be like silver 2 now?
Kyran Jarrett
Kyran Jarrett Month ago
Yo I swear sound in siege sounds so much better in this video than it does now it's weird
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller Month ago
This was the first rainbow six siege video I ever saw and was the video that convinced me to get the game, 2 years later I’m still playing
Zippy Girl
Zippy Girl Month ago
2017 siege through me off for a second
Brandon Puryear
Brandon Puryear Month ago
this guy is fucking annoying
AzeRTy Block
AzeRTy Block Month ago
Это джарахов?
Draken Kartikay Kaul
TinyMedia used Blitz and Blackbeard a lot of times. He is a loser.
Brandon Burkett
Brandon Burkett Month ago
How the hell is a gold 1 and diamond in the same game tho
D0ct0r Jekyll
D0ct0r Jekyll Month ago
the good old days i missing it... ^^
Celeborn Gaming
Celeborn Gaming Month ago
Nug went 14-5 and Tiny went 5-6 and he still wanted to talk crap. Know when to shut up next time kid, or you’ll end up looking even more pathetic. Just say GG and move on. Plus, imagine TMK in a ranked match over something so petty. It would seem his skill set is the same as the first part of his name, “Tiny”.
peunutbuttr Month ago
that tinymedia guy is actually decent but toxic as fuck
Boat Cow
Boat Cow Month ago
6:35 he just killed snake made isn’t that a pro league player
Ownxdnoscopes Is the name
I want to cave his skull in that’s how annoying he is he is so toxic
FirdausSuhaimi _
Just report that type of toxic player, they don't deserve to play r6s😂
Josh Slug
Josh Slug Month ago
I was gonna ask why they were moving so fast than I looked when this video was posted and I realized how nerfed for shit these operators were
Illusion Awkward
I just realized when I was make a video I was take some old clips and mashing them up together for a montage and I was going through this one specific clip and I see TINY MEDIA WAS IN THE GAME AND THE WHOLE TIME HE WAS TALKING SHIT TO HIS TEAM(my team)
Demokie Month ago
I’ve watched this an unhealthy amount of times. It’s just the best siege short film let along siege video I have ever seen no doubt about it
Julius Omicua
Julius Omicua Month ago
look at the recoil on bandit....holy..now his gun is a laser beam
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