New York Rangers Vs Washington Capitals Fight Night 05/05/21

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All rights go to the NHL. I do not own the music and the footage used in this video. For entertainment purposes only.

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May 5, 2021




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Jens95 Month ago
Question time.... Would this still be the outcome had the league suspended Wilson instead of the $5k fine?
WillWrambles 4 days ago
Tyrone Sawatzky
Tyrone Sawatzky 11 days ago
Mike Zak
Mike Zak 12 days ago
Bruins Rangers 1979...
Robinson Nobles
Robinson Nobles Month ago
@Stefan Vitali Why yes, yes I am
Stefan Vitali
Stefan Vitali Month ago
@Mystical Water no he didn't. Can't belive you're blind. How do you type on a keyboard if you're blind?
WillWrambles 4 days ago
This may go down in history as The Last Great Hockey Brawl.
Kathleen Campbell
Meanwhile that one fight in the right hand corner: I go spin
This capitals Fan
This got 1.3 mil
Bill Vang
Bill Vang 11 days ago
DAMMM! When covid is killing the sports in making money. They had to pay all these players to put on a show with fights back to back to hopefully get the rating up on tv. WOW
ali Jafarov
ali Jafarov 11 days ago
Music Oldies
Music Oldies 12 days ago
Hey Ranger fans, congrats to your team for making it all the way to the semi-finals. You make New York proud. You've got such a fantas..... Oh shit, wait a minute, that's the Islanders. You blowhards didn't even make it to the initial field of 16. Psych!!!!
Trent Burkhart
Trent Burkhart 15 days ago
All they had to do was suspend Wilson for 1 game
orbitfilm1 17 days ago
wils best!!!
Airplane Collectibles
These two teams just don’t like each other!
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy 19 days ago
I’m a caps fan, I loved it. I respect the rangers . They brought it for sure .
Sean Efrem
Sean Efrem 21 day ago
Wear a mask covid19
Nihad Selimovic
Nihad Selimovic 22 days ago
Spielen die auch mal 🤣😂
Matej LYNX Vrabel
Matej LYNX Vrabel 24 days ago
only in stupid usa
Denise Nickeson
Denise Nickeson 24 days ago
Jack Dwyer
Jack Dwyer 24 days ago
pulling on each other’s clothing like a Lesbian porno.
Lisa Lee
Lisa Lee 25 days ago
Woo! Good game 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸
Anthony Ruggiero
Anthony Ruggiero 26 days ago
when the doom music kicks in
i liek gaems
i liek gaems 27 days ago
Kyan Makely
Kyan Makely 27 days ago
I was at that game and it was so crazy 😝 I can not imagine if it was a full stadium 😳
K-Fabe 87
K-Fabe 87 28 days ago
Why are the coaches continuing to wear the symbolic face diapers? Everyone is tested and everyone likely has received the jabs, so what is the point of continuing the mask charade other than optics? Ridiculous.
Louis Budinger
Louis Budinger 29 days ago
Wilson will wreck your shit for sure
Reiner Brown
Reiner Brown Month ago
“At what Point do You think this stops and they play Hockey?” *Me* : wait, there is Hockey game on? Thought this was some new American Gladiators spin off.
Frank V.
Frank V. Month ago
Brandon Smith a pussy😂😂😂 Wilson is a beast and basically destroyed the whole team
Pooter Griffin
Pooter Griffin Month ago
imagine a playoff series with these two
olivia merwin
olivia merwin Month ago
Who Else turned this game to watch Ryan Strome fight ... I give the man props tho
Kim Jong-Poon
Kim Jong-Poon Month ago
I really hope the NHL releases the audio from whoever was mic'd up during this game.
Ro-Racing Central
Love to see it
Alan Roberts
Alan Roberts Month ago
This is like slap shot...Good old days.
Jacob Mago
Jacob Mago Month ago
Calling @Ozzy Man Reviews to react to this.
Hiro Kai
Hiro Kai Month ago
nobody fucks with the Caps
Lakers! Month ago
I wish mlb players did this to the Houston Asterisk's would Only be fair!
Ivana Babulová
Ivana Babulová Month ago
i love you Wilsooon :-)
Jack Dowd
Jack Dowd Month ago
WTF go rangers. Wilson should have been suspended
Just Your Local Bernana
In the replies to the pinned comment, there are a lot of Capitals fans
Dario Puig
Dario Puig Month ago
The sport doesn’t need this shit anymore, out dated.
Craig Dixon
Craig Dixon Month ago
No role modelz
Borg Simpson
Borg Simpson Month ago
Joshua Neal
Joshua Neal Month ago
I thought the away team puts their starting lines in first since home team gets last change. No?
HB LeBlanc
HB LeBlanc Month ago
I'll never understand fist to helmet punching.
poopz Month ago
Matthew Keyes
Matthew Keyes Month ago
Ty Avolia
Ty Avolia Month ago
So funny I watch that game
Jiřík Rozsypal
This is not hockey
Jiřík Rozsypal
@TheObserversTV 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
TheObserversTV Month ago
This is North American Hockey, I know in European hockey yall are soft
Carlo Month ago
Old Time Hockey
Benjamin Shekelsteingoldberg
May the game never change
bkre8ive Month ago
Dang, never seen anything like that before. 6 fights in 4 min
Jonathan Scott
Jonathan Scott Month ago
Strome actually fought well.
Aнатолий N
Ronnie Jones
Ronnie Jones Month ago
I wonder if the one Ranger player who did the pick faceoff said " water sucks ! ... Gatorade is better " H20 !
Josh Winslow
Josh Winslow Month ago
This is the dumbest shit i have ever seej
Jason Vanderkraan
And they think they can eliminate fighting from the game, good luck!
spaceflight101 Month ago
Anyone seen Dave Braden tonight...?
Joe Songer
Joe Songer Month ago
Tom Wilson is a sick POS
Rene Wegmueller
Rene Wegmueller Month ago
.... blöder gehts nicht ..
Dioma K
Dioma K Month ago
Wilson is fckn bastard
R L Month ago
I always thought hockey would be such a polite sport because I associated it with Canada 😭
Jonathan Blanchet
Good job by Chara of keeping it clean.
BlackStarz Month ago
finally !!!! real hockey is back
Ed Veltoven
Ed Veltoven Month ago
I like how Kenny Albert and Pierre cry that if Wilson is suspended, we don't have these shenanigans... Then 50 times throughout the telecast remind everyone one an exciting start they missed if they tuned in late. It's either shenanigans and you don't like it or it's old school hockey and you're a fan. Can't have it both ways.
Gabriel Doni
Gabriel Doni Month ago
Try to play like this when you have Putin in the other team
R.L. Month ago
Dude who went after Wilson kinda got fucked up though...
eLEMENTARYimage Month ago
Just more red meat for the hockey detractors.
Hickory Dragon
Hickory Dragon Month ago
I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out
haywood Jay
haywood Jay Month ago
Did they eventually play the game?
MegaShaun Month ago
NHL DOPS should be held responsible for this. If they did the right thing and suspended Wilson like they should have, none of this would have happened.
Marshall Tucker
Marshall Tucker Month ago
Wilson is such a pussie. The Capitols give hockey a bad rep.
Kyle93 Month ago
“I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out”
This is hockey watch how many views this gets plus justice served
Fabian080690 Month ago
NFL: we're trying to protect the players from hits to the head NHL:
JustWanted YoutoKnow
Washington and everything about it can get its ass beat into the ground
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia Month ago
27 second mark, guys in the back , “Should we square up??”😂😂
Jimz Month ago
The rangers were fined half a million dollars for fighting after this. The caps were fined a grand for dubious reasons...
Мой Мир
Мой Мир Month ago
Ребята с рейнджерс молодцы! За Понарина вступились!
MrAlbert76 Month ago
Fun fact, despite all the fights that happened in this game, nobody wanted to fight with Chara.
Joshua Ludwinski
After what Wilson did I'm surprised nobody tried to pull a happy Gilmore.
Harber1202 Month ago
I’m a diehard caps fan but Wilson deserved this tbh
Chris G
Chris G Month ago
Hitting a player once they go down. Back in the days before the p***** took over there was a code.
Marty57 Month ago
How can you not love Tom Wilson? The dude is an enforcer and absolutely fearless. I absolutely love that he's on the caps and willing to throw down at a moment's notice.
Brad Dougherty
Brad Dougherty Month ago
New York got their asses beat on that night.
Wyatt Galloway
Wyatt Galloway Month ago
6:41 "wHeN WiLl tHeY sToP aNd PLaY HoCkEy" STFU this is hockey great hockey.
Thomas Coleman
Thomas Coleman Month ago
Anyone who doesn’t know jens95 posts the best hockey clips like 5min after they happen. Congrats on the million views on this in like 4 days.
Ryker Schaafsma
Ryker Schaafsma Month ago
all the fights never get old
James DeMarco
James DeMarco Month ago
Wilson vs Smith, too much too soon....
Steve Walsh
Steve Walsh Month ago
For the ratings
YETI Month ago
Classy move, then Hathaway starts punching someone in the back
Malcom Jones
Malcom Jones Month ago
Hockey is trying to eliminate fighting. You couldn't tell tonight
Hugh G. Rection
Hugh G. Rection Month ago
Whole Rangers team got their asses stomped in that first fight. Then wilson fucked the next guy up
David Showmaker
David Showmaker Month ago
This is old time hockey and how it still should be! NHL has been pussiefied!
Your Name
Your Name Month ago
It baffles me why the coaches are wearing masks this shit is just not the hockey I grew up loving as this is a clown show . How embarrassing.
Sean Fitzgerald
Sean Fitzgerald Month ago
CAPS: 3 Wins. 1 Loss and Maybe 2 Ties. RANGERS: Still aching from Weds nights fights.... and checking their earliest tee times this week! Good Morning1 Good Afternoon1 And Goooodddd Night New York!
BobbyWhitehead Month ago
Wilson’s a total thug. What a shame the NHL didn’t do the right thing and suspend this a&&hole for the rest of the year.
josh walker
josh walker Month ago
Reminds me of the old school hockey games. I miss those days.
Techasaurus Rex
Techasaurus Rex Month ago
Everyone letting out their aggression from being on covid lockdown....
Todd W
Todd W Month ago
Looked like Washington won the fights
Terrell Jones
Terrell Jones Month ago
Tbh If I was a player I’d be a bit scared to get an ice skate ⛸ slashed across my throat REMEMBER CLINT MALARCHUK? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Richard Buttigieg
All they are doing is breaking and fracturing hands hitting those hard plastic helmets. You players take off the gloves. How about swiping off the helmets with the face shields and then start pounding away. Use your brains instead of fracturing hands.
Sublme Bud
Sublme Bud Month ago
reminds me of Thanksgiving at Grandmas house when 2nds are being called ......
alice i
alice i Month ago
congrats on all the views!
Frank James
Frank James Month ago
Nothing will ever top the Bruins going over the glass, going after the fans at Madison Sq. Garden in 1979.
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