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Check out the top new trailers released this week that you've gotta see! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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00:00 The Rhythm Section
01:31 To All The Boys P.S. I Still Love You
03:59 Vivarium
06:10 A Simple Wedding
08:14 The Last Thing He Wanted
10:05 The Lodge
11:53 Irresistible
14:07 Taylor Swift: Miss Americana
16:11 Ordinary Love
18:05 Detective Chinatown 3
19:39 Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution
21:25 Waiting for Anya
23:25 Hope Gap
25:20 The Booksellers
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Jan 25, 2020




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Comments 97
DejligeTico 11 days ago
What are they looking at at 11:22?
Saint Society
Saint Society 12 days ago
"Progressive" ugggggggg
Michael Kun
Michael Kun 13 days ago
woooow... They Computerized Pokemon the first movie....LAAAAAAAME! XD
Daniela Fernandes
Daniela Fernandes 19 days ago
Vivarium ... FINALLY !! THE TRAILER !!!!
Steve Elynuik
Steve Elynuik 21 day ago
Looks like some nice dumpster fires
Babylon 22 days ago
Hope gap is about a man who cheated on his wife and then proceeded to blame her for it. What a MANLY thing to do.
DOUGY 23 days ago
Marshall Koch
Marshall Koch 24 days ago
Kind of a mixed bag here, we'll have to see how they turn out.
maxipad 25 days ago
vivarium is the only one that seems genuinely interesting tbh
Ayanimation 27 days ago
9:33 oh my god Ben got old!
Victor Brown
Victor Brown Month ago
Awesome! Rosie Perez is back!
BLAIR M Schirmer
If you don't read... please read. Find a great book you can commune with, sit with. Find a great author whose choice of and placement of words makes your spine fizz and your brain stem tickle and causes how you see the world to get a little bit bigger or, like a sudden detonation, a lot bigger. That makes your entire brain say *_OH_*
BLAIR M Schirmer
Fat, bland girl with nothing to offer, has 2 nice guys fighting for her. Sure. 3:08 - let's celebrate sluttishness. Yay!
maxipad 25 days ago
webranger3 iconic response
webranger3 28 days ago
Cry harder maybe it'll change
John Jones
John Jones Month ago
If you ever seen "The Expanse" then you know the Iranian mother in "A Simple Wedding" is probably gravity torturing the ex-boyfriend who wanted the ring back as we speak. If she hasn't airlocked him yet.
John Jones
John Jones Month ago
Hollywood has never understood ballistic vest. Body armor does not make bullets harmless, it makes them less lethal. You can still die from a gunshot, even wearing a vest, especially to the chest, as the force is still enough to break the ribs beneath, and often parts of the broken off rib will damage the heart and lungs, sometimes with lethal results. You would never allow someone to shoot you in a vest that you were wearing if you knew what you doing. I know it is just a movie, but idiots go out and try to emulate these things. That raises the health care costs for the rest of us.
Just a gal and her pals
The Lodge isn't new, it was suppose to be released last year
mary wolfcin
mary wolfcin Month ago
Just another movie that could be easily solved with polyamory
jsmall10671 Month ago
"There were 3 unhappy people. Now there's only one" Zing
Johanna Hidalgo
Johanna Hidalgo Month ago
These movies look so stupud, no mean, unrealistic, in order to het scared, the situation d characters r in should be real enough for u to imagine yourself going through that. If it seems too unrealisric, it's not worth your time , nor your money.....
Tommy Veee
Tommy Veee Month ago
Is this Pokemon movie basically the first pokemon movie that came out way back when? Just with today's graphics?? Lol
Tommy Veee
Tommy Veee 27 days ago
Talk about running out of movie ideas.... WHERE'S the creativity?! Lol
How do I Look?
How do I Look? 27 days ago
yup lol
Alex Alone
Alex Alone 28 days ago
Tommy Veee i don’t know but it looks god awful
Sandra Nelson
Sandra Nelson Month ago
God bless all book store people. They, and librarians, create heaven on Earth.
RunningFromABear 10 days ago
I love libraries but I can't stand bookstores. I'm Gen X and it was never fun trying to find my way around bookstores. I actually got my degree in history and while I appreciate primary sources, I hate wild goose hunts. The reading I do for fun is almost strictly digital from my phone. So many of us read books still, but on our phones.
B Redfern
B Redfern Month ago
Wow, there is nothing worth watching, guess Ill read a book instead.
Brewster20 Month ago
I love jessee and imogen from the art of self defense
Yoga Pranata
Yoga Pranata Month ago
I thought the thumbnail-woman is Aria Sky
marlene g
marlene g Month ago
Remember when movies were Good?
GenX MamaBear
GenX MamaBear Month ago
Hmm 🤔 Hollywood... anti-violence: makes horror/slash films, anti-conspiracy: makes conspiracy films, anti-republican: makes contrived Democrat film, Taylor Swift: 🤢🤮 who cares, pushes back against Q: makes films with Q characters 🙄, And Dr Who is now a Black Woman.... FFS HOLLYWOOD IS DEAD 💀
Kimberly KKV
Kimberly KKV 27 days ago
Sounds like you're pretty confused.
P M Month ago
The lodge looks amazing
Miche. Month ago
omg taylor swift movie. k. just skip. i dont care.
Kimberly KKV
Kimberly KKV 27 days ago
She's amazing.
Bad Advice
Bad Advice Month ago
16:50 live action UP
marioxmariox Month ago
A movie written by Jon Stewart? At least he knows how stupid Democrats are, but easy to predict how he writes the end. At least it is decent CGI pokemon, looks like a remake of the first pokemon movie.
Kimberly KKV
Kimberly KKV 27 days ago
Funny since their party statistically holds higher IQ's than any party. Guess that makes the other parties brain dead.
Victor Camus
Victor Camus Month ago
Ya teach girls its ok to be unfaithful
webranger3 28 days ago
$20 says this guy's cheated
Hollow Blue
Hollow Blue Month ago
They messed up Ashhhhh
Wayne Nelson
Wayne Nelson Month ago
24:08 "I have tried, for 29 years." oh i know this dude, glad he left, hope he doesn't go back...
Donna Howorko
Donna Howorko Month ago
I hate romance movies
tommy aronson
tommy aronson Month ago
China man: Oh black man dating my daughter...oh no
manu gheorge
manu gheorge Month ago
Why would you make a tailor swift movie
Kimberly KKV
Kimberly KKV 27 days ago
She's an American icon. Why would they make a movie about any person with a huge impact on the world?
manu gheorge
manu gheorge Month ago
@Book Lover i didn't know huh 🤔
Book Lover
Book Lover Month ago
manu gheorge a Justin Bieber movie was made like in 2011
manu gheorge
manu gheorge Month ago
@Book Lover what movie
Book Lover
Book Lover Month ago
manu gheorge why would someone make a Justin Bieber movie
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M Month ago
FoxifiedNutjob Month ago
Only in a Hollywood fairy-tail are women that tough. What a bunch of fantasy-land malarkey!!
maxipad 25 days ago
webranger3 god damn queen another iconic response
Kimberly KKV
Kimberly KKV 27 days ago
Have you seen the weak men being born in the past century? Pfft! There's a reason they aren't the ones that would give birth. They'd die right in the middle!
webranger3 28 days ago
Oh noes woman doing man things help me im scared
Habination Month ago
i like the new vivarium trailer....nice touch...at the end :P
David Perrone
David Perrone Month ago
Why can’t we get a werewolf movie? Is it too much to ask we get a decent werewolf movie?
David Nihsen
David Nihsen Month ago
Oh god and then EVERY movie for the next decade is going to be misunderstood werewolves who pine over hot girls. Maybe they'll glitter under the moonlight or something.
Focus Media فوکس میدیا
wow this is to nice movies
A Simple Wedding can be read as My Big Fat Persian Wedding. *shrug
Sam M
Sam M 24 days ago
I'll still watch it. It looks adorable.
Lowkey Jane
Lowkey Jane Month ago
totally agreed
Franklin Sharp
Franklin Sharp Month ago
So they turned "James Bond" into Jane bond, hard pass
Franklin Sharp
Franklin Sharp Month ago
@boulderbash19700209 In all honesty, I was never a bond fan for some reason, not sure why. I don't hate them they just don't keep my interest. I actually watched this hoping for another Vivarium traler. I do agree with the point of view of current trends in movies.
I think it's more like a Punisher story than a James Bond. And I'll wait until I see it. Although I must admit that the current trend is not good.
James Aird
James Aird Month ago
To all the boys..... p.s. this is going to suuuuuuuuuuuck
C-light Month ago
Vivarium...commentary on domestic bliss? Social expectations of what life is supposed to be? Partnership, marriage, house, child. Good luck to those who see it as the key to happiness. I don’t care for Jesse Eisenberg, but I’ll watch this. I love quirky movies that have significance.
Casianaiolurev Mendosa
E P redo4pvc
Casianaiolurev Mendosa
Elijah Stevenson
Best set of trailers of the month so far.
ThisGuyFrritz Month ago
21:13 Pikachu doesn't sound like Ryan Reynolds. Oh, that's right! He's not a detective in _this_ movie. In fact, he sounds more like a baby than in the original cartoon.
shaquan ashton
shaquan ashton Month ago
So basically im watching over the first Pokémon movie except in 3d...ok think I'll watch the news
M1R2S Month ago
Turns out just putting dramatic music in a trailer doesn't make it good! Who knew!
Focus Media فوکس میدیا
pleas subscribe my channel thanks
Black Swiftie
Black Swiftie Month ago
@6:59 *I WISH MY MOTHER WOULD FIND ME A husband* #👸🏿
Syntax Gaming
Syntax Gaming Month ago
Oh nice i like it
Syntax Gaming
Syntax Gaming Month ago
Oh nice i like it
Joseph Bruce
Joseph Bruce Month ago
So nothing worth watching this Feb/March? Good to know
Dolsvold Month ago
Vivarium looks dope
Aaron Vontez
Aaron Vontez Month ago
I’m shittin like a mf rn. Love life my people
john moore
john moore Month ago
Lol so Batman,catwomen and the green goblin in the same movie
Red Savage
Red Savage Month ago
Still no Umbrella Academy *DISAPPOINTMENT*
#WeHoopin #WeHoopin
Click here to activate greatness in 2020 👇🏾
Sir Spencer
Sir Spencer Month ago
I’ll give The Lodge a watch, that’s about it.
System Cracks
System Cracks Month ago
See this and thank me later ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ 00:00 The Rhythm Section 01:31 To All The Boys P.s. I still Love You 03:59 Vivarium 06:10 A Simple Wedding 08:14 The Last Thing He Wanted 10:05 The Lodge 11:53 Irresistible 14:07 Taylor Swift: Miss Americana 16:11 Ordinary Love 18:05 Detective Chinatown 3 19:39 Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution 21:25 Waiting for Anya 23:25 Hope Gap 2 25:20 The Booksellers
brandon mclilly
brandon mclilly Month ago
Thanks, you're the real mvp
Aeon Decker
Aeon Decker Month ago
No thanks
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