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Check out the top new trailers released this week that you've gotta see! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
00:00 Like a Boss
02:13 Wrinkles the Clown
04:16 Doctor Sleep
06:39 Along Came the Devil II
09:03 The Lighthouse
10:29 Prey
11:51 Midway
14:15 Countdown
16:39 Miss Virgina
18:34 Portrait of a Lady on Fire
20:44 The Parts You Lose
22:25 Queen & Slim
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Sep 16, 2019




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Comments 134
Movieclips Trailers
What were your favorite trailers from this week? 00:00 Like a Boss 02:13 Wrinkles the Clown 04:16 Doctor Sleep 06:39 Along Came the Devil II 09:03 The Lighthouse 10:29 Prey 11:51 Midway 14:15 Countdown 16:39 Miss Virgina 18:34 Portrait of a Lady on Fire 20:44 The Parts You Lose 22:25 Queen & Slim
Dejamonae Gardner
Queen and slim doctor sleep
sidney greenglass
sidney greenglass 27 days ago
Portrait of a Lady on Fire.
Ilze Grina
Ilze Grina 6 days ago
I just saw the whole damn movie.
Patrick Devane
Patrick Devane 13 days ago
MorningStar Kematch
I pray that Doctor Sleep is as good as it looks!
Busty Blonde Beach Bunny
@MorningStar Kematch You are welcome. I think the "Doctor Sleep" Movie will be a cross between the "Doctor Sleep " book and the Stanley Kubrick "The shining " Movie. All the best.
MorningStar Kematch
@Busty Blonde Beach Bunny Will do. I actually didn't even know that it was a book....I guess that's where more and more movies begin right?! The movie looks so imaginative and I'm guessing that the book is even beyond what I'm thinking. Thanks!✌🏼
Busty Blonde Beach Bunny
Morning star, The "doctor Sleep" book was great I hope the movie is good too. Read book too I think you will like it. All the best.
Rick Dubz
Rick Dubz 17 days ago
@5:43 when the wall showed 'murder' written backwards I thought it was 'red rum', started thinking so they just want to turn up thats so intriguing... but then further i realised it was just murder , meh typical evil cliche a lil decieved lolll
Amber Gordon
Amber Gordon 8 days ago
It is an allude to the original movie and book? Didnt you know that???????
Femalemoonwolf 11 days ago
Have you never seen the Shining!?
Cesse No Stress
Cesse No Stress 17 days ago
All those “what what what what”... scared the ish out of me! 😂😂😂 can’t wait for miss Virginia and Queen & Slim❤️
Solo Spekks
Solo Spekks 20 days ago
One and possible that's all I see. That's a weak possible for anybody who plays spades. LOL.
Queen And Slim definitely!
Joshua Gross
Joshua Gross 23 days ago
The Shining part 2 looks terrible. Why ruin a great story a great film?
Busty Blonde Beach Bunny
@Joshua Gross The book "Doctor Sleep" was very good. You will like it I think. I will go see this movie but the movie probably will not be as good as the book. I am crossing my fingers this movie is not bad. I hate bad sequels myself (who doesn't ?) All the best.
Joshua Gross
Joshua Gross 22 days ago
@Busty Blonde Beach Bunny Thanks for your reply I loved the original so much that I am really almost scared (no pun intended) to see Doctor Sleep because I've seen so many times how sequels have ruined the original. but I haven't read the book and I've never read anything I didn't like by Stephen King so maybe I'll do that first!
Busty Blonde Beach Bunny
Joshua, We have to wait to see the movie first to really judge it but I read the book and the book "Doctor Sleep" was great ! They made a few changes in the movie though. Abra in the book was a blonde girl in the movie here she is black. And in the movie Abra seems to have X-Men powers. I will see the movie though for better or worse. All the best.
BadAt everything64
BadAt everything64 23 days ago
Wrinkles the clown and Countdown seem pretty scary
Axel Rodríguez
Axel Rodríguez 24 days ago
Lucy Hale as Raven
Axel Rodríguez
Axel Rodríguez 24 days ago
Hahahaha funny moments of Madison beer
Lunin S
Lunin S 24 days ago
23:33 No kid would have cop footage of a cop being shot on their phone or pull it up when they see someone, could this movie be any worse?
Lunin S
Lunin S 22 days ago
@Khribech Jakasso The kid wouldn't be watching the news either >_< how does your brain work exactly?
Khribech Jakasso
Khribech Jakasso 22 days ago
that footage was in the news that's how the kid got it
Lunin S
Lunin S 24 days ago
1:05 black guy tries to act like Kevin Hart and fails miserably.
Aramat Jackson
Aramat Jackson 24 days ago
Good Laaaaaaawd you Saved The Best For Last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ms Temptation
Ms Temptation 25 days ago
Looking forward to Like A Boss and Dr Sleep.
Tammy Ruggles
Tammy Ruggles 26 days ago
As a fiction/screenplay writer, I can't wait to catch some new movies, especially comedies, romantic comedies, and psychological horror. With Halloween just around the corner, the scary ones will be out in full force, and it's hard to pick through to find the good ones, so it's great to have new trailers to choose from. Thanks, Movieclips Trailers.
RedNasty7 27 days ago
Horror movies... not even scary..
Raw LAHiabetes
Raw LAHiabetes 27 days ago
Aircraft carriers weren't really a thing for Midway....they had modified battleships with flat decks
lili ks
lili ks 27 days ago
lol first trailer laid out the entire plot :)
Michael Washington
Michael Washington 28 days ago
I cried when dude was like "witness my tragic moment"...
Lunin S
Lunin S 24 days ago
You mean the Kevin Hart wannabe?
Davey Houston
Davey Houston 28 days ago
Queen and slim has tragic ending written all over it I will skip it
Ms Temptation
Ms Temptation 25 days ago
Davey Houston
Davey Houston 28 days ago
Why are people scared of clowns? Lol
Ms Temptation
Ms Temptation 25 days ago
I use to love clowns as a kid until I saw Clowns from Space and Stephen King's It and an actual serial killer who dressed as a clown. I didn't realize as a kid that your worst nightmare could be dressed as a clown. So I really don't care about clowns anymore.
claudine l sang
claudine l sang 28 days ago
I thought doctor sleep was a TV series
Romario Lifestyle
Romario Lifestyle 29 days ago
22:25 Queen and Slim my fav movie they the new Bonnie and Clyde
爸爸 Month ago
PS. Seriously?? ...you GOTTA WRITE IT DOWN that a movie about the Battle of Midway is "BASED ON REAL EVENTS"?? :D
Amber Gordon
Amber Gordon 8 days ago
They don't teach history in public schools anymore, they just teach indoctrination
Busty Blonde Beach Bunny
2serveand2protect,you would be surprised what people do not know. I was the only person in my particular college history class that knew the world war one years 1914-1918. The professor forgot it too. One girl guessed 1903. It's sad. Also in same class a white girl did not know that blacks were segregated and lynched in America. Never heard of the jim crow laws of segregation.This is a true story !
Davey Houston
Davey Houston 28 days ago
@2serveand2protect no it is true btw I know an ivy league graduate who thinks fredrick douglas is still alive!
2serveand2protect 28 days ago
@Davey Houston You're kidding, right? Is that a joke?? ...come on! that's impossible!...
Davey Houston
Davey Houston 28 days ago
I know ten high school graduates who don't know a thing about world war 2 ever seen jaywalking back in the day!!
...hollywood doesn't even know what to invent anymore, to keep people coming to theaters - displaying political correctness at any cost and radical-chic leftism have replaced good scripts, plots and ideas...
Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish 29 days ago
Win win if you ask me.
Perpetuant Month ago
Stop repeating the same story lines.
FuNkY MoNkEy
FuNkY MoNkEy Month ago
is that francis
BANTHONY P Month ago
Zarah alora
Zarah alora 26 days ago
me too!
FuNkY MoNkEy
FuNkY MoNkEy Month ago
i love the first movie... but why does it look like they doing a theater performance ... the acting these days is weird
Blxck Shxggy
Blxck Shxggy Month ago
09:03 I don't know what the hell is going on but I love it and want to see it lol Also, I'm hype for Queen and Slim.
Dejamonae Gardner
Me too!
Ms Temptation
Ms Temptation 25 days ago
Meh. Glorifying bad behavior is not my idea of a good movie. Not a ride or die advocate no matter the situation.
Jinzo 2400
Jinzo 2400 Month ago
Countdown = Final Destination
Ms Temptation
Ms Temptation 25 days ago
Lol, you figured that one out as well.
Scourgewolf Month ago
14:15 Right off the bat, the marketing looks smarter than the movie. That's not a good sign, but I do wanna give praise to whoever came up with that tagline. Pretty clever, not gonna lie.
Vega Crux
Vega Crux Month ago
Queen & Slim already got me shook. I had to put my water down before I choked. I'm pretty sure the same response was echoed "Oh s..". Plus it's the hottie soldier from The Last Ship. I LOVE HER. She looks fiiiine! Also, I love the guy from Get Out! I can't wait!!!
victoriakapshaw Month ago
Why in the hell would anyone want to bring a child back to that evil place? Shinning or not I wouldn't step one toe back there.
victoriakapshaw 25 days ago
@Ms Temptation Naahh.
Ms Temptation
Ms Temptation 25 days ago
Try reading the book and then you will understand why.🙄🤦
Maryke Wiese
Maryke Wiese Month ago
Zzzz. . .Zzzz. . . Zzzzz. . . Zzzz. . . .
R RR Month ago
Queen & Slim reminded me of The Legend Of Billie Jean lol
Mariana Gonçalves
War planes epic style. Midway I'm sold
Hauntley Month ago
Sooo ready for The Lighthouse!
Wes Boz
Wes Boz Month ago
6:39 I laughed all the way through this trailer. It looks like it was edited on iMovie
Tiana Roberge
Tiana Roberge Month ago
Funny movie
Atreyu Riddle
Atreyu Riddle Month ago
So many horror movies
Atreyu Riddle
Atreyu Riddle 20 days ago
@Busty Blonde Beach Bunny I mean 2019 in general has been a lot of horror movies.. But you could be right
Busty Blonde Beach Bunny
It's because Halloween is coming.
Dope Sope
Dope Sope Month ago
There is a supermarket here called Countdown, lmao. That's all I can think about when I see the trailer.
dannie2Nafish Month ago
@Dope Sope yep that's all I thought when I saw the countdown trailer
Dope Sope
Dope Sope Month ago
@dannie2Nafish Yes
dannie2Nafish Month ago
New Zealand?
RaiderDave2112 Month ago
Doctor Sleep looks like it has totally changed from the book.
RaiderDave2112 17 days ago
@Busty Blonde Beach Bunny I liked the Book Doctor Sleep as well, however I'm guessing that the film is going to be Mike Flanagan's interpretation of the book, so I'm going to have to take it on its own merits and ignore the changes from the book.
Busty Blonde Beach Bunny
RaiderDave, Hi I read and liked "Doctor Sleep" book. But film I think will be a cross between Stanley Kubrick shining movie & Doctor sleep book.
Anjie Marie
Anjie Marie Month ago
I agree. I've read the book 3 times and the previews look nothing like the book.
Skadi Gelo
Skadi Gelo Month ago
I think it had to. If it's a follow-up based on Kubrick's movie then it's gonna deviate from the book quite a bit.
true DeNofa
true DeNofa Month ago
Tommmmmmyyyyy bunsssss high and tight
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson Month ago
There are SO many horror films around at the moment.
F**K t-RumP
F**K t-RumP Month ago
@cal do use the BBC🍆I like it curved upwards cause it hits my G-Spot
cal do
cal do Month ago
It almost october, use your brain
Msnjolo Month ago
Camilla Drakenborg
lol countdown feels like it should be called, one missed call- the app Totally gonna watch it though
Immanuel Month ago
beatniece Month ago
what's with all these garbage horror movies?
Zephlos Kal'Shanor
@saiyan scaris lol pretty much
saiyan scaris
saiyan scaris Month ago
@Zephlos Kal'Shanor welcome to horror movies nowadays
Zephlos Kal'Shanor
October is next month. IE Halloween.
garcia adrian
garcia adrian Month ago
Would someone please make a new movie of about giantess
mromar Month ago
Should have left Shining alone and out of this resurgence of old classics.
mromar Month ago
@plaguelock I don't mind assuming lightning can strike twice, but the trailer doesn't do much in the way of reassurance. It's a the kind that makes me NOT want to watch the movie.
plaguelock Month ago
Shining... And it's a sequel. It doesn't stop the first movie from being a great movie.
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Month ago
Like A Boss looks super funny💚
Deborah H
Deborah H Month ago
@Wes Boz - Yes it does.
Wes Boz
Wes Boz Month ago
No, it doesn't
meltz Month ago
Worst "week of trailers" ever.
2404Vampire Month ago
@Wes Boz Oh, yeah, I absolutely agree, but that wasn't a new trailer, but the second one, so I didn't count it in :)
Wes Boz
Wes Boz Month ago
All except for the Lighthouse. That looks awesome.
Kalivermore925 Month ago
Yeah that was pretty bad
2404Vampire Month ago
MsBlueRyan Month ago
Tom Segura in Countdown! Go the mommies! :)
Jacob Wilkes
Jacob Wilkes Month ago
“Here’s week 37 of trailers from upcoming movies coming to a theater near you.”
Kosh Naranek
Kosh Naranek Month ago
OMG.....such cheap looking films....oops...except for that last one
Dexter D. Peter
Dexter D. Peter Month ago
Am a comedy junkie ,I go with Tiffany ,Salma
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