New shocking evidence revealed in college cheating scandal

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Fox News’ Molly Line reports on the latest headlines surrounding the college admission cheating story. Then, attorney Erin Ehrlich Caro shares her insights on the celebrity-laden scandal, as well as the Jeffrey Epstein autopsy.
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Published on


Jan 18, 2020




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Comments 633
Robert Sparkes
Robert Sparkes 21 day ago
Amazing college info. So maybe this DA can look into Hillary 😂😂💯
Richie Scott
Richie Scott 26 days ago
Why is Fox not talkin one bit about that black school that sending all those black kids with payoffs to colleges why are you only talking about the white millionaires you forgot about this black school that's doing this with an entire black community seems kind of racist
Brutalful 28 days ago
What ever happened to Hillary's email? Duh....
William 29 days ago
Lock this fool up.
Rusty Shackleford
It's amazing what Loughlin was willing to do to get her apparently stupid kid into a college. The world needs burger flippers too Loughlin....
Elizabeth Anderson
Keeping secrets,jealousy,narcissism,lies and infidelities are major threats to most marriages and relationships and it is important to be smart not to trust 100% when dealing with our partners. Yes, I know the importance of trusting but that same trust can hurt you so much and don’t forget the saying that once a cheater is always a cheater. I’m glad that cyberhackinggenius helped cloned my husband’s phone. I got access to all his dealings both on phone and social media without touching his phone. All I did was share my husband’s phone number with Cyberhackinggenius and I was able to read both his new and 2 years far back deleted messages from my phone through a programmed link to a cloned app containing all cloned cell information without having to touch his phone. My husband was a cheating Narcissist and I’m glad to find out all his secrets and infidelity with the help of cyberhackinggenius. I got to discover that my husband who is legally married to me here in UK is also recently married to another woman in Canada and I’m finally going through a divorce with lots of evidence against him. I read all deleted and recent chats on his Whatsapp, Twitter,Facebook,Instagram messages and Skype. You can contact this great hacker “Gavin” via Gmail (cyberhackinggenius) or text and speak to him directly on his phone and WhatsApp : +19256795146 and don’t forget to thank me later.
Lexy Mar
Lexy Mar Month ago
Europe no student loans
Kimberly Jameson
Wow, look how high the stock market is..
steven USA
steven USA Month ago
PROSECUTE Elitist Crime. REMOVE democrat TREASON from the U.S. GOVERNMENT. SAVE Your Future Constitutional Freedom. America For all Americans. Thank You PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020.
John Smert
John Smert Month ago
Big business and Government cheat all the time
JM Month ago
What about the University losing its charter to educate? No tranparency...No rule of Law... USA BANANA REPUBLIC!
Dana Church
Dana Church Month ago
Fighting the system is her biggest mistake. Ask Roger Stone. Lol
Vincent Blanchard
All know it's a show, all know bribes were paid and received to benefit kids who had no chance to be accepted without this scheme. Put them all in jail, have them pay HUGE fines and let's move on shall we?
Monkeyweasel44 Month ago
Rubbing Joe Biden’s leg hair brings good luck......
retire the liar pelosi
hope they dont know the clintons if they go to jail they will disappear
dive shallow
dive shallow Month ago
The whole family needs eradicating.
Troy Month ago
And what keep you around LOL.
Barbara Castelli
They should of pleaded guilty. Lori looks angry and her husband looks scared.
Phone One
Phone One Month ago
How Dare you ?
Benjamin Breeg
Benjamin Breeg Month ago
So what, they did not cheat Americans out of a free college education, the gov hands that out to foreigners all with all the jobs denied to Americans that did graduate anyway.
Ben Mcneil
Ben Mcneil Month ago
Her kid is rich but stupid as a rock.
Tristan Barron
Tristan Barron Month ago
If I were a kid who didn't get into this university. I would sue the university
redhytech Month ago
All those involved that are found guilty should get a minimum of 5 YEARS in prison.
Mike Watson
Mike Watson Month ago
Throw her entitled kids out also
Gerald Gwynn
Gerald Gwynn Month ago
It would different if lori's kids actually went to school to learn something and achieve a degree. But no it was about partying. A shame
Synecdoche Month ago
what about legacy students? those also seem extremely unfair when it comes to accepting students. no one will fight this though, since most of the alumni of these prestigious schools are rich and keep giving money to these schools to accept their students, otherwise how do they get their funding
Paranoid Month ago
The hollywood idiot will get the slammer. Clinton needs to go to jail. Epstein didn't commit suicide. Weinstein needs to stay in prison. Warren needs to be kicked off as Presidency Candidate because of FRAUD and Fakery
Richard Walker
Richard Walker Month ago
Lori will eventually blame Trump. Mark my words.
Troy Month ago
Lori is a Trump supporter you idiot.
K G Month ago
Democrat politicians do this all the time for their children. Do you really believe that ALL 4 of Al Gore’s daughters got into Yale on their own? How about New York Governor’s son the idiot CNN REPORTER, Coumo,? He embarrasses himself almost daily with his incompetence. This is why any college that accepts federal funding (including federally funded students’ loans) should be required to open up their admissions procedures and records to public scrutiny.
Troy Month ago
You mentioned Democrats what about Republican politicians they don't this you dummy.
Melanie Hales
Melanie Hales Month ago
Nail their entitled butts to the wall.
Hildebeast Clinton
Isn’t a Jeep Cherokee more Native American than Warren, who gamed the same system?
Jackie Wagner
Jackie Wagner Month ago
Laughing at Lori Laughlin dragging her husband through the crowd. Who wear the pants in this family.?
Their children should get expelled and or their degree should be nullified if they haven't all ready. They aren't innocent of any of this either.
Beverly Ward
Beverly Ward Month ago
Lori is dragging her husband down the road, getting out of there quick as she could.
MALIKA bugg Month ago
voluminaless not a word honey…..
ora et labora
ora et labora Month ago
Get woman out of the workplace problem solved
moose Mcgrew
moose Mcgrew Month ago
67 pecker s
Roxanne Daniel
Roxanne Daniel Month ago
Why don't they just pay off the Judge? Its worked before. lol
Grandpa Toms
Grandpa Toms Month ago
The answer to the last question, why was the government so quick to call it suicide? Because many in the government were probably clients of Jeffery’s.
Kizzy Cricket
Kizzy Cricket Month ago
“The nicest I’ve been at blowing off somebody.” Ahhh, if I’m ever blowing anyone I’m always being nice to them.
AussieJ T
AussieJ T Month ago
Time for "college education" to go the way of the Dodo. With online courses , apprenticeships on one side. And massive fees and debt, massive marxist indoctrination on the other side..... the choice is fairly clear. Even Elon Musk (who dropped out of Standford to create paypal) is on record as saying you dont need a college education to work for him.
Steve Month ago
Why are the these College and University Admission groups not held liable for their part in the scandal. They were well aware that these were not real Athletes they were recruiting!
Vorax Le Dur
Vorax Le Dur Month ago
The government is educating we the people on this type of corruption and scandal. That's why all the daming emails are public information.
American Month ago
This has gone on for about a century ! GIVE A DONATION TO COLLEGE, YOUR KID WILL GET IN. NOW, IT IS 'WRONG? WHO ACCEPTED THE MONEY? Why are people being prosecuted for doing what was tradition one over 100 years? ARE THE COLLEGES WBING SUED? THEY TOOK THE MONEY1. DUH. THEY TOOK THE MONEY. THEY WERE NOT FORCED TO DO THAT. WRONG PEOPLE attacked.
DD826 Month ago
the amazing thing is, the number of people that have been accused of bribing a college was stopped at a nice round number of 20. And no one ELSE has been accused sense? LOL So no other parents were bribing any other universities or prior years? lol
PhillipMargrave Month ago
Lock them up
Daniel Kokal
Daniel Kokal Month ago
all this risk and trouble to get a worthless Gender Studies degree for her idiot bimbo kid.
Steve Shrader
Steve Shrader Month ago
...1:20...but mom...Chelsea is not pretty like us and she is not in jail...
Destin McCall
Destin McCall Month ago
Eyeball 12
Eyeball 12 Month ago
She is going to prison, while Hillary Clinton walks free. Still trying to sell more books. Absolutely discusting!!!
martha schnapp
martha schnapp Month ago
They are going to jail yet Hillary walks free
Daryl Younger
Daryl Younger Month ago
Yeah the judiciary in America is shot to pieces. Obama and all his cronies destroyed the world and gets no jail. Clinton sells America’s uranium to the Russians, and gets off Scott free. Wtf.
Gina Mariposa
Gina Mariposa Month ago
The reader "INFERS"; the writer/speaker "IMPLIES". So unless you are "blaming" the reader for the meaning, you shouldn't be using "infers". You should say "Unless it implies...".
Lukazzz HC16
Lukazzz HC16 Month ago
Now lets look at Chris Cuomo, the Obamas and kids of other politician's. I guess they are perceived above the law. Go figure.
bigwaverider Month ago
This kind of thing has been going on for ever and at a lot of other colleges. Listen carefully, can you hear the paper shredders shredding?
A Lloyd
A Lloyd Month ago
Why can't she just use her white privilege card? It's basically a get out of jail free card
Rebecca Z
Rebecca Z Month ago
Imagine if this happened in a single episode of Full House.
A Lloyd
A Lloyd Month ago
Lori doesn't have anything to worry about. She can just show the judge her white privilege card and the case will immediately be dismissed. !!
Dansky Kral
Dansky Kral Month ago
Why isn't there ANYTHING being done for the institutions that ACCEPTED the bribes?
Michael R. Williams
While big college play ball to get big dolleres and the rich kids parents taking advantage away from our smart kids of tomarrow who can't afford it shame on thes rich scums, in cases like this is when you wish they go bank rup,
Cynthia Burrus
Cynthia Burrus Month ago
Laughlin is SO ARROGANT! Pride goes before the fall!
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